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Aurora Todduk The Calming Wind


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Nicholas Zefania (Kyryptos) -Child of Kakia in Faction Ortu
-Shadow's Vice

 Life isn't even worth living unless your in control of it...


Aurora: She is sitting by the lake. It's cold, but she's bundled up. There is a think layer of ice on the lake. She put on her skates and tries and falls.

OOC: This is the bc lake, not the camp lake

Nicholas: Nicholas laughs a bit more than he should when he catches a glimps of Aurora's flop. His breath is visibly puffing out with each breath. He is wearing a hoodie, with a jacket underneath, and dark blue jeans. A choker chain stretches from his pocket (attached to his wallet) across his leg to a belt loop. "New to this or something?"

Aurora: She scowls. "Yes actually. I am. It's a nice day out and I thought I'd try to learn and teach my self." She stands only to fall again.

Nicholas:: "Geez... I wouldn't bother." Even at his rude comment, he walks down to the shore, and holds out his hand to help her up. (ha, just like his picture)

Aurora: She takes the hand and stands. "Thanks" She mumbles. She slowly tries to skate but loses her balance. "Curse these stupid skates."

Nicholas:: A little curious on how this would play out, Nicholas starts using his powers to make Aurora a little more mad at her skates. "Blaming the skates are we?"

Aurora: She scowls at him. "Yeah." She stays seated on the ice. "I'm Aurora. And you are...?"

Nicholas:: "Just call me Kyryptos." He stops using her powers since she is no longer focusing on skating.

Aurora: She nods. "Do u know how to skate?"

Nicholas:: "Nope, and I wouldn't bother trying." He walks back to the edge of the treeline, not bothering to walk out on the ice to help her up again. "Rather not make myself look like a fool." (if you haven't caught onto this yet, he is kinda a dick, sorry if that bugs you :3)

Aurora: "If your going to be a **** about it. At least will you help me so I can hit you properly?" (it's alright. She can be a dick with him. :P)

Nicholas:: He sighs, turning back around, and walking towards the shoreline again. "I swear on the river styx if I break through this ice, I'm going to be so pissed." He slowly walked along the ice, trying his best not to slip and make a fool of himself.

Aurora: She smirks at his attempt to slide over the ice. She tries to stand and fails again. She makes a medium gust of wind wash over them both. It's a warm wind.

Nicholas:: Nicholas felt the warm wind, and he stopped moving just in case it messed up his balance. "Where in the world did that come from? It's freezing out here." Nicholas eventually reached Aurora in his slow pace, and reached down again.

Aurora: She greatly takes the hand. "Thank you." She stands and holds still so she doesn't fall. Another wind comes and pushes her gently toward the shore.

Nicholas:: Nicholas isn't moved by the wind, as his shoes provide more grip on the ice than her skates do. "Wait, is that you doing the wind thing?" Nicholas starts his slow half-walk-half-slide back to the shoreline once again.

Aurora: She nods. "Yeah, I can control the spring winds. But because it's winter, my powers aren't strong. I can only control the winds once in a while. What about you?"

Nicholas: Nicholas usually doesn't tell people his god parent right away, because he likes using it to manipulate people, but since he doesn't think this girl is a bother, he figures he might as well tell her. "Well, Kakia..." He says.

Aurora: She looks really puzzled. "I've never heard of that goddess." She takes off her skates and puts her boots on. "Care to fill me in?"

Nicholas: Nicholas smirked a little. He figured he'd not only tell her, she'd get a deminstration. "Oh, nothing, it's just a better goddess than yours." He mocked, using his powers to aid in the pride Aurora might have for her godly side.

Aurora: She stares at him, the whole point going over her head. "My mother is dead, and I hate my father."

Nicholas: Nicholas laughed. He didn't know what he was expecting out of that, he should have known better. "Yea my dad is dead. I grew up with my gang. Kakia is a goddess of vices. The powers I have from her allow me to control certain negative emotions inside people, the more emotional they are the better the control."

Aurora: "That can't be right. No one should have that kind of power, not even a goddess." She stands and nearly falls but she catches herself. "That's cause I was on the ice."

Nicholas: "Well, it's what it is" Nicholas steps up the shore, and ignores her stumble, and excuse.

