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  • Pyrrha: The young woman had just returned from a visit to her parents, still living up in Alaska, and came limping back into camp. She was leaning on crutches with a wide thick brace around her left knee, an injury from one of her failed workout days in the Big Brother house. Pyrrha headed down the hill, using her crutches to stabilize herself, sliding in the wet grass with a loud curse, staggering back up to her feet and heading towards the Apollo cabin with small movements.
  • Blake: He's back in Camp after going away for a while to check on his leopards back in China, albeit with a few small injuries from coming across some monsters along the way. Blake's a little overwhelmed at how much Camp had changed in such a short while. He's on his way to the Apollo Cabin for something to treat his wounds with when he spots a redhead on crutches. "Uhh, miss, do you need some help...?"
  • Pyrrha: She stopped, turning her head to look at the boy with intense green eyes before a hesitant smile formed. Pyrrha nodded slightly. "Yes please, sir."
  • Blake: At the affirmation, Blake went to assist the redhead. "I assume you're going to Lord Apollo's cabin, miss..?" He trails off, albeit a little awkwardly.
  • Pyrrha: She smiled. "It's Pyrrha. Pyrrha Frost. And you are..?" Pyrrha paused slightly before shrugging. "More like my patron whom I serve as priestess to."


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