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Message Me ~ 07:45, January 13, 2019 (UTC)

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Kara -Child of Hera
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Good morning.


Kara: Kara quickly hustled around the kitchen in the Hera Cabin, trying hard to finish up the cookies she was making before people came over. She's invited a couple of Campers to help take care of Nata, and she'd be darned if she wouldn't be good to go when they showed up. "You happy, love?" She called over her shoulder as she quickly slid a baking sheet into the oven. "Our new friends are probably going to be here any minute!"

Nata: "Mmlm." Nata, Kara's 9-month-old baby, was sitting nearby in a pink high chair, happily chewing away on a rubber spatula Kara had used to mix some of the dough. "Amlm lamlm."

Zeta: Zeta doing something with kids? It's more likely than you think. Perhaps this can also be a little poke at the haters, that kids of Ares aren't softies. Though the weather didn't make it easy. She is hopefully on time as she knocked on the door of the Hera Cabin.

Kara: Jumping at the sudden sound, Kara quickly washed off her hands and made her way to the door. "Hi!" She greeted cheerfully as she opened the door. "So great to see you! Here, come on in! I was just doing a little baking before you got here." She gestured to the slightly messy kitchen.

Ashlyn: Just after settling in at the place she had called home for the past few days, Ashlyn headed in the direction of Hera's cabin, half walking, half jogging in the morning breeze. Enjoying the stunning view of the ocean, she wiped her hands on her jeans to take out her messy bun, letting her dark hair tumble down to her shoulders. The light reflecting off the grand marble walls of the cabin made it obvious to find, along with the shimmering peacocks that decorated the exterior. This must be Hera's, Ashlyn figured, the peacock didn't belong to any other Olympian. She makes her way through the opened door, fiddling with her dream catcher necklace as she steps inside the room. 'Am I late?'

Kara: "No, no, you're right on time!" Kara smiled and waved. "Ashlyn, right? Oh, and um..." She turned to the other girl. "Zeta?"

Nata: Intrigued at the new voices, Nata looked up from her gnawed-on spatula, and saw two new ladies. Ooh, they looked pretty! One was a little scary, but still really really pretty. "Aablm! Awmb!" The little girl flailed her arms, almost as if waving.

Ashlyn: "Yes, though my close friends call me Ash. Nice to meet you both." She tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. Then lowering her head to meet Nata's big brown eyes, she smiled and gave a little wave.

Zeta: Well, this was definitely something. Though it was quite obvious that Zeta's eyes - and mind for that matter - were distracted by the presence of the little one. She zones out for a hot minute before realizing that she hadn't said a thing to make herself conscious. "Zeta's just fine for me. I have yet to find any sort of nickname for myself." She pauses. She cannot help herself at all when she waves in response to Nata's wave of sorts.

Ashlyn: Zeta, must be the Ares kid I saw in the Arena the other day, Ashlyn thought. Then averting her thoughts back to Kara, she fidgeted with the edge of her sweater while waiting for someone to speak up. "Uhh, so we're taking care of this little one today?" She glanced towards the child semi-consciously, lost in thought.

Kara: Kara smiled. "Yes! This little bundle of joy is Natasha, although she mostly goes by Nata." She gestured to Nata, who was grinning at the group. "She's just had breakfast, as well as a few cookie dough scraps, so she should be pretty full for now. Slept well last night, and super cheerful this morning so far!" Kara gently unbuckled and lifted Nata out of the chair. "Would either of you like to hold her?"

Nata: Nata looked expectantly at the two.

Zeta: Almost instinctively, Zeta offers her arms without as much as a word coming from her.

Ashlyn: Ashlyn stood to the side and waited, twirling her dark hair around her fingers. "I'll go after Zeta." She looked towards baby Nata and smiled slightly.

Kara: Carefully, Kara lifted Nata into Zeta's arms, smiling. "Ooh, I think she likes you!"

Nata: Reaching out as she was passed over, Nata grinned wide and looked up at Zeta. "Aa!" Nata was happy. Ooh, this new girl was so nice! And her shirt was so nice and soft, and she smelled nice and good. Content, Nata reached forward and hugged Zeta, drooling ever so slightly.

