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Continued from comments rp on Cella's page

Cella: She nods quickly at Serena's plan, right after Serena yelled at the gunman to get his attention, he looked right at the girls. He starts ranting and yelling at them to get on the floor with their faces down and starts walking towards them with his gun waving. Cella takes a big gulp and stands up and takes a few steps towards him, once she's sure he's close enough she tries to focus on her powers and sends out a wave of energy to force people near her to obey any and all laws. Being that robbing people and holding them at gun point is most certainly against mortal laws, her hope is that he'll drop is gun and stop what he's doing. He suddenly comes to a stop about 3 meters from him, a confused and lost look spreads across his face, instead of pointing and waving the gun his hand with the gun in it falls to his side, but the gun doesn't drop to the ground yet.

Crazy Mother Effing Gunman O.o: Angrily and confused at the same time, "What the.... Who are you....what's.... what's going on.... you crazy witch what did you do to me....." He looks as if he's struggling with something inside himself, the powers that Cella used make him want to lower the gun to the floor, but the crazy drugged out lunatic part of him wants to beat Cella senseless

Serena: She looks around her and sees all the people have a strange look on their faces. "Well done. For a new person, you know how to use your powers, most of us can't do that." She said impressed. Serena looked at the gunman and got up. She tried to take the gun out of his hand but she hesitated. "Should I take it?" She said her hand near the gun ready to take it.

Cella: She's not sure what to say or do for a second, fortunately before she can even respond a pair of police officers rush in the main door from having been alerted by the silent alarm that an employee had managed to hit and proceed to arrest the man, they talk to Cella for a few minutes and take her mobile phone number in case they need statements later, but he said with video and all the workers statements, he didn't think he'd need it. She was curious what the mortals had seen when she they had just walked up to the guy like that, from the mumblings around them and from listening to others give statements to the police around them, it sounded as if they seemed to think the gunman just suddenly stopped and acted drunk and confused. Once people were finally far enough away, and the manager said that no one needed to pay for their meals, Cella finally turned and in a low voice (but not a whisper), "Phew, that was intense ummm, I've seen guns before, but in Alaska usually they are turned on animals during hunting season, not on me."

Serena: Serena replied in the same tone of voice. "I've never seen guns before. When I was younger, I got isolated from the world until I was about 10. I always saw them on TV and it was horrific and I wouldn't expect myself to be in a situation like that." She walks out of the restaurant. "So, Cella, where do you want to go now? We could go shopping, go to park, cinema, the zoo or we could go to the mini-golf course. They've got everything here." She smiles and walks back around the corner.

Cella: She smiles and shudders a bit when the air hits her face, it was colder than she'd expected, or maybe it was just her nerves all tense and up since having to use her powers against a mortal holding a gun to her. "I don't think I'm much in the mood for it now, I think ummm I'd rather just go back to camp if that's OK?"

Serena: "Sure. That's completely fine." She smiles. "Follow me!" She went the opposite way and started to skip. She kept getting distracted by things around her and went the wrong way and then she looked back for Cella.

Cella: She follows and is so lost in thought that when Serena looks back for her, she has a hard time keeping herself from stopping quick enough to not run in to Serena. "Oops sorry."

Serena: She was startled from Cella knocking into her but she gets over it. "Don't worry about it." She smiles. "This way!" She starts skipping again and she approaches a dark forest. "This isn't the way to camp..." She looks at it in surprise.

Cella: She immediately fell back in to following Serena, relieved that she hasn't been upset that she bumped in to her, but her thoughts kept wandering back to the guy with the gun, it had unnerved her more than she wanted to admit, so when Serena suddenly stops again and says they aren't going towards camp, the hair on the back of Cella's neck stands up, and a rush of nervousness rushes over her, "Ummm wait what?!" She starts to look around, realising that between the forest being dark any way they were approaching, and the sun sinking faster and faster towards the horizon, it was getting quite dark, "Ummm I wasn't paying attention, sorry, crap, do you remember which way we headed when we left the restaurant?"

Serena: "This is supposed to be the way to camp. I don't remember a gigantic forest in the way. Did we take a wrong turn?" She runs back to where they came from and saw three roads to go down. "Cella!" She shouts loudly hoping to get Cella's attention. She thinks for a moment and she tries to work out how to get back and then gives up. She runs towards the town and she couldn't see the gates back to camp. "I'm sure it's this way, it can't be any other way..."

Cella: She looks where Serena is talking about, she'd never been out this late before, everything looked so different in the dark, "How long were we walking.... I really didn't think we walked that long, do you think we walked too far? Shouldn't there be like a sign for strawberries or something?" She asks, trying to mask her nervousness.

Serena: "There should be, but there isn't." She starts to think and checks her phone. She had one bar of signal so she tries to call someone. She calls someone from her cabin but it cut off halfway through. "We only walked for like 5 mins. What if we go back the way we came from. That might work. I'm not sure though, it's too dark." She walks up and down the road thinking and then she gave up. "Have you got any ideas on what we can do?"

Cella: She looks around, "Yea but what if we took a side road in town instead of walking straight, actually I think I have a compass app on my phone, let me check." She looks at her mobile and brings up an app that says it's a compass, she does that thing people do when they are trying to figure out what direction is where, finally she looks up at Serena, "According to this, that road there is like south-east..."

Serena: "We came from the direction South-East so camp might be this way! Come on, we need to get back before the gates close and the guards come out!" She starts to run towards the road, hoping that Cella was right and they were going the right way.

Cella: "I thought guards patrolled all times of the day since the BC has been a threat?" She asks as she follows Serena.

Serena: "These are special kinds of guards. things to demigods. Trust me, you don't want to know." She keeps running until she goes near the camp gate. There is a ton of guards patrolling the area and the gate is locked. "Crap! The gate's locked. What do we do?" She looks for an opening that they can through but she fails.

ooc sorry I can't post any more, this doesn't make any sense, it contradicts anything I've ever heard about how camp is run, just too over the top for me, but I'm sure other users may like something like this, sorry it's just you make camp sound like a nazi concentration camp

OOC:It's fine don't worry, yeah, someone who I've rped with before done it like this so I just copied the idea. I didn't know what to do so I based it from that

ooc yea I mean it's certainly extremely different, but camp's always been portrayed as a safe haven for demigods, so to be so mean and horrible to them just seems completely opposite what camp is supposed to stand for

OOC:Yeah, sorry , when I did the RP, at night, there's was guards everywhere and it was locked and I just based it off that, As I said before, I didn't actually know how to portray it, but like now I do. Sorry again

ooc no worries love, better to try than to never try at all :)

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