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Arian -Child of Nike
-Cantankerous Warrior

 Age: 17  Height: 5'8 
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy 
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Hana:  Hana took a second to fix the bandages wrapped around her fists as the punching bag stabilized. She had materialized it using a spell that took resources around her relatively the same size as her desired object to create that object. She'd been attacking it relentlessly all evening, partly for practice and partly because she was particularly ticked off about something but it would be better to take it out on a punching bag than an actual person. She was secluded by the edge of the forest while the punching bag swung from a tree.

Arian: Arian had been sprinting through the forest since he was just about finish with his daily 10 kilometer run. Doing so had been draining and he doubted he'd stick with the regiment for much longer since it cut into his time for actual sparring, but it was fun to push himself by doing that much running and other exercises. He saw Hana diligently training and could assume she wasn't happy. Anyone who trained as much as Arian could tell whether they were doing it out of pure drive or doing it to relieve anger. "Uh you wanna actually punch someone instead?" The offer was a little open-ended since he was down to either help Hana beat up whoever enraged her or give her a quick spar since that seemed more efficient that hitting a punching bag, honestly he found hitting those things boring.

Hana: Much without an unprecedented warning, Hana lashed out at him, sending a magical barrier his way to knock him off his feet. It was an automatic response as if she was paranoid about something. Her head drooped and she sighed, tightening the bandages and retying the knot. "Sorry... sorry, I didn't mean to instigate anything. Stuff is just... a mess." She walked over to him, feeling miserable in her sweatpants and training top. "What are you doing out here? Didn't take you as the runner type."

Arian: "Hey!" He was surprised by the protective barrier that served it's purpose well enough. Obviously he wasn't crazy about being knocked on his ass, but he did have to admit Hana's reaction time was impressive. If it were anyone else he wouldn't have brushed it off like he did. "How messy any damn way? I was doing a 10k run cuz it's part of this workout I heard about. Also gotta do 100 pushups, squats and sit ups too." Obviously Arian was proud of how much he trained and casually bragged about it like a stereotypical gym rat. Hana did look pretty good in that top, but he tried pushing the thought aside. Arian was dressed in similar sweats like he typically did.

Hana: "Is... is that from One Punch Man?" she asked, blinking furiously. "I swear, you're so weird." She shook her head, placing her hands on her hips. "Really messy. Like if you went dumpster diving type of messy. You seemed to have nothing going on," she noted, cocking her head to the side. She shifted most of her weight to her right foot and clicked her tongue. "But anyway, I shouldn't bother you with my problems. You must be heading on your way back to camp right?"

Arian: "Yeah I think so, I heard some kids talking about that show." Arian wasn't really big on anime or anything, he merely just heard about Saitama's well-known workout regiment and thought it'd be interesting to try. Standing up, he cracked his neck as Hana explained herself. "Uh yeah sure." He doubted he needed to worry about Hana, someone like her had to be able to handle her own problems.

Hana: "Let me go with you. I need to grab some dinner before the sun goes down anyway," she sighed. She turned back to the punching bag and dissolved letting it slip back into a bunch of sticks wrapped in her hoodie. Then she commenced walking over, untangling the wood from her clothing and shrugging the hoodie on. "Food will clear my head."

Arian: He had nearly asked how she managed to bring a punching bag all the way out here so it wasn't a huge shock that her magic was responsible. "Yeah sure, I don't really like eating in the damn mess hall though." Arian remembered his first day where he found out that the mess hall was strictly organized from cabin to cabin, it was a little embarrassing having so few half siblings to dine with while other cabins had bigger numbers. Besides he wasn't too interested in socializing anyway.

Hana: She shrugged, flipping her hood over her head. "Simple, we'll grab some food and eat elsewhere." She began walking down the pathway leading back to the main grounds, assuming Arian would follow her. Hecate was a comparably large cabin looking at all the other smaller ones, so Hana hadn't necessarily felt that sense of lack of comradery, but would admit the cabin only table rule ticked her off to no end.