Zeta: Something about this actually felt good. She smiles as she looks at Nata. "Aren't you the most adorable little one?" she says, as she cradles Nata in her arms.

Nata: Nata sneezed, suddenly looking very confused, but after a moment smiled back. "Aa?"

Kara: "Isn't she?" Kara grabbed a tissue from nearby and wiped the little girl's nose. "There we go. Now, um -" She grabbed her bag off the counter. "So you two should be ok to take care of her for a few hours, right? She's got two bottles in the fridge, just warm them up if she's getting hungry. Oh, and diapers are in the dresser in my bedroom, second drawyer, right through there." She pointed to a nearby doorway. "Change table's in there too, along with her crib and everything. If anything goes wrong, or if you need help, there's a spray bottle and a stack of drachama on top of the dresser so you can send an Iris-message."

Ashlyn: "No probs! She'll be having the best time of her life with us!" She reaches out to Nata, offering to give Zeta a small break from carrying the baby.

Zeta: Oh, Zeta could hold Nata all day if she wanted to. Of course though, that'd be selfish/greedy, so she passes her gently to Ashlyn, because surely Ashlyn deserves to hold her some too. She's mindfully paying attention to Kara's words though; every little detail needed to be clear enough so that Zeta at least has some idea of what she'll need to do.

Ashlyn: She took the child from Zeta's arms, making sure she was holding it correctly. Looking down at baby Nata, she felt good, as if the little girl had something warm and fuzzy inside her. "Ok, Nata, how do you feel about Zeta and I babysitting you?"

Nata: Looking up at the second girl, Nata felt slightly unsure at first. She looked a little scary at first, but really pretty too... After a moment, she made up her mind, squealed happily and began to chew on Ashlyn's shirt. "Abmm. Mlmlb, mm."

Kara: Kara grabbed her bag from off the counter and slung it over her shoulder.. "Oh, um! One last thing! There's some chocolate chip cookies in the oven - could one of you take them out in about 15? Once they're cooled, you're welcome to try some!"

Zeta: She'd nod. "Of course!" She does take mental note of the time right now - and the time that they'd roughly have to take out the cookies. You could say Zeta wants to be ready for everything right now.

Ashlyn: Ashlyn rocked baby Nata in her arms, remembering all the little details that Kara mentioned. "We got this, Zeta! High five!" She lifted her hand up.

Zeta: She high fives Ashlyn with ease. "We got this."

Kara: Grinning at the group, Kara leaned over and gave Nata a quick kiss. "Alright. You three take care! I'll be back real soon." With a quick wave, she skirted through the door, closing it with a click.

Nata: Flailing an arm to wave goodbye, Nata watched as the door closed, and then looked up to Ashlyn. "Aa." She squirmed a little and cuddled up against Ashlyn's chest, continuing to chew on the teenager's shirt contentedly.

Ashlyn: "What should we do first?" Ashlyn watched the baby snuggle up in her arms. Obviously, there was something about Nata that brought her joy.


Sofia: Whoever wants to start, can feel free to :)

Sophie: Scene?

Flop: Started off the RP! I took a little liberty with the scene - I've set it up imagining that Kara was looking for some new babysitters, so she's having your characters come over and meet Nata and stuff :)

Sofia: Honestly bless, because I can totally see Zeta being a good babysitter :D Also, posted!

Sophie: Ermygosh, I love it! Kara won't regret Ashlyn being Nata's babysitter! :3

Sophie Oof, I made a big mistake. When you said Winter, I instantly went to June, July + August (I live in Australia), and strawberry season ended in mid-August. And I included strawberry picking. Guess I have to change it :(

Flop: Lol, no worries! Feel free to have to her come in and check it out :)

Sophie: Maybe we should wait for Sofia (Zeta) to reply, otherwise it looks as if it was a conversation between two instead of three

Sofia: My bad XD I completely spaced out on my response so I made up an IC excuse for Zeta's lack of talking :P

Sophie: This is going really well! I'm excited for what happens when Kara leaves the cabin :D

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