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Zella Merina -Child of Hephaestus
-Puppeteer of the Forge, Lt. of Hephaestus' Cabin
Age:= 15 Height:= 5'2
Sexuality= Bisexual Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= United States
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= Puppet, Pentra Claws


Darion Spencer
Hephaestus Camper


  I've heard it both ways.

Character's Powers

 Powers: 3/6/9

  1. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to see each specific weakness in another person’s armor and are proficient at striking them in order to do the most efficient amount of damage.
  2. Children of Hephaestus can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  3. Children of Hephaestus are able to create a wall of stone, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, to temporarily blunt attacks.
  4. Children of Hephaestus are innately extremely resistant to heat and fire.
  5. Children of Hephaestus are innately stronger and faster than others.
  6. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to release heat from their hands in order to cauterize an open wound.
  7. Children of Hephaestus are able to create a smoke screen that suffocates and hinders enemies for a short time, using it to either escape or do one sneak attack
  8. They are great mechanics.
  9. Are able to make all sorts of machines, including automatons.
  10. Are excellent sculptors, stonemasons, architects, builders, carpenters and wood-workers
  11. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to control a single mechanical object with their mind; doing so, however, immobilizes the child of Hephaestus until control is broken. This only works on objects mechanically controlled, not objects controlled by magic.
  12. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to create and control fire; however, it is extremely chaotic and will burn anything near it no matter the intention of the child of Hephaestus.
  13. Children of Hephaestus are able to bring to life a sculpture to fight for them for a short time, while the sculpture is fighting for them, they are weakened and unable to attack themselves
  14. They are able to create transforming weaponry.
  15. They are excellent at creating weapons and armor of all natures.
  16. They are adept at the forge and metal working
  17. They make great fire fighters and volcanologists

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Zella: Zella was out in the forest, leaning back against a tree, head hanging down. Nearby, a large metal puppet was quickly making acrobatic and striking motions. Zella was practicing her abilities of controlling it, and was currently spaced out in her own body, focusing on controlling the puppet's. Zella was wearing a long white and blue dress that stopped at her knees. All along the dress were multiple singe marks, and a few oil stains.

Darion: Darion, who is in his iconic pair of blue jeans and green polo shirt, is rummaging through the forest looking for pieces of metal. He can hear something off in the distance that sounds similar to a machine moving, but he decides against checking it out. However the more Darion tries to push the noise out of his mind, the more he hears it, and the more he feels like finding out what it is. So, he grabs his backpack, which is full of large metal shards, some ranging from the size of pebbles to the size of shard shaped bricks. Darion slowly walks in the direction he thinks the noise is coming from, and in doing so haphazardly while he continues to look for metal shards, he unknowingly passes the source of the noise, and steps onto a twig which snaps, rather loudly. "Shhhhhi----" Darion cuts himself off, as he's not sure whether or not he hears the noise from earlier anymore.

Zella: The large puppet stops, and faces the sound of loud snapping sound. Zella then lifts up her head, the puppet now immobile. Zella looks over at where she had heard the twig snap... quickly she taps a secret button on the puppet, and it shrinks down into a regular puppet size, which she then slings over her shoulder... She is a little tired from having been practicing a rather advanced power, but she stays alert in case whatever is out there plans to do harm...

Darion: "Fudge---" Darion whispers harshly, thinking he's heard another noise that he didn't make, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pocket knife, leaving it closed just incase he runs into someone or something that's friendly and not vile. He looks around, then thinks he sees a blue dress, he quickly puts his head down, which causes his backpack to move, causing all the metal shards in his backpack to clatter around, "Fu––!" Darion harshly whispers to himself again, "Freaking damn back-pack," however he's continued to move towards a large tree with roots that he thinks will allow him to hide away from whatever it is that may be nearby... Darion continues to tell his backpack to shut up as he crawls/walks towards the tree roots.

Zella: She hears the faint clinging of metal as something moves along in the brush. She catches a glimps of the movement. It surely must know she is there... So Zella takes an exaggerated breath in, and yells "HEEEEEY!"

Darion: Darion starts talk to himself in a very quiet voice, "Dude whatever it is gonna kill you, like you're dead, omgwtlol you're dead Darion. Whatever you do don't respond, even though it sounds like a chick, don't respond——" Darion suddenly yells back in his best impression of the yell "--HEEEEEY!" His voice drops back to quiet, "Dangit, dangit, dangit."

