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Tiffany and Caitlyn

Caitlyn: ello there

Tiffany: *She is sitting on a bench, hugging a Donutella doll and has a sketchbook in her lap. She was staring at clouds daydreaming and notices Cait.* "Oh!" *Hugs her doll tighter* (Sheepishly) "Hello there."

Caitlyn: she sees the doll and was quite curious about it whats that she asked pointing at her doll

Tiffany: *Looks down at her doll and whispers to it* "It'll be OK honey. *Caresses it and looks at Cait* "This is Donutella. And she's a real sweetheart." *Cuddles it* "Oh sweetie, you're so adorable. I'd eat you right up but, I wouldn't do that to a friend like you." *Notices she's talking out loud* "Uhh....."

Caitlyn: she nods yeah its super cute!!!she said showing her girly side something she never admits too

Tiffany: *As she cuddles it, she puts her ear up to the dolls mouth as if she were listening to it and whispers to it* "I was about to ask her that." *Looks at Cait* "Sooooo, who are you anyways?"

Caitlyn: he makes a 0.0 face seeing tiffany talk to her doll clearly surpriseduhhh but soon snap out of her gaze when tiffany asked about her umm caitlyn and you are?

Tiffany: "I'm Tiffany." *She notices that Caitlyn is surprised by her talking to her doll. "Oh... I bet you think i'm weird don't you? That I like to talk to my dolls?" *Makes sad pouty face*

Caitlyn: she proptly shakes her head wanting to be nice oh god no its not wierd at all she said quicklyanyhow which cabin your in? she said trying to jump topic

Tiffany: "Oh, it's OK. A lot of people think that. It doesn't bother me too much anymore. *Smiles a bit* "Anyways, I'm in the Hermes cabin. Sure, the pranks get annoying, but the cabin itself is nice, and I get internet access. That way I can post more fanfiction online. *Smiles more* "What about you? What cabin are you in?"

Caitlyn: ahh a hermes kid she said wanting to dismiss her first remark as she wanted to be nice I'm in ariadne cabin the mazes and puzzles you know?

Tiffany: "Actually no, I don't know that much. I was never good at remembering Greek mythology. I'm more good at remembering stuff like Avengers, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Attack on Titan. That kind of stuff. :P And you don't need to ignore me talking to my dolls, it's obvious you're trying to avoid it. I get it. It's not exactly normal to talk to inanimate objects. And you don't need to avoid it just to be nice, i'm used to people thinking that and I really don't mind it. But I have an explanation for why I do this."

Caitlyn: she made a 0.0 clearly not use to such person but her words made her curious breakking bad? she asked avenger?she repeated whats that? she said clearly showing how she never heard of the two..

Tiffany: *Stares at her in awe* You seriously don't know what those are? Breaking Bad? The TV show? And the Avengers? The comic book series? At least tell me you've heard of the kick-*ss Avengers MOVIE AT LEAST???"

Caitlyn: she slowly shakes her head nope...never heard of them...she confess

Tiffany: "... I...... I straight up have no words. No words at all." *Holds Donutella up to her ear* "Even Donutella here doesn't believe it." *Pulls out a laptop and an Avengers DVD from her backpack and gives it to Cait* "Here, watch it later, you'll thank me later for it."

Caitlyn: she blinks a few timesok...uhh she said placing the laptop somewhere else I dont exactly like to stay put soo how about I show you camp? she offered not wanting to stay and watch the movie

Tiffany: "OK! I didn't say, "Stay here to watch the movie now," I said, "Here, watch it later." :P" *Smiles, grabs her sketchbook and gets up* "So, where're we going?"

Caitlyn: she looks at the sketch book your a painter? she asked quite surprise

Tiffany: "Oh, well not exactly a painter, but yeah I draw a lot. I want to be a manga artist and I have a lot of stories in my sketchbooks."

caitlyn: ehhh seriously? can I be your first reader maybe? wait...what genre is the comic book?

