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It was early in the morning. The flowers in the fields had dew drops on them, making them shine on the touch of the day's first sun rays. Fog still covers some of the Camp's territory, crickets still chriping in an orchestra.


Lallaine: She woke up earlier than expected. She hid her earphones which was in her ears playing music the whole night. Calling herself an idiot, she did her daily morning routine and stepped out of the cabin, stretching and yawning. She was thankful she used her sweatshirt; it was rather cold. Walking up to the border of the strawberry fields, she watched and waited the sun to come up, hoping someone she knew won't disturb her.

Ziya: Ziya was confused about being a demigod. She had been claimed by Persephone the previous day. That explained how different she was in winters than what she was in the summers. She was put in her mother's cabin, which has around 10 of her siblings. She woke up early after a sleepless confusing night. She thought it would be best to take a stroll outside. She did that when she couldn't sleep, and that was usually after a monster attack. She saw a strawberry field and went towards it. She then saw a girl at the edge of the field, and said "Hi! I am Ziya."

Lallaine: After a few minutes, she thought that those guys never wake up early, sho she was safe. She then heard footsteps behind her, and someone called. She turned around and found a girl smiling. "Well, hello, too." She took her hand out for a shake. "I'm Lallaine. Are you new? Sorry for asking, I just have never seen you here."

Ziya: "Oh, yes! I just came to camp yesterday." Ziya replied

Lallaine: "Welcome, then. You are still maybe confused about these things. Or maybe not." She smiled. "I could help you if you want to. You are a daughter of?"

Ziya: "Persephone" Ziya completed. "And things are very confusing."

Lallaine: "Goddess of the underworld, princess of flowers and spring," she described with a bit of admiration. "Anything I could help you understand?"

Ziya: "A lot of things", Ziya said "But who is your godly mother?"

Lallaine: "Athena," she replied. "I'm also hoping no one disturbs us if ever we talk about these confusing things."

Ziya:"Hopefully", Ziya says, "Now, I have dyslexia. I met some others saying that they also have dyslexia. Does it have to do anything with me being a demigod? Or is it unrelated?"

Lallaine: "For I know, all of us has that disorder. Being a child of a Greek god, our brain is hardwired to understand and read the Greek language and only that language. So, it's a bit hard to read other languages, and that includes our native tongues." She knitted her eyebows, wondering if it was really necessary. "And yes, it's related."

Ziya: "And the same goes with attention problems..... something called ADH?" Ziya asked.

Lallaine: "Yup. Attention deficit hyperactive disorder. ADHD for short. We demigods have that to make us aware of our surroundings. It's also a sign of our heightened senses and our natural aptitude for battle. Which gives us greater battlefield reflexes, like knowing where the enemy would strike because of the tensing of their muscles and stuff like that." She mentally laughed at herself. "That was pretty long."

Ziya: "Huh, what? Attention something disorder makes us what?" Ziya asked, pretty confused.

Lallaine: "Really sorry to confuse you." She sighed and replied her. "It makes us good in battle. Make us aware of what's happening." She stomped her foot on a little spider she saw. "So, yeah. Um, do you understand me?"

Ziya: "Makes more sense." Ziya smiled "But why did you kill that poor spider?"

Lallaine: "Sorry 'bout that.I hate spiders," she said, whispering the last bit. "I mean, they scare me. Probably connected to Athena's enemy. But don't mind it."

Ziya: "I think its connected to being the daughter of a plant goddess." Ziya says with a bit of laughter. "So, we get some extra abilities being children of gods?"

Lallaine: "Yes, basically. But sometimes those abilities cause some demigods real pride or hatred. Anyway,don't think about it. How about walking? The morning breeze's good today."

Ziya: "Sure," Ziya says happily "Taking a morning walk is the best part of the morning. I used to go for morning walks before school. Anyways, what abilities do you have?"

Lallaine: "Well, there's a lot, but I don't use them that much. I could weave a wall of loose materials to obscure the enemy from me, But my favorite is my ability to communicate with owls! I love them soooo much."

Ziya: "Those are some awesome abilities! What abilities would I have being a daughter of Persephone? Plant growing skills is something I have, but what other abilities?" Ziya asks.

