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Garret and Jayde

Garret: *Garret was sitting at the Aphrodite table at tto Dining Pavilion with a plate of pancaketol toast and bacon. He's cleared an arrange on the table and is seen playing playing card games with his half-siblings and each of them have a small stacks of one dollar bills and quarterstaves, but in stack is slightly bigger than the others.*

Jayde: *Jayde finished up her breakfast and skipped over to the Aphrodite table here her boyfriend was sittg* NIT's"So, i take it your winng?" *She asked wrapping her arms around his nek Fromm's behind*

'Garret:'w *Turns to ace her and hugs her.* "I'd kiss you but I need concentration in this game and my breath smells like breakfast." *The other players giggle and snicker at Garret and he shoots them a evil look and they immediately stop. Garret finishes his breakfast and the players quickly play one more game and they all bet everything they have and Garret wins with a Royal Flush. After that, he tells them to get going an they all leave. He drinks a mug of coffee and faces Jayde again.* "NOW I can kiss you." *He does just that. He sits back down and counts the money he just won.* "Now, I have even more money to get you something nice." *He teased and playfully hits her*

Jayde: *Jayde giggled and put on a mock pained expression* "The hurt, you big 'ole meanie" She teased "And your sweet, but you aren't going to by me anything. It's your money that you won" She smiled

Garret: *Humors her* "You should know that i'm a mean person, but I'm sorry I hurt you. Here, let me kiss you and make you feel better." *Kisses where he hit her* "And besides, I don't mind getting you something. It gives me something to do with my money." *Puts the money in his wallet, which has a few hundred dollar bills.*

Jayde: *Gawks at the money* "What the? How did you get so mu- actually, i don't need to know" She laughed 

Garret: "You'd be surprised to see how much a person is willing to give up just to see one person dead. Or how lucky I can be at gambling. That's why I decided to move to Vegas once I hit 21 years old." *Laughs* "Anyways, besides gambling it, I'm willing to use some of this money on you, since you're my girlfriend and all." *Glares at her* "Just don't get any bright ideas." *Puts his wallet in his pocket and smiles* "Anyways, how did last night go for you? Did you ever call your mom? How'd you sleep?"

Jayde: "Keep your money, I'm spoiled enough" She laughed " It went well, i guess. Mum seemed okay, shaken up a bit, but okay. She doesn't want me to come home, until i'm defiantly able to protect myself."

Garret: "That seems understandable. She doesn't want you dying if you were to leave camp. At least you know she cares about you."

Jayde:* She nodded* "Yeah, And i'm happy about that. But i want to get back to her as fast as i can, So i think we should spar" Jayde grinned

Garret: "Us? Fight?"

Jayde: "Yep, I need to learn. and i don't trust anyone else"

Garret: "You sure? I mean I understand that you wouldn't fight anyone you don't trust, but then again, that means you have to fight ME."

Jayde: "Is that a problem?"

Garret: *Picks up his coffee mug and finishes his coffee. When he does this, he grips the mug in his hand so hard it shatters to pieces (that's solid stone BTW) and the palm of his hand starts bleeding. He barely feels any pain when he does this.* "For you, definitely."

Jayde: "Oh my gods! Garret!" She gasped grabbing his hand, her eyes widening

Garret: *Pulls his hand back and wipes and wraps it with a handkerchief.* "I've had worse. But my hand is not the point, the point is that I'm too strong for you to fight. I've been fighting my whole life and have been capable of not only beating, but killing other human beings way bigger and stronger than me since I was 10. I'm not saying you're weak, i'm saying that even though fighting me is great training for monsters trying to kill you, I might end up severely hurting or even accidentally killing you myself."

Jayde: "teach me then" She reasoned

Garret: "I don't know... I'm a good fighter, but I don't think i'd be a good teacher."

Jayde: "Try?" She asked "Please?"

Garret: *Looks down* "..."

Jayde: "I'm sure i can learn on my own, it's alright"

Garret: *Gets up* "(Reluctantly) Meet me at the arena in a few minutes. Bring your weapons." *Walks to the arena without her, giving her time to prepare."


Garret: *Jayde and Garret arrive back at camp in front of the Apollo cabin* "So? What now?"

Jayde: "The town? We could go now"

Garret: "Alright then..... You know anything about the town? I sure don't."

Jayde: "I heard there was a theatre" She laughed "Thats about it though"

Garret: "Hmmm... not much of a movie guy. I also heard there were stuff like a park, a mall, a few other stores and some other stuff i'm not too sure about."

Jayde: "I guess we'll find out what else is there" She grinned and laughed "Meet back here in 5? I need to change" 

Garret: *Remembers his suit and looks at it* "Uhh... how about you meet me in front of my cabin in a few minutes. I need to find somebody in my cabin who knows how to fix my suit."

Jayde: "Alright then, Uh Sorry by the way"

Garret: "It's fine." *Starts walking to the Aphrodite cabin* "I really need to buy a new outfit..."

Jayde: *Goes inside of her cabin to change, Comes out in a large blue and black jumper with black tights underneath a few mineuts later and walks over to the Aphrodite Cabin*

Garret: *Doesn't come out for a few minutes and then finally comes out looking like this:* GarretAnimated.png

"Well, those jack*sses purposely messed up my suit even more and made my hair red again, but luckily one of my siblings had this spare suit that they didn't use anymore that was in my size. So, shall we get going?"

Jayde: "It looks nice" she kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand "Lets go"

Garret: "Alright then." *Smiles, kisses her back and they walk to town* "You look good yourself."

Jayde: "Why thank you" She blushed

Garret: *He blushes too and they arrive at the town* "Well, here we are" *Looks around* "What do we do now that we're here?"

Jayde: *She glances around spotting a music store* "Could we go in there? I just wanna have a look"

Garret: "If you want to, i'm not gonna argue. It's not like we have any other place to go to anyways." *Takes her there* "What do you usually listen to anyways?"

Jayde: "Anything and everything" She laughed " I don't have any peticular taste, I mean i'll be listening to a song from Metallica then the next will be Taylor swift or something"

Garret: "Is that a child of Apollo thing since Apollo technically is a god of music?"

Jayde: "probibly" She gasped and ran over to an acoustic guitar "Thats beautiful, I'm definatly going to save up for it" She giggled

Garret: *Starts getting an idea but remember what Jayde said that morning and decides to honor Jayde's wishes... for now.* "My aunt said that my dad used to sing to her with one of those guitars when they were growing up. You know, before he became a freelance assassin. He never played for me because he didn't have a guitar but my aunt said he was kinda good."