Tiffany: "If you want to read them I don't see why not. And as for genre, well..." *Pulls out more sketchbooks from her backpack* "I got a lot stories in here, i'll let you choose which one you want. I got action, horror, mystery, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, giant robot, superhero, any genre you want. Just know that even though I made a lot of manga, none of them have proper endings because I work on so many, I never get to actually finish one of them. Not to mention most of them are still ongoing projects. :/ So. what do you want to read?"

caitlyn: looks at all the sketchbooks wow you have soo many how can you keep up with them all she said quite impress

Tiffany: "Well, I've been drawing these for years, I have a lot of time on my hands, and like I said, none of them are actually finished."

caitlyn: she blinks looking at the bag before turning to tiffany then why dont you try and finish some of it? she asked a bit curious of her answer but suddenly realize what she said not that I'm trying to be rude or anything! she said quickly

Tiffany: "Oh, it's OK. I know what you mean. And it's because I come up with a lot of concepts and ideas for new stories in my head, I can't finish the one ones that I start before I come up with a new one."

cait: seriously? cant you just finish one? then we can publish it! she said once again letting her mouth run faster than her brain

Tiffany: "I can TRY to finish one. And I'll look forward to actually publishing one of them." *Tiffany smiles*

cait: if you want i'll be happy to help you with that

Tiffany: "Oh, no. It's fine, I won't need any help. But that is for offering to help. So, what's around here at camp?"

cait: she blinks but I thought you needed someone to sponsor I would love to do that she said quite insisting on her point

Tiffany: "Oh no. You don't have to. I know a some of people who do that kind of stuff. And I don't want to waste your time dealing with it. But... If you really want to, you can do it when I actually finish something."

cait: she gave a little smile as she look at tiffanny I do want to cause i can see potential in you you deserve a chance tiffany trust me the world is big you should spread your wings with that talent of yours rather than letting it go to waste she said as she tried to take one of her work in the bag and if you want I'll help you any way you can she said once more  as she extended her hand toward ehr as we are friends right? she asked with a smile

Tiffany: She smiles "Now we are" She takes her hand and shakes it And please don't take my stuff. If there's anything I need help with, i'll let you know!"

cait: she nods trying to understnd as deep in her heart she knew tiffany was never gonna go to her at the thought she let out a chuckle as she was reminded of herself when she was younger sure she said as she gave a smile giving tiffany a firm shake to tell her that she can be dependent on anyhow you wanna catch a bite or see some sights? she asked as she spread her arms and show the whole of camp cause there's a lot of places to see and soo many place to go

Tiffany: "Why not? After all, a person needs to get familiar with her new home. I've just been locked in my room daydreaming so far since I've got here. So, any place in particular you wanna show me? Favorite place around camp maybe?"

cait: she blinks a few times as she begins to think looking up in the sky hoping to get some sort of inspiration favorite place? she said repeating Tiffany's words there's soo much to pick actually she conffess looking back at tiffanyno wait...she said suddenly having a thought but ......she suddenly stoping herself from continuing she shakes her head dismissing the thought never mind lets go eat she said changing the subject

Tiffany: "OK! Whatever you want!" She smiles

cait: she was a tiny bit dissapointed when tiffany didnt push for an answer but dismisses it as she didnt want her to feel awkward sooo where do you wanna go town or just stay in camp?

Tiffany: "Hmm.... Is there anything good in town? What's there?"

cait: well its kinda just a walking distance from camp but it is dangerous cause its you know out of camp and all but there's a ton of stuff to do there like there's a shopping mall where you can buy anything you want and the pizzaria there is divine!

Tiffany: "So, going there sounds like our plan. You wanna show the way?"

cait: she nods sure she said as she started to walk but wait wanna go through the long and seneric way or the short and rough way or just the plain old road we all know?

Tiffany: "Doesn't matter. If you wanna go long and scenic, I won't stop you." She smiles

cait: ok then lets go to the...suddenly a girl placed her hands on caits shoulders

suzaku: caity! she said with her happy go lucky voice before turning to see tiffany ehh who's this? she said tilting her head moving next to cait giving tiffany a clear view of her stripped long sleeved t shirt and jeans. Her hair was in a bun but her face shows true asian complexion

cait: she rolls her eyes at the brunette girl how many times do I have to say its cait not cathy and this is tiffany, tiffany meet suzaku she's a nymph

Tiffany: Spooked by Suzaku appearing out of nowhere "Oh! Well... Hi there." She hugs her Donutella doll slightly tighter

suzaku: she titls her head looking at tiffany trying to see a more clear look at the hermes child but then she spots her doll ehhh is that a donutella? she asked as she came a bit close to her sooo cool!!! she yelled out a bit impress

cait: she makes a 0.0 face you know of that doll? she asked with a surprised voice

suzaku: of course I travelled a lot before I came here and its soo cute!

