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Daniel and Yasmina 1

Yasmina: Yasmina sang an Indian folk song while she sat on the steps of the Morpheus cabin. She shivered as cold air swept past her but continued singing to herself.

Daniel: Daniel walks out of the Ares Cabin with earphones in and walks by the Morpheus Cabin and hears a girl singing. He takes out the earphones. He approaches her. "Hey."

Yasmina: She stops singing as the teenager approaches her and smiles, "Hello. How are you?" Cold air swept past her yet again and she shivered once more. 'I should have worn a jacket.... I should have worn a jacket' She thought in her head.

Daniel: "I'm fine, how are you?" He noticed she was shivering. "Are you cold?" He thought 'Should I give her my jacket? I don't know...'

Yasmina: "I'm well." She said and stopped shivering. 'I miss the hot weather from Saudi Arabia... I should go to Florida sometime...' She thought as well but smiled at the boy. "So, what's your name? I'm Yasmina Amari daughter of Morpheus." She raised her hand up at the cabin at the last part, indicating the hint of who her god parent was was already there.

Daniel: He smiles. "My name is Daniel Chase, son of Ares." He points to the cabin in the distance. He looks at her hand indicating the cabin. "I kind of guessed. Isn't Morpheus the God of dreams? I honestly wish I get more sleep." He smiles again.

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