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Rykal: he was playing with his yo yo near the tyche cabin with hanz by his side staring at his yo yo both were wearing their usual wear as hanz was sitting on the fresh grass staring at rykal as he played with his yo yo you know staring wont help you learn these tricks...he said slowly as he did the [1] hanz was super impress as he made a 0.0 face seeing the trick now you do it...he said as he passed the yo yo to hanz whom just stared at it dude you want to do some thing special for tuppie right? take a chance I'm already here so now do something with it...

hanz: he sigh as he take the yo yo your covered with insurance right? he asked trying to make a joke

Rykal: he glared at hanz not taking the joke in just do it dude...he said as he sat on the grass waiting for hanz who froze I can wait all day...he said slowly forcing hanz to move trying to do a trick with the yo yo.

hanz: hey this is easier than...he said slowly when suddenly the yo yo string snapped making the yo yo move.....uhhh....

Lucky: He was headed out of the Hades cabin with his coffee brown knitted v-neck sweater over a white round neck shirt. He walked out with his hand tucked in the pocket of his jeans while the other held the juice box of an apple juice he was sipping. He noticed two guys playing with something... a yo-yo, he assumed. It'd been a long time since he ever saw one. Kids nowadays play with their gadgets. Out of curiosity, he approached them. "Hey guys!" he casually greeted them with a friendly smile.

hanz: both guys turn to him rykal of course turn away as he picked up his yo yo where as hanz felt the need to be more friendly for he remembers his days of being new hi...he said as he offers his hand trying to smile I'm hanz and thats rykalhe points to rykal

rykal: he kept silent as as he gave a weak salute putting the yo yo into his pocket pulling out another yo yo and starting to play with that one

hanz: seeing rykals 'encouragement' he sigh ignore him...soo whats your name...

Lucky: He took out his hand from his pocket and shook Hanz' hand. "Nice to meet you, Hanz! I'm Lucky." He looked at Hanz' companion and he didn't seem like he wanted any strangers butting in. He took another sip of the juice before doing another attempt of talking to Rykal. When he noticed he took out another yo-yo, he thought that would be a great opportunity. "Cool yo-yo, man," he commented. "Haven't seen one in years."

rykal: he kept silent as he started to do a few tricks with his yo yo after a while the yo yo landed on his hand yeah thanks...he said slowly as he continued back to his own world

hanz:sooo lucky which cabin you from?? he asked trying not to discourage the newb

Lucky: He took Rykal's silence as a sign of avoidance from a conversation. "Oh-kay..." he awkwardly said just took another sip of the juice. Good thing his friend was friendly. "Hades," he answered, biting the straw and then sipped from it again. "How 'bout you guys? You brothers?"

Rykal: the moment lucky asked that he made a mistake and the yo yo flew pass do we look like brothers to you? he asked a bit harsh before playing with his yo yo again

Hanz: he shakes his head sighing no...I'm a tyche kid and rykal there is a paleamon kid..he said slowly as he noticed rykal flinching at the moment paleamon was mention anyhow are you new? he asked as he disregarded the flinch..knowing what the story behind that was

Lucky: His eyes widened as the yo-yo flew to his direction but he was able to move away to dodge it. Rykal's coldness did not add to any good impressions he just made to Lucky. But he still felt sorry that perhaps he touched a sensitive subject. "Sorry," he muttered. Then he turned to Hanz and answered, "Nope. Well, kind of. I'll be one month old in a few weeks."

OOC: Am I correct to assume that the yo-yo flew to Lucky's direction? Sorry because you just said "flew pass" so I don't really know where it's headed :P Just tell me if my assumptions are incorrect

Rykal: thats our definition of new...he said bluntly as he could for his people skills was truthfully lacking

hanz: he coughed signalling rykal to keep quite so your like rykal then he's new too..he said smiling as kindly as he could hoping to discourage rykal's cold demeanor how are you liking camp?

Lucky: He just kept quiet as a reaction to what Rykal said. Lucky shrugged. "Yeah, yeah, pretty much," he answered to Hanz with a small smile. "Camp's great!" he added. "I get to meet lots of new people."

Rykal: and leave some old ones...he said sadly as he was reminded of his past he had a sad smile on his face as he looks away to the horizon

Hanz: he himself had a sad smile as he was reminded of his own past yeah....he closed his eyes trying to find some sort of serenity but you have to move on and look forward to the future...he said after a moment of silence placing his hand on rykal let go...only then would you find true peace dude...

Lucky: He patted both of their shoulders, biting the straw while the almost empty juice box hung by the other end. "Hey! Cheer up!" he told them with an attempt to grin with his teeth holding the straw tight. He didn't exaxtly know what to say and only was it at that moment that Lucky realized that he wasn't alone. Demigods have their own sad stories. "Hanz here is right." He took a last sip of the juice before crushing the box in his hand. "I don't know what you guys have been through but all I know is that you're not alone."

Rykal: he shrugs yeah....he said calmly looking up being reminded of his so call 'father' figure I'll never be like him...he said once more as he shakes his head gently anyhow whats your story how did you find camp?

Lucky: He smiled and felt happy that Rykal started asking about him. It made Lucky think that Rykal might not be so cold after all. "Like you, I also left some loved ones behind..." he trailed off, remembering that he wasn't the only one who left but also he himself was left by someone dear to him. He masked his sadness with a chuckle. "But, oh boy, was the trip to camp ever so fun!" he said with a wide smile. "I met two friends actually. Trevor and Celia. I haven't seen them for a while. They're the ones who brought me to camp but I think they're traveling the world right now looking for more demigods to take to camp," he explained.

Hanz: he saw Rykal nodded his head before going off back to his own world once more Soooo have you explored camp? he said trying to make this convo as lively as he possibly can

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