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Opal Cowen ~ member of the Athena Cabin
"Well I'm not standing down, and, clearly, neither are you, so we'll just have to agree to disagree, huh?"
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More Info:

-Daughter of Athena

 Age: 15  Height: 5'4"  Weight: 110ibs
 Sexuality: straight  Relationship Status: Taken
 Birth Place: New York  Main Weapon: Sword/ring Athinaios
 Accent: American
 Sometimes I feel like I know the characters in stories better than the people in my life

Ileana 'Leah' Bennett ~ The Rebel
Martina stoessel png by anahidelapatternal-d6n9630

"Not all those who wonder are lost..."
"Come on then. Let's see who's better."
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 5"7  Weight: 112 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken by Ivan
 Birth Place: LA  Main Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword disguised as a bracelet.
 Accent: Neutral
 – "...because my gut told me differently, I began my own mission to find the real truth..."

Character's Powers

 (3/6/9 Month Powers are locked):


  1. Children of Poseidon can fire a powerful blast of water from their hands, equivalent to that of a fire hose, which evaporates after a short time.
  2. Children of Poseidon have the ability to conjure and freeze small amounts of water into durable ice weapons, which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of ice.


  1. Children of Poseidon can create an area around themselves that inflicts others with intense seasickness, making them dizzy and nauseous for as long as they remain inside. The user must keep their focus on maintaining the effect for the duration.
  2. Children of Poseidon can turn their body to water for a very short time, letting an attack pass harmlessly through them. This can cause extreme dehydration with repeated use.


  1. Children of Poseidon can breathe, are swifter and more powerful, and can heal slightly faster while underwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon can keep themselves and everything they touch dry in the water, unless they choose to become wet.
  3. Children of Poseidon can survive falling from any altitude as long as they land in water, and can go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the cold or water pressure.
  4. Children of Poseidon can communicate with and command equestrian animals, as well as all creatures that dwell in the sea.
  5. Children of Poseidon are innately less inhibited by severe wind and precipitation.


  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create minor earthquakes, large enough to knock anyone nearby off their feet, for a few seconds.
  2. Children of Poseidon are able to telekinetically move water at a high rate. The larger amount of water used, the more energy it drains. This can be used on ice, but is much more difficult and draining.
  3. Children of Poseidon are are able summon a specific horse, pegasus, or sea creature directly to their position, regardless of distance. This only works on creatures that they have a strong personal bond with.
  4. Children of Poseidon can calm, strengthen or influence the direction of the winds, though to a much lesser extent than children of Zeus or the anemoi.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create a torrential rainstorm overhead, which will downpour and cause high winds over a large area. The storm will gradually clear over time, and afterward the user would be substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to shape a semi-living construct out of water, no larger than 3 to 4 times the size of the user, that fights for them for a short time. The user is weakened while the construct is active, and the longer they maintain the it, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to transform their bodies into a state of pure water for a short time, becoming immune to most attacks. The hydrokinetic abilities they already possess are enhanced by this state, and they are capable of covering great distances in an instant while underwater. The user will be extremely drained once the transformation ends, and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Poseidon always know their exact coordinates when in water and are able to innately feel the difference between freshwater and saltwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon normally have a love for water, and generally excel at water sports.
  3. Children of Poseidon tend to be favored by animals of the sea.
  4. Children of Poseidon often have a natural affinity for horses and many grow up to become equestrians.

Owned by: Ari xxx ~ Posted on: {{{2}}}

Opal: "Honestly, that was the point of the 'agree to disagree' thing, but, if it's a fight you want...

Ileana: "If you want to, I will." She paused. "I don't want to fight you, I wanna be friends. However, if you want to do this way, feel free. Or we can talk over it. Your choice."

Opal: "I've always hated the whole shake hands and be friends thing, but it seems like the most logical response right now. I don't want to fight you. I don't want an enemy. I want to prove the whole 'Athena and Poseidon can't get along' thing wrong. So, do you want to just forget about this whole thing and be friends?" She fidgeted, as a combination of nervousness and ADHD.

Ileana: She looked at her. "The whole Athena and Poseidon thing is stupid. I mean, it was just an olive tree. So, let's change the subject." She sat down. "Tell me things about you and stuff like that."

Opal: She smiles. "I'm Opal Cowen, a fifteen year old daughter of Athena who loves Choc-Orange milkshakes. I grew up in New York with a twin sister until my father killed her. After that I ran away and lived on the streets until my dad sent an assassin after me. Camp sent a satyr to collect me and bring me to camp as soon as they found out." She grinned. "I've always hated intro's but there you go. Your turn."

Ileana: "Ileana Bennett, fourteen years old, newly oppointed Lieutenant of my cabin. I'm obsessed with my phone. I grew up in Britian until about 9 years old. My aunt was the only kind person in my family. Mum just grew depressed and yeah. My best friend since I was 9 was a satyr and lied to be about monsters and he brought me to camp since he was a satyr." She smiled. "That's my life. Any questions?"

