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Bernard -Bear Nymph

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Terrence Smith ~ Nemesis
Terrence smith
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 5'7  Weight: 139 lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Manhattan  Main Weapon: CB Spear & Weighted net with a CB dagger
 Accent: American

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Nemesis have the ability to send a small wave of energy which will cause anyone affected to lose their balance and fall; after the effects have worn off, a person is immune to further effects of this for a moderate time.
  2. Children of Nemesis, after receiving a wound, are able to empower their next successful attack, causing it to do more damage than it normally would.


  1. Children of Nemesis can create a field of energy around them that causes all people nearby to lose their balance fall to the ground and continue to fall if they try to get up; the user is drained the longer the field is sustained.


  1. Children of Nemesis are innately balanced and are great at climbing.
  2. Children of Nemesis have innate reflexes which allows them to fight and dodge quickly.


  1. Children of Nemesis are able to empower a wounded ally with the fervor to achieve vengeance upon the one who wounded them; this effect greatly increases the strength and speed of the ally when they fight the one who wounded them until vengeance is achieved.
  2. Children of Nemesis have the ability to cause someone near them to regard others with no personal favor or disdain and consider everything based purely upon facts.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. For every attack against them, Children of Nemesis have the ability to create a counter-attack that is equal in force to the attack made against them. The user is temporarily vulnerable and weakened after each use, so they must be used sparingly

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nemesis have the ability to link themselves and another person into a state of pure balance, forcing the other person to mirror the child of Nemesis’ movements without the ability to move of their own accord and while this link is sustained, any wound that either of the two suffers, the other suffers it as well; once the link is broken, on top of retaining any wounds sustained while linked, the child of Nemesis is greatly drained and unable to fight for a moderate time.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nemesis can create a field around them, and anyone within that field has their demigod powers neutralised for a short time, anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, this puts anyone fighting around the child of Nemesis on even turf as they all can only use their melee/hand to hand combat skills to fight with. While the child is perpetuating this field, they are not able to attack themselves and are vulnerable.


  1. Children of Nemesis tend to be well balanced people
  2. They can tell when someone's life is out of balance with either too much good or too much bad

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Nin Deamon ~ Shadow walker
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Bernard: Bernard pulls the hood of his hoodie down as he walks away from the Nymph Sanctuary into the cabin-lined paths of camp. "Dume, where are you?" he shouts, straining to see as the sun set. "It's getting late, man, and you said you'd be back two hours ago!"

Terrence: Terrence was on the steps of the nemesis cabin looking into the orange sky when he heard a faint shout of a boy he looked into the distance to see a silhouette of what appeared to be a teenage boy and he waved not hearing a single drop of what the boy said a few minutes prior.

Nin Walks out of the Nyx cabin energized feeling alive and amped up because the sun was going down. "Time to train" he sets off at a brisk pace baton at his side and eyes alert. He sees a wave from the nemesis cabin an waves back not really knowing or caring why someone was waving.

Jadon: Jadon had a slight smile on his face as he exited the Promethus cabin, and started walking towards the underworld cabins. The sun was starting set and these cabins seemed to get livelier during the night. As he qalked he noticed somekne waving. It didn't seem to be flr anyone imparticular, but Jadon decided not to wave back, just in case.

Bernard: As he approaches the cabins, Bernard sees some campers out and about, several of them... waving? Aw, how nice, camp camaraderie! "Hey, guys! Any of you meet a bull nymph, about this tall--" he holds a hand slightly above his head "--with shaggy blonde hair, a random German band shirt, and a grumpy expression?" Bernard shouts, waving back.

Terrence Terrence sees the two guys leave their cabins as well as seeing a kid from nyx cabin waving he figured he was doing the same as Terrence waving at the guy in the distance.Then he heard the man say something half of it he heard half he didnt roughly coming out as "Hey --- Bull ----- about this tall? then a hand gesture continuing on with Shaggy ---- Random German --- Grumpy" Terrence was speechless at this odd dialogue as he flipped his head to the side in utter confusion.