Zella: Zella smiled when the boy yelled back in response. No enemy would respond like that. "It's ok" Zella called out, hoping to coax the person out from hiding.

Darion: He quietly talks to himself, "Do I go out there? I mean, it-he-she-it responded nicely, but what if it tries to kill me, I can't fight with metal shards, it's been so long since I've used my powers," Darion quickly pipes up and makes an echoing voice of Zella's, "It's okay," he now is sitting with his back against the roots of this tree, then realizes that in his frantic crawling, he cut open his jeans, "Dammit, my jeans!" he screams out, then puts his hand over his mouth and whispers, "Sh––."

Zella: Not sure what to do she decides to show her harmlessness somehow... With an idea, she holds up her arms, and lays face down on the ground. Curious to see how the person would respond.

Darion: He stands up slowly, checking his surroundings, then Darion sees Zella, whom looks like she's turned into a pretzel, "Uhhh, you okay? Like you're not a pretzel person, are you?" Darion hides the knife in his pocket, and slowly creeps towards Zella.

Zella: Zella hears his footsteps and jingling metal scraps slowly approaching... She slowly starts getting worried if this was a bad person... she is in a completely defenseless position... Not wanting to startle him off, she simply peeks up at the person checking for signs of hostility. Her slightly worried expression is apparent in her eyes, and she quickly sits up when she sees something in his hand... she gets then lets out a small "ahh" when she realizes it's a pocket knife.

Darion: "Why the fu-- were you laying on your face?" He asks as he comes to a stop, hoping he hasn't startled her, "Are you okay?" Darion fishes around in his pocket and pulls out a nature valley bar, opens it and pulls out one of the bars and starts chewing on it, as he suddenly feels extremely stressed.

Zella: 'He is not a threat' She thinks to herself. She pats off the dirt from her dress, and stands up. She puts on a nice smile, "I don't know" she says simply. Of course she was just doing it to get him to come out.

Darion: "Yaknow, you probably don't know, but the view of your butt was much better when you were on the ground-" Darion immediately facepalms, "Sorry, don't know where that came from," Darion continues to munch nervously on the nature valley bar.

Zella: Zella's face goes from her smile, to blank, and his perverted statement rendering Zella without any clue of how to respond... not that she talked much as it was... Finally thinking of something to say, "What are you doing?"

Darion: "Oh, you know, I was out here, looking for the PO box for booty watchers monthly," Darion coughs a bit realizing himself that that was a bad way to start off, but decided to stick with it anyways, "You're president of the company, right?" Darion coughs on one of oats from the nature valley bar, causing his eyes to tear up. He chokes down the oat, and manages to put on a smile as he looks back in Zella's direction.

Zella: Zella just slowly shakes her head in response... She kind of wanted to go away, but at the same time she didn't know if he would just follow her anyway...

Darion: "Sorry, that was horribly unlike me," Darion pauses, "You see I've been out collecting large metal shards, I'm a child of Hephaestus, I have to melt stuff down to make weapons, but nobody really talks to me, ever, and I have issues with making friends," Darion sighs, then facepalms, thinking he said too much and begins to think he's made the situation worse.

Zella: Zella's expression softens, and a small grin appears on her face. "You aren't broken..." She now remembers seeing him a few times around Heph cabin, though she never really met him till now. "You are my brother"

Darion: "Say wuuuuuuuuut?" Darion's jaw drops, which he promptly pushes back up with his hand, "sorry," he paused for a moment, "about the booty comment, in hindsight that was really awkward," Darion suddenly straightens out his posture, then slouches back down, exhaling heavily as he does so, "You wouldn't happen to know how to get back to the armory, would you? I need to put all this metal in to my choice metals heap, and I'm kinda lost," Darion frowns having not wanted to admit that he actually was lost, he'd lost his way and just decided to make the best of it collecting more and more metal till he found someone or something.

Zella: Zella nodded, and turned making a quick gesture for him to follow. The Armory was gonna be a bit of a trek from here.

Darion: Darion quickly jogs up to Zella, "So, sis, what's your name? Mines Darion." He smiles somewhat, hoping to make some kind of friendship possible, he had few friends, aside from the demigods in the beta phi sigma demigod group that had banded together.

Zella: Zella turns arouns, and skips backwards, "Call me Lieutenant" She teases... She had only just recently been given the position, so she wouldn't be suprised if she wasn't known. "Zella Merina" she answers more seriously, and turns back around to walk normally.