Opal: "You're a year younger than me and already have a phone?! No fair!"

Ileana: Ileana took her phone out of her pocket and showed Opal it. "Heck yeah, I have a phone. Got it last year as a birthday present from my mum." She smiles.

Opal: "I doubt my dad would ever give me a phone. Even growing up, he only gave me things that would enhance my demigodish abilities. A wooden sword, a fake bow and arrows. A chemistry set. Bop-it. You know, that kind of stuff."

Ileana: "Hmm. I was in a special school, so I wasnt allowed to play with anything that could harm me. I had things like plushies and stuff. I was like proper spoilt."

Opal: "Honestly, that sounds like torture. I grew up with quick reflexes and fighting ability thanks to my toys."

Ileana: She smiles. "It's alright, really. With my toys, I made tea parties." As she remembers she laughs. "I had the weirdest names for them..." She pauses. "Although, I know karate and my best friend taught me how to use a sword somehow. It was quite weird actually."

Opal: "Hmm, a karate chopping, teddy bear tea party host. Interesting ."

Ileana: She smiles. "Pretty much. But I used to rip the teddy bears' heads off when I got bored of them."

Opal: "Now that sounds like the Ileana we all know!"

Ileana: She smiles and did a thumbs up. "That's me!" She laughs. "Tell me the Opal we know then."

Opal: "She speaks two languages: Sarcasm and English, do I really need to elaborate?"

Ileana: "Not at all." She smiles. "But seriously, tell about you."

Opal: Tell me what you want to know, and I'll answer best I can."

Ileana: "Hmm, tell me your deepest, darkest secrets..." She said weirdly.

Opal: "I already have. No one knows about the whole dead sister thing, other than you. Uh, I'd like to keep it that way too.

Ileana: She looked at her with sincere eyes. "I promise."

Opal: She smiled gratefully. "Thanks, in return Is there anything else you'd like to know?"

Ileana: "Not on the top my mind. Ask things about me now." She smiles.

Opal: "Ugh, I can't think of anything! Umm, what's your favourite, uh, food?

Ileana: "Any fast food." She smiles. "I'm not that fat, it's pizza. Like, you can't even with how delicious pizza is. Yum."

Opal: It is amazing. I haven't had it much, dad doesn't like it, but dang, it's good!"

Ileana: She smiles mischievously. "Come with me to my cabin, I have a ton of pizza in my room. I'll ward off all the other people in my cabin, it'll be fine."

Opal: "Okay, then."

Ileana: "Follow me." She started walking towards the Poseidon Cabin. She kept looking back for Opal.

Opal: They arrived at the Poseidon cabin.

Ileana: She opened the door and let Opal in. She entered her room and left the door open for Opal. She got a box of pizza out her mini fridge and opened the box on her bed. "Come in Opal!"

Opal: She'd been secretly worried Ileana was taking her to the Poseidon cabin so they could ambush her, so when she saw the Pizza, her eyes lit up.

Ileana: "Come on in." She took off her shoes and then crossed her legs on the bed. "I have a ton of pizzas in my fridge. Neat, huh?"

Opal: "Very"

Ileana: "Sit next to me and eat some." She smiles.

Opal: "Awesome!" She sits down and grabs a piece.

Ileana: "Any toppings or sauce?" She opened the other fridge that was near her bed.

Opal: "Just cheese."

Ileana: "There is already cheese on the pizza. Dude, you must not have had pizza in a long time..."

Opal: She shrugs. "'Course. Haven't had it in... 5 and a half years."

Ileana: "Wow. It's like amazing! Dude, I feel sorry for you." She smiles.

Opal: "Yeah, but I'm having it now. No need to feel sorry for me."

Ileana: She smiles. "Dude, eat all of it, I've got another box. Take it as a sorry gift."

Opal: After she heard "eat all of it." She switched off and started doing just that.

Ileana: She grabbed a box out of one of her fridges and got a can of Fanta out of the fridge as well. "Do you want a drink?"

OOC:Any ideas on what to do after?

Opal: She smiled. "Was that a trick question?"

OOC: Hm, I could make a rude animal nymph, and have them confront her..? *secretly has no idea what to do next*

Ileana: "What do you mean? I've got a ton here. I buy them all the time. I've got Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Dr Pepper, water, on top of other things."

OOC:You could if you wanted to, we could make twins and have them both come irritate them or something. If you don't want to, I'd totally understand :) But, I like that idea :)

Opal: "Her eyes lit up at the prospect of coke, having not had it since she was five. "Coke, please!"

OOC: Ooh, that's a good idea!

Ileana: She tosses Opal a can of Coke. "There you go."

OOC:Alright then! Where are we going to do it on? A sandbox or something?