Jayde: "Your dad seems like he was very nice" She said softly 

Garret: "Raphael was a good man and hopefully his death won't be in vain and someday i'll be as good as he was." *Puts his hand on her shoulder* "And you don't need to talk so softly to me like that when we bring him up. I already said that I shouldn't grieve over him forever."

Jayde: "Right" She smiled " Where too next" Jayde led him out of the Music Store

Garret: "Hmm..." *Spots a coffee shop* "Care for a drink?" *Points at the shop*

Jayde: She grinned at him "Sounds good"

Garret: *Takes her there* "So how about you grab a table for us and i'll get us our stuff. What would you like?"

Jayde: "Caramel Latte" She said "If thats okay, I mean" J Garret: "Of course." *Smiles* "So go find a table and i'll get our drinks."

Jayde: "Okay" She grinned and went to find a table for two

Garret: *Waits for their drinks for a minute or two. He got Jayde's drink and he got himself two large black coffees. He looks around to see where Jayde is and spots her and goes to sit with her* "Here's our drinks." *Grins*

Jayde: *Stops humming a tune as Garret approaches and returns his grin* "Thanks"

Garret: *Sits down in the seat in front of her across the table* "So... what do you want to talk about?" *Sips coffee*

Jayde: " I dunno" She laughed " Have you been asked on a quest yet?"

Garret: "No not yet. I was told i'm too new to go on a quest. That probably goes for you too. Understandable though. They don't want to lose fresh campers right off the bat after they arrive. With the exception of that one person who came here and got a task of getting Zeus' Bolt that I heard about. I think his name was Pierce or Presley? I don't know, but I think it started with a P."

Jayde: "Yeah, i was told about him. I wonder how long 'till we can go on a quest"

Garret: "Well whenever that may be, we better get a good quest." *Sips coffee*

Jayde: "I hope so" Her smile faded "But not a whole 'the fate of the world is within your hands' type quest"

Garret: "That one guy already got those covered. I wonder if we'll ever get to meet this guy." *Shrugs* "Eh, maybe we will someday. By that time I'll at least be able to remember his name."

Jayde: "That'd be awesome" she smiled

Garret: *Finishes his coffee* "So, you want to go back to camp or go explore town some more?"

Jayde: "I think angel wanted to meet up with me, so lets head back to camp"

Garret: "Angel?"

Jayde: "Evangeline, She's new. I don't think she's been claimed yet though"

Garret: "I see. Well it's good to see you're making new friends." *Gets up from his seat* "Well then, shall we get going then?"

Jayde: "Yup" *Drinks the last of her coffee* "Lets head back"

Garret: *Takes her back to camp and they stop in front of Aphrodite's cabin.* "So, any other plans you have for today?"

Jayde: "Not really, just hanging around with Angel and practice for the Campfire later, What about you?"

Garret: *Shows her his cards* "See if I can rob the cabin blind." *Chuckles* "Anyways, have fun with your friend." *Smiles and kisses her*

Jayde: *She giggled into the kiss then pulled away* "I'll see you later, Go get 'em" *She smiled and jogged towards the beach*


Jayde: She's Practicing her Archery, Knocking another arrow and releasing to see it hit the outer circle *Groans* "Damn Archery"

Garret: *Walks over to her* "Not into archery? I thought Apollo kids would be good at this?"

Jayde: "Hello to you too" She grinned "Nah, i really like archery and it looks awesome. I just can't do it"

Garret: "If you want I can help you use that thing."

Jayde: "That'd be awesome" She laughed

Garret: *Holds her hand holding the bow and takes and puts an arrow in her other hand. He helps her fire her arrows properly.* "Just have a good grip on the bow, focus on the target and keep the bow steady." Try shooting it yourself now."

Jayde: She nodded and steadied the bow like Garret had shown her then let the arrow fly, hitting the centre. Not perfect, but it was a massive improvment. She grinned and threw her arms around Garret "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Garret: *Hugs her back* "Wow, you are a fast learner. You're welcome. *Smiles*

Jayde: "Only because i had a good teacher" She pecked his cheek "Wow, that was incredibly cheesy"

Garret: "Cheesy doesn't mean unlikable or unflattering." *Kisses her back* "Oh hey, I was old earlier that i'm able to go on quests now. What about you?"

Jayde: "Oh yeah!" She grinned "I can too, but i can't lead one yet"

Garret: "Really? I was told I could. Eh, whatever. Maybe we could be in a quest together soon. And hopefully a good one. It's been too long since i've killed something."

Jayde: "It'd be so cool to have a quest together" She said "But i'd have to work on my archery and fighting skills a bit more"

Garret: "I'm not fighting you again if that's where you're going with this."

Jayde: "I might actually be able to beat you next time" She teased "But it wasn't where i was going, don't worry"

Garret: *Glares at her* "Don't even joke about that." *Stops glaring* "And good. So.... what to talk about now..."

Jayde: "Have you met any new people?" She asked

Garret: "Well, I met your friend Angel. And you were the one who escorted her here? That's nice of you."

Jayde: "Well i didn't really have a choice. I heard a crash, the crying-" Jayde paused "I-I mean. She needed a hand, and i was in the area"

Garret: "Maybe I should go out to go get other demigods."

Jayde: "Maybe" She mused

Garret: "So, what about you? Have you been making any new friends lately? Besides Angel?"

Jayde: "not really" She frowned "Oh, there's Cait. She's a daughter of Ariadne i think"

Garret: "Oh yeah, she is. I've met her too. In fact she was the first person who I met when I came here. And I think I can say the same for a lot of other campers here. We didn't exactly have a strong start."

Jayde: "Same" She laughed "And i haven't met many people to know how they'll react to me"

Garret: "So, any other plans for today"

Jayde: "Not really, what about you?"

Garret: "Me neither."

Jayde: "Wanna do something then?"

Garret: "Have anything in mind? Back to the beach or the town again?"

Jayde: "Your choice" She shrugged "I don't mind"

Garret: "How about we go sit on the beach again?"

Jayde: She grinned "Sounds Good"

Garret: *Smiles and takes her there. They sit on the sand and he puts his arm over her shoulder and holds her close.*

Jayde: She smiles softly and leans into his touch, resting her head on his shoulder

Garret: "So, are you enjoying your time at camp so far?"

Jayde: "I love it, it's so much more exciting than normal life. What about you?"

