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  • Kristjana: It's 5:42, and she knows that means he'll arrive in less than a minute. She slips out from beneath the duvet, trading her pyjamas in favour of a short-cut black dress. There's no need for the four-inch heels which she can barely walk in, so she just goes for a pair of flats, keeping her earbuds in as she sat on the cabin doorstep. She's almost tempted to roll her eyes at her own idiocy - it's just a something. A nameless something, right? If she couldn't name it, surely it couldn't be that important. The two sides (Maybe I Like Him and Maybe I Don't, both of whom make excellent arguments and she can't choose a side) fight in her brain as Twin Skeletons fills her head. The whole while, she is watching out for him.
  • Elliot: He was walking down the usual path explained above, wearing a leather jacket, a beanie, and some khakis. His boots were covered in snow due to him kicking the light white powder as he walked. He half expected to see Kristjana watching him, and when he saw her he smiled, controlling his laughter to a bare minimum. He then stopped walking and stood there looking at Kristjana, waiting for her to come outside.
  • Kristjana: Kristjana notices Elliot almost instantly, and steadily gets to her feet, a twinkle in her eye, which is quickly joined by a small smile. Quickly replacing her earbuds with a scarf, she comes out to join him, all thoughts of lyrics long gone as her feet sink into the snow, it being just at her ankle due to difference in height. Flakes are already in her raven-black hair by the time she makes it to him, an amused expression on her face. "Hey, Santa," she jokes, obviously referencing to his white-caked boots, "where's your esteemed steeds? Cupid and Donner and...whoever the rest of them are?"
  • Elliot: He smirks, "They're resting in the stables, until then I have to deliver all these presents by myself." He moves his hands in a motion as if indicating he was throwing a sack of toys over his shoulder, "It's tough work being Santa you know."
  • Kristjana: Kristjana's smile grows a little. "Lazy reindeer you've got then, huh?" She points out with a raised eyebrow, eyes filled with mirth as she resists falling into a fit of giggles. "Delivering presents on foot, though, Santa? Not an effective method I've heard of. Must make your job even harder, huh?" Chuckling a little, she decides the joke has run its course. "Hey, Elliot. What's up?" Her fingers run through her hair, which is slightly wet from fresh and melting flakes.
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