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Jane -Swan Nymph
-Divine Utopia
Age= Immortal, looks like 17 Weight= 126 lb
Height= 5'6" Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Main Weapon= Bow and Arrow Species= Nymph

 – "True friends don't let you do stupid things...

She was swimming in her swan form in a lagoon inside camp. It was exactly twilight and the sky was an exquisite shade of bright orange with a streak of pink. Her feather's seemed to shimmer a bit.

He was walking around the cabins, but there wasn't anything interesting. He walked to the woods, where he truly belonged. He saw something in the lagoon. He walked towards it and saw a beautiful swan.
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Jane: After swimming for a bit, she swam towards the shore and when she was in land, she returned into her human form with this dress and some black flats. Her hair was straight and over her left shoulder.

Samuel: As he stood there, he saw the swan turned to a gorgeous girl with shiny blonde hair and lovely eyes. Her white dress glowed under the magical moonlight. He decided to walk to her and introduced himself. He was wearing a white T-shirt and long blue jeans, probably to hide his goat legs, a hat to hide his horns on his brown hair and he wears a pair of green Converse shoes.

Jane: She noticed a man walking toward her "Hello!" she beamed.

Samuel: "Hi" - he said shyly. He walked towards her and introduced himself. "I'm Samuel Gretty - Satyr. And clearly you are a swan nymph. What's your name?"

Jane: She smiled enthusiastically "I'm Jane... And yes, I am a swan! Apollo created me."

Samuel: "Looks like he created a perfect one. Well, I'm created by Pan. But in the genetic way, not magic. Like Pan is my dad, and my mom is a nymph. Funny, huh? My dad is not here anymore, but he's not dead. Sounds ironic, huh?"

Jane: "Is your mother a nymph? HOW COOL!"

Samuel: "Well, she's an ancient nymph from Greece. But let's talk about shall we? Tell me more about you, Ms. Beautiful Swan?"

Jane: She giggled and blushed "Well, I was with Apollo once, helped him and everything and I grew to love him, but then, oh, then he sent me to Camp and I couldn't see him anymore..."

Samuel: "That's a shame". He looked at her. She looked more beautiful than she was in her swan form. "So, have you been at camp for a long time?"

Jane: She shrugged "Kind of. Almost a year."

Samuel: "I've only been here for a few weeks. Do you know anywhere interesting for nature creatures around here?"

Jane: "Well, I like this lagoon. There are also ponds, rivers, the woods, and the jungle part."

Samuel: "Hey, why don't we go to the beach? I heard nymphs and satyrs are having a lot of fun there!"

Jane: her face lit up "Sure! We should go!!!"

Samuel: They walked together to the beach. Samuel shyly asked Jane: "So, umm, why does a pretty girl like you swim alone in the lagoon? Where is your boyfriend?

Jane: "I don't have one!" she laughed manically. "Guess no one demonstrated to be as worthy as Apollo..." she shrugged.

Samuel: "Well, a pretty girl shouldn't wait forever for a god. You should find a boyfriend, and trust me, with your beauty, there are hundreds of boys out there waiting for you." - He said, but had a smile on his face.

Jane: She smiled "Thank you, Samuel."

Samuel: "You're welcome". They arrived at the beach, and Samuel saw nymphs playing in the beach, while satyrs playing music. "Wanna join them, Jane?"

Jane: "Sure."

Samuel: He took off his shirt which showed his muscular body, and run towards the beach. "Come on, it's time to have fun!"

Jane: She bit her lip and blushed when she saw Samuel's body. She had felt attracted to him since she saw him for the first time, but now she liked him both physically and humorly too. She ran towards him and the beach while taking off her dress and a bikini showing off.

Samuel: As Jane ran towards him, Samuel saw her took off her dress and now she was wearing a bikini. All he thought on his mind was "Wow". He said: "Well, I guess swans can't resist the ocean's seduction, huh?"

Jane: She laughed lightly "Well, I guess we can't..." she laughed and got closer to Samuel while grinning.

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OOC: Fine by me :))

Samuel: Jane got closer and closer, and right now, Samuel was looking at her beautiful eyes. He wanted to kiss her, but afraid that would be rude or impolite.

Jane: She wanted to kiss him too, but afraid that he might not like it, she just hugged him, feeling the texture and warmth of his muscular chest against her slim torso. "Thank you, Sam."

Samuel: "For what?" - He blushed when Jane hugged him. It felt so warm. " I've only met you for a few minutes.

Jane: "Well, I like you and wanted to thank you for letting me be with you." She explained. She then lay her head on his chest, hoping he would hug her. She snuggled her head and grinned merely.

Samuel: He held her tightly, looked down to her and said: " I'm glad that you like me. Because I like you, too. So, would a kiss make you happy, Ms. Swan?"

Jane: She nodded and turned to face Sam, both of their faces were just an inc apart. Jane smiled and wrapped her arm around his neck and th gap between they pips started closing slowly.

Samuel: He pulled her waist closer to him, and he started to kiss Jane passionately. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss. The water surrounded him may be cold, but as long as Samuel still held Jane, he felt like everything was warm.

Jane: She kissed back and lay her other hand on Sam's chest, feeling it's warm texture.