Opal: "Thanks!" She opens it and it fizzes everywhere. She yelps.

OOC: Not sure what you mean... We create the characters normally, and just RP them here... Like the Poseidon kids hear, and chase them (Opal) out, then the nymphs appear and tease them... I dunno.

Ileana: "Oh, gods!" She jumps off the bed and shouts someone from the cabin to tidy it up. He tidies it up and then leaves. "Dude, next time give it to me to open." She laughs.

OOC:Oh, I had a completely different interuptation of this. Ok, then :) Ignore my last OOC post :)

Opal: She recovers from her shock and laughs. "Sorry about that!"

OOC: Oh, you did? Oops...

Ileana: "Don't worry about it. I have servants in my cabin that do stuff for me. It's fun." She smiles.

Opal: She grins. "Because you're Lieutenant?" She asks.

Ileana: "Yup. It's really fun. You get to boss them around and stuff. It's great." She smiles.

OOC:I have an idea to what happens next. Someone from the cabin hears Opal and Ileana's conversation and knows that Opal is one of Athena's children and then like drama happens :)

Opal: "You're making me jealous!" She laughs.

OOC: So nymphs, or no nymphs? I don't mind.

Ileana: "You should be." She laughs.

OOC:We have nymphs, they come in later. They get kicked out of the cabin and then the nymphs comes.

Opal: She laughs and pokes her tongue out. Then she hears the guy who had help clean up talking about her. She went to the door and listened through it. "... and sits at the Athena table. She's a daughter of Athena, definitely."

OOC: Drama!!!

Ileana: She noticed Opal went to the door. "Opal?" She went to the door and listened as well and heard what they said. "Lock. The. Door. Now." The guy knocked on the door and tried to open it. "Lock it!"


Opal: She does as Ileana asks and her eyes widen. "Oh gods. I'm screwed, aren't I?"

OOC: Sorry for the wait! But I'm done Rachel's page!

Ileana: "We both are." She starts to think on what to do.

Random Boy From The Cabin: He gets a key and opens the LT's room door. "Oh, look guys! There's an Athena kid in the cabin!" People start running in the room and one grabbed Ileana and pulled her over to talk to her about Opal.

OOC:Yeah, I completed Lizzie's page too :)

Opal: She raised one eyebrow and dodged the net of hands reaching for her. "Hi..." She said, running. A hand reached out and got her shirt. "Not so fast." Says Random Boy From Cabin. She smiles weakly, and attempts to escape, with no avail.

Ileana: "Get off me." She kicks RBFC in the face. She grabs Opal and tries to escape the cabin. "Opal, come on!" She runs and escapes the crowd.

Random Boy From Cabin: "Get them!" He shouted very loudly.

Opal: She yelped as one of them pulled out a dagger. She turned and ran as fast as possible away from the crowd.

OOC: Drama!!!

Ileana: "STOP IT!" She shouted at the guy who pulled out the dagger. "STOP OR ELSE YOU GET PUNISHED!" She ran away towards Opal. "Opal, we need to run away now."

Opal: " I got that much from the situation!" She panted.

Ileana: "We're going to get surrounded. Let's go now." She darts away from the cabin and finds a little hut in the distance. "Should we stay in this hut?"

OOC:Should the hut contain the nymphs? Like their hangout?

Opal: "That's a good temporary solution. We can come up with something there."

OOC: Yeah

Ileana: "Ok, let's go in." She opens the door to the hut and it contains 2 nymphs. "Oh. Hi."

Rachel: She looks up and down their dishevelled Appearance, noting the spilt Coke on Opals shirt, and all the rips in their clothes. "Hi." She says in the same manner.

Opal: She decides immediately she doesn't like the girls attitude. "Look, we need to stay here a while."

Lizzie: "Hmm. Why should we let you guys stay here? Why are you all dirty?"

Ileana: "Look, dude, we need to stay. The Poseidon Cabin is trying to kill us. Please?"

Rachel: "Ooh, why are they trying to kill you?"

Opal: "I'm a daughter of Athena, now can we please stay?"

Ileana: "Please? We need to stay."

Lizzie: She smiles mischievously and whispers to Rachel: "Should we play with them for a bit and make them do things for us?" Rachel: "You and I are always on the same page, Lizzie dear." She says. "Are you willing to tidy the hut?" She asks.

Opal: She looks helplessly at Ileana

Ileana: "No. Why would we do that? We aren't your slaves."

Lizzie: "Then get out. Bye." She waves.

Ileana: She bites her lip. "No." She shakes her head. Then she looked at Opal. "Fine. We'll tidy up your little hut."

Rachel: "What are you waiting for? Chop, chop!"

Opal: She'd had enough of their attitude. "No." She said. "If you want us out, you'll have to forcibly remove us." She said, taking off her ring, and watching it transform.

