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Kyle Jäger - ♔ Son of Limos ♔
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He offered his hand and looked at Bryce's new clothing "I'm Kyle Jäger, son of Limos..." He continued staring at Bryce's chest "Damn. You're hot, but... Mind if I ask you if that shirt you are wearing is a girl's shirt?"


Bryce: While Shaking his hand Bryce said. "Thank i guess....." He then let go of the Kyle's hand and let it fall to his side. "This shirt..." Bryce said grabbing the chest area of his shirt. "Nah my friend in there ask one of her brothers for one of their t-shirts."

Kyle: "Was he gay? It looks pretty effeminate."

Bryce: "Hmmm im not to sure maybe." As Bryce stood there looking down to his shirt he looked up for a second to see Mason Masters the guy he had returned to camp with. "Hey Mason!!" Bryce said walking past Kyle and going to give the Son of Boreas a freindly bro hug.

Mason: as mason continued to walk he suddenly heard a voice call out to him. He looked to the source of the voice and saw Bryce King the child of Zeus he came back to camp with. "Hey Bryce what's up" Mason said with his usual british accent.

Kyle: Kyle looked behing him to see both guys hugging each other "Mason?"

Mason: Mason looks away from the Son of Zeus and a multiple of emotions rush through him as he lsays his eyes on Kyle. When Mason left came he had broke thing off with Kyle beacuase he didnt want Kyle to be waiting for him. "Hey Kyle surprised to see me?" He said while rubbing his neck with his right hand while looking to the son of Limos.

Kyle: Kyle smiled and walked toward Mason, his mouth gaping open as abl teatrfell down his left eye "Perplexed"

Mason: A tears also fell from Mason's eye. "I missed you." He said inching closer to Kyle.

Kyle: He grinned and hugged Mason very tightly. Hi arms were pressed against Mason's lean but sculpted body.

Bryce: seeing the two hugging and talking bryce decided to leave and give them some space.

Mason: Mason hugged Kyle back as a few tears fell from his eyes. "Im sorry for leaving you it was a big mistake."

Kyle: Kyle then pulled back and saw Mason's glassy eyes. He smiled and with his hand put a strand of Mason's hair behind his ear just before leaning in to his mouth.

Mason: as mason noticed Kyle leaning he also leaned forward and closed the gap between them. For a short while it was as if the world around but, sadly Mason pulled back and smiled to Kyle. "So how about we go to the beach and talk i wanna know everything that happened to you while i was gone."

Kyle: He blushed and got anxious and nervous. Lots of stuff had happened since Mason had gone and he wasn't sure if he'd take it nicely. "Sure"

OOC Comments

Muse: I know they didnt break up he just left but i thought it would add some drama. Oh and also u never mentioned if insead of me making allison if we could just do ur hermes char and my char ariana?

Xax: Okay. It's fine I guess :) I changed my post btw

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