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  • Luciella: She was walking along, humming a little tune.
  • Lina: she was doing a split before she noticed she could not get free
  • Luciella: She noticed the girl do a split. She winced a bit, doing a split was pretty painful for her. She waited for a few seconds before noticing the girl hasn't stood up yet. She walked over to her and offered a hand. "That looks pretty painful." she noted.
  • lina: she shakes her head not really painful she confessed cause I got use to doing it...but I always forget how to get out...she sigh to herself
  • Luciella: She offered her hand. "Here, let me help you get up."
  • Lina: she takes her hand ok thanks! she smiled before taking her hand back waaaait....people say dont trust can I trust you??she asked a bit suspicious of liciella
  • Luciella: She blinked twice. "I'm just helping you get up, is all." She said with a shrug.
  • Lina: she shurgs but you could kill me...
  • Luciella: She let out a small laugh. "I could but... I'm not in the mood for killing right now."
  • Lina: she tilts her head why so?
  • Luciella: "Well, it's spring. I wouldn't want to ruin my mom's work by splattering blood on the plants." She said with a shrug. 
  • Lina: she tilts her head you have a mom wow I'm jealous
  • Luciella: "Yes but I don't see her that much. In fact, I've never seen her at all in my life." She said with a sigh and a dejected tone of voice.
  • lina: she tilts her head your a demigod?
  • Luciella: She nods "Daughter of Demeter."
  • Lina: wow!! I never met a demeter kid before I'm a woodpecker nymph
  • Luciella: "Cool! A nymph. I've seen some nymphs when I was a child but I never got to meet them. That reminds me, my name is Luciella. Nice to meet you!"
  • Lina:ohhh nice name I'm Erlina but people call me lina for no apprent reason...
  • Luciella: She smiled. "Thank you. And I think they gave you a nickname. "
  • Lina: she shrugs its still isnt my name and its weird being called lina
  • Luciella: "M'kay. Should I call you Erlina or...?"
  • Lina: she shrugs i dont know isnt it still the same??
  • Luciella: She shrugged. "I'll just call you Erlina"
  • Lina: she nods i'm not in trouble right?
  • Luciella: "No, not really." She shook her head.
  • lina: she smiles ok then now what?
  • Luciella: She shrugged "I dunno"
  • Lina: she blinks a few times lets eat !!
  • Luciella: "To be honest, I am kinda hungry so why not?" She replied with a smile.
  • Lina: she nods yur paying kidnappershe said simply as she skips to town
  • OOC:random at its best
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