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the welcome of the century

Suzaku:Suzaku was on one of her cloud floating aimlessly around camp as the winter wearing her usual wear her favorite strip t shirt and jeans being matched with speakers with a deck of cards on her handhmmm she said when a sudden gust of wind blows into her face she does a girly hair flip making her friend laugh if you laugh again I'll drop you down ...she said simply as she placed down a card I win...she said simply awaiting her partner's reaction

Cait: Caitlyn was having a worried look as she looks down at her card before turning to see the card Suzaku has placeduhhhh what game are we playing again?she asked Suzaku getting up you could see she was wearing more winter comfy outfit as she placed all her cards down cause I think I win too...

Suzaku: she shrugs when another gust of wind came but this time it was strong strong enough to blow away their cards aww man...she said sadly as she looks down seeing the card as they fly Cella: After having decided to go in to town to look around for the day, she was just getting back and working her way across the cabins back to hers with her messenger bag slung over her black winter jacket, she carried another small plastic bag full of some goodies she had bought in town. Her mind was on the excitement of having bought things without her dad when suddenly a few playing cards flew by her feet carried by the wind, then a few more scattered into her and fell to the ground before the wind picked them up again. It seemed like an odd thing to suddenly be blowing past her, one hit her in such a way that she was able to grab on to it before it flew past her, the jack of hearts. She looked up to find who they belonged to, and in the distance saw two girls floating around on what looked like a cloud, which only made her surprise and curiosity grow even more.

Cait: she laughed as she looked down trying to see the cards well take it as a sign for the gods for us to stop playing and start doing work!she said before spotting celandine and it seems our work today is to greet a newb....she said sadly turning her head to Suzaku whom already jumped down to greet the girl

Suzaku: hello child...she said with an evil grin coming closer to celandine

Cella:She watches as they come closer to her, when the girl calls her a child she seems a bit confused, I mean usually only adults called her a child, and this girl looked just as young as her, but she supposed looks could be deceiving, "Hey, uhhh I'm um Celandine.... You may call me Cella if you want though." She shrugs and smiles shyly.

Suzaku: she grins Cella that sounds like a nice name she said as she came closer but before she could go any further a hand touched her shoulder

Cait: down girl down let the kid breath first wont you? she said simply giving a smile to Cella hi Cella she said as she pulled Suzaku back I'm Caitlyn but people just call me Cait as for hershe said pointing to Suzaku she's Suzaku soo are you new Cella? she asked being the caring one out of the two

Cella: She smiles back at them but doesn't notice anything odd about Suzaku's behaviour as she hasn't known enough people in her life to know what's pushy or not pushy, so she just ignores it entirely, "Oh I can breathe just fine, that's all right. Yea, this is my first time at camp, well actually um this is um my first time leaving Alaska at all." She smiles and bites at the corner of her lip.

Suzakushe raised her eye brow whaaaaa you came from that lon...before she could continue Cait was fast enough to step on her foot owwww Cait!!!

Caitshe kept her cool and smile ignore Suzaku she's ...uhhh herself? she said turning to Suzaku whom rolled her eyes anyhow how is camp life for you Cella is it OK?? she asked concern for the newb

Cella:She looks completely baffled by Cait, it had sounded like Suzaku was going to say something like wow you came from that long away, and she didn't really understand why that was something worth stepping on Suzaku's foot over. She shrugs, "Camp's OK, I've been here a few days now, though I don't really understand, why do I need to ignore Suzaku? Why did you step on her foot?" Things certainly were different around here, especially these two, she'd never met anyone that would just step on their friends feet like that before, if she had done that to someone her father would have grounded her.

Suzakushe raised her eyebrow and turn to Cait whom had the same reaction as she did..shock you sound like you never met anyone before...Suzaku said under her breath Cait heard her and gave Suzaku a death glare I'm not being rude...she said as she cross her arms am i Cella? she gave a mischievous smile to the demigod

Caitshe sigh why do I smell trouble...she sigh as she looked away

Cella: She watches the two but is still fairly lost, she shrugs slowly, "Ummm I don't think she's being rude?" She asks it almost like a question because she honestly has no idea, to her it didn't seem rude but maybe there's some inside joke she's missing.