Garret: "Excluding the fact that most of the campers I met so far were *ssholes, I have nothing to complain about. I'm glad you weren't on of those campers. *Grins*

Jayde: She giggled "S'pose if i was like some of the others I wouldn't have an amazing boyfriend to spend time with right now. People can be jerks"

Garret: *Blushes* "Oh stop, you're embarrassing me." *Kisses her cheek*

Jayde: She giggled and cuddled into his side, humming a sweet tune

Garret: *Attemps to whistle along with her, but fails because he can't whistle*

Jayde: She chuckled quietly at his attempt "Keep practicing, you'll get it"

Garret: "Ha ha ha." *Playful hits her shoulder*

Jayde: Jayde stuck out her lower lip and pouted "Just 'cause your jealous of my musical abily" She joked

Garret: "Awwwe i'm sorry, here let me kiss you to make the pain go away." *Kisses her lips*

Jayde: She grinned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss

Garret: *Garret's cell phone rings* "Excuse me, I have to take this." *Garret answers and then after a few seconds he hangs up.* "Bad news Jayde, a friend of mine needs help with something out of camp and I need to go help him."

Jayde: "what? is he okay?"

Garret: "He needs me to do something for him because he can't do it himself. But, I promise I'll be back soon." *kisses her* "I'll see you when I get back." *Leaves to do the thing*


Jayde: She bounced into the Dining pavilion, looking around and saying the occasional hello to passerbyes.

Garret: *Sitting around beating everyone at poker again, then he notices Jayde coming his way and he gets up and hugs her* "Jayde! I missed you when I was gone. And I tried to go look for you to tell you I was back, but I couldn't find you in your cabin, so I wanted to kill time here at the pavilion until night, a time where I know you'd be at your cabin, but now I don't have to." *Kisses her*

Jayde: "Hey!" She laughed and pecked him "I missed you too, How'd it go?"

Garret: "Well I helped out my friend, and I don't owe him a favor anymore. Oh and I just realized, I never told you what I left to so. You want to know?"

Jayde: "Uh YES" Jayde laughed

Garret: "OK so, I had to go out of camp all the way to FLORIDA to go help a saytr named Dexter to go find this girl and bring her to camp. I believe her name was Tiffany."

Jayde: "Oh, I've met her" Jayde blinked "Wait? You were in Florida?"

Garret: "Yes I was in Florida and I had to get there quickly. And you've net her? Already? I just brought her here! So, what did you think of her?"

Jayde: "Exciting, and yeah already. She seem's like a dreamer, very wistful"

Garret: "Yes she is a dreamer, but maybe too much so. She seemed strange to me. On the way here, she wouldn't stop talking to her plush dolls. And not just saying it's cute or playing with it, she seemed like she was having full conversations with them, as if the dolls were real people. It was honestly kinda creepy."

Jayde: "I think she's just has a unique personality"

Garret: "Well... you are right when you say that. Her personality is pretty unique. But did you even see the way she talks to her dolls?"

Jayde: "Yes i have" Jayde said "But i refuse to judge her until i know her better"

Garret: "I guess I did judge her too quickly myself. And her conversations with her dolls is creepy yet somewhat cute. Not to mention, on the way here, Dexter DID explain why she talks to her dolls like that."

Jayde: She raised an eyebrow "Oh?"

Garret: "Her mother is Adrienne Redwood. She's like this super famous film maker, actor, author and all sorts of things like that. But because she pursues so many careers like that, she's super busy all the time and is almost never with Tiffany. And because Tiffany pretty much had nobody to be with, she made an entire imaginary world in her head, and the dolls she carries around with her are pretty much the physical bodies of the people she imagined."

Jayde: "Oh! the poor girl" she frowned slightly

Garret: "Which isn't to say Adrienne is completely heartless. When I met her in Florida, she was with Tiffany and when I was talking to her, she was a relatively nice person. And since she was with Tiffany there, she does at least spend a little time with her. But still, she has all these plush toys to talk to."

Jayde: "she has me now too" Jayde laughed

Garret: "Well that was nice of you to become friends. And impressive since it was apperently so quick. She's only been here for a few hours."

Jayde: "I wouldn't quite call us friends just yet. But i want to be her friend. So, yeah"

Garret: "Well that's good for you. Oh, hey! I just remembered, I got you a gift before I came back to camp."

Jayde: "Really? What is it"

Garret: "Come with me to my cabin, it's still there."

Jayde: "Okay" She chirped

Garret: *Takes her outside the Aphrodite cabin* "OK, close your eyes and i'll go get you present. OK?"

Jayde: She giggled and shut her eyes

Garret: *He goes into the cabin and comes out with the acoustic guitar she looked at when they went to the town.* "OK, open your eyes."

Jayde: *opens them* "OH MY GODS, GARRET! is that the guitar from the store?"

Garret: "The same exact one." *Smiles* "It cost about $200-300, but that's almost nothing to me. And to see you with it is 100% worth it."

Jayde: "GARRET!" She sqeaked and threw her arms around his neck "thank you, thank you, thank you"

Garret: *Hugs Jayde* "You're welcome" *Kisses Jayde* "Why not try it out now? That is, if you're not scared to "play in public" as you said." *Smiles*

Jayde: "Okay!" She grinned eager to try it out. She didn't have to do much as it was tuned alreayd so she started to stum and sing a little

Garret: *Smiles and sits back to enjoy Jayde's beautiful musical talent*

Jayde: She caught Garrets expession "Why are you smiling like that" She laughed

Garret: "What? A man can't enjoy his girlfriend's music?"

Jayde: She laughed "It's not neccesarily good music"

Garret: "Well at least I can enjoy being with you."

Jayde: "Nawww, your so sweet" She kissed his cheek then went back to strumming her new guitar

Garret: "Have you ever had or played guitar before?"

Jayde: "Yeah, when i was in my 2nd year of primary school" Jayde cringed at the memory "I attempted it then, but my siblings have taught"

Garret: "Bad memories of those lessons, I assume?"

Jayde: "Yes" She laughed "I ended up with a fractured leg because a guy was swinging a guitar around"

Garret: *Baffled look* "...... I'm not gonna ask... I'm not gonna ask."

Jayde: "Yeah, I went to some bad schools"

Garret: *Stomach grumbles* "Ooh, should've gotten something to eat at the Dining Pavilion. After all, isn't that what it's for?" *Laughs*

Jayde: "do you want to go grab somthing then?"

Garret: "Only if you and your gift come along with."

Jayde: "Of course" She laughed 

Garret *Takes her hand and takes her to the dining pavilion*


Jayde: She was walking towards the beach when she lost her balance and fell against a tree. 

Garret: *Was walking around and she sees Jayde under the tree, but didn't see she fell over and assumed she was just laying around* "Oh, Hi Jayde." *Smiles* "Laying around, relaxing, I see." *Sits next to her*

Jayde: She smiled weakly  "You could say that"

Garret: "So, what are you doing here Jayde?"

