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Jack and Nove

Nove: The son of Apollo laid on a clearing in the forest, shirtless and taking in the sun. He smiled at the sunny afternoon as he closed his eyes.

Jack: Jack is jogging, as he does every morning. He left Oli home - as he usually does - and had been running for a good 30 minutes. He stopped by a large tree and leaned on uit, breathing heavily and panting

Nove: He heard some panting far away. He sat up, squinting slightly due to the sun, and looked for the source with no avail.

Jack: The boy was blotted out by the sun and he walked forward, also blinded, still panting and came right into Nove's view. He looked at the sky and placed his hands on his back, breathing heavily

Nove: He noticed the boy at a distance. Smiling he waved. "Jack? Is that you?"

Jack: He moved his hand to shade his eyes, creating a cone like beak above his eyes. "Nove?" His smiled widened to a innocent grin as he went to meet the stronger boy

Nove: Still sitting, he took off his sunglasses, and grinned wider as well. He opened his arms so he could hug Jack. "Yep! C'mon boy!"

Jack: He smiled and kneeled down, closing the gap between them and learching into the hug. He laughed a bit, he enjoyed the way Nove spoke, it made him feel good about himself

Nove: He wrapped his big arms around Jack protectively. Tightly. "I love you."

Jack: He smiled and leaned his chin on Nove's shoulder "Love you too" He sighed "Why are you up so early?"

Nove: "Tryna take in the sun. My body's getting whitish again. Need to tan it."

Jack: "At 10?" He raised his eyebrow and kissed Nove's forehead "Just fake tan like me! It's a lot easier"

Nove: Nove felt his forehead tickle a bit. "Meh, but it looks fake. I like real tanning." he shrugged "But it sure looks hella good on ya."

Jack: He sat up and rolled his shoulders "Real tanning takes ages though! You're gonna be lying here topless and not spending time with meeee!" He laughed a bit but his whine was real

Nove: "Well... then we can tan naturally together. And talk. And you can massage me, I can massage you and maybe make out for a bit." he shrugged. "No biggie"

Jack: "Sounds like a date?" He laughed a bit and decided to move off Nove's lap and onto the ground behind him. He looked around and blushed, looking if anyone was there before removing his top

Nove: "Why are you so shy about your body? You are hot as heck! You sexy little fudger!" he started tickling Jack in his armpits.

Jack: He giggled and his body spasmed. His face became red with joy and he blushed "I-I'm nervous a-about everything" He looked at his feet

Nove: "Well, don't be!" he continued tickling Jack at his belly, his neck and chest.

Jack: He was forced on his back, his back into the dirt "S-Stop!" He giggled madly "I-I can't help it" He laughed "N-Not since Peter!" He laughed madly and pushed Nove off him

Nove: "Peter? Who the heck is Peter?" he arched an eyebrow as he came into a quick halt with the tickling.

Jack: He blushed and gupled at the sudden change of voice "H-He's someone I use to date ages ago... h-he hurt me... a lot" He avoided Nove's eye-contact

Nove: "Did he break up with you? Or leave you? He- he broke your heart?" November asked concerned.

Jack: "H-He broke a lot of things... some metephorically and some not so." He glanced around and played with his fingers "I-I ran away... it was ages ag-go"

Nove: He ran his fingers through Jack's hair. "What do you mean by not so metaphorically?"

Jack: "Uhm" He melted into the touch slightly and his voice became a whisper "H-He broke my arm and my nose once..."

Nove: "What? Where is that Peter? I swear I'll.." he clenched his teeth and his forearms flexed dramatically in anger, pulsing heavy blood in and out of them.

Jack: He blushed and hid his face in Nove's naked chest "I-I don't know. H-He can't text me anymore I-I blocked him... H-He's probably still in London"

Nove: "Good. If he ever texts you again, tell me. I'll put him back in his place."

Jack: He nodded but kept his face hidden "C-Can we talk about something else I don't like talking about my past"

Nove: "Yeah. It's fine. What do you wanna talk about?"

Jack: He looks up from Nove's chest and blushes "Y-You decide I-I'm a bit shaken"

Nove: "What if we talk about... food. What's your favorite dish?"