Suzakuher grins widen see Caitlyn dear your 'worry' was misplaced she said simply}}

Caitshe laughed a bitter laugh said the girl that pushed off a newb into the volcano..she retorted back to her 'dear' friend you are not to be trusted alone my friend...

Suzakushe shrugs Caitlyn remark off anyhow Cella have anyone gave you a tour of this place yet??

Cella: She looks at Cait and then Suzaku, "You killed someone? Why would they let you be at camp if you pushed someone in a volcano, which would surely kill them?" She asks a bit confused, the story didn't really sound plausible but perhaps she was missing key details.

SuzakuI didn't kill that newb ...she said quickly turning to Cait

Caitshe rolls her eyes yet...she said slowly..

Suzakuoh don't listen to dear old Cait there...she's just making up story...I was showing the newb around on my cloud until she slips....

Caitand it was 'fate' she said using a hand gesture that the place she almost fell was the volcano right Suzakushe asked looking to Suzaku with a fake smile

Suzakushe nods with an unaffected face yes that was exactly what happenshe smiled at Cella

Celandine She starts to suspect that Cait has a tendency to exaggerate things that happen, "Oh well accidents happen." She smiles and thinks about the accident that caused her dad to lose his arm, she'd never stop blaming herself, but she had to admit that it wasn't her that caused it directly, only a mix of stupidity and a miscalculation on her part.

Suzaku: Sooooo have you been shown around camp Cella my dear? she smiles

Cait: she raised her eye brow no cloud ride...she noted quickly not wanting another victim to fall under Suzaku

Suzaku: ignore her...if you want a cloud ride I'll give you a cloud ride Cella dear cause how else could see see the sights...she said moving her hand across the sky right?

Celandine: She shrugs and bites at her bottom lip, "Actually I've taken a couple of days just to walk around and explore camp myself, I've been here going on a week now, and this girl Serena took me to the town near by to look around. I got pizza, it was delicious." She smiles at the two girls still not sure what to think of either one of them.

Cait: she breath a sigh of relive thank god..she said quickly not aware dear old Suzaku already planned ahead

Suzaku: then how about we go shopping? your new at this place and personally I think you need some new outfit? don't you want some she said smiling evilly Caitlyn hearing her words turn pale and awaited Cella reply hoping she'd be smart

Celandine: "Oh that's um nice of you to ask, but Serena did that already." She shrugs and bites at her bottom lip, it was late in the day and the last thing she wanted to do was get dragged around town shopping again, it wasn't all that enjoyable with Serena but she had to be polite.

Cait: she let out a loooong sigh of relieve OK Suzaku let just...she said as she approach Suzaku trying or hoping to bring her away from celandine when her phone rang shoot she aid turning to her pocket stay there...she called out walking away as she answered her phone

Suzaku: Suzaku seeing Caitlyn left changed her expression not having the evil grin she had a few minutes ago but more of a worried expressiononce again she running off to the future forgetting to look at the present...she said with a hint of maturity that didn't exist before hand after a while she turn her attention back to Cella sorry bout before kid its just fun to see her going all worried she laughed a bit looking down you can see she wasn't a kid any more but a mature adult anyhow how is camp really did you made any friends yet??

Celandine: She shrugs, wondering to herself what answering the phone had to do with the future, "Oh I've met quite a few people, it's um bit weird, um I'm not really um used to being around this many people. Usually it's just me and my um dad for at least 3 miles."

Suzaku: oh come on be truthful with yourself kid...don't you ever wish to be here? well not here here as in here like with people?

Celandine: She tilts her head curiously, "What do you mean don't I ever wish to be here?" She asks unsure what Suzaku is asking or what she means.

Suzaku: she placed her hands into her pockets looking at Cella in this causal mature look being alone in Alaska...she said slowly where you don't see people for miles away...she continued pausing for effect and sometimes days...don't you ever wonder how its like to live in the busy city? where you see people like daily?

Celandine:She still has a confused look on her face, "I suppose but I never said I wasn't, I just said it was weird, different." She shrugs.

Suzaku: she laughed ahhh the scent of new I miss being young!! she said simply

Celandine: "Were you this vague and confusing when you were younger as well?" She asks, still confused and having no idea what Suzaku is talking about as she's been talking in gibberish and riddles.