Darion: "Leeeuuutennant?" Darion says, purposely butchering the word, "What's it like, being part of the head of a cabin?" Darion asks Zella, hoping she'll tell him something different than Tyler, Gracie and Karen had told him when he asked the question.

Zella: Zella turns back around, in her backwards skipping walk, and just shrugs... She wasn't good at explaining... "It's like a wolf pack" she says... oblivious to the fact that that explains nothing. Then, simply turns forward, and continues her little skip, her dress lightly bouncing with each hop.

Darion: "What do you mean a wolf pack?" Darion asks as he walks a bit faster to walk by Zella's side, thinking that being a counsellor might be like being part of the group he's in, even though not all of them are counsellors. Darion even wonders if the rest of the group would be okay with him telling Zella about the group.

Zella: "Like a metal wolf pack" She says, adding in the touch to make... whatever it is, more related to the Heph Cabin. She giggles a litte bit cause she realizes she doesn't make sense... "Like... aah..." She fumbles over her words "Hmm... Like... You are a leader of a wolf pack... You all care for each other, but you can be dangerous... to each other?" She pauses for a bit, "and your a leader of them..." She wonders if she is making sense now...

Darion: "Would it be like beta phi sigma?" He blurts out, then puts his hand over his mouth. "Sorry, forget you ever heard that, like for real, they'll kill me for sure, especially that Zaken guy—OOOP" he puts his hand back over his mouth, and chokes back tears, the past 2 months had been really depressing for Darion, his mom had died about a month ago, which was why he was gone from the camp, and he just now got back, he'd been part of beta phi sigma for two weeks and didn't really know any of the members of the group well enough to trust them.

Zella: "beta phi sigma?... beta phi sigma... beta phi sigma..." Zella bounces the name along for a bit, trying to understand what it means, which of course would be impossible. She stops skipping, and turns to Darion. "Beta Phi Sigma?"

Darion: "It, it's a group of 'elite', c-amper-s h-he-ere at camp," Darion looks down, "Thhhree of them are head counsellors, and, they just recently accepted me into their group, they just kinda came to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of it, I said yeah, but some of them are kinda scary demigods and I kinda regret saying yes at times, but it means safety inside and outside of camp, because they travel in groups of two's and three's, and always have a good idea where the other members of the group are." Darion looks down, his heart broken at the fact that he told everything that he thought he wasn't supposed to tell. Funny thing was, was that he was allowed to tell, he just had inferred wrongly that he wasn't allowed too.

Zella: Zella's expression turned blank, and she began surveying the woods... 'travel in groups of two's and thee's... always have a good idea where the other members of the group are.' Zella doesn't know why she is on edge, they are campers too, but she feels like she is a bit to informed now... without thinking, she calls out, "Hello?" Of course not expecting an answer as she didn't even know she said it...

Zaken: Zaken's echo comes out cold, colder than the slight breeze that's blowing at the moment, "Hello."

Gracie: Gracie's double hello comes out as a much sweeter, calmer, transcending chorus, as her and Zaken step out of the trees, "Allo allo," Gracie is wearing a purple dress with jeans under it, leather combat boots, a leather jacket and she has a bow strung across her back. Zaken on the other hand, has on a black pair of blue jeans, a white button down short sleeve shirt, and a black robe-like overcoat, His sword hangs, in it's shrunken state at Zaken's side.

Darion: "H-hi guys," Darion says somewhat putting Zella between himself, Zaken and Gracie.

Zella: Zella jumps a little when the "hello" popped out of no-where. Her rings quickly became Pentra-Claws at her reaction, and when Darion shifts slightly behind her, it only helps to make her a bit more anxious. "What are you doing here?" Zella asks

Gracie: "Darion, oh Darion, why do you hide? You know you're not in any kind of trouble," She smiles what she thinks is a friendly smile, "Won't you introduce us to Zella? She seems like such a bright girl—"

Zaken: "She would make an asset Gracie, best not to scare the hades out of her," Zaken coldly states, reminding Gracie of their mission to grow the group.

Zella: The fright slowly fleeting from her, and her pentra-claws reforming into rings. She stays quiet as she awaits a direct question to her, as they don't seem to be answering any questions themselves...

Darion: He remains silent behind Zella, pale and white, hoping that Zaken and Gracie won't kill him or Zella, not remembering that campers can't kill other campers.

Zaken: "Zella, come, join the crew, we need another metal smith in order to finish the automatonic tank we're attempting to build," Zaken informs coldly.