Lallaine: "Persephone's kids have cool powers, too, last I checked. You can create tornadoes of petals and grass that turns sharper as it turns round and round then launch it at the enemy," she replied, moving her finger in a circular motion, as if making a tornado. "At spring and summer, you can talk and command animals; during fall and winter, I think you guys can communicate with the dead. Persephone lives in two realms,so it's practical."

Ziya: "That's cool! I can't wait to practice using them! But I want to wait till I see the ability in use. I might screw up, and maybe hurt someone." Ziya says

Lallaine: "Hmm, the forest can be grounds for practice. Or the training arenas. Yes, the training arenas would be the best for practicing your abilities. Though it'd be tiring, you know."

Ziya: "Have a strawberry!" Ziya gives a strawberry, which she just grew, to Lallaine. "Yeah, I've been in battles and it was very tiring. Do you think I can speak own?" Ziya asks.

Lallaine: She takes the strawberry. "Thank you!" She took a bite, sweet juice flowing in her mouth. She nodded to Ziya. "Sweet. And yes, I know battles are tiring like . . ugh, never mind."

Ziya: "You are welcome!" Ziya says with a smile. "Can I understand the language of owls too? And Marine animals?"

Lallaine: She shrugs. "I'm not really sure, but who knows? You might! Persephone is a goddess who loves animals. Wanna try?"

Ziya: Hello, do you understand me? Ziya says in owl's language.

Lallaine: "Hmm. I think I'd call one first." She whistled, calling for an owl which she had been close to. The owl appeared behind her and landed on her arm. "Now, try to talk to him."

Ziya: The owl says something, but she can only make out the words "fast" and "sleep". "Lallaine, I can not talk to him."

Lallaine: She asked the owl stuff. "He said that your connection was weak. How about more focus? Let's let him start it." She told the owl to talk to Ziya, and the owl looked at the girl, so Lallaine knew he was starting to connect to Ziya.

Ziya: Hello owl, how are you? Ziya asks the owl. I am good, spring girl. the owl replies "Spring girl?" Ziya asks Lallaine.

Lallaine: She shrugs. "Bet he made you a new nickname," she said, smiling. "Am I right, Aldred?" You know how I do, Laine. Tell spring girl to stop asking obvious things. "You're too rude," she told him. Fine, he replied. So, spring girl, are you doing good here? he asked Ziya.

Ziya: "Nevermind that. Anyways, this torch turns into a scythe." Ziya says, giving Lallaine her torch.

Lallaine: "Cool." She takes the torch, examining it. "So, it turns to a scythe on your will or is there some button or something?" she asked, careful to not move her other arm that the owl was sitting on.

Ziya: "I am not sure how it works. I used it yesterday, but I do not remember." Ziya tells Lallaine

Lallaine: "Hmm, weird. Probably it transforms by will. A lot do." She admired how the torch was designed. "It looks beautiful."

Ziya: "Transforms by will? So how does it work?" Ziya asked

Lallaine: She smiles, knowing how surprising it is. "Well, if you will it to transform. It's like the weapon's reading your mind. If you need a weapon, the torch will transform to the scythe it is. Just your own will." She hands it out to Ziya. "Try it."

Ziya: "Uh, ok." She says, taking the torch. "Turn into a SCYTHE!" Ziya shouted to the torch.

Lallaine: It isn't turning into one yet. She stroke her chin with her fingers. "Hmm, how about think of it clearly in your mind that it is turning into a scythe? That trick always works," she suggested. Nah, ain't gonna turn, Aldred said. Shut up, she replied.

Ziya: Turn into a scythe turn into a scythe Ziya thinks. Why are you asking me to turn into a scythe? Aldred asks.

Lallaine: She shrugs. "Any luck?" She looked at Aldred, and she swears she saw him with a confused look. She laughs in her mind.

Ziya: "Not yet" Ziya replies. Think, think think, how did dad make it turn into a scythe? Ziya thinks. How would I know? Alfred says. Ziya pushes the slider to ON, and the torch starts glowing. Then she turns it to OFF, but the slider goes deeper. And the torch turns into a scythe. "EUREKA!!!" Ziya shouts happily.


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