Suzaku: her words made her laugh once morehow old do you think I am newbie? do I look that young to you? she said coming closer to Cella. As her eyes flicker for a moment you could see the darkness she hide far within herself... well newbie

Celandine: She raises an eye brow and gives a half confused look mixed with a this girl I'm talking to is nuttier than a bag of peanuts look, "Well you don't exactly look like an infant, so regardless of how long you've been alive, which from what I've heard about Greek myth and the fact you haven't mentioned whether you are a demigod or something else, you've clearly grown to some degree, which means at some point you were younger. Plus you keep calling me kid and mentioned you miss being young. Generally people who call teenagers kid, are older, so that tells me you're older than you look, along with the fact you miss being young, you have to be old enough to actually miss it. If you were my age and only like 16 years old, you wouldn't exactly miss it yet." She shrugs, it was all quite logical, but this person, however old they were, didn't seem all that bright.

Suzaku: she laughed I'm not 16 kid...I'm waaaay older than waaay older... she said slowly hinting her maturity but your right bout one thing...I'm not a demigod..and never want to be...cause demigod kill each other..they never care about the consequences of their activity like their parents..and their parents before them...where they are self obsess with who's right and wrong...who's strong and weak...who holds more power and who have none.....

Celandine: "I never said you were 16, I said it was clear you were considerably older the way you acted, and that is the dumbest thing I've heard, all sentient beings have been known to kill other sentient beings, animals, mortals, clearly you haven't learned anything in all the years you've been alive, so I wouldn't exactly call you mature. Though from my experience of immortals, they care more about themselves than anything around them and are selfish petty beings that use mortal beings as pawns." She says in a huff.

Suzaku: she laughed once more this time there was a hint of bitterness in the laugh she holds your right immortals do in fact care nothing but themselves...they never care about their children and tend to do what ever they want...she said that as she looked toward the direction of olympus regardless of who hold the power...all they care about is and family is secondary to them...she continued before looking up into the sky even those before them...were the same..

Celandine: "Very true, but the gods aren't the only immortals...." She gives Suzaku a suspicious look, based on the way Suzaku had been talking, she'd be willing to bet all she had that Suzaku was some type of immortal, clearly not a god, she already had said she wasn't a demigod, though based on her narrow minded view of demigods she'd also bet that at some point demigods had done something to hurt her.

Suzaku: she continued to stare up into the sky remembering the times she was younger living with Uranus and without her realizing it she spoke a few verses of ancient Greece which meant "even if death take our soul...the memories of us together forever stays..." slowly she closed her eyes placing her hand near to her heart forever....she said slowly you could hear the pain in her voice, the hurt, the regret...for everything that happen

Celandine: She just slowly nods her head like she understands and starts to think up excuses why she has to go so she can get away from this completely idiotic nutter, "Sooo, yea well, ya know...oh wait, I think ummm, yea my phone..." She pulls her phone out of her pocket, pretends to look at it, "Yep, it's my dad calling, had it on vibrate." She smiles nervously and hits a button on her phone, pretends to talk to someone and then asks the pretend person to hang on, she turns back to Suzaku, "I should probably take this, it's my dad." She smiles and stares at Suzaku, not sure if she should just walk away or she didn't want to like be rude but there was only so much ignorance and stupidity she could handle.

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as she walked away suddenly a little kitten came her way it was super small and cute with patches all around

Celandine: A she was still sorta looking back at Suzaku while starting to walk away, she catches a glimpse out of the corner of her eye barely in time to keep herself from falling on the little kitten. In order to avoid it she nearly fell over and did a rather ungraceful grab for the tree in arm's reach to keep herself upright. "Wow there's ummm like animals just roaming all over the place huh...." She smiles at the kitten.

the impossible couple

Hanz: he was sitting under a tree in front of his cabin his attention was not the the cold front that greeted him it was at the book he held in his hand. His turn the page slowly and carefully as he can for the book interest him enabling him to stay a while longer out in the open. The book was tittle 'to kill a mocking bird' a book that inspired many for the conquest after a while a kitten came up to him rubbing its body against his leg seems like someone is bored...he said slowly looking up to the kitten that kept him company all this while the kitten meowed as it continued its gesture he laughed giving the young kitten a pet its been such a long time since that day and you've grown soo much...he said slowly as memories of that day flooded him I wont let it happen again....