Gracie: "Would you be willing? You could give Darion more direction than we've been able to give him," Gracie smiles, "We sorely need this, it's been too long since a member in Beta Phi Sigma has been given a quest, that we're a little scared we'll won't be prepared well enough if danger comes our way."

Zella: Zella turns back to glance at Darion who was cowering behind her... She wouldn't mind working with him to build things... She turned back, and slowly nodded her head yes. A little sense of adventure sparkled inside her.

Zaken: "That was simpler than you previously imagined Gracie," Zaken says in his cold graveled voice, holding out his hand to Gracie, who takes hold of it, only for Zaken to shadow travel Gracie to Melinoe's cabin, then later himself to Nyx's Cabin.

Darion: Darion is still pale white, and tried to smile when Zella turned around to look at him, but it came out as pained and fearful, but the second that Gracie and Zaken are gone, he stops sucking in his gut and lets out a huge hyperventilated sigh.

Zella: Once the two had disappeared, a bit of weight left her shoulders, although at the same time, it confused her a bit on what her next step in this group would be. With the idea that they could still simply be watching, Zella turns to face Darion once again. "Continue to forge?" She asks, her expression simply a puzzled face.

Darion: "Y-yah, th-ey want a tank like suit, that can be used for protecting people from the BC and monsters, I thought I could do it," Darion looks down, then back at Zella, "but I can't, and they know that I can't finish it, I have no clue how to make it work the way they want it too," Darion looks at Zella, a bit of hope flashes in his eyes, "B-but, you could help, right? You have that doll, y-you could do it, we- you," Darion sighs and looks down, "I'm useless at this point, you might as well have been my replacement, all I know how to smith is armor I can't even forge transforming armor..."

Zella: Zella quickly steps in, and gives Darion a hug. Being shorter than him, her head only reaches up to his shoulder.

Darion: Darion is slightly shocked, but he wraps his arms around Zella, waiting for her to let go before he lets go of her.

Zella: Zella steps back out of the hug. "Stop moping", she says before turning, and staring off again to the forge. She no longer has the same skip as before their encounter, but she has a little bounce in step non-the-less.

Darion: "Okay, but, do you think we'll be able to build the project?" Darion asks hopeful of a favorable response as he begins jogs slightly to catch up to Zella, then walking beside her.

Zella: "Details" Zella first says, knowing whatever they plan on doing will be about the specifics of the armor and it's abilities. "Most likely" she then says after a moment's pause. The armory is now within veiw just out of a clearing, the path can be see through a break in the trees.

Darion: "Basically it turns from an extremely robust tank... Modeled after the US's M8A1 Abrams tank, then it it transforms at the flip of a switch to a 18 foot tall battle mech suit," Darion kicks a rock, "it's like a huge robotic exoskeleton that can transform, it's supposed to be able to spit greek fire out of the barrel when it's a tank, but I don't know how reasonable that is," Darion kicks the same rock again, his hands in his pocket as he walks beside Zella.

Zella: "Will a person be inside it when transforming?" She asks. That would be one of the more difficult parts is to make sure the metal and parts don't crush someone inside when transforming.

Darion: "Well, yeah, it wouldn't make much sense for them to get out of the tank, it transform and then them get back into it, would it?" Darion smiles at Zella, the armory coming more and more into view as they get closer too it.

Zella: Once they reach the armory, zella quickly opens it, and steps inside. Quickly she heads to the back, and started up the forge. "Where would the greek fire come from?" She asks.

Darion: "I, I don't know, they haven't really explained that yet, they just told me to build the apparatus, they said I could name it, but I'm not good with names," Darion walks into the armory and shuts the door, he walks over to the forge that Zella has started, and dumps his back pack onto the table near it. The contents that come out of the backpack are nothing more than large, ornate scraps of celestial bronze metal. Darion then runs over to his little corner of the armory and pulls away from it a large amount of celestial bronze scraps, some were the size of small boulders that he's chipped into more manageable sizes, but he gets a tableful of the metal onto the table to be melted. Then he turns to Zella, "Are we going to melt this?"

Zella: Zella nodded her head, "leave some of it just in case"........ Hours later, about half the day, Zella had ended up adding streaks, smudges and stains to her dress, and managed to streak a black mark across her forehead to her cheek. Meanwhile, the mecha suit had some working joints, and could piece together bit by bit. It had yet to be automatic, and far from completed however.

