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Zella Merina -Child of Hephaestus
-Puppeteer of the Forge, Lt. of Hephaestus' Cabin
Age:= 15 Height:= 5'2
Sexuality= Bisexual Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= United States
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= Puppet, Pentra Claws


More Info:

 Age: 16  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 127 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Dating Megan Chambers
 Birth Place: Madrid  Main Weapon: A sword
 Accent: Spanish
 – "I can't protect you without holding a sword. I can't embrace you while holding a sword."


Zella: Zella was walking along in the forest, when she noticed someone... She approched them quietly peeking through bushes to see who the person was

Derek: He is sitting in a tree humming a tune and just enjoying life he doesn't notice her approach

Zella: Zella hears his humming, and smiles, taking a moment to listen to how good he is, before emerging from the bushes. Anyone who has the time to sit in a tree and hum songs wouldn't be anyone bad. Once she is in veiw, she gives a small wave and a smile.

Derek: He smiles back and waves "Hey"

Zella: "Having fun?" Zella asks, she stops at the bottom of the tree, looking up at Derek.

Derek: "No, just relaxing" He laughs and flies down

Zella: Zella steps out of the way of Derek's flying, she begins searching through her minds for the gods that would have that ability. Zella nods in response to Derek's statement. (Note: she doesn't talk much)

Derek: He notices she is quiet. "I take you are a Daughter of Hephaestus?"

Zella: Zella's eyes widen when he guessed her parent so quickly, oblivous to the fact that her skirt is dirty, singed, and has a few oil stains in some spots. She also still had a small smudge on her chin from being in the forge earlier. She nodded, and asked "How did you guess?"

Derek: "I don't mean it as an offence good lady but you look like you have been in the forge recently"

Zella: Zella looks down at her skirt. She smiles at her own obliviousness, and then tries to guess at who Derek's god parent might be, "Are you a son of Zues?" Zella asks.

Derek: He smiles, "No, I am not that important I am just a Son of Aeolus" He smiles

Zella: Zella kicked the dirt and frowned. "Darn" she said, before smiling agian, and leaning back against the tree trunk. "You like the forest?" She asked.

Derek: "It's a nice place to relax"

Zella: Zella nodded, and closed her eyes. She stayed silent and listened to the forest.

Derek: He creates a little tornado around him and relaxes

Zella: Zella opens her eyes when she hears and feels the wind from the tornado, and grins when she sees him floating over it and relaxing. "Cool" She says, and wonders what powers she could show off.

Derek: "So what have you made in the forge recently?"

Zella: Zella starts thinking about the things she had created. She then motions Derek to follow her, "I'll show you". She is heading back towards the cabins.

Derek: He follows her assuming they are heading for the forge

Zella: Once the reach the edge of the forest, it's clear they aren't going towards the forge. Zella takes him to the cabins, and stops directly in front of the Hepheastus cabin. She closes her eyes for a moment... a little time passes, but eventually there was a knock on the door from inside. Zella opened her eyes, long enough to gesture for Derek to open the door. She closes her eyes again soon after.

Derek: He walks into the cabin looking around in awe.

Zella: In the hallway stands a large (the height of an average person) puppet. (image is in Zella's char page under weapons) Which makes a stupid exaterated pose when it "sees" Derek enter.

Derek: He steps back a step "Woah what's that?"

Zella: "My puppet" Zella says, walking up to the cabin.

Derek: His eyes widen in awe "Wow that is a large puppet, what does it do"

Zella: "Whatever I make it do" She sayed, closing her eyes and having the puppet step outside, and performs a backflip, giving another exateratted pose when completed.

Derek: "Wow amazing what else have you built?"

Zella: Zella shrugs, she really hasn't done much else at the forge yet other than a few weapons and armor here and there, but her puppet. (btw the puppet's name: "Sediou" is painted on it's arm for just added visual xD) "Nothing really" she says, she closes her eyes, and Sediou wanders back into the hallway, and in through one of the rooms. A large clatter could be heard. "Woops..." Zella said, before going to close the door.

Derek: He raises one eyebrow and smirks "Did he break something?"

Zella: "Only the floor" she says, dissmising it as nothing. She then stepped back out of the cabin, and closed the door behind Derek. "What now?" She asks.

Derek: "I don't know whatever you want to do" He flies at top speed circles the cabin once and lands on the ground.

Zella: She watches as he does his little areial move around the cabins, and tries to think of something to do... She suddenly just remembered that they have never given each other their names. "What's your name?" She asks once he landed.

Derek: "I am Derek and you are?"

Zella: "Zella" She says, doing a mock curtsy.

Derek: "Nice to meet you how long have you been here?"

Zella: "Half a year" She says, beginning to fiddle a bit with the hem of her skirt.

Derek: "Very interesting" He then hears a large crash off in the distance "What was that?" He asks with a bewildered look

Zella: "Don't know" Zella said looking aound... she had no clue as to where the crash had come from...

Derek: He points in the direction of the sound "Should we go find out?"

Zella: Zella nods, and begins slowly walking towards the source of the sound.

Derek: He follows curiously and when they enter they see a large automaton with glowing green eyes destroying some trees

Zella: Nymphs run crying from their injured trees as the automation continues bashing them. "Doesn't like trees..." Zella says, quickly looking over the automatronic's body for any weaknesses.

Derek: He draws his sword and starts flying around its head looking for a central control system of some kind

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