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More Info:

 Age: 16  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 127 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Dating Megan Chambers
 Birth Place: Madrid  Main Weapon: A sword
 Accent: Spanish
 – "I can't protect you without holding a sword. I can't embrace you while holding a sword."

Jaimee ~ Daughter Eros
    ~ {{{1}}}

More Info:

-Daughter of True Love

 Age: 14  Height: 4'10  Weight: 103 lbs.
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Nevada  Main Weapon: Magic Bow & Quiver
 Accent: Southern U.S.
 – “Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our natural lives.”


Derek: He is flying around a tree practising some stunts and having fun

Jaimee: Jaimee walks through the trees, enjoying the quiet. She hears a happy shout and looks up to see a boy flying around a tree. She stares up at him, amazed.

Derek: He sees the girl walking by and flies down "Hello" He says with a smile

Jaimee: She takes a small step back and looks shyly up at the older boy. "Hi", she sais quietly.

Derek: "No need to be shy I don't bite" He says with a smile

Jaimee: She smiles back, still shy, but more relaxed. "I'm Jaimee," she says.

Derek: He smiles and flies around her in a circle "Derek, Son of Aeolus, Lieutenant Counsellor of the Aeolus Cabin at your service my lady" He lands and bows

Jaimee: "Wow," she says as he lands agian. "Is Aeolus the Olympian of wind or something?"

Derek: "Yes, ma'am you are absolutely right" He notices her immense beauty "I take you are a daughter of Eros or Aphrodite?"

Jaimee: She frowned. "Technically I'm a daughter of Eros, but my father is Isaiah Snowe, the man married to my mother."

Derek: "Oh I see" He looks at her waiting for something to happen slightly hovering above the ground

Jaimee: "So have been at camp long?"

Derek: "Yeah I have been here for a year or so now"

Jaimee: "A whole year?" Jaimee's face fell. She thought of her family and wondered if it would be that long before she saw any of them again.

Derek: "Yeah, it is a long time certainly what about you pretty one?"

Jaimee: "Just a few weeks," she sighed. "Do you have any family waiting for you back home?"

Derek: He forms a straight face "No, they were killed in a car accident"

Jaimee: "Oh", she said, looking away. She couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose her family like that. "I'm sorry."

Derek: "Yeah, life has sure been pretty lonely without them" He looks down remembering his parents

Jaimee: Jaimee clasped her hands, waiting quietly or him to come out of his reverie.

Derek: He smiles lightly "Sorry, so how's life for you?"

Jaimee: She smiles. "Same as for everyone else I suppose."

Derek: "Except you are prettier than everybody else so life has to be going awesome." He smiles

Jaimee: She looks away, blushing feircely. "Um, thanks," she mumbles.

Derek: He smiles "No need to be shy"

Jaimee: Not knowing how to respond, she simply smiles and begins absently drawing on her hand with a pen.

Derek: He smiles, "Want to see how camp looks like from the sky?"

Jaimee: She nods, too excited at the idea of flying to speak.

Derek: He smiles lifts her up bridal style and soars into the sky

Jaimee: A giggle/shriek escapes her as he launches into the air. As they hover for a moment, she gazes breathlessly at the camp below.

Derek: He starts pointing out landmarks to her and smiling holding her firmly so she doesn't fall

Jaimee: She stares intently at everything he points at, memorizing it so she could draw the scene later.

Derek: He swivels around and points out the most important one "And there my pretty lady is the sunset" He smiles

Jaimee: She relaxes in his arms, watching the sun as it slowly sinks below the horizon. "This is my favorite time of day," she breathes, barely above a whisper.

Derek: He whispers in her ear "I am glad to get to spend it with you"

Jaimee: She looks away, suddenly shy again.

Derek: He adjusts to give her a better view and waits for her to speak watching the sunset.

Jaimee: "I wish I could fly," she murmers, mostly to herself. "I could go anywhere."

Derek: "Where do you want to go I can take you" He smiles

Jaimee: "Home," she says imediately, the word almost a sob as she says it.

Derek: He cradles her head "It's okay where is home?"

Jaimee: She sighs and smiles sadly. "Here at camp, for now. You can take me down now."

Derek: He slowly lowers them to the ground and sets her down gently

Jaimee: As her feet touch the ground, she turns and looks at him. "Thank you," she says quietly.