Tuppie: Tuppie skips through the rows of cabins, humming a tune as she goes along. She was tired of the cold winter but she wouldn't let it get her down. She also refused to let the cold interfere with her wardrobe, which currently consisted of a headband with fake cat ears, her hair up in a pony tail, a black skirt and dark red printed shirt, along with a pair of sketchers that rather contrasted against the rest of her outfit, but they were comfortable. She'd heard that Hanz was back at camp and she was determined to find him. As she approached his cabin she could see him sitting under a tree and smiled and waved and called out his name excitedly.

Hanz: when he heard a familiar voice he turn not expecting to see her so soon Tuppie! he said half screaming as he was that surprise he placed his book next to him and got up walking to her just wanting some sort of validation that she was there when he was only a few metres away from her how have you been? was the first thing he could thought asking her before he did anything stupid

Tuppie: She shrugs and smiles, "Cold but not letting it get to me, I'll be happier when spring finally gets here though." She grins and bridges the gap between them and wraps her arms around his neck in a bear hug, the kind of hug that causes her to let her feet leave the ground for a few seconds, "Better now that you're back, what took you so long, it felt like ages." She giggles into his neck as she hugs him even harder.

Hanz: the hug surprise him as he was not use to that sort of touch he was now clean yet he had that single fear that everything would happen again I'm fine.. he said slowly as he tried to get out of the hug not showing displeasure more of fear for what could happen yeah I'm back...he said looking not really wanting to remember his experience anyhow I'm glad your OK...he smiled now being off the drug his head was clear as can be and he even stopped stuttering

Tuppie: She smiles and backs away a bit from the hug, "Sorry I just was so excited to see you, it's been like what, 2 whole months? Far too long either way. So what great and exciting things did you do while you were gone?"

Hanz: he laughed a bitter laugh when he heard his words exiting is the last word I would use for my experience off camp...he said with a hint of sadness and despair when he suddenly heard a familiar sound a cat purring he looked down and saw the little kitten was once again rubbing its body against his legs wanting to show affection anyhow did you meet this little guy yet? he asked it could be heard that his tone and expression changed as he bend down to scoop the little creature into his loving arms wanting to show the kitten to Tuppie

Tuppie: She smiles and looks at the kitten, "No I don't think so, he's adorable." She pets the kitten carefully on the head.

Hanz: he smiled a bit seeing tuppies smile but before it was noticeable he shoke it off and looked down it doesn't have a name yet...or a home...he said slowly I ...well not I...he said slowly looking away remembering the day fire...I mean that puppy...found her..stranded and alone

Tuppie: She tilts her head curiously, "Puppy? Fire? What are you talking about?"

Hanz: you remember the puppy we found...when Landon attacked us?? he asked trying hard to sound casual even if the memory scared the hell out of him

Tuppie: "But what does that have to do with the kitten?" she asks, still confused.

Hanz: he laughed a bit wait up I'm getting there...he said calmly welll that puppy found this little guy when we had our usual walk..and he refused to leave it alone soo I was force to bring it in...he laughed once more I guess seeing the kitten it was reminded of that day...

Tuppie: she nods her head, "Oh, I see, well it's an adorable little kitten that's for sure, I wonder where he came from." She pets the kitten some more, enjoying hearing it purr.

Hanz: you want to take it? he asked as direct as he could possible can cause there's this girl who just had a litter and I'm entitle to four kitten apparently and this little guy is looking for a home...

Tuppie: She looks up from the purring kitten, "Oh are you sure? I mean cats are distantly related to the Lynx and I do love all types of cats...." She smiles and starts talking to the kitten and making ooey gooey cutsey wootsey sounds like people do when dealing with soft cute fluffy baby animals.

Hanz: he laughed seeing her gestures to the little kitten you wanna hold it?he asked offering it to the Tuppie

Tuppie: She nods her head eagerly and takes the kitten in her arms.

Hanz: he smiled seeing her taking the kitten...soo how are you? he asked as his head tried to think about a topic to discuss with tuppie

Tuppie: "Oh you know how it is, off saving Dionysus' precious wild cats..." She thought about mentioning she even got to spend time with him again, though not like she used to in the old days when she took him as a lover, at times she sensed she could have deeper feelings for Hanz, even if he was a bit goofy and immature, he was sweet and kind and innocent and she loved that about him, she didn't see any reason to bring up spending time with an ex-lover to him.