Jayde: "Just waiting for the world to stop moving so fast" she groaned "Yourself?

Garret: "Oh, not feeling do well? Well then..." *Lets Jayde rest on Garret* "Just lay down and rest. Also, i'm just walking around. Kinda pissed though."

Jayde: She smiled softly thankful for somthing to grasp to get her Anemia under control "Oh? Why's that?"

Garret: "I met this girl in the Nemesis cabin and I got into a fight with her in the training arena... And I was forced to surrender."

Jayde: "Mmmhmmm, And that makes you angry i s'pose" Jayde mumbled burying her face into his chest

Garret: *Caresses her head on his cheat* "I feel like I could strangle a tiger right now." *Cringes*

Jayde: "It's one battle, babe" Jayde mumbled sweetly "You'll win pleanty more"

Garret: "Defeat is something I can not tolerate at all. Especially defeat to some low life biker girl." *Gets an angry look on him*

Jayde: She propped her self up and lay a hand on garrets cheek "Garret, calm down. Theres really nothing to worry about, i understand that you're not fond of losing but you need to forget about the bad things and move on, Okay?"

Garret: "What exactly is wrong with you anyways? Why do you look like you're feeling so bad?"

Jayde: "It's nothing really, Just Anemia" Jayde smiled softly leaning her head back onto his chest "Makes me dizzy"

Garret: "Amnia? I'm not familiar with that. I'm an assassin, not a doctor. What does it do to you?" *Said slightly concerned*

Jayde: "I don't have enough iron in my blood" Jayde shrugged "Not a big deal, this just happens every so often"

Garret: *Still somewhat concerned* "Well... Alright if you say so."

Jayde: "Mmmhmmm" She snuggled into Garrets shoulder "What are your plans for today"

Garret:' "I'm not too sure. But if you want, I could stay here while you lay your head on me."

Jayde: "I don't mind" she giggled "You can go if you want, I'll come right pretty soon"

Garret: "Nah, I'll stay here. I don't have anything to do today." *Garret Smiles*

Jayde: "Alright then" Jayde grinned back 

Garret: "So, anything happen lately?"

Jayde: "I helped another Girl, May was her name"

Garret: "Never met her. And helped her with what?"

Jayde: "Get to camp, I don't think you would have just yet. I haven't seen her since i got her here"

Garret: "So that's two campers you helped get to camp. You should put that on your Résumé." *He chuckles*

Jayde: "Already have" She joked

Garret: "I'm not complaining or anything, but you feeling good enough to get off me?"

Jayde: "Oh! Right, sorry" Jayde blushed "I think so"

Garret: "Oh don't be sorry, like I said, I wasn't complaining. And it's nice to see you're better now."

Jayde: "It never really lasts long" She laughed "Right, Now what?"

Garret: "Hmmm.... How about some of this?" *Kisses her*

Jayde: *Giggles into the kiss, and kisses him back*

Garret: "So, what are you doing out here anyways? Are you waiting for someone or out here to do something?"

Jayde: "I was just walking around, i got bored in my cabin" She laughed "What about you"

Garret: "Well you know that Tiffany girl I brought here? Well ever since I did that, she's been trying to talk to me a lot, mostly about my cosplay you see here. But recently, she's been acting.... strange. Like stranger than usual. I found that she wandered around camp aimlessly a lot, she seems like she's only half-conscious almost all the time, she mumbles in a strange voice a lot, and she carries around this creepy teddy bear. I saw her around camp and I tried to avoid being seen by her, and I ended up here."

Jayde: "She's probibly just homesick, is all" She shugged "I know i was homesick when i first got here"

Garret: "I don't think that's it. She was giggling in an evil manner and she kept mumbling about some return and something called "Monokuma." It's as if she's... possessed by someone... or something. And it's not homesickness and it definitely isn't good."

Jayde: "okay, maybe we should talk to Chiron about it."

Garret: "I don't know... I don't recall any "Monokuma" in any Greek legend. And as bad as it may seem, it could be Tiffany just being very strange again. My point is that I don't want to bother Chiron about something that we don't know about and/or has nothing to do with camp or the people in it."

Jayde: "Should I go talk to her? Maybe I could find out if something's wrong"

Garret: He Shrugs "Hey if you want to, i'm going to stop you. Besides, you're more of a friend to her than I am.

Jayde: "I think i might, to see if she's okay"

Garret: "That's very sweet of you to do so. So, are you going to leave to find her now?"

Jayde: "I'm debating leaving now or spending time with my amazing boyfriend" Kisses his cheek

Garret: "Oh, you flatter me." He blushes and kisses her back "But I'll be fine without you for now, and this is important for both of you. Go. Go help her." He smiles

Jayde: "Okay then" Pecks Garret quickly on the lips and heads towards the cabin "See you soon"


Jayde: She walked quickly towards the Aphrodite cabin, in hopes of finding Garret. Her clothes were still damp ans was her hair.

Garret: There is arguing heard neat the front door of the Aphrodite cabin and after a few seconds Garret walks out "Selfish little... He mumbles to himself. He then sees Jayde standing in front of him. "....... Do I want to know?"

Jayde: "probibly not, no." She ties her hair up in a quick messy bun "But you were definatly right about somthing being wrong with Tiffany"

Garret: "Oh? So I assume you found out what's wrong. So, what's the issue?

Jayde: "Honestly, I have no clue" She sighs and fiddles with the hem of her top "It's as though she's compleatly taken over by this Monokuma when she falls asleep, no control about what she does, or says for that matter"

Garret: "Hmmm.... then perhaps this Monokuma is not a monster of Greek legend, but rather a twisted part of Tiffany's own mind. And is she even aware of what she does?"

Jayde: "I don't think so" She shivered "She was asleep, at least the part of her that was Tiffany was asleep. That was an odd sentence"

Garret: "Indeed. So let me sum it all up. When ever Tiffany falls asleep, the twisted part of her mind takes over and Tiffany is unaware of what happens when she is taken over. Monokuma's control is then released when Tiffany regains consciousness. So, where did this Monokuma come from and what does it want? Did it say that to you?"

Jayde: "That's pretty much the gist of it. It said something about wanting to spread despair or something? And it needed Tiffany to do that. As for where it came from, i have no idea. But if it's a figment of her imagination it would have needed to come from somewhere and knowing her it's probably an Anime or Manga or something."

Garret: "Or maybe it came from a traumatic experience she had as a child, and that despair took the form of something as she saw in said Manga or Anime. But where it came from doesn't matter, I guess. Did you tell her about this?"

