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Ollie Queen ~ Son of Nemesis
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More Info:

-Queen of Sass

 Age: 16  Height: 5'8  Weight: 134 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken
 Birth Place: Essex, UK  Main Weapon: WIP
 Accent: English
 – Revenge is always sweet.


[[|Roesheen]] -Child of Boreas
-The Curious Snowflake
Age= 15     Height= 5'4"     Weight= 93 lbs.      
Sexuality= Straight     Relationship Status:= Taken by Oliver Queen
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= American
Species= Demigod     Main Weapon= Powers

 "Snowflakes are like people; no two are alike."



Ollie: He is walking around the forest enjoying the splendid spring afternoon. He is wearing a camp shirt and a pair of jeans and had just finished with his training when he decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing wishing though that he had someone to share it with.

Roesheen: She is humming and doodling up in a tree, one of her feet dangling down freely. She's wearing an oversized sweater with pale blue skinny jeans and her hair is absentmindedly thrown into a messy bun.

Ollie: He walks towards her with his eyes closed completely unaware she is around.

Roesheen: She continues to move her pencil across the page of her sketchbook for a few moments but then decides she is unsatisfied with her finished work. She crumples up the paper with a sigh and drops it to the ground to pick up later.

Ollie: He notices Rosheen and smiles "Hey" He says kindly

Roesheen: She squeaks in surprise at the sudden voice and then flushes slightly when she notices him. "Oh. H-hello there." She offers him a timid but genuine smile.

Ollie: He smiles brightly "You seem to be frustrated what's wrong?"

Roesheen: She fiddles with a strand of her hair. "It's my drawings. They never quite turn out the way I want them to anymore."

Ollie: He picks up one of the crumpled drawings and examines it.

Roesheen: She bites her lip nervously. "It's really not that great. You might not like it."

Ollie: "It looks really nice to me." He says with a smile.

Roesheen: "Well, thank you." She floats down from her tree branch on a gust of icy air with a soft smile and offers her hand to shake. "I'm Roesheen, by the way."

Ollie: He shakes it in a gentleman like way "I am Ollie nice to meet you"

Roesheen: She beams at him. "Ollie is a very nice name. So, what brings you into the forest today, Ollie?"

Ollie: "Oh just to relax after advanced training" He says

Roesheen: She nods in understanding. "The woods are definitely a good place to go to relax. I always feel so at home here."

Ollie: "Yeah" he sits down next to her "Only downside is it can be very lonely without someone to share it with"

Roesheen: "That's true. I guess I've kind of gotten used to loneliness in a way. I've made a few friends here at camp, but they always end up leaving me in the end. My mother left me too and I never knew my father. My grandparents..." She stops herself with a shaky laugh. "You don't want to hear about my troubles. I'm really sorry."

Ollie: "Oh it's okay I don't mind and I feel very sorry for you that must have been a tough stretch of life my father abused me as a kid"

Roesheen: "Oh, Ollie. I'm so sorry." She reaches out her hand and gently rests it on his arm in a reassuring manner, the beginning of tears glistening in her eyes.

Ollie: He squeezes her hand and wipes her eyes "It's okay we are here and safe now."

Roesheen: She sniffles and manages to compose herself before showing him a grateful smile. "Gods, I don't know how to put it into words, but I just feel super comfortable around you. Thank you for staying to talk to me. You really didn't have to, but you did."

Ollie: "Me too it is nice to have someone to talk to about your experience" He lies down next to her and looks up at her.

Roesheen: She smiles at him and then flops down at his side.

Ollie: He turns on his side and rubs her cheek and smiles waiting for her to make the next move.

Roesheen: She blushes bright red, her eyes flickering across his face with a small smile. "It's funny. Right now I don't feel any of that loneliness at all. It's just... gone."

Ollie: "Me neither" He says with a smile as he rolls closer to her and blows a strand of hair out of her eyes.

Roesheen: She giggles as he blows her wisp of hair out of the way and hesitantly reaches out to touch his face. She traces his cheekbone gently with her finger and lets it make its way down his cheek and along his chin. "I want to draw you." She blushes as she realizes she said those words aloud. "Not necessarily now, but sometime. You have a face that is just begging to be put down on paper."

Ollie: He smiles "How about putting yours right beside it?"

Roesheen: "Well, I don't typically sketch myself, but I could try. If that's what you want." She grins.

Ollie: "Yes our faces would go so well together" His heart is fluttering but he doesn't know how she feels.

Roesheen: She blushes happily and finds herself subconsciously leaning closer to him. "You really think so?"

Ollie: "I truly do"

Roesheen: She bites her lip and looks into his eyes, feeling a thousand butterflies rioting in her stomach

Ollie: He sees her lip and smiles placing his head under hers and looking up.