Tiffany: Her eyes bright up instantly "You know Donutella?! OMG, I love it so much!" Hugs her doll and cuddles it "I got it at an anime convention and thought it she was the cutest thing ever! If she were a real donut, i'd eat her right up!" She smiles

cait: she realizes how fast tiffany warms up to suzaku and begins to grin hey tiffany you wont mind suzaku joining us right?? she said as she placed both hands on suzaku's shoulder making her turn to cait

suzaku: makes a 0.0 face for what lunch?

cait : she rolls her eyes just come

Tiffany: "Oh yeah sure! I have no problems!" She giggles "After all, we're all friends here right?" she walks behind them and puts her arms on their shoulders "So, where we eating Cait?"

cait: at the moment tiffany place her arms on her shoulder she turns to suzaku pizza?

suzaku: feeling bad she nodded her head fine lets go

Tiffany: She walks with the two girls to wherever Cait is taking them and looks at Suzaku's face "Why the long face?"

suzaku: realizes tiffany was asking her thus she forces a smile nothing just remembering...she paused a bit looking to the sky something....

cait: your always remembering suzaku..anyhow she looks around and see the pizza place lets go ...

Tiffany: They all go into the pizza place and they grab a table. "So, what are we eating?

"'suzaku: other than the obvious pizza?

cait: what kind of pizza thats what she meant suzaku....

suzaku: oh? ok hmm ..she said as she picked up the menu and looked at it I really dont mind...

'cait: she scans the menu as well same how about you tiffany?

Tiffany: "So neither of us care what to get. Let's just get a huge *ss Pepperoni then okaysies?"

suzaku: hearing her words both cait and suzaku turn toward one another I like you...she said as she placed her menu down

cait: she rolls her eyes what ever you say suzaku...anyhow hmmm what to talk about?

Tiffany: "Well, I like to talk about almost anything really. TV, movies, music, video games, that kind of stuff." She says waiting for their pizza

cait: welll tv and movies are never my thing..she said simply as she looked around waiting for the waiter to come

suzaku: and I just came out of olympus soo video games and music aint really my stuff she continued as she shrugs sorry tiffany...

Tiffany: "Awe that's fine. So Suzaku, you said you traveled a lot, you been to Japan before?"

cait: she continues to sip her drink yeah...not my favorite place...

suzaku: been there once with ichiro but didnt see much why?

Tiffany: "Well, me and my mom have been there a couple of times. She's an actor and we travel to other places to shoot movies or something like that from time to time. I loved seeing Japan myself. But anyways, why do you say that Suzaku? Bad times there or something?"

suzaku: she laughs as she shakes her head no dont worry I like japan and its culture its just I was there with ichiro who isnt that fun to be with..

cait: your own fault for hitching a ride with him

suzaku: yeah dont remind me

Tiffany: "So, who's this "Ichiro"?person? A friend?"

suzaku: a guy that hates me...she said as she took one of the soda's and took a sip pepsi really cait??

Tiffany: "Care that elaborate why this guy hates you? ... And why you hate Pepsi apparently?"

cait: she doesnt hate it she's just being a drama queen she said slowly as she shakes her head like seriously suzaku be an adult for like what 3 minutes??

Tiffany: "I see. So what about Ichiro?"

suzaku: ichiro? oh he's just this demgiod friend of ours that is a child of hebe he's very very strict and boring as suzaku continued to bad talk a figure came up behind her giving her a vibe making her promptly stop he's right behind me isnt he? she asked to cait whom eyes was straight to the man standing behind suzaku

walter: my what a lovely conversation the two are having said antoher boy coming out from behind the first man right ichiro? he asked trying to use his powers to cool ichiro down

ichiro: he just rolls his eyes and went to the counter

walter: he took suzaku soda and slowly drink a bit nervous man suzaku you missed a bomb...he said a bit nervous then spotting tiffany oh hey there ...

Tiffany: She looks at Walter and holds her Donutella against her chest. "Who's this guy?"

walter: he blinks a few times at the donutella doll uhh he said before cait kicks his leg whcih made him winches from pain umm walter minner...

Tiffany: "Friends of yours?" She says to Cait and Suzaku

cait: she nods he's like me 3 years camper..

Tiffany: "Oh cool!" Extender her hand "I'm Tiffany. I'm new here. It's nice to meet you... I guess."

walter: his eyes was astill focus on the doll but he still extends his arm it nice to see you too I guess tiffany??