Arian: "My cabin?" Though he disliked the stupid sports theme that it was designed with, the Nike cabin was his home at the end of the day. Besides he heard that Hana's cabin used to be so unstable that it was always at risk of exploding. Arian had walked with her, though he was constantly walking around. He loved leaving the camp's borders for a while so he could hunt some monsters just like he used. The sensation of impaling a hellhound or decapitating a harpy was absolutely nostalgic for him, but alas it seemed like all the monsters were too chickenshit to play today. So he seemed a little annoyed. "How ya been anyway?" He'd always thought of Hana as a good friend but didn't know much about her life aside from their training, seemed like a good time to learn a little more about her.

Hana: She shrugged again, throwing her arms behind her head. "Sure, don't really care where to be honest. We could eat underwater if you wanted." It was a struggle, keeping a casual composure when she felt like exploding. She thought it wouldn't be right to do it in front of Arian since she only had so much control over her magic... She didn't want to like, send him to Mars by accident somehow. She was one of the few people she'd come to enjoy hanging around. "Ahh, alive, for the most part. How are you?"

Arian: Hana had clearly done a good job of concealing her anger since Arian was ignorant of it, unable to tell she was still hiding such rage. "F*ck that, buncha damn fish starin at me while I eat." He assumed Hana was capable of casting some kind of spell that would let that sit below the lake or something safely. "I'm friggin bored here, barely any quests happen and everyone just wants to sit around and hook up. The Camp's a joke." Clearly his father was able to attend camp during a more active era where campers had far more quests to go on. He dreamed of having the thrilling lifestyle he was told about, not walking around holding hands with some girl.

Hana: Her eye twitched, the statement having reminded her of Addysin who seemed invested in his own romance with someone else. Too invested to even talk anymore... Her expression weakened a little but she fixed it immediately when she realized her emotional state was vulnerable and sighed. "I think it's just the result of a more peaceful era. Though I do agree, I wish there was... some expansion in camp priorities. Maybe, less making out and more making friends?" If Addysin was here, that would've been a direct jab at him but he wasn't around, unfortunately.

Arian: If times had changed than maybe Arian had just been raised to survive in a more dangerous one, it'd explain how he was more focused on combat than other demigods who seemed quite lazy to him. "Well friends distract you less, my dad always said a serious relationship can distract a man from his goals. Can't have that shit." Arian typically took his father's words to heart, rarely doubting them. He didn't want to lose focus of his goals just because of a pretty face.

Hana: "Friends are reliable too," she added. "Unless you're calling me distracting because in that case, I will beat you into the ground, Bridger," she threatened, holding her arms out in front of her to crack her knuckles. "But maybe it isn't all that bad. Serious relationships have their own advantages. There are ways to benefit from it. But it gets annoying when people start sleeping with campers at every cabin. I swear I couldn't get any sleep last night because my brother and whoever else was in there couldn't keep it down."

Arian: "Shut up no you aren't." Arian believed a few sparring buddies was always good, some people to give him extra motivation to perform better. Like good competition. "Like what? Someone to sleep with?" Since his father hadn't really committed to anyone he never really saw a strong relationship between lovers before, not fully understanding it. "Next time just barge in and tell him to knock it off. Sure it'd be gross but it'd get the message across." That's exactly what Arian would've done, confront his sibling and their partner for interfering with his sleep made perfect sense to him.

Hana: Hana elbowed him playfully, "I better not be or else I would've sent another one of my barriers at you." Truthfully, Hana was anything but an anti-romantic. Having already built up a premise of what a proper relationship was like, anything that didn't fit her standards was up for the question. It was just when it got obnoxious did it bother her, probably because she was bitter since no one particularly had caught her interest. "No, not sleeping with each other," she argued. "Stuff like loyalty and motivation. Think about it. Having someone you can always rely on no matter what, who you know will always be there for you even when you feel like shit. I think that's something everyone should have. Especially demigods." That's when she realized she was rambling. "Yeah, got a little carried away with that... Um..." she drifted off. "Throwing a bunch of magical teenagers into one building isn't... a very um, stable environment to say the least. I'd rather not unnecessarily get myself thrown through walls."

