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Ailred's Return

Ailred: He'd just been back to Camp for a few hours and had been left to find a room in the Nymph Sanctuary, which was new to him. He sighed as he walked around with hand in his pockets, kicking a small pebble across the floor as he wandered aimlessly through large empty corridors. It was odd to him, everything, feeling air on his face and breathing it was a comfort to him and he couldn't help but smile as he sneezed. Becoming a Rose Spirit obviously hadn't sorted out his hay-fever then.

Cel: He was walking through the Nymph Sanctuary, singing a tune as he walked. Thanks to his abilities as a music spirit the voice was perfected. He was wearing an oversized hoodie with skinny jeans as he tried to get to his own room.

Ailred: Ailred smiled and hummed along with the tune and he gave off a small laugh as he looked up. "That's a nice singing voice you have there" He stopped and crossed his arms leaving the pebble alone for a while

Cel: He looked up and smiled slightly, "Merci Monsieur." His French accent retained to be thick as he still had just recently returned from Paris.

Ailred: He nodded and smiled "Pas de problème, je me appelle Ailred" He laughed as the light hit his eyes, whitening out the guy infront of him "Qu'est-ce que vous êtes la nom?"

Cel: He froze somewhat at the mention of the name, but brushed it aside thinking it was a coincidence, "Ma nom est toi?" He asked again, wanting to confirm what he heard was right.

Ailred: "Celestin? C-Cel...?" He stepped forward nervously "I-I thought you moved to France... last time I saw you... you were moving" He shifted awkwardly in his stop

Cel: He stared at the other, "Ainsi baise." He stopped for a moment, "Y-You were dead when I moved to Paris. How did you see me?" He stopped for a moment again, "How are you here?"

Ailred: He pointed at the ground with a smile "I was always there" He crossed his arms again "When I died Persephone took pity on me, protected me while I was down there. I worked for her, she was okay." He laughed a bit "She said she'd take me back up, if I was good. So I worked hard and a few days ago we came up and she made me a Rose Spirit or something"

Cel: A small smile appeared on his face, a sense of relief knowing that the other was okay but his some shyness remained, "Oh, that's good. Well, I'm a music spirit now, since one of the BC members murdered me and whatnot."

Ailred: He corssed his arms and shook his head "Did you piss them off?" He smiled "So your dad made you a music spirit? At least now maybe you wont be too embarassed to sing to me?!" He moved closer and opened his arms for a hug

Cel: He shrugged, "I don't know why they killed me and no. I'm not embarrassed." He ran a hand through his own hair, "I debuted as a solo singer in France a few months ago, so suffice to say I'm not embarrassed." As Ailred stepped forward with his arms open, he flinched slightly.

Ailred: He blushed and looked at the floor, awkwardly placing his hands in his pockets. "Y-You've changed since we last had a two-sided conversation..." He smiled up a bit sadly

Cel: He looked back at him, "Last time we had a conversation I wasn't pretty much engaged."

Ailred: "Oh" He looked down and went back to kicking the pebble "I-I should go you know all the getting ready and I need to go see Kylie... I-It was nice seeing you again" He turned directly around so he wouldnt have to pass Cel

Cel: He looked at Ailred's back for a moment before sighing, "She might be in a bad mood, some new campers are apparently bugging her."

Ailred: His back tensened and he blushed madly "I'm sure she'll have time to say hello" He looked over his shoulder, ready to turn back to face Cel

Cel: "Probably, considering she thought you were rotting in the ground for the past year." Cel said monotonously, still feeling a bit shaken-up from meeting Ailred again.

Ailred: His back tensened and he smiled at that and turned around a bit, looking over his shoulder "I came back ten-times more attractive though. Persephone has some taste I'll give her that"

Cel: He shrugged, "Most Gods do, I mean to say you weren't attractive before isn't doing yourself justice."

Ailred: He smiled and crossed his arms again "Cheers Cel" He looked at his watch awkardly

Cel: He looked him up and down, a shrug threatening to come again, "You always were hard on yourself - maybe you should try and see your good points a bit more."

Ailred: His face tightens and he looks at the floor "Well, dying and having the person you propose to leave you can really hit you hard"

Cel: He flinched when Ailred said what he did and he shrugged, "Possibly."

Ailred: He crossed his arms and said nothing, he wasnt being intimidating or anything he just couldn't think of anything to say

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