Hanz: he nodded quietly still thinking for the proper words to say to her and upon hearing the name Dionysus he assumes the worst oh...he said slowly so you stayed in Olympus then? he asked not being 'that' prepared for the answer that awaits him

Tuppie: "OH no, there's a small hidden animal sanctuary in Northern Norway, Dionysus has a ski lodge up there. It wasn't just him there though, some others made appearances, and there were a bunch of other animal nymphs coming and going." As she explained to Hanz it suddenly occurred to her that maybe he was assuming that her and Dionysus had hooked up again, she couldn't remember if Hanz had been one of the people at camp she'd actually told about her previous relationship with the god... "I mean, it was nothing like it used to be, just hung out, talked a bit.... I was really busy trying to nurse a baby lynx that I found next to its dead mother, it was the only one of 3 that had survived. I found it just before other predator animals were starting to sniff around for meal time. Poor thing was underweight and very malnourished, took me like a full day just to get it to drink milk out of a bottle, but this other friend of mine, guardian of bears, found a surrogate mother for the cub to nurse off." She stops talking and takes a breath and smiles, it was her tendency to talk fast and babble, and Hanz wasn't always good at keeping up with her rambles.

Hanz: he blinked a few times barely catching up with half the stuff that came out of Tuppie's mouthThat sounded fun...he said slowly as as he tried to piece together what he just heard for all the information that reached his ears was Dionysus, ski lodge, friend and talking like a really good time cause even speaking about it makes you feel like going through a race track he commented trying to make a joke

Tuppie: She tilts her head with a slightly confused look, "You feel like you're on a race track?" She asks...

Hanz: he shakes his head quicklyI mean sound sorry...he said looking downI guess I'm still am the same Hanz as I was before...he said with a hint of sadness as he placed his hands in his pocket loosing a bit of his confidence as he wanted to show tuppie who he became but in front of her he knows he'll always be the injured little duckling yet as he placed his hand in his pocket he felt a piece of paper taking it out he laughed Anyhow valentine is coming...he said quickly looking up placing the piece of paper back into his pocket. He seems to have recovered as he shown tuppie very charming smile

Tuppie: She decided to let whatever it was she couldn't seem to figure out what he meant about race tracks and move the conversation on to his latter comment about V-Day, "Ooo yea I"d forgotten all about that, I don't know how I managed to though, considering all the decorations that have been going up, I mean the Eros and Aphrodite cabins look like a Hallmark store puked on them." She laughs.

Hanz: he laughed hearing the joke as he looked down searching for the words to use to the girl that was in front of him he took a deep breath soo your going with anyone special? he asked trying hard to just seem casual asking that question

Tuppie: She shrugs and shakes her head, "Nope, honestly I haven't really been back long, you're the first person I've really talked to for more than 2 minutes, I was so happy to hear you were back as well that I came straight here to look for you." She smiles at him with a sort of curious look like she thinks she might know why he's asking that, but she doesn't want to assume anything either.

Hanz: he laughed as he tried to hide his placed his hands in his pockets your just like Jin...he said slowly mentioning his sister for the first time she can never talk to anyone for more than 3 minutes......after a few minutes he realized something oh wait I forgot you just came back soo maybe you don't have time to stop and talk right sorry..he added a bit panicked as he placed his hands inside his pocket as he took yet another deep breath trying to calm himself down but unlike her your alone...he gave tuppie this shy smile wanna go with me? he offered out of the blue

Tuppie: She smiles, he wasn't always the bravest or the most mature guys, but he was sweet and kind and he did care for her, maybe it was time to go for the nice guys instead of the a**holes, "Sure, I'd like that."

'Hanz: He looked at tuppie surprised as he can be didn't expect that to be easy..he said quickly still a bit shock and I didn't expect you to say yes...he continued not that I don't like it its just....he paused trying to look for the proper words wow...was the only thing he could saybut now......he looked down before turning his attention to Tuppie what now? he asked innocently I never got this far and truthfully I'm half convinced this is a dream...

