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Strawberry Fields

  • Aisha: She is following her pet dog, Stone, who has run off.

James: James was looking around the strawberry field amazed at how big they are growing

  • Aisha: She spots Stone and tackles the dog in an effort to stop him. The fall not too far from James.

James: James sees that happens and walk over there to see if the girl and the dog were alright

  • Aisha: She gets up and dusts herself without leaving Stone's collar. She sees james walking over and says,"Hello"

James: "Hey" James said "You right with your dog"

  • Aisha: She repeats the greeting,"hello. I'm Aisha and this is Stone."

James: "I'm James"

  • Aisha: She smiles,"Hello James. So, do you like dogs?"

James: "Sort of" James replied

  • Aisha: "I'm guessing you have no pets."

James: "I've had pets" James said

  • Aisha: "Really! What kind."

James: "I had a snake when i was younger" James said

  • Aisha: She looks shocked,"A snake!"

James: "What is wrong with snakes" James asked

  • Aisha: "Oh, nothing! just not my first choice as a pet."

James: "Heaps better then dogs" James said

  • Aisha: She looks uncertain,"Well, if you say so."

James: "The only thing i hated about haveing a snake was you hae o feed i as" James said

  • Aisha: She shrugs,"I don't know anything about keeping a pet snake but I quite like having a dog."

James: "So who is you godly parent" James asked

  • Aisha: "Oh, my mum's Iris, goddess of rainbows. Yours?"

James: "My dad is Poseidon" James said

  • Aisha: She pats her dog,"So where are you from? I'm from India."

James: "Australia mate" James said trying to sound like other people trying to do his accent

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