Roesheen: She looks down at him, smiling as well. "I just realized that I don't even know who your god parent is." She laughs and looks at him curiously.

Ollie: "I am a son of Nemesis and whose child are you?"

Roesheen: "Boreas."

Ollie: "Ooh that's nice" He says with a smile only a few centimeters under her face

Roesheen: "It's pretty cool. Oh my gosh. I just made an awful pun without meaning to." She giggles sheepishly.

Ollie: He looks at her raises one eyebrow and smirks in understanding and chuckles

Roesheen: She laughs a bit more and buries her face in her hands in embarrassment.

Ollie: He tries to lift her head out of her arms and smiles.

Roesheen: She returns the smile somewhat shyly, afraid to speak and say something she'll regret again.

Ollie: "You are smart and funny and beautiful wow I am surprised none of the other guys around here took notice to you" He says.

Roesheen: She blushes and looks away with a small shrug. "That's very kind of you. There are so many girls around here though that are all those things and then have an abundance of more winsome qualities on top of that. So, while you may be surprised, I'm really not..."

Ollie: "Well to me you are the best of all of them flashy powers don't mean much" He says

Roesheen: She looks back into his eyes, her heart skipping a beat. "You really think I'm the best?"

Ollie: "Yes I do believe you are the best" His face just a few centimeters from hers.

Roesheen: She swallows nervously as she finds her gaze has rested temporarily on his lips and tries to distract herself from her strange, sudden urge to kiss him.

Ollie: He rests his head on the ground and stares up into her eyes.

Roesheen: She studies his eyes, twirling a small piece of her hair around and around her finger for a moment absentmindedly. "Y'know, you have really beautiful eyes." She blushes and then looks up coyly with a smile.

Ollie: "You do too trust me I am getting lost in yours" He smiles

Roesheen: She sighs happily and smiles wider. "I'm so happy I came into the woods today."

Ollie: "Oh I am too" He smiles and traces his finger along her jaw line and pokes her nose and smiles

Roesheen: After the poke, she closes her eyes as she doubles over giggling. As this occurs, her forehead ends up colliding with his. "Ouch. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize we were that close." She blushes slightly.

Ollie: He rubs his head "Are we?" he asks smiling hoping she knows what he means

Roesheen: She furrows her eyebrows in confusion and continues blushing, wondering if it's some kind of trick question. "U-uh, yes?"

Ollie: He smiles and curls up

Roesheen: She smiles at him brightly and tucks a piece of her hair behind her ear. She then chuckles. "You kind of look like a cat all curled up like that."

Ollie: "Cats curl up to those they like" he says with a smile

Roesheen: "Well, I'm extremely flattered." She grins back at him.

Ollie: He leans up to her slightly seeing to see what her reaction would be.

Roesheen: Her eyes widen very slightly and she blushes, but she has no negative reaction to his closeness. In fact, quite the opposite. Her heart starts beating erratically.

Ollie: He continues to lean closer until she reacts.

Roesheen: She blinks in surprise but remains frozen until they're almost nose to nose. She gently rests her hand on his cheek, simultaneously maintaining the gap between them and anchoring herself to him. She looks into his eyes, noticing again their beautiful color. "Do you really like me? I mean, really really like me? Because I'm going to feel so stupid if I feel that way and you totally don't. I'd understand if you don't though, but it would mean a lot if you did. It would really be great if you did..." She rambles a bit more, blushing.

Ollie: "Yes I like you a lot I really really like you" He says with a smile.

Roesheen: She beams, her face practically glowing with happiness. She opens her mouth to speak, but she's speechless, and she's full of energy but remains frozen in place.

Ollie: He leans in closing his eyes

Roesheen: She leans in slowly as well, feeling her pulse racing, and pulls him closer gently.

Ollie: He snakes his arms around her back

Roesheen: She pauses before finally touching her lips to his extremely softly, a light blush on her cheeks.

Ollie: He smiles into the kiss

Roesheen: Her eyes flutter closed and she traces circles on his cheek lightly with her thumb as she returns the kiss (still very cautiously).

Ollie: Love overcomes him and he kisses her passionately

Roesheen: She's obviously surprised at the sudden burst of passion, but isn't opposed to it. She lets him take the lead as she tilts her head slightly into the kiss and feels her body fill with a kind of thrilling electricity.

Ollie:  He hugs her tightly and protectively as he continues to kiss her to his heart's content

Roesheen: She moves her hand to his hair and begins fiddling with it as she smiles into the kiss, feeling safe in his arms.

Ollie: He breaks the kiss for air "I love you" he says with a smile.

Roesheen: She catches her breath, her face flushed. "I-I love you too." She laughs and shakes her head in jubilant disbelief. "I can't believe I just met you today."