Jack: "Hmmm" He curled up closely to Nove and kissed his chest "I think it's ghoulash"

Nove: He giggled as the kiss tickled his bare chest. "As in the...What was it, a hungarian dish?"

Jack: He nodded with a grin "It's like a soup, with beef and stuff in it." His eyes laughed and he stuck his tongue out "My mum made the best goulash! What's your favourite food?"

Nove: "Hmm... Probably penne a la bolognese."

Jack: He tilted his head to the side "I've heared of bolognese but what's the penne a la bit?"

Nove: "Penne is a type of pasta. 'a la' means kind of what it will have special. So it's bolognese penne."

Jack: He nodded absent-mindedly and smiled "O-Oh okay" He moved closer and stole a kiss off Nove

Nove: "Hey!" He smirked and almost complained. Nove placed his hand on his own chest in a seductive manner as he let out a charming moan. "Awwww Jack! I need you..."

Jack: He smiled as he propped himself up on his arm, looking at Nove "Ah well" He teased "Maybe you should come get me?" He wiggled his eyebrow and ran to hide behind the closest tree

Nove: He laughed as he quickly ran towards where he saw that Jack was.

Jack: He was crouched behind the tree with his hand over his eyes, giggling

Nove: The son of Apollo looked behind the tree just to find a covered Jack "Found you!"

Jack: He looked up and laughed. He started to stand, sliding against the tree "Now that you've found me you can reap the reward" He gently kissed Nove on the cheek

Nove: "You sure?"

Jack: "Mhm" He laughed as he nuzzled at Nove's neck

Nove: "What was the reward again?"

Jack: "Hmmm..." Jack bit his bottom lip coyly and looked up innocently "Whatever you want it to be" He looked down at the topless Nove and glanced up quickly "Anything..."

Nove: "Maybe we could bang in a few hours?"

Jack: He laughed and nodded "Okay... why in a few hours? Are you really that busy right now?"

Nove: "Nope, but I need to rest. I wanna be with you."

Jack: He nodded and laughed "Fineeeee" He stuck his tongue out

Nove: Nove giggled."SO now what?"

Jack: He smiled and shrugged, walking around away from Nove, trying to act as is he weren't bothered. He took his shirt off and shrugged once more "Hmmm I don't know"

Nove: "Well, if you've got no ideas, then I guess we could do it now..." November wiggled his eyebrows.

Jack: He quickly turned on his heel to face Nove and nearly leaped with jou "Outside? Here?"

Nove: "Why not? It's sunny and warm! Might as well get all slippery with sweat to grind better..." Nove joked as he laughed.

Jack: He laughed as he edged closer to Nove "Maybe you'll still catch your tan"

Nove: He grinned. "Probably. Now C'mon here, you lil' kid. I'mma give you what you deserve..."

Jack: He moved in and when Nove was just about to catch him in his big hands he jumped backwards and laughed "You'll have to be a bit quicker"

Nove: "Can we just get on to it?"

Jack: He blushed, obviously Nove was not in the mood for a game and he just went up to him and kissed his, feeling a cold yet warm sweat of the boy on his shirt

NOve: "What's this?" Nove laughed.

Jack: "What's what?" He cocked his head and stopped kissing

Nove: "Nevermind. Can I kiss your mouth?"

Jack: "You dont have to ask" He giggled and let Nove take the lead, seperating his lips slightly

Nove: He kissed Jack softly on his lips. "I love you Jack. You do know that, right?"

Jack: He nodded and mumbled into the kiss. "I love you too" He glanced up into Nove's deep eyes

Nove: He continued kissing Jack passionately, wanting more from his part.

Jack: He smiled and slowly pushed Nove against a tree, tugging at his shorts with his left hand, fumbling as he did so

Nove: He moaned softly as he gentpy squeezed Jack's butt.

Jack: He broke the kiss quickly and looked up "Do you like it?" He said referring to his ass. He blushed while he said it though, feeling the squeeze

Nove: HE laughed at Jack. "What kind of question is that?"

Jack: "A curious one" he smiled "I like your amazing muscles" he gave one of Nove's pecs a quick kiss "Do you like anything about me? Like my ass, because you always like to give it a touch"

Nove: "I love it. Very firm and round... Grrr..." he gave it yet another squeeze.