Jayde: "No, I didn't know how to tell her" she shook her head slightly "How do you tell someone that whenever they fall asleep, their body is no longer theirs to control"

Garret: "Fair point, but someone has to tell her soon. That girl needs help."

Jayde: "Agreed" she sighed and leaned against the wall of the cabin, casting her eyes down and giving out a soft sigh

Garret: "What's wrong Jayde?"

Jayde: "It's nothing just somthng Tiff-Monokuma said to me" She huffed and pushed off the wall "I'm going to try the climbing wall now, I'll see you later"

Garret: "Are you sure you don't wanna talk about it?"

Jayde: "Yeah, my problem. I can deal" she laughed

Garret: "Well alright, if you say so. But remember, i'm here when you need someone. I'll see you later then." He kisses her cheek and walks away


Jayde: She was walking around camp, the moon high in the sky. It was unusual for her to be outside at night willingly, but she couldn't sleep and her small room in the Apollo cabin was slowly suffucating her

Garret: Garret is sitting outside the Aphrodite cabin, throwing his playing cards at the wall

Jayde: She notices Garret as she walked past his cabin, she walked up on light feet "Hey, what are you still doing awake. Its past midnight"

Garret: Looks at Jayde "I can ask you the same thing. Anyways, as one who led the life of an assassin, I never get/need much sleep. What with having to wait a long time, constantly waiting for our targets and watching out for enemies and guards. What are you doing out here?"

Jayde: She shrugged and sat beside him "couldn't sleep"

Garret: "For any particular reason?"

Jayde: "It's silly really" She laughed "I guess something Monokuma said just bothered me"

Garret: "Well like I said earlier, I'm always here for you when you need someone to talk to. What did she... he.... IT say to you?"

Jayde: "It said that the real reason mum wants me here, is because I'm to weak to protect her. That she doesn't want to put herself in danger so I could see her" she laughed unhumorously "Like I said, Silly"

Garret: "It said that? I will say that that isn't a FAR off possibility. I'm not saying what Monokuma said is true, but I can see what it meant. Mortal parents can be targets for monsters because of our demigod blood. My half-sister, Piper McLean, had her father kidnapped for the same reason. But you know that you're strong. And even IF what Monokuma said is true (Still not saying it IS), you're strong enough to prove it and your mother wrong, if she thinks that (And i'm not saying she does)" Puts his hand over her shoulder

Jayde: leans onto him slightly "Thanks Garret"

Garret: Caresses her "You're welcome Jayde. And hopefully Monokuma will pay for making fun of my girlfriend."

Jayde: "I should tell Tiffany soon" She sighed and leant into his touch "She has to know, the sooner the better"

Garret: "I'm sure someone will tell her soon. I don't think right now is the time."

Jayde: "Alright" She stifled a yawn, scrunching up her nose a little

Garret: "Maybe you can try going to sleep again? If Tiffany really needs help, you're gonna need all the energy you can get."

Jayde: "I'll head back then" She kissed him on the cheek and stood up

Garret: Kisses her back "Sweet dreams Jayde. And remember, they don't think that you're weak. And if they do, you're strong enough to prove them wrong."

Jayde: "Thank you, I mean it" she grins and turned to leave then had second thoughts and backtracked, placing her lips on Garrets

Garret: She kisses her back "You're welcome. Now go, you need your rest." He smiles

Jayde She grinned and ran into the darkness "Night" she called over her shoulder


Garret: Garret was sitting at the coffee shop in the town, drinking (go figure) coffee. He is also humming a tune to himself waiting for something to happen

Jayde: She was walking around town with her two friends Fayth and May when she spotted Garret in a coffee shop. She said a quick goodbye to her friends and walked inside, putting her hands in front of his eyes from behind "Guess who" She sung

Garret: "Idina Menzel?" Garret joked "Oh I'm just kidding. How are you Jayde?" He kisses her cheek

Jayde: "Yes hun, I'm the voice of Elsa" She laughed and slid into the seat opposite him "I'm great, yourself?"

Garret: "Nothing really. Just kind of bored. Not many people are asking me to... rub out anybody anymore. But considering this is a pretty small town and I already promised not to do anything to the campers here, I should have expected that. And i'm still waiting for some kind of quest to go on."

Jayde: "It kinda sucks that all you can do is wait" she sighed

Garret: "But it will come eventually. So, what are you doing here?"

Jayde: "Fayth, One of the girls I was with, decided to take me shopping" She gestured around her "So here I am"

Garret: "Fayth? A friend or possibly ANOTHER camper you helped get to camp?" Garret chuckled "You want something to drink since you're here?"

Jayde: "I'm alright we just had smoothies" She laughed "And no, Fayths a nymph. Hawk guardian. May on the other hand, I did help to camp"

Garret: "So what, that's three, four people on your tally of people you've saved?

Jayde:" I didn't save them, just guided them to camp" she shrugged

Garret: "I thought that those two were essentially the same thing. Anyhow, how have you been lately? Anything happen?"

Jayde: "Nothing out of the ordinary for a demigod" she shrugged "What about you?"

Garret: "Same thing. You'd think that "Nothing out of the ordinary for demigods" Would mean getting attacked by monsters and titans from Tartarus, not sitting around a camp waiting for something to happen." He shrugs

Jayde: "I think I might ask around, see if anyone needs another person for a quest"

Garret: "I appreciate you willing to do that, but I think i'll be fine."

Jayde: She laughs "I want a quest too ya know"

Garret: Laughs "Ah no it's fine. But if you somehow get us a quest together, that'd be the best. So, since we're in town, would you like to go somewhere together?"

Jayde: "I'd love to, any idea where to go?"

Garret: "Well, is there a place in particular you'd like to go?"

Jayde: she shook her head " Not really, I kinda just want to spend some time with you. It feels like its been ages since we've talked"

Garret: "Hmm..... Know any good restaurants around here?"

Jayde: "I know there's a Taco Bell" She laughs

Garret: "Tempting... But I was hoping for a place where we can actually sit down and talk as we wait for a good meal."

Jayde: "I don't know, sorry" She shrugged "we could walk around for a while until we find one"

Garret: "Sounds good." Gets up "Well, shall we?"

Jayde: She followed suit and stood up, smiling slightly at Garret "We shall"

Garret: They walk to the middle of town where a bunch of different resturaunts are. They range from different kinds of foods from different countries, French, Italian, Mexican, Sushi, etc. "So anything catch your eye?"

OOC: Sorry for such a late reply :/ College, what can I say?