Tuppie: She gives one of those genuine polite friendly laughs and smiles brightly at him, "Now, don't get too far ahead of yourself, I've agreed to a date but you're going to have to work a bit harder if you want to call me your girl friend some day." She winks at him, "though if it helps you're off to a good start."

'Hanz: He was purely baffled hearing her words wait whaa?he said as soon as he caught his breath girl friend...his eyes looked as if they were ready to pop out as he continues to stare at tuppie

Tuppie: She chuckles seeing his reaction and reaches out to him and ruffles his hair a bit playfully, "Gods you're adorable...."

Hanz: His mind was still trying to accept Tuppie's words as he continues to stare do I have to buy flowers now? or can I just skip to chocolate level? he asked a semi serious semi adorable question to tuppie not knowing what it actually means

Tuppie: She gives a confused look, "level? what do you mean?"

Hanz: he saw her puzzled look it was a lie...he said slowly cursing in his heart lets just say some fr...he paused thinking what to call those guys people said stuff to me and...he paused once more realizing how he was looking more and more like a fool never mind...

Tuppie: She still looks a bit puzzled, "You should be careful who you take relationship advice from, some guys, especially teen boys, I've found tend to be a bit immature about this stuff." She smiles with a sincere look that she wasn't upset, but looking out for his best interest

hanz: he laughed yeah I guess I tend to forget I my own age...he said in a charming manner still what do we do know? he asked putting his hand into his pocket

Tuppie: "Well, if you want to meet me outside my room in an hour, then we could walk over to the celebration together?" she asks

ooc we'll just pretend it's still going on?

Hanz: he's smile widen that sounds like a great plan...he said slowly as he began to think of the proper wear for this festive occasion a Tux right? he asked slowly still a bit blur with the modern world

OOC: Weren't we doing pretending this before >< that its still ongoing?

OOC: Well when we started this RP the V-Day stuff was going on, we didn't have to pretend xD

Tuppie: She shrugs and smiles, "Honestly I don't know how formal it is, were other people dressing up that much? I hadn't really noticed, I mean, I wasn't even planning on attending until you asked me." She grins and winks at him.

Hanz: he blinked a few times not knowing what to say then what about we change the plan? he suggested cause neither of us know what to do for the dance how about we make our own? he continued as he remembered somethingjust the two of us..he added how about it?

Tuppie: She'd planned parties before, but never a party just for two, so she wasn't really sure what that entailed, "Ummm sure? Whatever you think is easiest, I've only ever planned parties for groups, so I wouldn't begin to know how to plan a dance for two people." She smiles and shrugs.

Hanz: he shakes his head quickly noo not a party he tilted his head trying to look for a word for what he wanted to do ummm what do you people call it? he asked himself as he used all the brain power he could oh yeah! a date.....he said enthusiastically yet as soon as he said the word he blushed a bit looking away I mean....a date...he said once more to tuppie if you want to do it....of course...I wont force you...

Tuppie: "I thought going to the party together was the date?" She asks, still confused.

Hanz: he scratches his head trying to explain uhh ummhe said slowly as he look for the proper words uhhh I meant...he took a Tuppie what I meant is..if you don't want to go to the dance we can just go somewhere where we would be alone...

Tuppie: Her eyes brighten with understanding, "OH I see, well that'd be fine with me, I am a bit hungry." She smiles

hanz: his brighten up sooo I'll see you later? he said as tried to think up a better way to say goodbye

Tuppie: She chuckles, "You still haven't said how I should dress, formal, semi-formal, casual, a girl's gotta know these things..."

Hanz: he stops to think you can just wear this..he said without thinking yet he soon realized what he said and quickly place his hand on his mouth in shock i mean anything you want..sorry but I think you would look beautiful in anything you wear.....he paused thinking of words to say and i look forward to see what you can pull he smiled once more this time a bit more gently

Tuppie: She looks down at what she's wearing, assuming that when he said she could just wear this that he was referring to her current wardrobe, which consisted of a headband with fake cat ears, her hair up in a pony tail, a black skirt and dark red printed shirt, along with a pair of sketchers that rather contrasted against the rest of her outfit, but they were comfortable, "So what I'm wearing is fine?"