Ollie: "I can't either perhaps the gods destined us to be together" he says as he wraps his arms around her waist.

Roesheen: She nods, smiling at him affectionately. "That must be it." She loosely drapes her arms around his neck.

Ollie: He curls up again and smiles at her

Roesheen: "Hmmm... Ollie the Cat has a nice ring to it." She sticks her tongue out teasingly.

Ollie: He laughs "It sure does doesn't it" He then cuddles with her

Roesheen: She feels a surge of warmth and contentment as she snuggles into his side.

Ollie: He smiles and holds her protectively "So shall we go to the beach soon perhaps?" He kisses her forehead

Roesheen: She sighs happily and kisses his nose. "That sounds wonderful."

Ollie: "Shall we both go change and I pick you up at your cabin?"

Roesheen: She grins. "Sure!"

Ollie: "Unless you want me to walk you to your cabin first" He says with a smile.

Roesheen: She blushes and looks up at him hopefully. "Would you?"

Ollie: He walks back to her and picks her up bridal style and carries her to her cabin.

Roesheen: She happily buries her face in his neck and murmurs, her lips slightly grazing his skin, "You really didn't have to carry me."

Ollie: "Oh it is my pleasure" he says happily

Roesheen: She smiles and nestles closer to him. "Thank you...for everything."

Ollie: "Its my pleasure truly" he says with a kiss as they approach her cabin.

Roesheen:She blushes and feels her body fill with warmth. Reluctantly, she hops down from his arms. "I'll change as fast as I can and then I'll see you again soon, right?" She grips his hand, not wanting to leave him for longer than she must.

Ollie: "I got to go change too so I will meet you back here?

OOC: Change their relationship status by now lol

Roesheen: She nods. "That sounds great."

OOC: I will! I'm so sorry! I forgot.

Ollie: "Cool" he jogs towards his cabin changes and jogs back.

Roesheen: She stands in the doorway of the Boreas Cabin waiting for Ollie, wearing a lavender bikini currently covered by a heather grey sweatshirt. A towel is tucked under one arm and she hums a little tune to herself.

Ollie: He sneaks up behind her and tries to lift her up "boo"

Roesheen: She squeals and turns around to stick her tongue out at him. "You're lucky I like you." She attempts to look frustrated and fails.

Ollie: "I am very" he says as he pulls her into a hug and a kiss.

Roesheen: She wraps her arms around him tightly and smiles into the brief kiss.

Ollie: He then grabs hold of her legs and lifts her up and walks to the beach.

Roesheen: She giggles and looks up at him.

OOC: So, is he carrying her bridal style again, is she dangling by her legs, or is she kind of hugging him like a koala as he walks? I'm a bit confused. Sorry.

OOC: He is carrying her like someone would a baby

OOC: Ok. Basically bridal style then. Thanks for clarifying! :)

Ollie: He gives her a kiss "You look oh so pretty" he says

Roesheen: "Thank you. You look rather handsome yourself." She blushes slightly and initiates another kiss.

Ollie: He kisses her back as they reach the beach he sets her down lying down and lies next to her kissing her again.

Roesheen: She rolls on her side and pulls herself closer to him as she continues the kiss ardently.

Ollie: He snakes his arms around her waist and tries to roll onto his back carrying her with him.

Roesheen: She moves with him and ends up on top of him, briefly breaking the kiss and then quickly resuming it again. She cups his cheek softly with one hand as her other hand runs through his hair.

Ollie: He smiles into the kiss as he tightens his grip of her lower back and when he has to breathe asks her "Am I comfortable?"

Roesheen: She laughs and nods, also catching her breath. "Yes, you are. I could just stay here forever."

Ollie: He leans up to kiss her again flexing his abs his arms start roaming up and down her back.

Roesheen: She tilts her head into the deepening kiss and moves her hand from his hair to his chest. Her face begins to turn red as she feels how muscular he is.

Ollie: He sees her face and chuckles slightly "Why so red Roe?"

OOC: is this headed for a timeskip because it feels that way lol

Roesheen: "I" She turns even redder and frantically tries to change the subject. "This has been great, but how about we go actually do beachy things? Like play in the water? That sounds really fun to me."

OOC: No.

OOC: Okay that's good

Ollie: He picks her up and dives into the surf

Roesheen: She escapes his grip, finds the surface of the water, and emerges laughing.

Ollie: He notices as he is underwater grabs her ankles and lifts her up surfacing as he carries her

Roesheen: She beams at him and pushes her hair out of her face to wring some of the water out.

Ollie: "Want to go back to the beach sweety?" he asks

Roesheen: "Sure!" She gets a mischievous expression on her face. "I'll race you there." Quickly, she takes off running through the shallow water.