Jack: He yelped lightly and kissed November furiously. He moaned into the other bus open mouth "You can have it anytime you want" he kissed again "I love it when you talk dirty to me"

Nove: HE smirked at Jack's sudden rough reply. Love was aroused in a great measure. Nove started thrusting his groin against Jack's. "Ahh... could I have it soon, sweetie? Guess I won't be able to stand that long." He moaned.

Jack: He grinned darkly and started to trail kissed down Nove's slightly sweaty chest and quickly dropped the larger boys shorts and underwear and <blank> with his mouth

Nove: November moan-shouted as he held on tightly to the bark of the tree as Jack *** him. "More!" he begged.

Jack: He did, he kept going fore a while but soon he had to stop. He felt a bit tired, his jaw ached and he panted loudly

Nove: HE collapsed to the ground in defeat "Woah."

Jack: He lay on the ground, still panting loudly. He looked at the blue sky and his breathing was heavy "W-Was I good?"

Nove: Still pantong too, Nove looked at Jack. "That was my first of that kind! Gee, it felt sooooo good."

Jack: He sat up and laughed, scratching the back of his head "You can have them anytime you want"

Nove: "Thank you."

Jack: He got up and crawled on all fours towards Nove, who was sat naked at the foot of the tree "What now then?"

Nove: "Do what you want with my body!"

Jack: He smiled and placed his hand on Nove's face, kissing him gently

Nove: Nove kissed back. Gently. No rush.

Jack: He sat inbetween Nove's legs and kept kissing slowly

Nove: Nove suddenly pushed back. "Wait- isn't this wrong?"

Jack: He blushed and sat back on the floor "What?  How?"

Nove: "Uhmm... I don't know... It suddenly felt wrong to me. Didn't it feel that way to you?"

Jack: He blushed and played with his laces on his converse "I-If you say so"

Nove: "What's wrong? Why are you so... weird today?"

Jack: "I-I'm not weird today" He blushed

Nove: "If you say so..."

Jack: His face blushed and he was filled with embarrassment, embarrassment in it purest form. He moved up and refused to make eye-contact with Nove "I've lost the mood" he said full of venom as he threw his shirt on

Nove: "Lost the mood for what?"

Jack: "for sex" he said and he arranged his shirt in a flustered manner

Nove: "Well... I didn't want it anyway."

Jack: He blushed and turned to face away from Nove "Go toss yourself off then" he walked off "I'll be in my room"

Nove: "Good luck with that, twink"

Jack: He blushed quickly and turned to face Nove, his eyes filling with tears. 'Why does everyone always hate me' he thought and he fell to his knees

Nove: "What's wrong with you now? If you are going to talk with me straight. I am too. So if you blow a punch, be a man and accept it too Jack. You know I love you, but don't be a hypocrite. Man up already."

Jack: He sniffed and nodded, wiping his face with his hand "W-Why did you say I was weird? I-I didn't do anything" he sulked "a-and why did you say I was a twink in such a harsh way?"

Nove: "Because you were going to leave me."

Jack: "C-Cuz you said I was weird" He sniffed and he started to crawl on all fours, up to Nove. He fell onto him ,wrapping his arms around the man in a huge "I-I'm sorry"

Nove: "You should be." Nove didn't hug back. Not at all.

Jack: He blushed and let go, sitting there absentmindedly and blicked duly. He didn't say anything at all, just sat there in the quiteness

ooc: why is nove so pissy xD

Nove: "I don't like you being mad at me. Come and give me a kiss, please."

Jack: He nodded with a smile and leaned in for a kiss, a very gentle one. He was still testing the waters on how angry Nove still was

Nove: Nove kissed back and then after a while pulled off gently.

Jack: He smiled and sighed happily "Can we snuggle for a bit?" He asked as he lay his head softly on Nove's chest, hearing his heart beat

Nove: "Okie dokie."

Jack: He sighed and melted into Nove's chest, hearing the boys heart beat gently behind his chest. He felt sturdy arms wrap around him and he blushed with a smile "I love you"

Nove: "Me too..."

Jack: They lay there for some time and Jack begins to fall asleep

Nove: He started falling asleep shirtless next to Jack.

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