Derek: He whispers to her "Anytime you want"

Jaimee: She smiles. "I guess I'll see you around then?" she asks, trying to not sound too hopeful, but failing.

Derek: "Okay" He says in a low voice

Jaimee: She smiles as she walks away, already planning her next drawing.

Derek: He smiles mischievously and drops her into the water

OOC: Timeskip?


Derek: He is flying through the forest practising avoiding obstacles

Jaimee: She sits under a tree, putting the finishing touches on her latest drawing.

Derek: He sees her from a distance away and slowly and quietly flies behind her until he taps her shoulder "Boo"

Jaimee: "AHH!" She leaps to her feet in panic, her pencils and sketchbook flying in all directions. She turns and sees him. "What was that for?!"

Derek: His smile becomes a sad face as he picks up her things "It was for fun I am sorry"

Jaimee: As the adrenalin fades, her angre subsides. "It's ok, I was just startled." She holds out her hand to take the drawing of a sunset he has in his hand.

Derek: He looks at it as he hands it to her "Wow, that's the sunset we saw from the sky isn't it." He says with a smile "You draw so well it is amazing"

Jaimee: She smiles as she takes the drawing from him. "This is the first one I got right."

Derek: "When you make it it will always be perfect" He smiles warmly

Jaimee: She chuckles. "Not always," she says, "Look." She shows him another drawing, this one much like the other except the sun was in the shape of a rose. "See, not perfect."

Derek: "Oh it is in the shape of a rose, what is that supposed to symbolise" He looks at her smiling

Jaimee: "Nothing," she says, a little too quickly. She sighs. "It's been happening for a while actually. I can't seem to stop myself from putting hearts and roses and doves in all my drawings." She frowns a little. "It's getting really frusturating actually."

Derek: He lies at her side, "Well scientifically art is linked to a persons inner emotions so do you have strong feelings for someone?"

Jaimee: She blushes lightly. "All my feeling are strong."

Derek: He smiles "Well do you have really strong feelings for someone you know someone when you think of them your heart stirs"

Jaimee: She feels her stomach begin ti twist in knots and her cheeks flush harmer. "Oh, really?" she says, trying to keep her voice steady. "Who?"

Derek: "Well I don't know you have to tell me"

Jaimee: She frowns slightly in confusion. "I'm not a love psycic," she says dryly.

Derek: "You should know who you love" He smiles

Jaimee: "I do know," she says quietly.

Derek: He whispers to her "May I have the honor of knowing who that might be?"

Jaimee: She sighs and closes her eyes, leaning her head back against the tree. "I love my mom," she starts slowly, "and my dad, and my brother and sister." She pauses, her still claosed and her heart racing. "And, I think, you," she says, almost too quietly to hear.

Derek: He snakes his arms around her and whispers "I love you too" and smiles

Jaimee: Her nerves settle and she leans into him, happier than she had ever been.

Derek: He brushes his lips against hers wondering whether she wants a kiss or not

Jaimee: She lightly kisses him back. "So were you flying again today?" she asks curiously.

Derek: "Sure where would my good lady like to go?"

Jaimee: She thinks. "I don't really care. Where do you want to go?"

Derek: "Well let's go up and see what is going on

Jaimee: "Alright," she says standing up and smiling. "Let's go."

Derek: "He lifts her up bridal style, cradles her head, gives her a light kiss and soars into the sky"

Jaimee: "Wanna visit the beach? I haven't been there before."

Derek: "Sure, but shouldn't we put on beach clothes first?" He says going back to the ground

Jaimee: She shugs. "Not nessessarily," she says.

Derek: He smiles "Well should we since we might want to go into the water" He smiles brightly and mischievously

Jaimee: She ssmiles. "I suppose so."

Derek: "Alright lets change and come back here and I will fly us to the beach"


Derek: He arrives at the spot they left without a shirt and with his swim trunk on waiting for her.

Jaimee: She strides up to him in a long t-shirt and swimming shorts. "Ready?"

Derek: "Yeah" He holds out his arms to her

Jaimee: She climbs into his arms and holds tightly.

Derek: He gives her forehead a kiss and then flies them to the beach

Jaimee: She leans out slightly so she see the world below her. As they near the beach she can see the relection of the sun shining off the ocean.

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