Ollie: He runs after her and lies down on there towel upon arrival.

Roesheen: She turns to him as she's lying on the towel beside him, breathing hard. "I totally beat you." She laughs triumphantly.

Ollie: "Yes you did" he says with a tired smile blood dribbling down his neck where a rock scratched him on the way

Roesheen: Her smile instantly falls as she spots the blood. "Oh no." She rapidly crawls over to him, inspecting the cut. "Do you have any idea what scratched you, Ollie?"

Ollie: The water prevented him from feeling it "I have a cut where?" he starts feeling his face

Roesheen: "It's right here." She touches the space of his neck gingerly, making sure not to actually make contact with the bleeding wound.

Ollie: "Well probably should wash it out" he heads to the sea

Roesheen: She runs after him. "It'll hurt." She bites her lip. "Here, hold my hand."

Ollie: He holds her hand and waits to see what she will do

Roesheen: She leads him to the surf, continuing to hold Ollie's hand tightly, before splashing up some salty water to clean out the cut.

Ollie: He hisses in pain as the wound is cleaned out.

Roesheen: She squeezes his hand and kisses it.

Ollie: He smiles and kisses her cheek "Thanks" he says softly

Roesheen: She blushes and smiles at him somewhat shyly. "Anytime."

Ollie: He smiles and carries her back to the towel and lies her down on it.

Roesheen: She beams up at him and tugs on his hand, beckoning him to join her on the towel.

Ollie: He falls onto the towel and cuddles with her.

Roesheen: She wraps her arms around him snugly and rests her head on his chest.

Ollie: "Having a good time" he asks as he twirls a lock of her hair around his finger.

Roesheen: She smiles and keeps her eyes blissfully closed, soaking up the sun's rays and enjoying having Ollie near. "I'm having a wonderful time. What about you?"

Ollie: "I feel really great" he says as he sighs and closes his eyes happily

OOC: You lead them somewhere I am running low on ideas.

Roesheen: "Guess what? You're going to be even greater soon. I have a surprise for you." She looks up at him with excitement.

OOC: Maybe she could show him this special tide pool that she always goes to and she could finally draw him?

OOC: Awesome

Ollie: He raises an eyebrow and smiles "Alright let's go"

Roesheen: "C'mon." She grabs his hand and leads him further down the beach.

Ollie: He follows her with a smile on his face.

Roesheen: She finally brings him to a peaceful spot consisting of a few tide pools shielded from the rest of the world by some rocky outcroppings. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

Ollie: He gasps "It is very" his eyes are wide

Roesheen: She beams at him. "I stumbled upon it one day and I've been coming here ever since. This is the only place I like more than the forest... Let me get something." She runs over to a rock with a hidden crevice in it and quickly reaches in to grab a small artist's pad as well as some sketching pencils.

Ollie: He dives into the tide pool and looks at her smiling

Roesheen: She sits at the edge of the pool, her feet dangling into the cool water, as she begins to sketch him.

Ollie: He sits still so she can sketch him mesmerizing himself with her beauty

Roesheen: She looks up from her drawing briefly and giggles. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Ollie: "Because you are pretty" he says sighing

Roesheen: She blushes and dips her head so she's again focusing on the paper. "Well, you're very sweet." She sketches furiously and, after a few seemingly long moments of silence, the masterpiece is done. Her face lights up with pride as she looks at her drawing.

Ollie: He continues to stare and says "Your done? your face looks happy"

Roesheen: "Yes, I'm done, and I'm actually very happy with it." She turns her sketch pad to face him so he can see her detailed drawing of the two of them laughing together in the waves.

Ollie: He smiles "Its beautiful" he says in awe "shall I draw one?"

Roesheen: She nods with a large grin. "Sure! Go right ahead." She hands him some paper and her pencils.

Ollie: He sits on the edge and starts to sketch looking at her hoping she would go into the water.

Roesheen: She slips into the water of the tide pool and wades around, alternating between looking for shells around her feet and looking up at him with a smile.

Ollie: He sketches her continually looking and drawing.

Roesheen: She blushes happily and relaxes in the refreshing water.

Ollie: He finishes and turns the pad towards her showing her a picture of her smiling and playing in the tide with him looking on from the shore.

Roesheen: "It's wonderful. You didn't tell me that you were a fellow artist." She swims up to him with a smile and kisses his cheek.

Ollie: He looks down "Nobody sees that part of me"

Roesheen: "Well, now I've seen it, and I love it." She reaches for his hand.

Ollie: He takes it smiling and helps her out of the water.

Roesheen: "Thanks." She crosses her arms and shivers slightly.

Ollie: He wraps his towel around her smiling.