Hanz: he looks up and scans tuppie for her wardrobe yes cause you always did you look beautiful he quickly blushes and look down not that I've been stalking you or anything cause I wasn't on camp and...he paused as he shakes his head gently uhhh forget what I said I'm being silly

Tuppie: She just nods and chuckles cuz he words seemed mumbled and incoherent, it was a good thing she didn't go after guys for their ability to speak coherently and enunciate, "Ok, well I need to just go freshen up, want to meet me outside my room in like a half hour?"

Hanz: he nods enthusiastically yes please...suddenly he remembers something or dance? he asked this time for confirmation

Tuppie: "Didn't you say we were going to go somewhere to eat?" she asks.

Hanz: he did a face palm oh yeah sorry he said a bit embarrassed before an idea strikes him yes...he said once more with a bit more confidence turning to tuppie full of confidence

Tuppie: She smiles, "Ok then, I'll see you in an hour outside my room." She turns, heads to her room to freshen up, fix her hair, make up, all that girlie shit, it only takes her a half hour to get ready so she leaves her door open and sits on the end of her bed reading a vogue magazine.

Hanz: he smiled and turn his head heading to the tyche cabin as he walked his hand was with his phone messaging like a dozen people to help with his 'plan' for tuppie ok thanks he said when he finally got to his room he took a quick shower and was prepared to get out wearing just a simple t shirt and jeans until two people emerge from his door

walter: he looks at hanz attire dude your not picking her up in that.,.. he said as he pushed hanz back into his room and did an entire makeover this made him a little late. done! he said being proud what he did

Hanz: he was impress with the change is hair was all sleek and nice and he was wearing a tuxnic...he was about to compliment walter until he saw the time shoot...he said running out trying to get to the nymph sanctuary and when he did he was sweating buckets sorry ....for ....being....latehe said a bit out of breath

Tuppie: She smiles, "that's ok, no worries, though compared to you I look underdressed, tuxes are so fancy, where are you taking me?"

Hanz: he looked up and laugh a bit thinking of the 'proper' answer secret he said with a flirtatious wink or attempt that is. He looked around the room and then back to tuppie may I come in or do you want to go out now??

Tuppie: She looks down at her clothes, "Well if you're wearing a full blown tuxedo, I'm going to have to change to match so, hang out in the living area for a few minutes while I change, won't take long, just gotta pick a fancier dress." She flashes him a smile.

Hanz: he blinked a few time you look fine the way you are...he said pausing trying to remember what his 'mate' told him thats what gentleman say right? he said destroying his moment or do they say something else? he asked a bit confuse

Tuppie: She grins, "Oh I look fine in everything I wear, but a girl has to match the occasion and the boy taking her out, but it'll only take a few minutes." She sticks out her tongue playfully and closes the door to her room leaving Hanz in the hallway. A few minutes later she comes out wearing this with black high heels to match. "Ok now I'm ready to go."

Hanz: when tuppie left him out he sigh and they say she would like the tux...he said slowly looking around at the hallway hmm what can i do yet before he could answer he heard the door open and he turned to the door seeing tuppie in her dress left him utterly speechless wow...was the only word he could said as he was left in awe wow...he said once more looking from top to bottom looking at tuppies dress and face once more wow...he said again before turning away a bit red sorry I cant really think..

Tuppie: She grins and nods, "Perfect, that's the exact reaction I was going for." She does a cute little girly giggle and then motions towards the door, "So where to next and how are we getting there? Because if you think I'm walking very far in these heels you're higher than Olympus." She does the girly giggle again.

Hanz: he was still looking away yet upon hearing her words he laughed Is this to tease me or just see how good I am with these stuff? he asked looking at her straight in the eyes before turning away once more as red as before anyhow its just in camp he said slowly nodding to himself still if it gets too bad I can carry you? he said a bit awkwardly cause i cant stand to see you in pain...

Tuppie: She grins, "That's sweet, but if we aren't going further than camp I'll be fine, so lead the way oh hansom date of mine." She smiles and lays her hand in the crook of Hanz's left arm.

Hanz: upon hearing her compliment he went pink I'm not that handsome he said looking away yet when tuppie took his hand he turn to her a bit shock considering this was a first time for him its just in camp by the brook he explained slowly as he slowly lead them to the forest

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