Jayde: Her eyes wandered across the resturants and spotted a small Greek restaurant. "Oh the Irony" She laughed "Ya know, I've never actually have had Greek food before"

Garret: "Truly ironic indeed. Neither have I. Well it looks like we know what we're doing then. Let's go then." Smiles and takes her there and they get a seat

Jayde: She sits down oppisite Garret and picks up a menu. A waitress approched them . "Hi, could i please have the lamb kebabs and greek salad?" Jayde looked towards Garret. " What are you getting?"

Garret: "I will just have whatever she is having." The waitress nods and goes off to the kitchen. As she leaves, Garret looks like he noticed something, but he quickly shrugs it off

Jayde: She caught his gaze, seeing his expression "You alright?"

Garret: Points at a man with a woman at another table. "It's that couple over there. I thought they were looking at us in a strange way. I might just be imagining it though. I'm not sure."

Jayde: She looked at them wearily and instinctivly twirls her ring around her finger. "Okay, well they're.not acting suspicious now. So lets just enjoy our food" She smiled as the Waitress came back with their orders.

Garret: Garret nods and begins eating. As they finish and pay for their meal, the other couple start looking at Garret and Jayde. "They're looking at us again." They look away "I don't know about you, but I suggest we get out of here and back to camp right now."

Jayde: Jayde nodded, standing up from her chair. "Good idea, let's go."

Garret and Evangeline

Garret: *Was walking around the camp drinking coffee, when he accidentally walks into Evangeline and drops his coffee onto the ground. A small puddle of coffee is formed by their feet* "Damn. There goes some perfectly good coffee."

Evangeline: "Thats a shame" She added, stepping away from the puddle of coffee

Garret: "Hmm... I've never seen you before. Who might you be?

Evangeline: She glanced at him skeptically, deciding weather to trust him or not. "Evangeline; Child of Nike. Who might you be"

Garret: "So you're Enangeline, huh? I'm Garret Clover. Son of.... ugh.... Aphrodite. Anyways, you know Jayde Mansfeild? She told me about you."

Evangeline: "Jayde?" Evangeling smiled slightly "Of course i know her, she's the one that got me to camp. How do you know her?

Garret: "She escorted you here? That's cool. And I happen to be her boyfriend."

Evangeline: "Oh, You're the infamous Garret i've heard so much about" She chuckled behind her hand "Can't get her to shut up about you"

Garret: "Infamous? Ehh... you could say say that, depending on how you flip the coin. And she really never stops talking about me?Wait, if she never shuts up about me, how could you not tell that I was her boyfriend I told you my name?"

Evangeline: "How am i s'posed to know how many Garrets there are here" She replied calmly "Besides, i usually zone out by then"

Garret: "Fair enough. So, What's your backstory?"

Evangeline: "Well i moved here from Belgium a few months ago" She started "Then a giant scorpian started to chase me from the park, Dad was there in the car and he drove me here"

Garret: "Giant scorpions? I had to deal with harpies and hellhounds.

Evangeline: "Yikes" She winced "and i see your still standing"

Garret: "I have more experience killing things than I look."

Evangeline: "That'd help i guess" She mused "So, what? You go hunting or stuff"

Garret: "Well- Actually, no. I'm not gonna tell you. I'm starting to get tired of just suddenly telling people what I do for a living especially since i'm not even supposed to. So if you want to know what I do, go talk to Jayde about it."

Evangeline: "I'd rather hear it from you, if you ever want to tell me" She spoke, her french accent seeping into her voice slightly "So, had any luck getting on a quest or something. I heard that's what you had to get on to be notice around here"

Garret: "Not really. To be honest, even though I can go or even lead quests, I'm not sure how getting to go on quests work. Like do I ask people to on quests with them or what?"

Evangeline: "Don't ask me, I'm new to this stuff"

Garret: "Right. Sorry."

Evangeline: She shurgged "Meh, who cares"

Garret: "So, i'm gonna go find Jayde now. I'll see you around camp. It was nice to meet you. I guess."

Evangeline: "Okay, Nice to meet you" She said "Say high to Jayde for me"


Tiffany and Jayde

Tiffany *Is seen sitting in front of the Hermes Cabin holding a Sailor Moon plushie against her chest, staring at the clouds daydreaming.*

Jayde: She was waling past the Hermes Cabin when she noticed a new face "Hi there, Your new?"

Tiffany: "Huh?!" *Looks away from the clouds to face Jayde* "You startled me. And yes I am new." *Hugs her plushie tighter*

Jayde: "Sorry" She grinned sheepishly "I'm Jayde; Laughton get youd a of Apollo. and you are?"

Tiffany: "Oh no, bit's OK. Sometimes I need someone to bring me back to reality, or else I just get lost in my own little world." *Points at her head* "I'm Tiffany. Hermes' kid."

Jayde: "Nice to meet 'ya Tiffany" She smiled "And don't worry, i get lost in my thoughts all of the time. How long have you been at camp for?"

Tiffany: *Checks her phone* "Uh... about 4 hours."

Jayde: "Whoa, Have you settled in okay then?"

Tiffany: "I have settled into the the cabin here. I didn't bring much with me anyways, but the saytr who brought me here did say he was going to get most of my stuff from my house though."

Jayde: "Do you know anyone else here yet?"

Tiffany: "The only people I know here are Dexter, my old babysitter and saytr who brought me here, and the one guy who was with him. He was cosplaying as Hazama from BlazBlue. He had a tux, a hat, green hair. What was his name again? Hmm..."

Jayde: "Garret?"

Tiffany: *Looks at her surprised* "How did you know that?"

Jayde: "He just so happens to be my boyfriend" She grinned

Tiffany: *Her eyes widened* "Really? HIM? No offense Jayde, but when he and Dexter brought me to camp... He was a kind of an *sshole"

Jayde: "You just have to get to know him, then he's a compleate gentleman. And a charming Dork" She grinned

Tiffany: *Holds her plush doll's mouth up to her ear and looks at Jayde* "I highly doubt we'd get along so great. But we can agree that he does have a good taste in cosplay, even if he IS cosplaying as a character who's a much bigger *sshole than he is."

