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Sun-bin, Cody and Matteo

  • Sun-bin: She was taking a bite of her mayonnaise salad, a bit scared of how it would taste. She bought it yet it looked disturbing. Setting it off to the side, she watched around her, looking at the different demigods. My child would be two years old, she thought, but she quickly pushed it away from her mind. Change was in the air and she desperately needed something to get her mind off Apollo. She put a hand through her auburn hair and sighed.
  • Cody: After Cody walked into town with Matteo, the two came back to camp with ice cream cones. Cody was wearing an outfit similar to this. If one were to see Cody and Matteo together, they'd probably think they were a couple. Especially after Cody can be seen using a napkin to get the melted ice cream all over Matteo's hands and mouth.
  • Sun-bin: Sun-bin looked at them, trying not to stare. She thought out loud, "Can this boy eat or does he just have an issue with ice cream and the dessert?" Getting up finally, getting tired of sitting on a bench, she got up to throw out her salad, accidentally dropping it on the boy's shoe.
  • Matteo: After Sun-bin dropped the salad on Matteo's shoes, he looked down at his feet and almost instantly tears formed in his eyes as he looked at Cody, "Daddy s-she spilled salad on my shoes!"
  • Cody: At first Cody wasn't going to say anything, after all how does he say you got salad on my son's shoes without making it seem weird. But when Matteo starts tearing up he feels like he has to. "Um, excuse me. Are you gonna say sorry at least?"
  • Sun-bin: She instantly lowered herself to clean up the boy's shoes with the napkins she had that she got with the salad. Of course being pregnant makes you pretty lazy and being rich and pregnant, well, you have maids. "You know, I don't suggest calling your date 'daddy'. Unless of course he's your sexual partner then I would suggest not doing that in public," she said being the slight-know-it-all she was. She didn't lose her smart-ass/intelligent side completely.
  • Cody: Cody glared at Sun-bin after her reply and then before Matteo could say anything, Cody decided to pull Matteo so he was standing behind Cody. "First off, just because you see us together eating ice cream automatically makes us a couple? And second off he has every right to call me daddy because for one, I am his father. So why don't you take your know it all personality elsewhere."
  • Sun-bin: She rolled her eyes. "No but seeing from that classical 'clean me up' ice cream looking, I'm assuming otherwise," she said with a bit of attitude in her voice. Hearing the last piece of words made her soften up a bit. She bit her bottom lip. "Sorry, I didn't realize he was your child," she said stuttering a bit. Clutching her abdomen as if she could remember the baby, her expression changed a bit. Throwing out the rest of the stuff, she tried her hardest not to say anything rude again. Or at least offensive."
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