Arian: "It didn't hurt that much." Honestly walking into a barrier was far less painful that a strong punch from his father. "I mean you can get that shit another way but I get it." His father certainly didn't mention anything like that, but he somewhat had his doubts about the whole thing. Demigods needed strong allies to survive with, they needed to support each other. Even if Arian ever disobeyed his father and starting dating at camp, he'd make sure the girl could handle herself in a fight. He had no interest in a potential damsel in distress. "It's fine, I bet you and your boyfriend talk about that stuff all the time." He was quick to assume Hana had some kind of boyfriend since he did think she was quite the beauty. Seemed possible she was always meeting with someone after they sparred.

Hana: "I can make hurt a lot more if I really wanted to. Just a warning," she said with a shrug. "Speaking of magic, I have a bunch of spells I wanna show you later. One of them is like... have you fought an Aeolus kid before? They can like slash you with wind and it's really cool, so I wanted to see if I could replicate it and I figured it out." At first, she waited for a reply until she realized Arian had mentioned something about a boyfriend. Then she promptly doubled over and started laughing. "Boyfriend? I wish. Can't really find anyone I want to date."

Arian: "Uhhh that's the not Zeus ones right?" Honestly Arian had a hard time keeping track of some of the cabin gods since he wasn't impressed with every single one. Like wasn't there a goddess that presided over memory or some shit like that? "I mean shit you can, think I can get one of those potions you guys make sometime?" Since Hana's skills as a Hecate kid were being discussed, he remembered hearing about the amazing potions they could create. "Wow so you do want a man then?" Arian teased her a bit, assuming she had actually been looking for someone.

Hana: "No, not Zeus. I swear you wouldn't know if it hit you in the face." Hana didn't take the time to memorize every cabin here, but she knew a fair few, especially the titan cabins, seeing as it seemed to be more common to see demititans around the Hecate cabin for some reason. "If you remember to come in sure. What do you want one for?" What in the world Arian would ever need a potion for, she would never know. "Oh shut up!" she huffed, making a whole show of flipping him off. "I don't know. Maybe."

Arian: He was a little confused by that initial sentence, having taken it literally but brushed it off. Arian remained ignorant of any distinction between demigods and demititans, viewing them as one in the same since worked together. "Like as a backup I guess?" The thought of going all out in a fight and using a potion to regain his strength sounded incredible. If he didn't value his physical abilities so much he would've envied Hana. "Why? So you can have someone you can always rely on? And will always be there for you?" He continued the jokes by repeating her earlier statement back at her. A part of him felt a little insulted that she wanted to find someone else for that stuff. Arian thought he could serve as a loyal friend to her.

Hana:  "A backup... right. Like I'd ever see you rely on anything that isn't yourself. But I'll make a mental note," she said, clicking her tongue. Of course, she was kidding, but Arian asking for a potion seemed a bit absurd no matter what reason was behind it. "Oh fuck off, Bridger." She jokingly shoved him away and stuck her tongue out at him. "Let me desire a boyfriend in peace. I bet you're just jealous because a girl wouldn't even get within ten feet of you."

Arian: He smiled, good to see Hana had a pretty decent understanding of him. Arian was quick to let out a laugh when she insulted him. "Well...." He tapped Hana on the arm. "Definitely within 10 feet or are you not a girl?" Messing around with her was more than fun. He considered himself a decent looking guy, his father always told him that a strong man could have any woman he wanted. "Besides if you find him here he'll probably be some bitch."

Hana: "I don't count, I'm too nice not to hang around you. When I see lonely kids training by themselves I make friends with them," she teased—which was a complete lie in itself. While Hana was a nice person, it wasn't genuine by default. "I'm talking like, a badass supermodel. Like, imagine if Aphrodite was Ruby Roundhouse from Jumanji. 'Couse, you can't really find anyone like that around here. Probably because you scared them off with your horrible grammar." Hana considered herself average over everything, especially when there were people like Gal Gadot and Kim Taeyeon. It was probably a good thing, if she grew up arrogant over her looks she might as well call herself a daughter of Aphrodite. 

