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Romulus Osborne ~ Son of Apollo

Darkness is the absence of light.
Character's Bio

 Age: 18  Height: 6ft 6in  Weight: 161 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken
 Birth Place: Houston, Texas  Main Weapon: Twin Celestial Bronze Swords
 Accent: American
 – Light makes the world a better place

Character's Powers

 3 month Powers of Apollo

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Maxine Gregory -Child of Aphrodite
Age= 15 Height= 5'1" Weight= 77kg
Sexuality= Straight Health Status= Healthy
Nationality= American
Species= Demigod Main Weapon= CB sword

 – Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.



Romulus: She is sitting in a tree reading a book and relaxing

Maxine: Strolling around camp, she passed by a tree where there sat a guy, focusing himself in the book he seems to be reading. Since she barely got into a conversation with a guy (except for his guy half-siblings), she approached him first by sitting beside him, maintaining cautious distance. "Uhmm.. hey?"

Romulus: He didn't notice that she came and looked but then saw her and smiled "Hey"

Maxine: She gave him a friendly smile and nodded at the book he was holding. "So, what's about that book you're reading?" She giggled. "You're outside, reading a book, missing this beautiful scenery around you. Well, it's good since you're able to relax that way." She said as she leaned her back on the tree trunk.

Romulus: He smiles "Well what do you do to relax? sometimes I close the book and look at the scenery and relax"

Maxine: She ponders in response to his question. "Hmm.. I don't know. I just like to be alone and being alone for me is relaxing." She sighs. "I don't know why no one approaches me. I'm always the one who'll first approach. Maybe I'm weird?" She turns to him, waiting for his response.

Romulus: "No that isn't weird I always wanted someone I can spend time with." He looks at her with a smile "I know how it feels"

Maxine: Maxine sighed again, but this one in relief. Since she got here in camp, she wanted to meet a person who know how she feels and is also experiencing it. "Good to hear that. By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet." She led out her hand, expecting a simple handshake from him. "I'm Maxine Gregory. Daughter of Aphrodite. Nice to meet you!" She happily said, giving him an eyesmile after.

Romulus: He shakes her hand and then makes a ball of light appear "Romulus Osborne Son of Apollo my good lady" He smiles

Maxine: "Hmm.. I'm impressed." She said, referring to the ball of light that appeared infront of her earlier. "By the way, do you mind if I call you Rome? Romulus is too long for me." Exchanging him a smile for the nth time.

Romulus: "Sure but nobody else but you can I would call you max but that sounds to much like a guys name why do people not approach you? You are a very likeable and pretty person"

Maxine: She laughed. "It's fine. I think Max is a cool nickname for someone like me." She said, giving herself a reassuring thumbs up before laughing once again. "I don't know. It's just between two options: I'm scary or I'm weird as a daughter of Aphrodite."

Romulus: He looks over at her lifts and eyebrow and smiles "You are definitely not scary max you are a very nice person"

Maxine: "People have different perspectives, you know." She said as she gaze her eyes upwards, admiring the view of the sky from where she is seated. "You see me like that but others that haven't talked to me may not."

Romulus: "I agree but I wonder what action makes people reach such a conclusion" he lies down next to her and looks at her face admiring her beauty

Maxine: She nods, in approval of what he just said. "That's what I was talking about earlier. Maybe I'm weird. I just need a friend."

Romulus: He smiles "Well you got one right here if you want"

Maxine: "You said so." She said and politely gets the book from him. "Hmm.." Opens it and scans every page. "What's this about? You haven't answered that question earlier."

Romulus: "Oh that is just a book on the stories of my father" He says the back has a page will a sketch of Maxine which he was quietly making when she was walking as well as some music.

Maxine: She turns to the last page and saw his drawing of her. "Hey, you're good. Seriously. You're into arts and music?" She asked him, giving him back the book.

Romulus: He sees he found the picture of her and blushes slightly and looks down "Yes" he says

Maxine: She chukles as he saw her blush and look down. "It's very rare for a guy like you to be into these stuffs. No offense!"