Aurora: She fumes and walks after him. "So, why did you join BC?"

Nicholas: "Why does anyone come here at all? Because they are demigods right?" Nicholas answered flatly. "I just want to learn to use my powers better, and figure out how to work my way up this place"

Aurora: "No, I mean, BC is meant for those who don't want the gods ruling. I am here because they could do nothing to help my mom or my tutor. So, what made you join?"

Nicholas: "Where else would I go? That camp I've heard about? I doubt they'd let me in there, and if they did I wouldn't be around for very long. Other than all that I really have no clue, maybe I was sick of leading a gang from the shadows and wanted to test my powers."

Aurora: "Yeah, that makes sense. I don't think camp needs me, or any of us. Or wants us."

Nicholas: "I'm hardly interested in that camp... Unless of course we are planning on taking it over... that sounds like an interesting thought..." Nicholas wasn't sure where to pass the conversation too, so he kinda started rambling on about ideas.

Auora: She smiled and it seemed like the whole world lit up, but there was darkness at the edge of the light. "I would mind that at all."

Nicholas: "Of course I would make sure to be appointed leader of the camp once it's taken over. At that point I should be well off into the ranks of this covenant." Nicholas thinks out loud.

Aurora: She smiles. "Good luck."

Nicholas: "And what of you? What will you be planning?" Nicholas figured he should shut up about things like that, so he is trying to pass along the conversation. He is even growing tired of his own attitude...

Aurora: "I don't know. I think for right now, I will train. But then I think that I will try to find more of us. Children of the gods that are abandoned and left to fend for themselves."

Nicholas: Nicholas starts thinking... it would be good to train as well... there would most likely be someone who is able to counter him, and that would not be good... especially if things got lethal... Nicholas is aware of his meekness, even if he might come off arrogant. "I need to train too..." He says, more in his own thoughts than to anyone around

Aurora: She stops and turns to him. "Maybe we could train together. I'm kind of new to fighting, and I'm sure you have a lot of knowledge that you could share."

Nicholas: "Well... first lesson: I've never fought fair... don't expect everyone you meet to do so." Nicholas stands up... He only learned to fight in a gang, meaning anything gone, including having used his powers against them, and dirty tricks... He knows he couldn't take to many people in a fair fight... "Otherwise, I'm no more better at real fights than you probably are... I'm up to train with you though... Just know, I don't go easy on girls."

Aurora: She nods once. "I never expected you too."

Nicholas: Nicholas actually begins to get nervous as he doesn't have the element of suprise, stealth, or ambush on his side... Normally he would hide in the shadows while manipulating his target... Not only are demigods a bit more harder to manipulate, but in most cases here, he would be clear out in the open around people much better armed than him... "Well, are we going to do this now, or another time?" Nicholas asked, trying to keep his unease from becoming apparent in his voice.

Aurora: "That depends. I'm not ready to fight, and besides. I don't have any weapons on me. I mainly use a bow, but I could use a sword...."

Nicholas: "I'm not exactly ready either..." He said. A bit of anxiousness was revealed, but he is still nervous knowing in the future he has to prepare himself...

Aurora: "So, when will this be taking place?"

Nicholas: "Well I don't know..." he says to himself... He slowly wonders if he just got caught into somehow teaching someone how to fight... The way he learned was by getting the shit kicked out of him...

Aurora: "Okay, well, let me know when. If you need me, you'll find me." She starts to walk away.

Nicholas: "So where should I look to find you?" He asks. He isn't sure if he would, but it's usually advantageous to know people's locations if ever needed.

Aurora: "Call to the wind. It will guide you. Trust it." She picks up her skates and walks off.

Nicholas: "Well that was some fortune cookie shit... Not sure if she was blowing me off or..." He mumbles to himself, and eventually heads off in the same direction planning to walk back to the sanctuary.

Aurora: She notices that she is being followed, so she doesn't go straight to her dorm. She takes the round about way.

Nicholas: Unaware that Aurora is still out here, he continues walking the normal path

Aurora: She makes her way to her dorm and then goes to sleep.

OOC: For the sake of the rp, I'm moving this ahead a few months...

*It's now the end of March/beginning of April*

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