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Girls Gone Wild in New York

Bar on Long Island

  • Analeese: They both show up at a small bar on Long Island. Since it's early evening, the bar is quite full, as an influx of customers arrive from work. It's cheap, but nevertheless a good place to drink beer and watch the football with one's friends on the flatscreen TVs. "Right. Let's get this party started..."
  • Lexi: Lexi walked in behind Ana and a smile instantly appeared on her face when she saw the crowd of people inside the bar. After looking around for a few seconds she looks at Ana with an overly excited look, "Let's go get some drinks before we start partying." Lexi then walks over to the bar for Ana to arrive.
  • Analeese: "Agreed. You get the drinks, and I'm on pickup duty." She walks over to Lexi and rests against the bar. Her hazel eyes scan the bar to see who's there, and whether anyone is worthy. "I hope you can take your drink, this is gonna be a long night."
  • Lexi: She smiles as she turns to Ana, "Girl you clearly don't know how we Canadians party. It gets pretty wild and let's just say I had to build up a tolerance to alcohol..." She thinks for a second. "Maybe I should be the one on pickup duty, after all-" she stops to let her hair out of the ponytail. It then falls down softly as she flips her hair to arrange it at least somewhat neatly, "-A am a daughter of Aphrodite." She then winks harmlessly.
  • Analeese: "Precisely why you shouldn't be allowed. I thought you might get lost on your way back to the bar or trip over those heels and smack your pretty little head..." Analeese teases, a small smirk on her lips. "Right, we'll start with a couple of beers, and some shots to get the party started." She relays her order to the barman. A short, curly haired man sits at the bar, drinking away his whiskey.
  • Lexi: "I've had plenty of practice walking in high heels, if I were to fall it'd be because of some dickhead who decided it'd be fun to pick on little old me. But if they do that they'll have another thing coming." As she says that she takes a sip of her beer and sets it back down on the table. "Should I go search for some men we can toy with all night, or do you want to get drunk before we bring the boys in?"
  • Analeese: Laughing, she turns to face Lexi. "You're scrappy for an Aphrodite kid...I like it." She smirks, as a couple of shots slide down the bar. As she takes a sip of her beer, the curly-haired man speaks. "Go for it." She grins wickedly.
  • Curly-haired man: "May I buy you young ladies a drink?" He asks. He is around 5'4, with bracken coloured hair. He looks around his mid-30's, a little out of shape and going into his mid-life crisis. He's wearing a hawaiian shirt and some cargo shorts. 
  • Lexi: He looks at the curly-haired man in slight disgust, and it shows on her face. "Um, no thank you. We have our own." She turns to Ana and grabs her beer before turning back to the man. "Thanks for the offer though, I guess."
  • Curly-haired man: "No trouble. I just wanted to distract myself. Wife troubles." He grumbled and looked back down to his drink..
  • Analeese: "Anyone you've got your eye on?" As she spoke, Analeese scanned the room to see who was about. The daughter of Nemesis was in the mood to let loose, but only with the right company.
  • Lexi: She scanned the bar as she searched for some men that the two girls could enjoy the night with. After scanning the bar for a few seconds, she spots a pair of twins who look like this fine specimen. A smile quickly appears on Lexi as she turns to Ana and points in their direction, "What about them?"
  • Curly-haired man: "Well, enjoy your night ladies." He leaves a tip on the bar and quietly leaves. Dionysus smirks a little. They would have a night to remember...or not. 
  • Analeese: Smirking, she downs one of the shots. It tastes stronger than usual, and she's thrown back a little bit. "They'll do, I suppose." She grins and passes round the shots. "Bottoms up fellas..."
  • Lexi: Lexi downed her shot and after finished it coughed once due to how strong it was. After the taste subsided she looked at Ana, "Maybe we should lay off the shots for awhile."
  • Analeese: "You're already pissed after a beer and a couple of shots." She laughed slightly. "That's your choice, but I'll keep on drinking, after the gentleman have introduced themselves.." She shrugs her shoulders demonstratively.
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