Nin Hears the guy talking about a bull nymph and wonders if I looks like a minotaur "Um nope haven't seen it but, I ill look out for him". Shakes head at the guy thinking how could you lose something that big even if it is camp half blood. Whens he turns around he sees a kid walk out the Promethus cabin and immediately gets even more amped. "Jaaaadddoooonnnn!!!" he throws a shadow shuriken with deadly precision hoping to hit Jadon in the neck.

Jadon: Jadon, using his foresite, had anticipated Nins move. He instinatly side stepped the attack and sends Nin a razor look. "I'm not in the mood bro." He said this as he continued walking. Jadon listened to the description and then shook his head. "I haven't seen anyone like thay today."

Bernard: The camper closest to him replied negative on the Dume sighting, so Bernard sighs and slumps forward. Looking around, he counts three total campers hanging out, two of them appearing to be playfully fighting with each other. An idea takes flight. "Hey, everyone, if you could spare a moment, could you please search for my friend with me? Help a bear out, dudes?"

Terrence:Terrence leaves behind the prior moments confusion and makes the logical conclusion that it was a hearing error.He then looks at the boy who just referred to himself as a "Bear" and says Uhm sure let me just go give Ares his water and food before standing up and entering the nemesis cabin

Nin He shrugs but internally he begins calculating the proper time to strike his enemy watching as he enters the nemesis cabin. He looks back at "Bear" and ask with a smile "what does your friend look like again".

Jadon: Jason had a slight grin cross his lips as he stopped and looked back at nin. " Bro, do you need a list?" He said this sarcastically as he started molding clay in his hand.

Bernard: Completely ignoring the part about that camper going to feed the freaking god of war, Bernard grins and pulls out a notepad and pen from his hoodie pocket. "Hey, I can make a picture if that helps!" He proceeds to draw a person, with artistic skill lying somewhere between stick figures and 2-D shapes, and adds arrows pointing to Dume's characteristic features. A scribbly line on the person's head is labeled "legally blonde," his surly expression is labeled "will get wrinkles if he keeps doing this," and his shirt is labeled "terrible fashion sense." He snickers, "Before you ask, it's very accurate. You'll see when you meet him."

Terrence:Meanwhile in Terrence's room Ares has taken into a sour mood.Come on Ares dont be like this Terrence mumbles as he swiftly gets knocked to his feet by a small goat.Terrence tries to stand-up and grab Ares's food bag but is instead met with a wet crevice,Ares's mouth.Ares has positioned himself in front of Terrence while he was trying to get up.Terrence loses any bit of joy he had gathered that morning and thus the sour Monday claims another persons happy mood.Terrence gives up and says Really Ares? whatever just come with me before prompting Ares with his hands to follow and going back to the porch with the small goat.He saw the boy holding up a drawing of what seemed to be a blond depressed with a b-bad sense of fashion?

Nin He shakes his head, while at the same time a shadow travels down his hand, and frowns at Jadon. Your sarcasm may hurt my feelings the shadow tendril moves towards Jadon and Nin hopes that he doesn't notice as it wraps around his ankle.

Jadon: Jadon chuckled as he continued to mold the clay. He created a reverse minatour and lifted it up. "Does he look anything like this?" He says this indicating the figurine. "Actually, I dou-" His sentence was cut off as he fell face forward intot he dirt. He started standing up and looked at Nin, with obvious annoyance on his face. "Really? You have to sink that low?" He said this turning back to the boy, and then noticed a goat had appeared, and decided not to talk with the annoying young man anymore. 'Where did the goat come from?"

Bernard: Watching the shadow kid and the clay kid being total bros reminded Bernard even more of how worried he was becoming about his own bro's absence. He folds up his artistic masterpiece and offers it to the boy who just faceplanted. "Here, one of you guys can use this for reference as we search. Keep it, toss it, feed it to that adorable goat, whatever, so long as it works for you! I'll search the forest, being the ursine one here an all, and y'all can come with if you don't want to split up."


Ares is Terrence's pet Terrence Smith/Ares

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