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Max Morningstar ~ Nike's Cabin
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"If everyone is a winner, nobody is."
Max wasn't sure why he was so into Diana, but he knew that she almost beat him in combat, which nobody he faced had really ever been able to do before. He wasn;t sure whether it was this, or the fact that she, just like him, seemed to go to extremes like lighting arrows on fire and shioting them at him in order to win, that made him walk to the beach the next day.
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 5'9"  Weight: 130lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: New York, New York  Main Weapon: Sword disguised as ring
 Accent: American
 – "Just because I'm on the ground and you're standing over me doesn't mean that you won."

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Nike are able to channel their energy with and create a link to an object, can be a weapon or a sports related item, which causes their next attack with this object to be two times more powerful. Once used, it can not be used again on the object for the remainder of the fight and it drains the user somewhat.
  2. Children of Nike are able to clap their hands so hard and fast due to their enhanced strength that it sends a small shock-wave out. The shock-wave generates enough force to knock an opponent off their feet and possibly leaves bruises on their skin.


  1. Children of Nike can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Nike are able to increase their speed and stealth in short bursts, making them faster than most and undetectable for a short time. However, they cannot have a weapon drawn so the speed is purely for evasion.


  1. Children of Nike are innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess. They wield higher levels of strength, speed, endurance and stamina than the average human.
  2. Children of Nike have innate reflexes which allow them to fight and dodge quickly.
  3. Children of Nike have the ability to predict the path of projectiles and dodge them, as well as identifying the weak points of opponents. This ability does not always work and could mislead the user, leaving them open to attacks.
  4. Children of Nike wield an amazing amount of willpower and fighting spirit, allowing them to partially resist any attempt to control their mind and resist any urge to surrender or quit.


  1. Children of Nike have the inhuman ability to leap great distances and perform dodge-rolls with ease, which can aid the user with dodging and attacking.
  2. Children of Nike have the ability to empower strength upon nearby allies and instill fear upon nearby enemies with a deafening war cry.
  3. Since their mother was depicted as a winged goddess, children of Nike can sprout wings for a short time, this enables them to fly; the longer they maintain this state, the more energy it drains. They must rest between flights and cannot make long distance traveling without resting often. However the wings are vulnerable to injuries and magic; they can also be customized to the user’s preference.
  4. Children of Nike can create a false illusion of what their opponent needs to do to achieve victory for a short time. This can cause an opponent to attempt foolish strategies that work against them and gives the user a chance to attack or flee.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nike have the capability to fluidly move around on both land and air making the environment their playground allowing them to kick off almost any surface and air dash across moderate distances, swing around lampposts, maneuver their motion while airborne and grind along rails and battle enemies with speed, agility and style. Using this ability, the user can easily use their environment to their advantage, such as running up walls to escape enemies.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nike have the power to turn an opponent’s semi-living construct and/or animal ally against them by inducing a powerful desire for victory and the idea that only the user can provide it. So they will be under the complete control of them. The more allies and constructs the user usurps control from, the more energy is drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Nike can draw power from all the victorious actions and desires they’ve seen, felt, or committed in their lives and become an become an embodiment of victory for a short time, in this state they are as twice as stronger and faster than before and are immune to all attacks. They emit a powerful aura which somewhat makes enemies think they are weak and doomed for failure. Once the transformation subsides and the user reverts to normal, they are immensely drained, cannot move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Nike are usually excellent charioteers and horse-riders.
  2. Children of Nike are often athletic and great sportsmen.
  3. Children of Nike normally love winning and are very competitive, typically being confident in their skills and wanting to show off.

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Diana Machiavelli ~ Daughter of Dreams

"Take a deep breath and don't be shy, don't you worry about tomorrow 'cause tomorrow ain't tonight."
Just at 12:05, she got to the beach in this when she found Max there already. I knew it! She thought as she walked towards him. "Well, hello Max. What made you decide to come over?"
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 5'06  Weight: 122
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Verona, Italy  Main Weapon: Bow and arrows. Arrows may be induced with dreams.
 Accent: Mix between Italian and French
 – "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to create dream-like illusions of attacks so realistic that they are most likely to catch an enemy off guard; however, if they miss they are left vulnerable to counterattack.
  2. Children of Morpheus can absorb the dreams of others for a short time, removing their memories of them and empowering the user to be faster and stronger. Once the enhancement subsides, the target will remember their dreams if they wish to do so and are immune to further use of this power for a moderate time.


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to make someone think they are seeing their worst nightmares brought to life for a short time; attempting to scare them into not attacking. The user cannot attack while they are using this power.
  2. Children of Morpheus have the ability to cause a person to day dream as if the child of Morpheus was a friend, causing the person to no longer desire to attack them for a short time. If the user attacks while the day dream is in effect, it will instantly stop working, so the power is purely defensive.


  1. Children of Morpheus often receive the current thoughts of people in the surrounding area while asleep. They can turn off this ability if they wish.
  2. Children of Morpheus heal faster while they are asleep and dreaming.
  3. Children of Morpheus are partially conscious while asleep, able to wake themselves up at will.