Jayde: "Could you explain to me who this Hazama guy is" Jayde laughed "I've watched anime. but i've never seen any one resemebling Garret before"

Tiffany: *About to enter fangirl mode* "Ooooh OK, well Hazama is the main antagonist of a very underrated fighting game series called BlazBlue. And let me tell you, this guy is a grade A douchebag! It'd take a long time to explain who he is and how much I DESPISE him, so let me just list off some of the stuff he's done. He cut off the main character's arm and burned down the orphanage he lived in, he managed to pin the blame for that on the main character's brother, he betrayed his comrades after he defeated a creature that destroyed the world called the black beast, which HE created in the first place, he trolled another main character so hard that she actually turned into an antagonist, he takes every opportunity to remind people how f*cked up their lives are, and when I actually fight him, the fight is so.... INFURIATING!!!!! *squeezes her doll really hard, but suddenly stops, looks down at the doll and cuddles it* (Whispers to the doll) I'm so sorry honey! D:

Jayde: Jayde gave a low whistle "Whoa"

Tiffany: *Deep breath* "But I will say that his design is pretty cool, his theme song rocks, and he's fun to play AS. But far from fun to play AGAINST." *Caresses her doll* (Whispers to her doll) "I promise I won't do that again..."

Jayde: "Well, It was nice to meet you Tiffany" Jayde grinned "I'll see you around, yeah?"

Tiffany: "Going to see Garret, i'm guessing. I think he was at the dining pavilion winning at poker and guzzling coffee. Moon and I were glad we met you."

Jayde: "I'm glad to have meet you as well, and thanks. I'll stop by there now" She waved and walked towards the dining pavilion "See ya later"

Tiffany: "Bye Jayde." *Waves back at her* (Talks to her doll) "I know Moon, I really like her too." *Hugs her doll*


Tiffany: *Was walking around the camp, eating a bag of cookies with a Pikachu doll poking its head out of Tiffany's backpack. As she walks around, she notices Jayde* "Oh, Jayde!" *She runs up to her*

Jayde: She looks up from her notebook "Hey Tiff, can i call you Tiff?"

Tiffany: "Oh, sure. Most people I know do." *Smiles and notices her notebook.* "Oooh, are you writing or drawing?"

Jayde: "Okay, Tiff" She giggled "I'm just doing some songwriting"

Tiffany: "Song writing? I wrote stories before but I never wrote songs before. *Eats a cookie and offers her one* "Ginger snaps?"

Jayde: *takes a cookie* "thanks, and yup. I love songwriting, it gives me a way to express my emotions"

Tiffany: "That's cool. I draw and write to express myself too." *Takes out her Pikachu, pets it and takes out a sketchbook labeled "Cute". She shows Jayde some of the drawings and comics inside and all are very well drawn and as the label and the sketchbook implies, all the art looks cute.* "See?"

Jayde: "Wow, they're really good" Jayde grinned

Tiffany: *Smiles* "Thank you. Since I showed you my drawings, can you sing for me?"

Jayde: "Oh, urm sure" She though for a second then sung what she had written on her notebook "Though the winter blows bitter cold,And bright days are done. There's a season we'll soon behold, When we'll all laugh in the sun .Though we danced and sang through the night, Now those nights are none. Soon they'll come a new morning light, We'll sing and dance in the sun"

Tiffany: " "Wow, that was good. My mother is a singer, and that kind of reminded me of her."

Jayde: "Thanks" she laughed

Tiffany: "So, are you... doing anything right now? You know, besides writing songs?"

Jayde: "Nope! What about you?"

Tiffany: "Well nothing really. Wanna hang out somewhere?"

Jayde: "Sure! What do ya want to do?"

Tiffany: "Well I'm usually in my room or daydraming all day, so I don't know this place so well. What is there?"

Jayde: "Have you seen the campfire yet?" Jayde asked "It's always burning and changing colours"

Tiffany: "Oooh, maybe I can find some inspiration by see it then." *Smiles* "Lead the way."

Jayde: She grabbed Tiffany's wrist and dragged her towards the campfire

Tiffany: "Ooooh." *She says mesmerized by it* "It looks so cool."

Jayde: "Right?" Jayde laughed "You should come to the Campfire tonight. My siblings and I lead the sing-a-long"

Tiffany: "Sing-A-Long? I don't know, i'm not exactly a singer like my mom."

Jayde: "not many people like singing here," Jayde laughed "But it's fun anyway

Tiffany: "I'm sure it is, it's just i'm not too good at it. :P" *Sits down and takes out a Hello Kitty plush doll and her sketchbook and starts drawing*

Jayde: She laughed "Well, if you want to come the offer still stands. Have you made any new friends?"

Tiffany: "Besides you? Well there was Zayden from the Apate cabin, Claudette from the Eris cabin, Ariel from the Nike cabin, Cait, who i'm guessing everyone in the whole camp know, and a few more i'm forgetting...? Hmm?" *Looks at her Hello Kitty plush doll* "Oh! And this one girl from the Nemesis cabin named Analeese." *Looks around nervously and whispers to Jayde* "To tell the truth, she scares me though. She used to be a biker and her personality make me really scared around her." *Talks normally* "So yeah, I definitely made some friends." *Smiles*

Jayde: "Awesome! You know more than me" She laughed

Tiffany: "I always did want to make a lot of friends."

Jayde: "Well, you accomplished that didn't you" She laughed

Tiffany:"Yeah, I did. But of course i'd never forget my... other friends." *She hugs her Hello Kitty*

Jayde: She smiled "That's so sweet"

Tiffany: "So are you. I'm really you're my friend Jayde." *She smiles and her phone rings. She picks up then hangs up.* "Oh man, I have to go now. My jack*ss brothers are messing with my stuff again. Maybe we can hang out later?"

Jayde: "I'd love too" She laughed "Good luck"

End Scene

Jayde: Is walking around looking for Tiffany

Tiffany: She is sitting on a bench and is putting a strange teddy bear in her backpack. When she puts it in her backpack she falls asleep right there.

OOC: The bear -->

Jayde: "Tiffany?" She walks over "Hey Tiff?" Shakes her slightly

Tiffany: "Hmm?" She looks up at Jayde "Oh hi Jayde." She said sleepily "What are you doing here?"

Jayde: "Just came to hang out" she smiles " you okay? You seem tired"

Tiffany: Yawns Actually, I don't know. Ever since a few days ago, every time I fall asleep, I wake up feeling more tired than I did before I fell asleep!" She says rubbing her eyes

Jayde: "Have you talked to anyone about it?"

Tiffany: "No, but why do I need to? It's just sleeping problems. I'm sure the problems will fix themselves soon..." Yawns "Hopefully..."

Jayde: "Okay" She says hesitatly

Tiffany: She rubs her eyes and gets up from her seat "So, you wanted to hang out? Okaysies! What did you want to do? Wait... why do I feel so... empty right now? Hmm.... Ah!" She pulls out a Tinker Bell plush doll and hugs it against her face "Much better! Weird. I always have one of my plushie friends with me at all times. Wonder why I didn't have one a second ago..."

Jayde: "Do you want to go to the beach maybe?"