Romulus: "It is one of the softer parts of my nature according to my siblings"

Maxine: "Well, that's good to hear. A handsome guy like you that has this soft side. Interesting." She said and an idea came up of her mind. "Mind to walk with me? It's pretty boring if you'd just sit here and read, right?" She asked him, about to stand up.

Romulus: "Sure" he says with a bright smile as he quickly gets up and offers his hand

Maxine: Successfully stands up with the help of Rome, she stretched her arms. "So, where to?" She asks him.

Romulus: "Ah that is up to the good lady" he says with a smile and a chuckle

Maxine: "Oh, so you're also a gentleman." She laughs before thinking of available places to go. "The beach? Coffee shop? Or should we just stroll around?"

Romulus: "Well we could change and I could pick you up from your cabin and we go to the beach?" He says with a smile

Maxine: "Sure, sure." She agrees, giving him a thumbs up with a smile in return.

Romulus: He turns towards the direction of his cabin "Okay I will pick you up in 10 minutes or so" he says with a smile

Maxine: "That would be a great idea!" She exclaimed, also turning towards the direction of her cabin. Waving her hand as she walk away.


Romulus: He is standing in front of the Aphrodite Cabin waiting for her to come out. He is wearing a swim trunk and no shirt

Maxine: Carrying his tote bag on her right shoulder, she slid up her sunglasses on her head before going out of her cabin. She noticed Rome standing infront of her cabin's door, waiting for him. "Hey, Rome!" She waved while smiling. She eyed Rome from head-to-toe and quickly laughed after. "Such a manly body for a bookworm guy like you." She teased him, referring to his masculinity.

Romulus: He laughs "I don't always read books you know" He says with a smile "I also train and workout and do all the other risk your life type stuff we got here" He offers his hand

Maxine: "Well, that's surprising." She commented, chuckling and accepting his hand. "Now, off we go!"

Romulus: He walks with her and soon they arrive at the beach

Maxine: Arriving at the beach, she ran towards the shore and happily jumped. Ignoring some people that might think she's weird. "Finally! I just love the wind breeze here!" She exclaimed, finally cooled down and sat on the white sand, still near the shore. She smiled as the water crept up on her knees. As Rome approaches him, she surprisingly splashed him with water.

Romulus: He watches her and smiles. He is then splashed with water grins and splashes her back lying down on the sand next to her

Maxine: "Let's stop first." She suggested, also lying down on the white sand. Gazing at the scene of the sky, she chuckled. "I haven't gone to the beach for awhile. So, I kinda miss this feeling." She talked to herself, as if Rome was not beside her.

Romulus: "Oh then we should come here more often." He says with a smile turning on his side to face her

Maxine: "Sure." She said, laughing. "You look good when you smile. I suggest that you smile more often." She commented, admiring his smile.

Romulus: "Okay but I have to suggest you laugh more because you make me feel warm and fuzzy when you do" He says smiling warmly

Maxine: She giggled, turning to face him. "I wish all boys were like you. Not like my pathetic and flirty half-sibs." She made a quick laugh before complimenting him. "You're nice!"

Romulus: "Why thank you" he says with a smile

Maxine: "Your welcome, Rome." Maxine said, giving him back a friendly smile. "Wanna play?"

Romulus: He raises one eyebrow and smiles "What do you have in mind?"

Maxine: She laughed for a couple of seconds before answering his questions. "No, no. Nothing in particular though. But.. it really feels boring just lying here. We should enjoy!" She exclaimed happily.

Romulus: He gets up and offers her his hand "Alright you decide what we do"

Maxine: "I don't know. Maybe you suggest what we should play?" She said, accepting his hand and standing up.

Romulus: "Well we could go into the ocean?" He snakes his arms around her his heart fluttering

Maxine: "Yeah, sure! That's a great idea!" She exclaimed, ignoring Rome's actions.

Romulus: He picks her up walks into the ocean and then suddenly drops her into the water laughing.

Maxine: "Hey, that was mean!" She exclaimed, pointing her index finger at him while laughing.

Romulus: He was still laughing "I was just playing around" he says as he suddenly goes underwater

Maxine: "I know right!" She said, following him underwater after.

Romulus: By then he has already swam to her and grabs her legs close to the ankle and picks her up as he comes out of the water.

