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Aikaterine and Rose

Aikaterine: She dug her toes into the warm sand as the sun moved directly into a position that would shoot rays of bright light into her eyes, instinctively causing her to life a hand to deflect any harm to her olive eyes. After arriving after Camp earlier that day, she mainly took to the beach and well away from the other campers.

Rose: Rose had heard that there was a beach in Camp the day she arrived. And of course there would be. It's Long Island sound, there are beaches everywhere. But the idea that the beach was actually there never solidified in her mind until she decided to go and investigate it. She didn't really expect anyone to be here, so it became a pleasant surprise to see that there was another person just gazing into the surf. Torn between the idea of meeting a new person and possible friend and interrupting the person, she stands in the sand a moment, her sandaled feet enjoying the sand. The water should be freezing this time of year so she stays away from it. Finally, Rose makes the decision to just go up to the other girl and try to make friends. She sidles up next to the other. "Barefoot in January is pretty wild," she grins innocently.

Aikaterine: The brunette allowed her green eyes to slide over Rose, taking in her appearance long before registering her voice as she milled on the possibilities. "I'm courageous," she said with a lack of enthusiasm and offered a slight smirk to show she wasn't all that rude. In reality, Aikaterine couldn't picture it any other way. "I also had frost-bite as a child and so my feet are no longer sensitive to the cold," she admitted and looked towards the waves of the ocean that crashed ruthlessly against the banks. "Is it always so picturesque here?"

Rose: Rose laughs and shrugs her shoulders. "Oh I honestly have no idea! This is my first time down here. Wait, is it your first time on the beach too? That's cool! Not the frostbite part, but new places!" She smiles again, a colder gust of wind flaying her hair out to one side. "I'm Rose, by the way. Like the flower."

Aikaterine: She couldn't help but find the girl's bubbly personality sort of endearing as she allowed her bottom to rest on the sand, pulling her legs up to her chest. "I'm Aikaterine, like... Katherine but Greek," she mused and then tossed the girl a momentary grin, "but you can call me Kat if you want. Like the one that goes meow." After being on her own for so long, she had come to miss the teasing nature she often equipped when she deemed someone likable.

Rose: The young girl finds that last statement absolutely hilarious and she bursts out laughing, looking up at the sky for a moment. "Kat like meow... Haha! Now I need to up my own jokes later." Not noticing or not caring that she'll get sand over her, Rose lays down on the beach, her legs crossed. "So why'd you come down here? Someone told me it's a rite of passage but I don't think that's true."

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