Roesheen: "It's ironic, isn't it? A Boreas kid getting cold." She giggles.

Ollie: "It is" he says as he holds her

Roesheen: "I'm glad that I have you looking out for me." She kisses his nose lightly.

Ollie: He kisses her back "I am honored to look out for you" he says with a smile

Roesheen: She closes her eyes happily and hugs him tightly.

Ollie: As they have moved a lot the towel has fallen to the ground and he slowly lets them fall back into the water.

Roesheen: She opens her eyes again as she feels the water surround her and smiles at him, drawing him close.

Ollie: He smiles and swims closer to her holding her by the waist.

Roesheen: She pushes a strand of hair back behind her ear shyly before looping her arms around his neck.

Ollie: "I could just stay like this forever" he says with a smile.

Roesheen: She blushes. "Me too."

Ollie: He holds her wondering what she wants to do

Roesheen: She blinks somewhat sleepily and yawns, resting her forehead against his chest.

Ollie: He smiles and looks at her "Want to sleep?" he asks soothingly with a couple of kisses.

Roesheen: "I'm fine. I'm just..." She rubs her eyes stubbornly. "a little tired."

Ollie: He picks her up gets out of the tide pool sets her in the shade of a tree and wraps the towel around her and shivers a little as he kisses her. "sleep" he says shivering a little more but not minding it.

Roesheen: She groans sleepily as she catches his hand. "Please stay. You're shaking. You'll be warmer here next to me."

Ollie: He smiles and lies down next to her.

Roesheen: She snuggles into him and sighs happily.

Ollie: He smiles and pats her until she falls asleep

Roesheen: She finally rests but begins murmuring slightly as she sleeps.

Ollie: He listens wondering what she is saying.

Roesheen: "I... I won't. I can't..." She groans a little and cuddles closer to him.

Ollie: He realizes she is having a nightmare and wraps his arms around her protectively so that she will be at ease

Roesheen: She loses some of her previous stiffness as he holds her. "Gran, no." She begins to sleep more peacefully after her last whisper.

Ollie: He holds her and watches the peaceful forest dozing off himself

Roesheen: She wakes up a while later and turns pink as she realizes how much she and Ollie are intertwined. She speaks softly, "Ollie?"

Ollie: He woke up "huh what happened?"

Roesheen: "We both ended up falling asleep." She begins to laugh. "Your hair is all ruffled. It's cute."

Ollie: He smiles "Last thing I remember is you had a nightmare your face is cute when you wake up" he says

Roesheen: She tries to smile at his compliment, but can only think of her nightmare. "It was about my Gran... I had to leave her to come to camp. She was unresponsive. I knew she was dying, but I didn't want her to be alone." Her eyes get a little teary.

Ollie: He wipes the tears and hugs her "I am sure she is proud of you"

Roesheen: She hugs Ollie tightly. "I hope so."

Ollie: "I know so" he confirms smiling warmly

Roesheen: She smiles and gives him a quick peck on the lips. "Thank you."

Ollie: "Anytime" he says "So what do you want to do now?"

Roesheen: She shrugs. "It depends on what time it is. I don't know how long we slept."

Ollie: He looks at the sun "looks like its about 3 in the afternoon" he says looking back at her.

Roesheen: "We could go get something to eat."

Ollie: "That's a good idea I am famished how about we change first and take a shower before we go?"

Roesheen: She laughs. "Good idea."

Ollie: He lifts her up and starts walking towards her cabin.

Roesheen: She rests her head on his shoulder and smiles, humming quietly.

Ollie: They arrive at her cabin "here we are" he says letting her down gently

Roesheen: "Thank you, Ollie." She smiles brightly and kisses his cheek.

Ollie: He kisses her back "I will go change and come pick you up" he says as he walks to his cabin

Roesheen: She smiles lovingly as she watches him go before walking inside and getting ready.

Ollie: He takes a shower, changes, and walks back to her cabin waiting for her.

Roesheen: She walks out of the cabin, refreshed and dressed in a floral sundress. She shoots Ollie a playful smile. "It's such a pleasant surprise to see you here."

Ollie He looks at her "I did say I was going to pick you up" he says with a smile "My goodness you look absolutely gorgeous" he adds with a smile as he gives her a hug and a kiss "Ready to go?" he asks

Roesheen: She laughs. "I was born ready." She slips her hand into his and walks with him.

Ollie He walks with her hand in hand until they reach a casual restaurant in which he picks out a table for them and offers her a seat before sitting down himself.

Roesheen: She sits down daintily and shoots him a cheerful smile before carefully inspecting the menu in front of her. "Wow. Everything sounds delicious! Maybe it's just because I'm hungry." She giggles.

