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Merinus Sol ~ Child of Styx
Merinus Sol
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More Info:

-The Destroyed Voice

 Age: 18  Height: 6'2  Weight: 137 lbs
 Sexuality: Unsure  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Colorado  Main Weapon: CB Katana, Kodachi, and Tanto
 Accent: None



  • Kiran: The councilwoman had decided to slip out of the Spire, in the mood for some monster-hunting. She stalked down the road, weapons in hand and entering into the forest nearby, beginning to let out some steam on a bunch of monsters, flooding the clearing she had chosen to fight in. The sounds of weapons and growling could be heard all the way back up at the Spire.

Merinus: The demi-titan had been stalking around the outside of the Spire on his own miniature hunt for monsters. The woman he had been assigned to tail was off doing boring things that Merinus had no more interest in watching. He knew where she was and would wait to see if she would leave said spot. Drawing his mid length Katana he followed the sound of combat interested to see which of the other CoO members had shared his mission of eliminating the encroaching beasts.

  • Kiran: She had just killed a hellhound with a quick swing of her blade, before a strange hissing sound begun to surround her, a manticore prowling out of the woods, prompting Kiran to aim a particularly harsh strike towards the monster, neatly dodging out of the way of a poisoned thorn, charging again at the creature with her sword and shield at the ready, trying to handle this on her own. However, one spike was lashed at the girl, burying itself into her side and sending Kiran staggering off with a hand over the injury.

Merinus: The warrior blood boiled from deep within Merinus and his body moved swiftly. He pulled out the shortest of his three blades and gripped the hilt between his teeth before charging into the clearing. He had wanted to watch the councilwoman fight and see what made her so special but a Manticore was no simple monster. He launched himself at the beast aiming a particularly viscious strike with his main sword in his hand. On the down swing he quickly released his grip on the blade letting it fly where it may and tore the small blade from his teeth and performed three quick strikes with it before landing on the ground and quickly springing backwards in a one-handed backflip.

  • Kiran: She yanked the stinger out of her side, diving back into the fight with elaborate movements and her powers working side-by-side to take down the Manticore, giving Merinus a nod of greeting while focusing on the monster. Kiran dealt the killing blow, watching as the monster faded into dust as she dropped to her knees, hand clasped tightly over the injury with her eyes tightly shut. “A-Ambrosia... please...”

Merinus: He battled alongside the councilwoman and was more than impressed by her ability to fight so dexterously even with the injury. As the monster dissipated and Kiran collapsed to her knees Merinus moved to her side. He nodded silently when she asked for Ambrosia and reached into the pouch he kept on his waist and broke off a bit holding it out to her. "Here." He stood up after she took the offered Ambrosia and moved to collect his discarded swords. He had even discarded his shortest sword and taken up his Katana somewhere during the fight.

  • Kiran: She took the ambrosia with one hand, already getting paler and sweat breaking out over her face, eating the piece with shaky fingers. The young woman suddenly let out a high-pitched cry as the pain sharply increased, close to blacking out. "Oh my gosh... it hurts so much..." Kiran whimpered, the remainder of the ambroisia falling to the ground and her fingers beginning to scrabble at the stinger injury, trying to stop the throbbing.

Merinus: The Child of Styx finished sheathing his swords and moved to Kirans side again. He frowned at her injuries. "I'm no medic." He frowned once more and then held a hand over the injury from view and used his powers to force the woman to forget the injury and believe it had never occurred before lifting her and carrying her away towards the spire careful of her injuries. "To the medic." He said not looking at her heading for the medical wing of the Spire.

  • Kiran: She buried her face into his shoulder, breathing heavily from the pain. "Thank you, Merinus." The poison has begun to kick in, bringing even more pain. Her levels went from a mere four all the way to a ten. Kiran went pale, sweat rolling down her cheeks, and soft crying begun to happen, trying to move about in Merinus' arms, whimpering the entire time."

Merinus: He frowned slightly at the squirming body in his arms. He knew Manticore poison was potent but he had expected more of a fighting resilience from the councilwoman. He moved swifter through the spire heading directly to the medical wing where he was met by one of the healers. "She was stung by a Manticore. The poison is causing her body to freak out. I attempted to cover her knowledge of the wound but the poison cut through the illusion swiftly."

  • Kiran: Kiran was trying to fight the pain brought on from the poison, but it was too strong and so her body reacted to spasming and squirming out of pain. The healer frowned deeply, before taking Kiran from Merinus and laying the young woman on the nearby bed, working quickly to clean the injuries and trying to flush the poison. Kiran let out a whine before she completely blacked out with the healer stepping back after bandaging the injury. "Mr. Sol, I'll be frank with you. Councilwoman Ellis will be unable to work for several weeks as she recovers, and she will experience spasms during the recovery period. Do I make myself clear?"

Merinus: The man frowns again nodding. "She will be completely out of commission for some time then. I should report this to the other council members so they are aware of the situation. I would suggest you spend your time ensuring she doesn't die. I doubt the council would look kindly on that." He turns and walks out of the medical wing in search of one of the other council members to inform them of the unfortunate debilitation to their cause. "Several weeks huh? And the invasions are already under way. This could prove quite detrimental to the cause. I wonder how the others will deal with this. The council is an interesting group. I am shocked one of them was taken out so easily however." He continued to mumble more to himself as he roamed the Spire in search of the council members.

  • Kiran: About four weeks after the attack, Kiran was finally standing outside the infirmary, relaxing quietly. She was dressed casually, leaning heavily on a wooden cane for support as she begun to head outside, feet bare, enjoying the briskness of the winter weather on her bare skin. "Finally..."