Lizzie: Lizzie's eyes widen. "Rachel. What do we do now?"

Ileana: "Woah. Opal, calm down." She turned to them. "Please. Please let us stay."

Rachel: "Okay then, you can stay..."

Opal: "Now, I'll calm down!"

Lizzie: She whispers to Rachel: "Are we really gonna let them go?"

Ileana: "Thanks." She pulls a chair out and sits on it.

Opal: "If you try anything, I still have my ring!"

Rachel: "And there's your answer."

Lizzie: "Ok. So, who are you two?"

Ileana: "Why should we tell you our name?"

Rachel: "Because, we're giving you a place to stay!"

Opal: She touches her ring.

Rachel: She yelps. "Okay, okay!"

Ileana: There was a knock at the door. Ileana opened it. It was the RBFC holding his sword. She screamed and shut it. She started to breathe heavily. "Opal. We've got some visitors."

Lizzie: "Let them in, they're visitors!" She smiles.

Rachel: She goes to the door. "Yes?"

Random boy from Cabin: "We're looking for two girls, Ileana, and Opal, wasn't it? Are they here?"

Rachel: "They aren't if they clean the cabin."

Opal: "fine, we'll do it!"

Rachel: "They're not here."

Lizzie: She came to the door. "Bye!" She says and waves at him and then shut the door. "Mop the floor, dust the shelves and organise everything!" She placed down all of the cleaning supplies.

Ileana: "I don't want to!" She whined.

Lizzie: "I'll go and get him again!" She threatens.

Ileana: "Fine." She grabbed the feather-duster and starts to dust the room.

Rachel: "So... Want me to paint your nails?"

Opal: "Right! I've had enough of this! I'm outta here!" She looks at Ileana. "You're welcome to come too."

Rachel: "Wait! Won't you get caught? You need to stay with us!"

Lizzie: "You're gonna die! You have to stay!" She blocked Opal's way out.

Ileana: She hesitates. "Opal, as much as I want to go, we have to stay. Do you want to die out there? They're vicious. I know them."

Rachel: "They are!"

Opal: "How would you know?"

Rachel: "I've been at the wrong end of one of their swords before." She shudders. "It's not fun!"

Opal: "You'll be at the wrong end of mine, if you don't shut up!" She glares. "Fine, I'll stay."

Lizzie: "Rachel, let's give them a manicure." She looked at Ileana's hands and looked away in disgust. "You really need to get your nails done."

Ileana: "No I don't, leave me alone."

Opal: "I don't either!"

Rachel: "Yes, you do."

Lizzie: "Don't lie. You so do." She opened a cupboard and brought out a ton of nail supplies. She gave Rachel a nail file, some nail polish and other things. She got a nail file and pink nail polish and started to paint Ileana's nails. "Don't move about."

Ileana: She kept moving away from Lizzie but Lizzie had a tight grip on her. "My nails are perfectly fine!"

Rachel: "No. They're not. Neither are yours... Other girl!"

Opal: "My nails are fine!" She said, backing off. "Don't come near me with those... Those... Torture devices!"

Rachel: She came closer to Opal, smirking. She held up the nail file, and started to file Opals nails.

Opal: "Let. Go. Of. Me."

Rachel: "No."

Lizzie: "We're just trying to save your nails. Seriously, they need help. Fast."

Ileana: She quickly removes her hand causing the nail varnish to spill all over Lizzie. She sniggers as it spills all over her.

Lizzie: "RACHEL!!!!!!!!" She screams as it went all over her.

Opal: She laughs and does the same.


Ileana: She laughs. "Oh gods, that's so funny!"

Lizzie: "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!?! WELL, THIS IS!" She gets another nail polish and spills it all over Ileana. "Now that's funny."

Ileana: She gasps as she got it all over her clothes. "Now, you're asking for it." She gets her bracelet and unscythes her sword.

Lizzie: "Rachel, help!"

Opal: She unsheaths her own sword, and goes over too ileana. "She can try."

Rachel: "Sorry, Lizzie."

Ileana: She had an angry look on her face and turned to Lizzie. "Dude. You shouldn't have done that. Get us out and away from the mob and protect us. We need to get changed."

Lizzie: She turned to Rachel. "What we do?"

Rachel: "They have swords! We do as they say!"

Opal: "At least you're not stupid!"

Ileana: She starts to laugh. "Yeah, you aren't stupid. Now, you." She points to Lizzie, sword in hand. "Now, get us out of there."

Lizzie: She looks at Rachel with a sad look on her face. She sighs. "This way." She opens the door and check if the coast is clear. She nods and opens the door. "Get out and go to your cabins."

OOC:I have an idea. When Ileana and Opal go back to their cabin, Lizzie and Rachel could turn into sparrows and spy on them and be mischievous and break things and other stuff. Is that a good idea?

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