Tiffany: "Well... Okaysies. If you want. You wanna lead the way?"

Jayde: "Sure" She chirped and walked in the direction of the beach "C'mon"

Tiffany: She follows her to the beach and before they arrive, she starts feeling strange. "Huh? Feeling... sleepy again......" As she says this, she drops into the sand, snoring a little

Jayde: "Tiffany!" She gasped and knelt beside her "Hey, Tiff wake up"

Tiffany: As she falls to the ground, her backpack falls and the strange bear falls out. She then slowly gets up and picks up the bear. She looks at Tiffany and her pupils have appeared to have shrunk. She speaks in a high voice. "Hehehehe...... I'm fine.... She utters a somewhat evil giggle

OOC: How Tiffany is talking (The video is over an hour long, but you just need to watch the first minute and listen to how the bear talks. That is how Tiffany is talking) -->

Jayde: She stumbles back a bit on the ground "A-are you sure?"

Tiffany: "Hehehehe... What? You think there's something bear-y wrong with me? Hahaha! That's rich! I'm fine, trust me." She holds the bear's head in front of her mouth and she forms a wicked smile

Jayde : She fought the urge to run instead she took a shaky breath "Okay then, urm who's your friend" She gestured to the bear

Tiffany: She looks down at the bear and faces Jayde "I a- Uh.. this is Monokuma. He's... bear-y special. Let's leave it at that. I believe we were going to the beach? Hehehe...."

Jayde: Monokuma . . . She thought "Right...The beach"

Tiffany: She forms a wicked grin and heads to the beach with Jayde "So..." She sets up a blanket on the sand sits on it "Care to join me?"

Jayde: "Sure" she gave a small smile and sat down beside Tiffany

Tiffany: "So... I hear your mother said she doesn't want you coming home. Because you're too weak to come home. Am I right?"

Jayde: Jayde flinched slightly "I guess you could put it that way, she just wants me to be able to protect myself"

Tiffany: "Is that so? Or is she just gonna be disappointed you can't protect her from harm, when you attract monsters to both of you?" She says trying to bring down Jayde

Jayde: "My mum wouldn't think that" she said quietly

Tiffany: "Oh yes, I guess you'd be right when you say that. After all, she'd be dead before she get to think that when you fail to save her." She says with an full evil smile, trying to bring despair upon Jayde

Jayde: "Stop it"

Tiffany: "What? You never heard of "Sticks and stones? That just proves my point,. How can you even try to save the people you love, if you can't even comprehend mere insults? And to prove my point even further..." She gets off the blanket and knocks down Jayde. She then wraps up Jayde in the blanket and she picks them up and throws them into the water. "If you can't even stop ME from throwing you into water, how can YOU possibly save ANYONE? Hahahahaha!" She awaits Jayde's reaction to what just happened. She also hides the bear before Jayde gets up from the water

Jayde: She untangled herself and emerges from the water, dagger in hand "Tiffany! What the hades is wrong with you"

Tiffany: "Would you REALLY gonna attack your own friend? Just because she's not "herself?" Then come on. Attack me! Stab me! Brutally murder your your own friend! That is if you can handle the bear-y thought of doing so."

Jayde: She stared at Tiffany, then turned the dagger back to her ring "Who are you then, if your not Tiffany"

Tiffany: "Oh... well I AM Tiffany. Just a little different from the quote unquote "REAL Tiffany.". She calls me Monokuma. I am her despair. I was born from despair. I live through despair. I live FOR despair. And I will spread despair to others. But to do that... I need Tiffany." She giggles evilly

Jayde: She stood and stared, not knowing what to do "Oh gods" She muttered under her breath

Tiffany She stops laughing. "Damn... I can feel her waking up. You got lucky little girl. But it's only a matter of time before I take permanent control! And then nothing will stop me from spreading despair. Count on it!" As she says this she drops into the sand snoring a little

Jayde: She took a hesitant step forwards "Tiffany?"

Tiffany: She raises her head to face Jayde. Her eyes are normal and she speaks in her normal voice "*Yawn* Oh hey Jayde. Did you go swimming without me? Wait... Awwe damn it, did I randomly fall asleep again? Man... Maybe this is a real problem..."

Jayde: she smiled tightly "Yeah.. Maybe you should get it checked out"

Tiffany: *Yawn* "Maybe I'm not up for a beach day. I'm gonna head back to camp. Unless you have something we to do or tell me?" She says with a small smile

Jayde: "No" she said quickly "you go, I've got things to do anyway"

Tiffany: Somewhat confused at Jayde's hasty decision, but she shrugs it off "Okaysies. Well I'll see you later then. Yawn Maybe by then, I'll feel better."

Jayde: She smiled half-heartedly and turned on her heel walking back to camp, squeezing some water out of her hair "Feel well soon" She said over her shoulder

Evangeline and Tiffany

Tiffany: *Tiffany was walking around the camp wearing her backpack with a plush doll of Elsa from Frozen poking its head out of it. Tiffany is also carrying a box with a Cinnamon bun in it. But she trips and she drops her cinnamon bun on Evengeline on accident* "OH MY GODS! I'm so sorry about that!"

Evangeline: She bit back a snarky remark and gave the girl a tight smile "It's fine"

Tiffany: "Here, let me wipe that icing off of you." *She takes out napkins from her backpack and does just that. She also shows she's starting to tear up* "Again, i'm so sorry! I should've been more careful with where i'm going and be more careful with my food."

Evangeline: "Look, no ones hurt or anything so it's fine" Evangeline looked down at the girl "It was an old shirt anyway"

Tiffany: "Well... If you say so." *She shows she still feels somewhat uneasy*

Evangeline: "Evangeline Guerin, Nike"

Tiffany: "Huh? Evangeline? That's your name? That's a... unique name. My name is Tiffany Redwood. Daughter of Hermes."

Evangeline: "I'm a unique person" She joked "Nice to meet you Tiffany"

Tiffany: "Oh, well... Nice to meet you too Eve. Can I call you Eve?" *She takes out her Elsa doll*

Evangeline: "Urm. . .Sure"

Tiffany: "So... You mind showing me around camp? I don't mind if you don't want to."

Evangeline: "Sure" She said then looked at her top "But i might have to go change first"

tiffany: "Oh, sure. It's understandable. Since I.... you know..."

Evangeline: "I'll just be a sec, okay"

Tiffany: "Okaysies!" She smiles and waits there

Evangeline: Comes back s few mineuts later "Alright, where do you want to go"

Tiffany: "Well, what's around here to begin with?"

Evangeline: "There's the climbing wall, the pavilion, the beach and there's a town that's not to far from here"

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