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  • Isabella: She is sitting at the foot of a tree eating an apple and readins a book.
  • Lucky: He is seated on the grass, leaning his back against the other side of the tree, sleeping peacefully under its shade.
  • Isabella: She takes a bite of her apple and it falls on the gound and gathers dirt. she frowns and trows the apple high up into another tree in disgust. Sadly, the birds thre fly away making a loud noise.
  • Lucky: "Ow!" Something falls hard on his head, waking him up. He looks up to see where it came from and if there's someone there then he diverts his gaze down the ground and sees an apple. He thinks it strange that an apple suddenly falls from the tree when it's not even an apple tree.
  • Isabella; She sees that her apple fell on someone's head,"if you look closely it's half eaten." She approaches him,"Sorry, Hi I'm Isabella. preistess of Apate."
  • Lucky: "Huh?" He turns to see who it was then a girl comes to him, introducing herself. A smile forms on his face. "Hmmm, you're the one who threw that, aren't you?" he says jokingly. "I'm Lucky. Nice to meet you, Isabella," he introduces himself as well and extends his hand to her. "Oh-- woah, did you say priestess?"
  • Isabella: She raises an eyebrow,'Well, yes.Why so surprised?"
  • Lucky: He chuckled."Nothing, nothing. It's just that um... it's my first time to meet a priestess."
  • Isabella: she shrugs,"we're not that common."
  • Lucky: He nods. "I see." Curiosity strikes him. "So, do you also hold masses here or something? Sorry if it sounds kinda stupid but just curious. Just wanna know what priestesses do and if they're any different from priests of the mortal world."
  • Isabella; She smiles and shakes her head,"no, not at all. I can communicate with the gods.'
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