Ollie: He smiles and picks out his food before giving her a kiss and whispering "What do you want?" with a smile

Roesheen: She beams back at him, blushing happily after the kiss. "I'll probably get a salad and some lemonade."

Ollie: He smiles back and orders their food before leading them to a seat.

Roesheen: She sighs out of contentment and rests her elbow on the table before cupping her chin in her hand with a smile. "This is so nice."

Ollie: "It is very" he says as the food is set down on the table.

Roesheen: She smiles at the waiter. "Thank you." After picking up her fork, she eats a few bites of her salad.

Ollie: He smiles and eats also staring into her eyes every once in a while.

Roesheen: She blushes and giggles softly, putting down her fork after she notices him staring for about the fifth time. "Why do you keep looking at me like that?" She blushes more and smiles. "Not that I mind."

Ollie: "Because you are pretty and captivating" he says dreamily

Roesheen: She looks at him thoughtfully. "No one has ever called me captivating before." With a small, sincere smile, she reaches for his hand.

Ollie: He smiles back and puts his hand on hers.

Roesheen: She tilts her head and studies his face lovingly. "Tell me more about yourself, Ollie. I want to know everything."

Ollie: He tells her his history and when he finishes asks her "So what about you?"

Roesheen: "Well, my name is Roesheen, but you know that." She giggles. "My favorite color is lavender purple. I love ice cream. Um, I used to have a pet turtle. My mom was a famous figure skater... which is why she gave me up. I lived with my grandparents, but they're both dead now." She tears up a bit, but attempts to distract herself. "I like classical music too."

Ollie: "Wow how you could have liked a guy like me I fail to understand you are such a star" he replies in awe

Roesheen: Her eyes widen and she blushes fiercely. "That's not true. I'm not a star... and how could I not like you? You're everything that I've ever wanted." She smiles at him.

Ollie: His eyes widen "Am I really?" he asks and adds "Of course you are a star. you come from a well known family and inherited so many good qualities" he says with a smile

Roesheen: She wrinkles her nose playfully. "Really? What kind of star-like qualities?"

Ollie: "Well your pretty and bright and awesome" he says

Roesheen: She blushes and leans over to kiss him on the cheek. "Well, you're kind and thoughtful and adorable."

Ollie: He smiles and kisses her back before hugging her to his chest "Why thank you" he says with a smile

Roesheen: She nestles into his chest, smiling. "You're welcome, Ollie."

Ollie: He holds her and looks at her before looking at the food and the outdoors

Roesheen: She pulls away slightly, still wearing a small smile. "Did you like your food?"

Ollie: He lightly whimpers when she pulls away before saying "Yes but I enjoyed your company more"

Roesheen: She giggles and hugs him again, feeling her body fill with warmth. "That's very sweet of you to say. I feel the same way."

Ollie: He smiles and holds her "So what should we do now my queen?" he asks with a smile

Roesheen: She raises her eyebrow and looks up at him playfully. "Ooooh. My queen. I kind of like that." She smiles brightly. "Well, I've heard there's a lot to do in town. We could go to the bookstore or stroll through the park together..."

Ollie: "We could stroll in the park first?" he asks with a smile and a kiss

Roesheen: She looks into his eyes and blushes, smiling. "That sounds perfect."

Ollie: He gets up and holds his arms out to her and smiles "I hear the park is great this time of year with all the flowers in bloom petals flying everywhere great place to relax" he says sincerely as he awaits her

Roesheen: She grabs his hands and daintily arises from her seat. "I'm sure it's a beautiful sight... and it'll be even better since we're together." She grins. "Let's go."

Ollie: He smiles and walks with her to the park which looks like an oasis "Here we are" he says as he looks around at the beauty

Roesheen: "Whoa." Her lips form a small "o" as she looks around, eyes wide, and subconsciously squeezes Ollie's hand.

Ollie He squeezes it back and gives her a kiss "Beautiful isn't it" he asks in awe as he sits on the park bench nearby pulling her onto his lap

Roesheen: She blushes and sighs happily, leaning her head back to kiss him on the cheek. "Completely and utterly beautiful."

Ollie: He wraps his arms around her waist, petals falling all over them from the trees "We could stay here all day can't we" he says

Roesheen: She giggles and closes her eyes. "I certainly wouldn't complain."

Ollie: He buries his head in her neck out of love and hugs her to him tight

Roesheen: She reaches one hand up to dreamily fiddle with his hair a bit and places her other hand on his arms, which currently encircle her.

Ollie In the middle of burrowing in her neck he plants a kiss there too

Roesheen: She shivers slightly at his gentle touch and smiles before whispering, "Ollie, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Ollie: "Your also the best thing to happen to me" he replies planting light sensitive kisses "my queen"

Roesheen: She turns around so that his arms are still around her but she's now face to face with Ollie. She softly places her hands on both sides of his face and draws his lips to her own, pulling away for a heartbeat to breathlessly murmur, "My king."