Samuel: "Well, that's one a pretty awesome kiss. So, I guess you enjoyed it, since you kissed me back and laid hand on my chest." He smiled and looked at Jane's lovely face: "Any suggestion for what to do next?"

Jane: She grinned "I did like it. No ideas... You?"

Samuel: How about putting on our clothes and head back to camp fire? Maybe I could give you another kiss there." He grinned and waiting for her answer. "So, what do you say?"

Jane: She pecked him on the lips "I love it!"

Samuel: Samuel held Jane's hand and led her to the coast. He put on his T-shirt and his green shoes. "Ready, my love?" - He said it but he couldn't hide his smile.

Jane: "I am..." She said as she put on her white dress again and intertwined her fingers with his.

Samuel: He took her hand and led her to the camp fire. They walked through the forest, and they finally arrived at the camp fire. The fire burned fiercely, maybe a fire spirit was taking care of it. Or maybe Hestia herself take care of it. "Isn't it cozy? Would you like to sit down?"

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Jane: "You sit first. I wanna sit in your lap if you dont mind..."

OOC: Yeah, probably

Samuel: "Okay. Sounds fun." He sat down. "Should I leave the "Preserved Seat" sign so people know this seat on my lap is taken?" - He said with a smile.

Jane: She sat down in his lap and restes her head on his chest "Nah, it's already taken." She laughed

Samuel: "Ding ding. Kissing time". He pulled Jane closer and kissed her one more time. It all felt so cozy and wonderful

Jane: She kissed back, one hand on his hair, messing with it, the other on the hem of his shirt, trying to get underneath it.

Samuel: He felt Jane touching his shirt and asked: "So, you want me to take off my shirt again, huh? Well, maybe another time, cause there other people here, too. But I can replace it with another kiss." He held her and had one hand on her head, then kissed her.

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Jane: She smiles at the kiss "You're hot" she placed her hands on his stomach.

OOC: Probably, yeah...

Samuel: "Yeah, I am". He blushed and then grinned.

Jane: She smiles and kisses him again,


OOC:You go first, Xax

OOC: Where should they be now? In his room? Where?

OOC: I guess in the town. Like a real date. I'll go first

Samuel: The weather started to get warmer. Sitting in the Big House front porch, Samuel realized that he and Jane never had a proper date. He decided to take Jane to a real date in town. He walked to the Nymph Sanctuary and saw Jane standing there and talk to her swan nymph friends. He walked to her and covered her eyes suddenly, trying to surprise her. "Guess who is it?"

Jane: She pondered for a bit "Hmm... Are you Sam?"

Samuel: "And we have the winner! Hello, sweetie". He pecked her on the cheek. "So, you know, I have this craziest idea ever: Why don't we go out for a date? I mean, like a real one."

Jane: She smiled "We should really do that! Where'd you like to go?"

Samuel: "I don't know. Maybe in town?"

Jane: "Where to in town?"

Samuel: "Well, maybe we can watch movies, go to the coffee. Anything you like. What do you say?"

Jane: "I'd love to go watch a movie" she said and jokingly squeezed Samuel's upper arm slightly.

Samuel: "Okay, so let's go". They walked together to the town. "Wow, it's cold toda. He saw Jane was freezing, so he took off his jacket and put it on Jane: "Warm enough, Jane?"

Jane: "Yes, thank you..."

Samuel: "So you wanna have some coffee first or watch movies?"

Jane: "Uhmmm.... Watch a movie?"

Samuel: "Okie dokie". They got to the movie theatre and saw a romantic movie was on. They bought tickets for that movie and big-size popcorn. They shared it together and settled down, ready for the movie. He held Jane's hand tightly.

Jane: She wrapped her hand around his and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Samuel: "This is great. I could just stay like this forever. Want some popcorn?"

Jane: She nodded and snuggled some more.

Samuel: He put it her mouth some popcorn and slightly pecked her on her cheek.

Jane: She chewed happily while continuing to watch the movie.

Samuel: After nearly 2 hours watching movie together, the movie finally finished. They held hands and walked out of the theater. "So, good movie, huh? What should we do now? Coffee?"

Jane: "I don't drink coffee..."

Samuel: "Maybe smoothie or juice, or even tea? Come on. The place is really romantic."

Jane: She ponders "I'll have hot cocoa..."

Samuel: "Anything you want". They walked together to the coffee house. "Isn't the weather nice? It's less colder here." They finally arrived at the coffee house. They ordered one hot cocoa, one latte and a slice of cheesecake.

Jane: "It is less cold indeed."

Samuel: "So, what do you think of the movie?"

Jane: "I liked it. What abou you?"

Samuel: "I liked it, too. So what do you want to do now? You know, I had this idea, but it is kinda dangerous and risky. I was wondering, maybe we could go to New York, maybe? Or anywhere you like. What do you think?"

Jane: "That's not really risky, to be honest... So yeah!!!"

Samuel: "Great. So... what do you think of Las Vegas?"- He asked her, wondering if she could go with him to visit his mom. He really missed his mom, and he hadn't seen him for a while.

Jane: "Never been there, so I do not really have an opinion on that one."

Samuel: "Great. I'll buy the tickets". He walked to the bus station and buy 2 tickets to Las Vegas. "Ready to go, my love?" - He said with a smile on his face and his hand offering a ticket.

Jane: "I am!" She grinned in a beautiful way.. "Are you? My love."

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