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Demigod Zeus 18
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He was walking through the forest, his sword hanging loosely in his hand as he wandered through the thick trees. It was well into the night, and he should not be out, breaking multiple of the rules of the camp. But he did not care. He bit his lip to avoid a yawn.

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Paige Gabriel ~ Daughter of Demeter
Jodelle paige
Coming from the Bethel, she saw it was getting late and the camp was rather strict with their curfew and so she headed back to the cabin having only her silver pocket watch in her hand. She passed by the entrance of the forest and through the silence of the night, the sound of footsteps filled the air and reached Paige's ears. She stopped for a moment and wondered who would be out that late. It was chilly and so she had her purple jacket over a white plain shirt. She covered her legs as well by wearing her jeans and paired it with her rubber shoes. She just let her long brown hair fall freely so it acted somewhat like warmers for her face. Every breath she let out, trails of white mist formed and faded almost as quickly. To feed her curiosity, she entered the forest but looked around first and checked if the chicken ladies, who ate loitering demigods after curfew, were already there. The coast was clear and so she proceeded. It was a bit dark and so she would feel the trees while looking down so she wouldn't trip. Every step she took, she pressed her hand on the trunks to support herself. Everything felt rough and hard until her hands landed on a much softer spot. Unbeknownst to her, it was a person's back she was holding, specifically, Sebastian's.
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-Demeter's Little Flower, Priestess of Artemis

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 – "Everything and everyone have their own purpose. You do not simply say one is worthless."

Sebastian: Her touch was like electric shocks that was sent through his back and he whirled around attempting to press the person, as he did not know who it was, to one of the multiple trees around them with his sword pressed to their neck.

Paige: She was taken by utter surprise with the sudden force that pressed her face against the tree, making her exclaim, "AH!" Once her face hit the trunk, it hurt a lot and it would've left her a wound anywhere. "OW OW OW OW! PLEASE SORRY! I-I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" she kept saying in a fast pace with her hands raised in surrender feeling quite frantic that the person might hurt her especially that she felt a sharp tip on her neck.

Sebastian: His eyes widened and he made some sort of noise of surprise. 'Paige!?! Jesus christ, I could have been a member of the blasted broken covenant!' he said stepping back, making sure his sword was well away from her. 'What are you doing here?' he asked in exasperation.

Paige: Her eyes widened in even more shock when she heard the person speak. His voice was very familiar. "Sebastian???" she took a guess as she turned around to see who it was while she held the side of her cheek which hit the tree hard. When she finally got a better look at him, she gasped. "It is you!" It was a mix of annoyance, pain, surprise, and gladness. Annoyance because she just got banged into a tree. Pain because of the same reason for annoyance. Surprise because it was the person she least expected. Gladness because he wasn't someone from the Broken Covenant like he said. She scratched her head unsure of what to say. "I just... I heard footsteps in this area and I got curious so..." She shrugged. She could feel her cheek already swollen. Hopefully, no bruise would appear.

Seb: He fumbled around before bringing out a pocket torch and shone it at her chest, in hopes it wouldn't blind her, 'That's silly. It was irrelevent if someone else was out of curfew, what was important is that you would go to your cabin without getting eaten.' he tsked with a slight shake of his head. 'Are you hurt? Shoot, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to...' he rushed as he saw her swollen cheek.

Paige: She squinted her eyes a bit as her eyes adjusted to the light that the pocket torch emitted. She answered back with a sigh, "Like I said, I just got curious. And I was on my way back to the cabin anyway..." She didn't bother to say where she was from since she thought he wouldn't care anyway and he didn't ask. Her eyes bulged in shock of his reaction when he saw her face. "Is it that bad?" she asked. seb: He bit his lip. 'No no, you look fine. Don't worry.' He said quickly. 'Where you been though?'

Paige: She felt her cheeks warm and thought Sebastian just said such words to make her worry less but perhaps a pack of ice will do. She then simply answered, "Bethel."

Seb: His eyebrows shot up in alarm. 'Oh! Right! Yeah! You're a priestess of Artemis, aren't you? Shoot, I should have known, sorry!' he said rubbing the back of his neck, biting his lip. 'How was it? Or is it all top secret stuff that guys aren't meant to know?' he asked not in a provocative way though, like an accusation, but a question he actually might be the truth, he looked at her with wide eyes and the hand that wasn't holding the torch was raised up, palm forward, to show he meant no harm for prying.

Paige: "Yeah, I am," she replied and as soon as Sebastian followed it up with another question, she answered, "Well, it's not rea-- wait." She stopped with a confused look on her face. "How... did you know?" she asked. She didn't remember anything about telling him that she just became a priestess. "I mean, how did you know I'm a priestess?"

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