Maxine: "Woah--Hey!" Maxine exclaimed, surprised that Rome was actually behind her which she thought was ahead of her and grabbed her close to her ankles, lifting her up.

Romulus: He breaks the surface of the water laughing as he lifts her up

Maxine: "Seriously, Rome, seriously! I might punched you in the face the next time you surprise me!" She said, laughing between.

Romulus: "Surprises make life fun" he says while laughing

Maxine: "Not for me!" She countered, laughing with him.

Romulus: He smirks and starts carrying her back to the beach

Maxine: She frowned while being carried back to the beach. As he sat her down on the white sand, she lied down on it and let out a sigh. "I enjoyed.." She said, turning her head to face Rome before finishing the sentence. "but don't ever surprise me again!" She exclaimed, laughing after.

Romulus: "Fine" he says playfully and lies down next to her smiling

Maxine: "Good!" She said, closing her eyes after, not minding Rome lying next to her.

Romulus: He takes a lock of her hair and starts playing with it while she rested.

Maxine: Maxine, still sleeping, didn't mind Rome playing with her hair.

Romulus: He soothingly ran a finger along her cheek smiling and watching as the sun was beginning to set

Maxine: She was half-awake as she felt something that ran along her face that made her open her eyes. "Oh, hey.. Rome?" She said, gazing at the view after and saw that the sun was beginning to set. "Ohhh.."

Romulus: "I didn't want you to miss the sunset" he says gently as he lies down his head under hers but only a few inches away

Maxine: "Oh, yeah, thanks." She smiled, still gazing at the sun as it finally sets.

Romulus: "Very pretty isn't it" looking up at her face.

Maxine: "Yes, yes. I certainly agree. I miss watching the sun like this. It's so attractive." She commented.

Romulus: "You are attractive too did you know that?" he says without thinking but then realizes and quickly pulls his pad and pencil out to draw the sunset and hide his embarrassment

Maxine: She surprisingly turned to Rome after his compliment but just laughed it off. "Well, you could say that. Hahaha." Still laughing because of Rome's antics of hiding his embarrassment after.

Romulus: He continues quickly drawing the sunset but drawing well due to artistic talent

Maxine: Maxine looks at what Rome is drawing at felt pretty amazed. "Woah, you really have the skills!" She complimented him. "You could be an instant artist, you know!"

Romulus: He blushes furiously and continues to draw with a smile "Thanks" he says quietly

Maxine: "Hey, you blush sensitively. That's cute of you, Rome." She said, giggling after.

Romulus: He finishes the drawing hands it to her and buries his head in his arms out of embarrassment

Maxine: "Woah, Rome. I could say that this drawing is accurate of what we had witnessed earlier." She said, seeing his artistic talent drawing of the sunset.

Romulus: He looks at her his cheeks still red and says "Thanks glad you like it" with a smile

Maxine: "Of course! Why wouldn't I?" She exclaimed, handing back the sketchpad to him. "I wish I had a talent or anything like yours. But too bad, I still haven't found mine."

Romulus: "Well you are pretty, nice, and smart" he replies

Maxine: "Well, I'm not that smart and well, you could say that I'm nice. But still, I don't have any talent and anything interesting that I want myself to absorb in." She said.

Romulus: "Should I teach you drawing or photography or a musical instrument?"

Maxine: "Well, are you saying that you can do all that three? Very impressive!" She said before pondering on what he had to teach her. "Well, I might suck at drawing and photography really isn't my type so.. I'll try to play an instrument!" She exclaimed, giving herself a thumbs up.

Romulus: "Okay do you like a really loud sound or something with a nice melody?" he asks

Maxine: "Loud! Loud!" She said.

Romulus: "Well I can teach you drums or a baratone" he replies

Maxine: "Teach me drums!" She said, obviously excited.

Romulus: He goes back to the cabin and gets a drum for her to train on and then teaches her how to hit the drum properly

Maxine: She grabbed the drum and placed it between her legs, sitting on the white sand as she tries to make a beat out of it. She taps on the drum, waiting for Rome's reaction.

Romulus: He adjusts her hand on the stick "Try now"

Maxine: She tries to make a beat out of the drum using a stick now and surprisingly turned out to be successful. "Woah..!"

