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Kali: She frowned upon his dare, briskly shaking her head. "Nope, nope. I don't like anyone." She simply replied, unwilling to push it any further. "Truth or dare?"

Jake: "That's so unfair! I thought we have mutual feelings. You know I like you, right?" He sighed heavily, disappointed. He really mean what he said about liking her. Being a straightforward and stubborn person he is. He sighed again before answering her question. "Truth."

Kali: She lightly blushed at his statement, having realized that he asked if she liked anyone at all, and not in a romantic way, which was what she thought he'd question. "Why do you like me?"

Jake: "Why? Because.. I don't know. I know this may sound weird coming from me but I really don't know. I'm serious, okay?" He said as he looked straight into her eyes, holding both her hands once again. "I like you not in a friendly way but in a romantic way, okay? And I don't need a reason for that. It's just that all this time I was thinking of you that's why I was eager to see you once I got back here." He laughed because he just embarrassed himself in front of her. "But.. I know that you hate me and don't believe in what I just said earlier. It's up to you. We're only just friends anyway." Removing his grip, he layed down on the deck, facing the other side which is away from her.

Kali: She was a tad surprised of his words, taken aback. Up to this point, she hadn't noticed that Jake was the only person who'd ever treated her so kindly. She never really acknowledged that or expressed how she was appreciative or anything. The child of discord felt guilty for taking her only true friend for granted. A moment of silence reigned upon the atmosphere before she regained her speech, all while trying to catch his gaze. "I don't hate you... I like you too, and I'm grateful about you being there for me, so... Thanks." She mawkishly said, a bit flustered herself about embarassing herself as well.

Jake: Jake smiled upon hearing her response, back to his old self again. He sat back up, turning to her, still wearing his smile. He moved closer to Kali before lying his head on her lap. "You wouldn't mind, right? I'm tired, you know." He said, his eyes gazed once again at the horizon before closing it. He made a quick smile, contented on what Kali said earlier. Kali likes me too. That's all I need to know. He reassured to himself before he drifted to sleep.

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