Ollie: He smiles and leans into the kiss until he has to breathe "I am not your king I am your humble servant my lady"

Roesheen: She looks at him lovingly. "Ollie, I don't need a servant... but I do need someone to be my side through everything."

Ollie: He stares back "I am always here for you sweety" he replies as he leans back letting her rest on him comfortably

Roesheen: She curls up contentedly, snuggling into him and intertwining her fingers with his.

Ollie: He moans a little feeling her warmth and comfort as he curls around her protectively as best he can

Roesheens: Her cheeks are tinted with a faint blush as she absentmindedly kisses his jawline gently.

Ollie: He smiles enjoying it and leans down making it easier for her

Roesheen: She continues for a few more moments and then nestles comfortably into his neck, breathing in his scent.

Ollie: He at this point has begun to sleep and he breathed steadily

Roesheen: She smiles, realizing he's drifted off, and soon follows suit.

Ollie: Some time later he wakes and holds her as she continues to sleep

Roesheen: She twitches slightly in her sleep and mumbles, still asleep, "Don't leave."

Ollie: He holds her tighter and protectively to calm her

Roesheen: She exhales deeply and soon her eyes flutter open. "H-hey." She looks up at Ollie and blinks for a moment in confusion before gazing at her surroundings and remembering precisely where she is.

Ollie: He looks down with concern "honey are you okay what happened?"

Roesheen: She tries to smile up at him. "It was just a dream, Ollie. I'm fine."

Ollie: "Are you sure? You looked terrified" he says holding her tight to him

Roesheen: She sighs. "It... it was just about my mom. I think I was much younger in the dream. She set me down in the middle of a large expanse of ice. It was so wide. I couldn't see the edges. And then... she just skated away. I couldn't move. I couldn't follow her, and I didn't even know where I'd go."

Ollie: "Wow" he says with interest "so what did you do?" he asked

Roesheen: "Well, I was stranded. At first, I was panicking, but then I felt this sense of peace and I could feel you holding me and I realized... that was where I was supposed to be. Then I woke up."

Ollie: He smiled "Well I am glad I was able to comfort you" he says as he holds her tight giving her more kisses

Roesheen: She looks up at him happily, practically glowing, and kisses his lips softly.

Ollie: He smiles enjoying the kiss as he gets up and starts walking around the park carrying her bridal style

Roesheen: She giggles and tilts her head back to look up at the swirling flower petals.

Ollie: He smiles as a fully bloomed flower falls onto her lap "So nice and serene" he says "nothing could possibly bother us"

Roesheen: She grins. "We should just stay here forever."

Ollie: He sits under one of the trees in a pile of petals and touches her nose "But if we do we will be in big big trouble" he comments with a soft smile thinking that there was absolutely nothing that could ruin his day before an object falls from the tree above and hits him on the head with a loud thud

Roesheen: Her eyes widen is shock as she hovers close to him, cupping his head gingerly. "Oh! Ollie, are you alright? What was that? I'm so sorry. Do you need ice?" She quickly creates some and presses it to the area of impact.

Ollie: "No I think I am good" he says as he looks up seeing a little monkey throwing rocks at them

Roesheen: She finally follows his gaze and her eyebrows furrow in confusion. "A... a monkey?"

Ollie: He is equally as confused "Not sure why its here but it clearly doesn't like us lets go" he says as he shields her from the monkey's wrath

OOC: Probably should have thought this through better

Roesheen: Even with Ollie's attempt to protect her, a small rock still hits her in the shoulder as they sprint away from the dangerous primate.

Ollie: Once they have escaped he rubs the shoulder that got hit lightly and gingerly kissing it

Roesheen: She blushes and looks down. "Y-you don't have to do that, Ollie."

Ollie: "Of course I do I have to make sure the queen isn't hurt don't I" he ask as he nuzzles her shoulder with his nose and kisses it again before kissing her cheek

Roesheen: She closes her eyes happily and smiles. "I'm so lucky to have you."

Ollie: "No I think its the other way around" he says as he picks a butterfly out of her hair and holds it up to her

Roesheen: Her voice is hushed as she looks at the butterfly with the awe of a small child and reaches out her finger, hoping it will crawl on. "It's beautiful."

Ollie: He lets go of the butterfly and it flutters over to her finger and slowly flaps its wings as it rests there. He watches before he whispers to her "But not as beautiful as you are" he says with a large smile as he holds her by her waist and watches the insect

Roesheen: She beams excitedly, looking from the butterfly to him and radiating joy.

