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RP Portion. xD

Selena: Selena walked out of the Nyx cabin in a black cashemere sweater, and black jeans. The full moon hung in the sky brightly tonight. She walked around the meadow near the Nyx cabin. It had flowers that bloomed during the night such as Nightgales. She sat down by a patch of the purple Nightgales and looked up at the brightly light moon.

Allan: Allan walked around the camp, unable sleep for the second night in a row. The fur on the collar of his jacket tickled his neck, causing him to reach back. Despite his sleep deprivation, he seemed fine, if only bored. He also stared at the moon for a moment, losing himself in his thoughts before moving on. Eventually, his aimless wandering brought him to a meadow filled with purple flowers.

Selena: Selena looked away from the moon when she heard the soft crunching of grass and flowers from behind her. She turned around to see a red headed young man walking into the purple flowered meadow. She looked at him, and then tilted her head before pulling one of the purple flowers out of the ground, roots and all, leaving behind a small patch of unearth dirt. She then stood up and brushed herself off.

Allan: Allan didn't walk much further before noticing sudden movement in the corner of his eye. Turning fully, he found himself staring at blond haired girl holding a flower. "Hey there."

Selena: She looks at him, and smirks. "Hello to you too." She says this flirtatiously, and tossed the flower onto the ground. "These purple flowers aren't that beautiful especially since they bloom at night, when many people can't see them." She says this pointing to the Nightingale she threw to the ground. "I'm Selena." She says this as she extends her hand for a hand shake.

Allan: "Uh, I'm Allan. Nice to meet you..." He said. For a moment, he seemed reluctant to approach the stranger. He quickly got over the feeling, walking over and taking the girl's hand. It felt colder than it should have. "I admit, I've never seen that kind of flower before. I think they're nice, regardless..."

Selena: Selena looked at him and shook her head. "Of course you haven't you sleep during the night, correct? Plus they only bloom where the night lasts the longest." She said this as she started to walk towards the edge of the purple flowered field.

Allan: Allan began to follow after Selena, picking one of the flowers as he walked. "Well to be honest, I don't sleep much at night. I've just never been around this part of camp before. I'm guessing you stay around here, though."

OOC Portion

Hiya, Lopez!

Hiya, there! :D

Hey, you said you had a question about Allan, yes?

I also had a question for you- When are you on???

When ever I get a chance to be on, I'm busy in Rl.

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