Tiffany: "Yup! Daughter of Hermes." She holds up her doll "And this here is Donutella. If she could talk she'd say hi." Cuddles it (Under her breath) "Just the cutest little thing"

walter: having a good sense of hearing he heard tiffany soft words uhh he said before he felt his feet being kicked by cait uhh may I hug it? he asked a bit awkward of this conversation

Tiffany: Hugs her doll tighter and keeps it away from him "Mine!" She said pouting "And there's no need to hide it, you all obviously want to know what's my deal with my toys. If you think it's weird, i'm more than willing to discuss it. And just in case you're wondering, yes I am fully aware I talk to and care for inanimate plush dolls."

walter:' he took a few seconds to process what tiffany said uhhhh ...was the only words that he could say

cait: she laughs sorry tiffany but walter here is a bit of a jock...soo you know how jocks are...

Tiffany: "Oh, I see. I was never into sports personally." A waitress arrives and puts the pizza on the table "Ooh! Sweet! Let's eat!" She grabs the first slice and starts eating.

walter: he glares at cait for her words as despite the fact she did just save him she didnt have to make such elaborated story to help him out jocks...he said slowly as he looks at ichiro who was captured by a few girls seems like ichi needs help...he said to himself bye guys...he continued before leaving the girls to help his dear friend out

suzaku: one jock out of the way...she said slowly as she took a slice from the pizza this smells divine! she said smelling the pizza before taking a bite the taste...umm...she said slowly as she was used to olympus food can be alternate I guess...

Tiffany: She talks as she eats the pizza "I see that Ichiro is quite the ladies guy. What's his story?"

cait: she looks at ichiro who was just saved by walter him? oh thats easy rich ..and you know what they say people only care about you when your beautiful,dying or rich...she said simply as she takes a bite of the pizza

suzaku: she tunrs to cait after finishing her pizza but your rich and nobody cares about you...she said simply

cait: she rolls her eyes there's exception to the rule apparently...

Tiffany: "Only like him because he's rich?" She looks down with a somewhat sad look on her face "I know how that feels. And not in a good way."

suzaku: she turns to tiffany a bit interested your rich? she asked flatly earning caitlyn's kick owe!! what I wanted to know!! cait gave her a death glare

Tiffany: "You should really stop doing that Cait. If people want to know about me, I'm happy to answer. Really, it doesn't bother me. Anyways, yeah, I'm rich. My moms does all kinds of things like act, direct movies, sing, write, all sorts of stuff, so I have a lot of money."

suzaku: she raises ehr eye brow you won wont mind paying then she said simply before cait elbowed her hard OWE cait !! come on I'm being truthful! she even said she doesnt mind soo stop it...she said as she rub her elbow a bit hurt

cait: she rolls her eyes I'm paying and I know but your just a newb and soo innocent at that...cait said a bit motherly

Tiffany: "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" She said starting to sound a little mad

suzaku: she and cait was quick to catch tiffany tone and being the 'older' one there she quickly got up and hugged she didnt mean it that way....

Tiffany: "Well... Alright. But just cause I'm new here doesn't mean I'm dumb or weak. I can handle questions and am willing to do stuff like pay for a lunch."

suzaku: wellll if you dont mind how about we go shopping then?

Tiffany: "Sure why not?"

suzaku: sooo designer or thrift shop? she asked quickly not wanting to be rude

Tiffany: "I don't mind going to designer." She smiles

suzaku; ewww itchy clothing! she said quickly

Tiffany: "Then why'd you suggest it?"

suzaku: she shrugs welll i thought I should be nice but then again lets go for the itchy clothing stores! she said pointing at a random store

cait: she was silent for a few mintes looking at suzaku attics she let out a sigh you do know there's alternative to that store right? like the mall??

suzaku: there's a mall??? she said turning to cait shocked

Tiffany: "You didn't know that? I'm new here and even I know there's a mall. Yeah, let's go there!"

suzaku: she makes a 0.0 face seriously! that is soo not fair!

cait: she rolls her eyes at suzaku's tantrum you do know you could have check the map I gave you..

'suzaku: I got lost with that thing now way she made a :P face

Tiffany: "So, the mall?"

suzaku: yes!! she said as she threw her fist to the sky I wantt o buy stuff till I cannot buy anymore!

cait: she whacks suzaku's head its not your money!