Ollie: He gently takes hold of her thighs and picks her up as to not scare off the butterfly and walk back towards camp "It seems to like you" he says

Roesheen: She giggles. "I think it does... What should I name it?"

Ollie: "I don't know something cute though probably" he says cradling her and staring at the butterfly

Roesheen: She smiles. "Like Gerald?"

Ollie: He sticks out his tongue playfully "How do you know its a boy?" he asks

Roesheen: She thinks for a moment. "You're right. I need something unisex. Maaaaybbeeee... Riley?"

Ollie: "That sounds like a good name" he replies

Roesheen: She looks at the butterfly happily. "Riley it is then."

Ollie: He kisses her "Its beautiful like you are" he says to her smiling

Roesheen: She blushes slightly. "And it's adorable like you."

Ollie: He kisses her again and gives her neck a little nibble "So where are you going to keep riley?" he asks

Roesheen: She seems pleasantly flustered after he nibbles on her neck as she blinks and struggles to regain her train of thought. "Um, somewhere in my room. I don't want Riley to feel trapped though. I know Riley loves to be outside..."

Ollie: "Maybe we can build her a little outdoor home" he says as he nibbles her neck and sucks it a little more

Roesheen: Her eyes flutter closed and she blushes bright red as she responds breathlessly, "That would be nice."

Ollie: He continues to please her some, pulling her down on the bench with little Riley

Roesheen: She smiles brightly. "I just had a thought. Are we basically Riley's parents now?"

Ollie: He thinks about it for a second "Yeah basically" he says as he strokes her hair and holds her by the waist "But I don't think we have to do much to take care of her she seems to know what she is doing"

Roesheen: She giggles and looks at Riley and then Ollie. "So, it's perfect. I get to be a mom and you get to be a dad without a lot of stress."

Ollie: He smiles and squeezes her waist lovingly "Yeah maybe we should take Riley to your place so she doesn't have to follow us around?" he says with a smile

Roesheen: She kisses his lips lightly and pulls away with a large smile. "That's a great idea."

Ollie: He takes the butterfly from her and starts to head in the direction of her cabin after kissing her back

Roesheen: She runs to catch up to him and then skips alongside him, humming.

Ollie He arrives at her cabin and turns to her "So where do you want to keep little Riley?" he asks

Roesheen: "Hmmmm..." She rushes about, setting a bouquet of flowers on a small table near a window and then draping a bit of netting loosely around it, tacking it to the wall in order to give Riley lots of space underneath. "Does that look good?"

Ollie: "Yeah gives her a nice little home" he says as he sets Riley in it

Roesheen: She sighs in contentment and smiles as Riley settles on one of the flowers. "Perfect."

Ollie: he smiles "so what will we do now?" He asks her

Roesheen: She rummages around for a moment and holds up several DVDs with a smile. "We could watch a movie?"

Ollie: "Alright" he sits down in the chair and waits for her so he can cuddle with her

Roesheen: She sifts through several options. "What sounds good to you? I have You've Got Mail, Love Actually, The Notebook..."

Ollie: "The Notebook sounds interesting" he says not knowing what it is

Roesheen: She giggles and inserts the disc, pressing play soon after. "Perfect. You'll like it." She returns to the chair and sits right next to him so that their knees are touching and they can both manage to share a cozy blanket.

Ollie: He pulls her close to him as they watch the movie.

OOC: What is this movie about?

Roesheen: She rests her head on his shoulder and sighs happily.

OOC: You've never seen it? It's a classic. It's basically a romance where two people passionately fall in love but circumstances/family keeps them apart. The girl almost marries someone else, but she ends up coming back to her original lover. They grow old together, but the girl has terrible dementia and can't even remember who her husband is. Still, he's always there for her and they end up dying together.

OOC: Interesting

Ollie:He holds her close to him giving her kisses as he watches

Roesheen: She plays with his hand, intertwining her fingers with his. "What if they make a movie about us one day?"

Ollie: "Well I would never leave you and I would try to get help for you" he says "It will hurt but I will live" he said

Roesheen: "I would never want to forget it. I'd never want to forget you or any of this."

Ollie: "Me neither" he says snuggling closer to her

Roesheen: She contentedly gives him a small peck on the lips.

Ollie: He smiles and holds her tight

Roesheen: After some time, the movie comes to an end. She curls up next to him tighter and yawns quietly. "Ollie, would you... stay with me? Earlier today, it really helped to have you there as I slept. I feel like... No, I know that I won't have nightmares while you're here. I'm aware that I might be asking a lot..." She trails off, looking up at him with wide, hopeful, and slightly anxious eyes.

Ollie: He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close to him "Of course I will" he says as he kisses her and lies down on the sofa

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