Arian: "There's nothin wrong with my grammar.." Arian did sound a little confused, though it might've been due to his low grades and motivation in school. He also had no idea what Jumanji was either. Fortunately it was a very easy procedure to get their food and walk back to Arian's cabin. As expected there wasn't really anyone around.

Hana:  "If it's not your grammar, it's your accent. It makes your words sound mushed together and incomplete. But just ignore me, casual liberal Californian here," she explained on the walk to the cabin. She kicked a couple of rocks as she walked, humming to herself until they reached the cabin. Afterward, she requested, "Can we sit on the roof?"

Arian: "Oh, didn't even notice." Arian was more eastern, but he wasn't intuitive enough to really notice a difference in accents or anything like that. Normally Arian would've just climbed up, but since he was carrying food that made it a little more difficult. It seemed stupid to use one of his powers for such a trivial task but whatever. He sprouted a set of dark blue angelic wings before quickly soaring to the roof. "Come on." As blue feathers littered the ground, Arian figured Hana could easily levitate herself up there.

Hana:  She did, in fact, levitate herself to the top of the cabin using a spell, setting herself down gently, allowing her legs to hang off the side. "Ah... winter," she muttered. "So annoying. Kind of pretty. Still very annoying," she complained. "It's cold and the weather randomly drops shit tons of snow on you. It was really never that bad until we moved to New York and discovered Mother Nature gets cranky around the holidays."

Arian: "Mother Nature's a f*cking bitch." It was a saying his dad would always mutter when he was frustrated with the weather. "Sure it looks nice, but who cares? Can't do any of the fun shit you can in the summer." As a young man who loved being outside, Arian just couldn't stand the winter. "Uh you mean the city?" The boy wasn't a geographical expert, but he still knew that Camp Half Blood was located in the actual state of New York.

Hana: "No, yes, both, I guess? I've literally lived in California for ninety percent of my life why would I mean the city?" She gave him a look and began eating her food, swinging her legs as they dangled off the front of the cabin. "I don't know if Mother Nature appreciates being called a bitch, since I bet you she's probably an actual goddess or something. You never know with these Greek myths, dude. There's like a million gods at this point."

Arian: Before Arian could even reply, Hana was proven correct when a random son of Cybele heard Arian disrespecting his dear mother.

NPC: "The f*ck did you just say about my mother?!" The 6'2 child of nature didn't take that kindly. The look on his face made it clear that he was proud of his heritage and what his mother represented. Like a rather aggressive hippie.

Arian: "I said your mama's a f*cked up bitch! And you have a problem with that, we can fight in the arena tomorrow morning! 10:30. Got it?!" Arian would never turn down a fight, but he was trying to have a meal with a friend right now. With a glare, the other young man nodded and walked off. Arian was actually quite pleased with himself that he had gotten himself a new sparring partner. "Okay okay I get your point, shit can't complain the weather, the ocean or even goddamn fruit without pissing off someone on Olympus." Arian crossed his legs as he sat, hoping that guy wouldn't disappoint him.

Hana: Hana watched the interaction with amusement, not fazed in the slightest. After being friends with Arian for such a long time, random agreements to fight were probably daily occurrences. The son of Nike really liked to fight. Afterward, she did make sure to say, "Told you." She returned to eating her good with a satisfied grin. "Ha, bet you there's like a god of roofs and he's ticked off we're sitting on a roof. Oh... the gods are going to be so pissed I forgot to do a sacrifice today, whoops."

Arian: "He could just be pissy he didn't get a cabin." He figured having a cabin for your demigod children was a sign of respect to each greek deity. "We can just burn some protein bars or something after if you want." Arian didn't think forgetting the sacrifice for one day would really be that big a deal, but he'd go through with it if it bugged Hana that much. Being a quick eater, the demigod didn't waste time finishing his meal. He leaned back, remaining silent for a moment. "So come on, what had you so worked up before anyway?" Arian was curious of that, not really concerned though.