Tiffany: "Come on you two let's go!" She starts going to the mall with the two and as they walk Tiffany whispers in Suzaku's ear "Is Cait always that violent?"

suzaku:she laughs as she slowly shakes her head slowly she's just worried bout you tiff you are a demigod...she said slowly

Tiffany: "Oh... Well Okay." She odesn't say a word until they get there "So, what do we get first?"

suzaku: oh I dont know what do you say cait? she said looking back to see cait wasnt there what the...she said slowly having a slight fear in her heart please dont....she said slowly..

Tiffany:' Looks at Suzaku concerned "What's wrong?"

suzaku: pushes a fake smile dont worry about it she might got hungry and maybe went for mcd? she lied even if her face shows more truth than her words

Tiffany: "But we just ate pizza. Why would she.... You're worried about her aren't you? You wanna tell me something about it? Don't worry you can tell me anything." She forms a reassuring smile

suzaku: she continues to smile that fake smile uhh cait has a big stomach? she said trying to push the liebut dont worry its cait she knows what's gonna...suddenly a gun shot was heard of course the crowd panic making suzaku turn to tiffany and tried to take her hand come on!

Tiffany: Runs with Suzaku "What the heck was that?!"

suzaku: she just maneuver her way around the crowds trying to make way for her and tiffany less talking more walking kid!

Tiffany: Runs with Suzaku until they reach the place where the gunshot came from "What's going on here?!"

suzaku: were you deaf or something did you hear that gun shot!? she asked sarcastically

Tiffany: "No shit! But I meant who shot what? And why?"

suzaku: how would I know I was with you! she said simply despite her heart knowing what happen...

Tiffany: "Well I think this is where the gunshot came from. See anything or anyone suspicious or hurt?" She says as she looks around for the shooter or the one shot

suzaku: she shakes her head quickly no your going back to camp its dangerous here we cant have a situation where landon gets another demigod! she said quickly

Tiffany: "Landon?"

suzaku: she quickly close her mouth with her hands never mind the fact still stands you need to go back to camp!

Tiffany: "Fuck that! Cait is somewhere here and she need our help! I'm not leaving until I know all 3 of us are alright!" She shows off her bracelets with keychains a on them. The keychains detach from the bracelets and grow in size, turning into 2 full sized Final Fantasy gunblade swords. "And nothing you say is gonna change my mind!"

suzaku: she raised her eyebrow well then it seems like I need to push you then...she said simply as she raised her hands to which was ironically caught by a man twice her size

'guy: why hello there....said the man calmly

Tiffany: Astonished and kind of scared by the man's size. "Uh... Friend of yours Suzaku??"

suzaku: she struggled to get her hands out of the mans grip but being a girl she was weak thus she resolved to kicking the man to which she succedded and the man in pain let her go thus in the moment of chance she tries to take tiffany's hand come on lets get a move on!

Tiffany: She runs with Suzaku grabbing Her hand "But what about Cait, or the shooter? And who was that guy???"

suzaku:run first ask question later please!!!she said as she tries to push the crowd

Tiffany: Both Suzaku and Tiffany run out of the mall and the guy they ditched is nowhere to be seen "Okay, we're out of the mall, now, answers damnit."

suzaku: dismiss her as she press her fingers onto her lips shhhhhhh!!!

Tiffany: Takes her hand off her "No, I will not be quiet and will not go anywhere else until I get answers damn it!" She pouts

suzaku: oh god please would you rather have some answer or your life!!! suzaku asked a bit panicked

Tiffany: "If I don't know what i'm running from or why then naturally, I WOULD WANT A FUCKING ANSWER. EXPLAIN DAMN IT!" She said seriously getting cheesed off now

suzaku: she rolls her eyes answer would get you kill!! she said soo loudly'

Tiffany: Tiffany takes out her bracelet and the keychain on it turns into a long sword and she points it at Suzaku, looking like she's angry enough to strange a cyclops now "JUST.... EX.... PLAIN!!! D:<"

suzaku: she gulped calm down cant we just go to camp calmly? she said in a bit of a panic state

Tiffany: Places the tip of the sword on Suzaku's throat "TALK. NOW."

suzaku: she forced a smile I'll talk if you can fight those two behind you..she said pointing behind tiffany when two guys started to walk toward them

Tiffany: Tiffany looks at them, still pointing her sword at Suzaku, but forms another sword and points it at them Who might you two be? Or ar you not going to cooperate?

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