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Zach Walter ~ Son of Athena

Success is the product of hard work.
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 5ft 6in  Weight: 131 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Houston, Texas  Main Weapon: Twin Celestial Bronze Swords
 Accent: American
 – Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next without a loss of enthusiasm

Character's Powers

 3,6,9 Powers of Athena

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Zach: He smiles "Well you need to be trained in naval before we can think about all that"

Faith: She smiles back. "I have Luck on my side, get it cause I'm the Daughter of Tyche and i possess luck within me." 

Zach: He smiles "While luck is important skill is also important"

Faith: "Well maybe,  i like to go with the flow of things and what happens, happens."

Zach: "Alright if we get the ship built I will tell you" He says

Faith: "I can help you guys build it, if you want me to, i don't mind." She says in her cuban accent.

Zach: He smiles "The design has to approved by the members of my cabin and the hephaestus cabin and we got to acquire supplies"

Faith: "Well, how about we build a concraption every Cabin does one and tests it and it has to be eco friendly and whoever Cabin wins they get a reward. "

Zach: He smiles "We will see but what do you want to do now" He says with a smile.

Faith: "Is there like a beach around here,  cause I've been dying to get into the water and cool off not worrying about anything. " She says. 

Zach: "Yes would you like me to take you back to your cabin so you can change?" He asks with a smile

Faith: She was thinking and said "sure but you head to your cabin first I'll meet you by the hearth ok?"

Zach: "Okay" he scoops her up bridal style and starts carrying her to her cabin.

Faith: "Oh my, you know it was supposed to be the other way around,  of me carrying you to your cabin." She laughs pokes his cheek every second.

Zach: He smiles "You know but you have to make the lady feel most comfortable" he says

Faith: "You're such a gentleman."

Zach: "Why thank you" He says

Faith: "You can set me down now i can walk now cause you have to get ready for our awesome water challenge. "

Zach: "As the lady wishes" he sets her down.

Faith: She curtsies and heads into the Tyche Cabin and changes which takes her 5 minutes and comes back out in a bikini underneath a crop top and shorts and heads to the Hearth.

Zach: He goes to his cabin and changes into a swim trunk with no shirt on revealing his muscular build from two years of training.

Faith: She was waiting at the Hearth feeling extremely happy cause of Hestia's Hearth being near it makes you happy which in Faith case she's past happy.

Zach: He arrives sneaking up behind her and lifting her up by the waist.

Faith: Faith screams but turns to a giggle knowing who it is but plays like she doesn't know. "Leo is that you i told you, you have to stop spooking me like that, it scares me." Hiding a giggle. 

Zach: "Ah no try again" He says with a smile.

Faith: "Hmmm Zach."

Zach: "That's right" he says laughing and sets her down facing him.

Faith: She grabs his hand and rushes down to the beach as fast as her feet could take her.

Zach: He runs with her until they reach the beach.

Faith: She takes off her crop top and shorts and is wearing a bikini

Zach: "Wow you sure are beautiful" He says as he lies in the sand.

Faith: "thanks,  well about you." 

Zach: He snakes his arms around her now bare stomach and smiles.

Faith: She smiles and puts her arm around his stomach taking him down as in wrestling.

Zach: They land with her on top of him and he smiles mischeviously as he holds her waist.

Faith: She gets up,  heading into the water tying her hair in a ponytail.

Zach: He gets up after her and follows.

Faith: "So Zach do you like a girl or guy at camp by any chance?"

Zach: "Oh I like one" he says  "Care to take a guess regarding who?"

Faith: "what's the first letter of the person name."

Zach: "F" he says smiling.

Faith: "Festus?"

Zach: "Fa" He says

Faith: "Faith?, i heard there's another one in camp." 

Zach: "Well she is within a four feet radius" He says

Faith: Faith turns around and realizes its her and turns around looking at him. "Me, you like me?"

Zach: "Yes" He says in her mind.

Faith: She hugs him tightly. "As i like you."

Zach: He hugs her back.

Faith: "We should keep this a secret, i don't want people to find out just yet."

Zach: "Okay that's fine" He says

Faith: " People would Laugh at us, you know. " 

Zach: "Why is that?"

Faith: "I just arrived not that long ago?"

Zach: "Nobody really makes fun of anybody" He says

Faith: " I've been here for less than 2 days."

Zach: "That's true I have been around for two years"

Faith: "Plus i met this bird,  he's so adorable. " 

Zach: He raises an eyebrow "That's cool"

Faith: " Hes really gentle and sleeping on my shoulder."

Zach: He sees the bird and pets it

Faith: " His name is Dorian."

Zach: "That's nice" he says

Faith: "Hes also a human being."

Zach: "Ah so he is a nymph" 

Faith: "Yeah."

Zach: "Faith I can sense that you feel troubled what's wrong" He says with a comforting smile.

Faith: "I'm fine,  I'm totally okay,  I'm always smiling,  and happy,  why ask?"

Zach: "It's just my telepathic link is making me feel like you are very sad inside" he says.

Faith: "I'm totally fine really no need to worry about me. " She says 

Zach: "Okay" he says cautiously and lies down on the sand relaxing.

Faith: "thank you Zach for everything."

Zach: "It is my pleasure" he says as he turns to her.

Faith: " I owe you for helping me Zach,  i mean I'm fine,  i always will be."

Zach: "I most certainly hope so" he knows that she is not but hopes he will open up to her at some point.

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