Hana: "Burning protein bars?" she cackled. "Honestly, what goes on in your head? Actually, I don't want to know. Forget I ever asked," she replied. She was quick to finish her meal as well. "I'm sure they'll be fine without one daily smelling of food. You'd think they'd just eat some since like... they're gods and they could probably summon their own food. Really ridiculous when you think about it but maybe it's like a self-esteem booster, y'know?" she continued, obviously wanting to dodge around the question.

Arian: Honestly what went on in Arian's head shouldn't be a major surprise to anyone who knew him well enough. "Well ya got a point, I always thought we did it out of respect." He smiled, having been distracted enough to forget his last question. "The Gods pretty much gave us everything we have." He spoke with a warm smile, truly supporting the Olympians' rule. He was quite happy with the life he had currently had and didn't want it to change.

Hana: "Yeah but the sacrifice itself is kind of ridiculous like, throwing food in a burning pot for gods to smell? Couldn't they be a little bit more creative. Like they don't eat this stuff and we do so, I'd rather not incinerate my steak for the sake of honoring my mom. Love you, mom, but like, I love steak too," she said with a shrug, kind of indifferent to Arian's attitude. "But maybe that's just me. I question everything." 

Arian: "I like steak too." He casually admitted, as they sat next to each other he ended up leaning on her a bit. Arian didn't see the physical contact as a big deal since he figured they knew each other long enough. But he remembered how she wasn't thrilled about him pinning her down when they first met, amused by the memory.

Hana:  She glanced over at him, cocking her head to the side. "You look happy about something," she noted. "Is it steak? Because if so, I relate on a spiritual level." She laughed at herself and her horrible sense of humor before going, "Seriously, you look like... you're reminiscing something."

Arian: He chuckled, finding the joke rather decent. "Uhm well ya see, I was just remembering this fight last week!" Arian didn't hesitate to lie, blushing a bit when he did so. He wasn't sure if telling the truth would sound weird or not.

Hana: She raised an eyebrow, originally unsuspecting until she noticed the blush—which she wasn't afraid to admit was only because she was staring at Arian way too long (What? He was attractive, leave her alone). "What happened in this fight last week?" she said slowly, the disbelief seeping into her voice.

Arian: "Uh it was this Morpheus kid and I stabbed in the arm." He noticed how she was looking right at him, he almost looked away but Arian honestly didn't want to. She was pretty. "Uhm he totally ran away like a bitch y'know?"

Hana:  "Right," she droned, but it was obvious she wasn't buying the story. She mentally applauded him for trying though. "So, when are you actually going to tell me what you were thinking about?"

Arian: "I'll tell you if you tell me what was bugging you before." Arian wasn't the type who kept many secrets, typically keeping everything on his sleeve. The son of victory was too blunt to shy away, but his personality made it so he didn't care for people keeping secrets from her. He was somewhat concerned.

Hana:  "Ah," she tsked. "That. Kind of hoped your short attention span would cause you to forget but I applaud on your dedication." She turned away and began swinging her legs casually, watching the sun tumble over the horizon. "Well, it's... uh, about Addysin. And we kind of... have been fighting and it's not fun."

Arian: "Did ya win at least?" It was hard to tell whether Arian was merely joking when he asked her that. Though he actually was. "Who the hell is Addysin and do I need to kick his ass?" He didn't mind hurting anyone who was actually causing her problems. He believed most problems could be solved by hurting the right person.

Hana: "Um, please do not kick his ass, thanks," she coughed into her fist, restraining a laugh. "Addysin is a friend I came to camp with. He's like my older brother, kind of."

Arian: "He's got a weird name, anyway what's his problem?" As Hana's friend, he was obviously biased towards her. Being quick to assume that the guy with the strange name was at fault.


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