Darion: "H-hey, I just remembered, it's supposed to be just an automaton," Darion sighs, "I can never remember anything. Ever," he sighs again, "I'm so sorry, will we have to redo everything?"

Zella: Zella simply shakes her head no. "Easier..." She says, falling back into her mind's eye of the parts... she no longer had to worry about making the center hollow, and keeping moving parts from entering the middle... meaning they had a LOT more space to work in since it's just an automation... Quickly leaning over the desk, she scribbled on a paper she had written on earlier, then went back to fitting together joints. "Don't make the inner-shell" she said quickly.

Darion: "Don't make what?" Darion asks in extreme confusion, hoping that Zella will seriously explain what she's talking about, since he has no clue how to do anything other than armor and weapons.

Zella: "Not important now..." Zella says. She points to the next step on the list for Darion to do, then finishes the last joint, and moves on to another step herself.

Darion: Darion runs over to his table and picks up armfuls of gyro's and other various parts of old automatons, and brings them too the table where he and Zella are working.\

Hidden OOC: this is where I don't know what to do xD I'm going with a time-skip :3 I'll do it in such a way you can decide how much time has passed when you post ^ . ^

Zella: Zella continues working, unaware of how much time passes. Pretty soon she finds herself asleep, having not remembered falling asleep, she simply remembers opening her eyes, and lifting her head upwards again. Blinking a few times, she looks over at Darion, how long had she been out? Did he notice?

Darion: "Are you up yet?" Darion asks as he hops off of a nearby table, he'd been working on the automaton for six hours after Zella fell asleep and then slept for four hours himself.

Zella She nods before taking a moment to yawn, and stretch her arms. "How long?" She asked, looking around at all the parts and pieces of the automation that weren't there before... Darion had gotten a lot done, which was impressive even...

Darion: "Like... ten something hours?" Darion pauses, then his stomach growls menacingly, "Oooh boy, we might have to make a trip to go get food from the pavilion, or like, my tumbly might turn into a raging beast and kill everyone and everything,"

Zella: Zella looks down at her own belly... "fooood" she mumbles. Rubbing her eyes and squinting when facing bright lights, she walks to the entrance to the front of the armoury, pausing to let Darion go ahead.

Darion: He pulls a compass out of his pocket, "I made this last night, so I won't get lost anymore," He gives it a shake and it points in the direction of the dining pavilion, "That'a'way!" he makes a charging stance and points one hand out with outstretched arm and plows past Zella and out the door, "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDUHHHHHH!!!!!"

Zella: Zella simply walks out of the armory, yawning once more as she walks through the door to the forest, raising a hand to block the light from her eyes. She spots Darion, stretches a bit more, then begins to lightly jog behind him.

Darion: He slows down to let Zella catch up, "So, uh, you wanna try the compass?"

Zella: Zella looks at the compass, curious how it works, she holds out her hand with a nod.

Darion: Darion hands the compass to Zella, "So it shows you what you want the most with the big hand, and then the little hand points in the direction of, well, something that you would want the least, but like it doesn't really tell what that is, it just shows you what direction it would be in," Darion chuckles, "But I like the big hand best because it points towards food most of the time,"

Zella: When Zella takes the compass, the big hand begins slowly spinning in a circle, while the small hand happens to point towards Darion's direction. "Oh..." she says softly. "I don't know what I want..."

Darion: Not having seen the face of the compass continued to walk, "I don't ---" He stops, "What do you mean you don't know what you want? It won't tell you?" Darion is slightly shocked because he had thought his smithing on the compass would have been fool proof.

Zella: "I guess I don't really want anything" Zella responded, holding up the compass to Darion to show the compass' confusion... but quickly after, a small groan made way out of Zella's stomach, and the compass reacted by settling towards the direction they were heading. "Now I want something..." Zella mumbles again.

Darion: He smiles, "Then onward to food!" He pauses, "wherever that is, I guess," He finishes with a sad look.

Zella: Zella hands back the compass, and continues walking down the path they were on.

Darion: He takes the compass and then does a slow-saunter-like trot after Zella. Darion thinks she needs room to think, so he decides not to talk while they walk wherever Zella is leading him.

Zella: Zella continued walking in silences, eventually even continuing straight off of the path, and through some shrubbery, and finally reaching the clearing into camp sooner than they normally would have following the path. Once she reaches the clearing, she looks around, wondering where the best place to get foor would be... her hoard of snakes, or the dining pavilion.

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