Merinus: The child of Styx had alerted the council to Kiran's attack and been dismissed quickly so they could deal with the matter. Four weeks later Merinus was still doing the same things he did almost daily whilst waiting for the war to fall on the world. Standing outside he practiced his sword skills, topless as he was sweating visciously after having been outside for nearly six hours at this point.

  • Kiran: She spotted Merinus, and called out in a rasping voice. "Straighten up your form... You want to be able to move with elegance. Think of it like a dance." Kiran approached him, using her cane as support to walk around and face the child of Styx.

Merinus: The son of Styx frowned slightly but moved his position according to the direction that Kiran was giving him. His movements felt much more fluid and he gave one of his very elusive smiles to the woman. "I am relieved to see you have recovered Councilwoman."

  • Kiran: She returned the smile with a little quirk of her lips, before shrugging slightly. "I've been cleared to walk around, try and regain my strength and return to council duties. No training yet." Kiran smiled, tapping one finger to her cane. "All thanks to this." She took a few steps back, eyes hardening into a familiar blue-steel gaze. "What pattern are you working on? Or just practicing different techniques?"

Merinus: He looked at the woman out of the corner of his eye as he began moving into four quick strikes. "I am simply practicing my speed. I must be quicker than my opponent. I also have been practicing my blade switch. I can rely on powers to travel to any blades I drop via teleporting to their shadows but I would rather be able to sheath and unsheathe at will." He performs another quick combo and goes to quickly sheath his blade and pull out the smallest of the blades but the movement is forced and unnatural and takes him longer than he wants so he grunts and simply clicks the small blade back into its sheath and straightens up stretching his muscled arms out slowly.

  • Kiran: She hummed, nodding as she watched his attack. "Have you thought about combining your powers and your attacks? Does any of your powers control stealth or faint movements..?"

Merinus: The boy shakes his head slowly. "Styx does not grant me such powers I simply must work my body until the movements become muscle memory. That is why I have been out here training nigh on seven hours. My body will respond eventually and move as I command it will simply take time, training, and meditation." He straightens out again and slides his Katana free of its sheath and begins anew practicing strikes and attempting quick switches between the three blades each time taking at least 15 to 20 seconds to switch.

  • Kiran: She hummed thoughtfully, intense blue eyes on Merinus. "Hm... Maybe we need to figure out a way that you can switch between blades without having to take so long." Kiran winced suddenly, the pain returning with a flash, taking a few deep breaths to try and help manage the pain.

Merinus: The son of Styx sheathes his blade quickly and moves closer to Kiran. "Are you sure you should be out of bed Councilwoman? You may have recovered from the wounds from the fight but the poison can have lingering effects." He crossed his arms and stared down at her. "Be honest with me Kiran do you need to rest more?"

  • Kiran: She straightened, repositioning herself into a bit more of an intimidating stance. “The healers said I didn’t need to be on bed rest, but to take it easy for the next few months.” Kiran spoke quickly, bracing herself on her cane in preparation for another spasm that gripped her and sent her legs shaking.

Merinus: He frowned as she attempted to posture at being bigger than he and simply shook his head when she had yet another spasm shake her body to it's core. "The healers may have given you the go ahead but your body surely hasnt." He swept the woman up into his arms bridal style with little to no effort. "Come let's go somewhere more attuned for rest." He carried the woman back into the spire not saying a word as he headed deep into the massive structure. He tapped a door with his foot upon reaching it and it slowly freaked open to reveal a living quarter that was, what could only be described as plush. There were mountains of pillows everywhere even the bed itself seemed to be consumed by them. He sat Kiran on one such pile and sat himself on a pile opposite her, his legs immediately finding themselves in the lotus position. "Better no?"

  • Kiran: She relaxed into the pillows, nodding faintly. "Yes. Much better." The spasm faded as quickly as it had came, allowing the young woman to finally lean back carefully. "Mmh... It's times like this that I wish my father was still alive."

Merinus: The man looked upon the girl sitting opposite him and tilted his head to the side a silent questioning look on his face. "What would he have done? I can only assume he was mortal how could he comprehend the agony of a manticore sting."

  • Kiran: She looked at him carefully. "Around parents, you can't help, but feel relaxed, safe, forgetting about everything that causes you drama. No pain, just safety." Kiran explained carefully, eyes fixed on the older Champion. "That's why."

Merinus: The males face turned sour slowly as the woman went on about parental comfort. "I suppose our family dynamics differed considerably council woman." He crossed his arms hugging himself lightly to try and force the memories of what his father did to him deep within his subconscious where they belonged.

  • Kiran: She nodded. “They did, very much.” Kiran suddenly changed the topic. “You remember World War II?”

Merinus: The man looked up curiosity evident on his face. "Vaguely. Why do you ask?"

  • Kiran: She twisted her black hair throughout her fingers as she answered. "Because I grew up during that trying time, born in London when the Blitz was happening." Kiran responded, silvery eyes intently fixed on Merinus. "I'm technically the second-youngest out of the councilmembers, with Councilwoman Yves coming as the youngest."

Merinus: The swordsman frowned lightly. World War II was the age of the second youngest council member so that means the others were a great deal older. His eyes flashed slightly as he stored the information in his memory and he uncrossed his arms. "To be honest councilwoman I have not had the honor to meet or speak with any of the other council members. So I had no idea you all were quite so old." He tapped lightly on his knee with his fingers. "It seems there is much I still don't know about the Spire or its people."

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