Romulus: He smiles "now do the same thing but faster"

Maxine: She exactly did the same and did it faster this time as to what Rome suggested. "Okayyy, is this fine now?"

Romulus: "Perfect now try to have both arms do the same thing in a rhythm"

Maxine: Still does the same thing and now using both hands. She smiled as she heard a good rhythm resulting to her tapping on the drum using both sticks. "This is good."

Romulus: "Now try something more complicated" he says

Maxine: "Whaaaaaaat? Complicated? I am sooo noob at these things. Thank you for helping mo though, Rome." She said before trying to drum the complicated way. She tapped this and that, those and there. She heard good enough rhythms but mostly bad ones. She laughed after trying the 5th time.

Romulus: He takes her hands and taps some complicated rhythms trying to get her more used to them

Maxine: She felt a simple admiration for Rome because of him having so many talents. "Hmm..." She said, being guided by Rome in tapping the drums.

Romulus: He lets her hands go "Now you try" he says with a smile

Maxine: He wore a worried face because of Rome letting go of his hands which simply means that she won't be guided by him anymore. She sighed before starting to tap the sticks on the drums slower then becomes faster. "Yeah, I think I can handle this." She said, a smile on her face, still tapping on the drums and jamming to the rhythm and beat she made of it.

Romulus: He starts clapping to the beat "Now add more complicated beats"

Maxine: She tried, just like what Rome said. Nodding her head along with the beat, a smile is visible on her face. "Yeahhhh...!"

Romulus: "Want to go to the studio now?" he asks smiling

Maxine: "Sure!" She exclaimed as she stood up.

Romulus: He starts walking with her to the recording studio

Maxine: Maxine followed Rome towards the recording studio.

Recording Studio

Romulus: He presents the drum set with a wave of his hand

Maxine: "Woah!" She exclaimed, raising both her hands, the drum sticks still on her grip. She quickly sat on the chair intended for the drummer and playfully tapped on the drums one-by-one, hearing each of its different tone.

Romulus: "Now you have to channel you inner creativity and make a beat" he sits as his own set and starts beating out some tunes

Maxine: After hearing some tumes from Rome's beats, she follows it quickly successfully finishes it. Doing it again and adding some follow-up beats.

Romulus: He plays with her in a corresponding rhythm

Maxine: Playfully tapping on each drum, Maxine nods her head along with the beat they made along with Rome.

Romulus: He looks out of the corner of his eye as one of his brothers in the booth was showing him the thumbs up sign as he listened recording it

Maxine: "This is great. I'm actually learning! Thanks, Rome!" She exclaimed, tapping the drums once again before giving Rome a double thumbs up.

Romulus: He continues to lead her through the progressions of the song

Maxine: Being guided by Rome through the climax of the song, she jammed to it.

Romulus: He went through the final progressions of the song and ended it with a smile

Maxine: Upon ending the song with the final beat, she clapped after. "Yeah!"

Romulus: He smiles and gets the disk from his brother and offers it to her "for you" he says with a smile

Maxine: "Thanks." She said, smiling back.

Romulus: "That is the drum part of the song we just did with me singing the actual song which I recorded before we got here" he says with a smile.

Maxine: "That's great, though. I'll listen to this some other time." She said.

Romulus: He snakes his arms around her waist and whispers "You know you are a great drum player, and you are nice, and smart, and I could go on." he says with a smile

Maxine: She laughed before slapping Rome's face playfully. "Go on with what, Rome?"

Romulus: He smiles "All the qualities that make you amazing" he says with a smile

Maxine: "Well, I'm not amazing so I don't have such qualities." She countered, sticking her tongue out after.

Romulus: "Yes you do, you just managed to hit an entire drum song after learning how to use the drum an hour ago." he counters with a smile I wonder when she is going to get the idea she is awesome he thinks to himself

Maxine: "Well, maybe I'm just a fast learner!" She said, smiling back.

Romulus: "There is one of the many reasons you are awesome" he says as he conjures a ball of fire and tosses it nervously thinking For an aphrodite kid she sure has a hard time reading feelings or she just doesn't feel the same way

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