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to send a small wave of energy which will cause anyone affected to fall asleep and enter a vivid dream for a short time; after the effects have worn off, a person is immune to further effects of this for a moderate time. If the user wishes, the wave may just force the target into a vivid daydream for a short time. This will require less energy, but will have the same limitations.
  2. Children of Morpheus have the ability to look into people’s dreams as they sleep and even manipulate them as they wish.
  3. Children of Morpheus are able to astral project, they can use this for multiple reasons, however, their physical body is vulnerable and they can not effect anything on the physical plane while astral projecting.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus can create dream-like illusions in order to twist other's perception of reality or make everyone around them see something that isn't really there. However, the illusion isn't physical and therefore is only a trick of sight. The bigger the change in perception, the more power drained. They can also confuse single individuals in the same fashion.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to manifest a small shadowy creature to fight alongside them for a short time; the shadow takes the form of whatever a person’s worst nightmare is when they fight it, however, it is smaller in size if the thing from their nightmares is large. They can command the nightmare and can create up to 3 copies of it, it cannot be bigger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user and doesn’t wield any extraordinary abilities. Ex: the nightmare can fly if the target’s nightmare is something winged like a bird. But if it’s a dragon, it may not breathe fire.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus are able to transform the surrounding area into their own dream-world, an alternate reality fabricated from the user’s dreams. The dream-world will take any appearance the user desires. Anyone within 30 meters of the user will be trapped within the dream world as well. Within it, the user can fly, teleport, are able to create psychic constructs and are immune to all attacks. They’re also aware of everything happening there. After a short time, the dream-world reverts to a normal environment and the user is left incredibly drained. The user will not be able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Morpheus are normally well adept at interpreting the dreams of others.
  2. Children of Morpheus often tend to be daydreamers, with their heads always in the “clouds”.
  3. Children of Morpheus typically love dreaming, able to master the concept of “lucid dreaming” at a young age.
  4. Children of Morpheus sometimes accidentally enter other people’s dreams when sleeping.

6/9 month powers not unlocked yet

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Max: That was actually a very good question, and one Max was still trying to figure out. Max responded in a quiet and calm voice, sitting on the sand, staring out into the water. "I won yesterday. But so did you. And if you won, I have to have lost. Even though I won, I lost. I think that's why I'm here."

Diana: "So... you came over here just to tell me that you won... and lost. Nice to know." she sighed and looked at her bare knees.

Max: Max had been a little down ever since they trained togehter the day before. "Yeah. You don't you care at all? You lost too."

Diana: "I don't care about winning or losing as long as it is with a friend..." she chuckled as she lightly punched his arm. "The sand's warm isn't it?" she asked rhetorically as she lay back-first on it after putting her dark white lacoste glasses on.

Max: "Yeah, I guess." Ever since he won his first fencing match in second grade, Max never understood the concept of 'everyone's a winner.' It was foreign to him. This was starting to pose an issue as he was really intrigied by and seemed to like Diana, but lost a fight they had (in his eyes at least) and she didnt even seem to care about it. He laid back on the sand next to her, staring up at the sky, not saying anything. He wasn't sure what to say, because he wasn't sure how to feel about anything.

Diana: As her freckled face was being sun-kissed and Max didn't seem to speak, she looked at him, a bit concerned. "Are you okay?"

Max: Max still couldn't process what happened the day before. It was the first time he had stopped fighting because of pain. He saw this as letting himself lose. For the first time in his life, Max had felt like he had let his mother down. "I let her down," was all he managed to say. 

Diana: She somehow knew what he was talking about. "You did not. Victory doesn't always mean winning." she said trying to dramatize the last phrase for him to memorize it. It was true and it was a lesson he needed to learn.

Max: "You're right, it doesn't. It means never losing. But I just let myself lose. I gave up and ran to the water. I still had options. And if I was only better at casting that false illusion of victory on you, I could have won. Or if I had just moved to dodge the arrow a second earlier. Or if I only didn't get hit by the dream arrow in the first place. Or if I wasn't stupid enough to think flying out of the water would work..."

Diana: She smiled warmly and caringly at him. "Massimo! That was not what I meant..." she laughed slightly. "For you to be a victor, you don't necessarily have to win. Victory is much more complex than just winning or losing."

Max: Max knew that couldn't be true. Only people who lose believe that they can win by losing, he told himself. "The definition of victory is deafeting an opponnent in battle. You were my opponent. I didn't defeat you. So how exactly is that victory?" Max asked this in an almost accusatory tone.

Diana: "The actual definition is success in defeating an oponent. Not necessarily in a battle." she pointed out. "You probably outsmarted me, who knows? That is something subjective though... what if you fought better than I did?" she raised an eyebrow "In that case you would've defeated me at fighting... Am I making my point here?" she tried as best as she could to explain, as Max was more stubborn than a mule.

Max: "Victory isn't subjective. You don't decide you win, you just do it."

Diana: "You just don't get it... Victory isn't something you measure. It is something you feel!" she said spontaneously while shouting, but not angry, but dreamy. "Can I show you something? Something I've never shown anyone before?"

Max: Max sighed. "Well I don't feel very victorious. Sure, I guess you can show me something."

Diana: "You'll need to take your shirt off. Again. I promise I'm not a pervert. I've never done this before, but there needs to be some fair amount of... flesh uncovered so that this works."

Max: For the first time in a while, Max smiles slightly. He takes off his long sleeve shirt, wich would also reveal the burn on his arm from training the day before is visible.

Diana: She noticed his burn and showed him her own. "Okay." She closed her eyes shut in concentration and touched his chest with her warm hand. After about five seconds everything turn black and then into color again. They were laying in a long, and vast field of bright blue soft and tall grass. The sky was cloudless and lilac. Some miles in front of them was a big city with crystal buildings.

Max: Max had no idea what was going on. "Where are we?"

Diana: She stood up and giggled at the shirtless son of Nike. "We are in my wonderful dreamworld. See, children of Morpheus have an incredible control over their -our- dreams. We can reenter any dream when we please and exit any dream when we wish to. So this is the world that I've been imagining since I was a kid. I've helped with the building and stuff like that. Now, no one and listen to me carefully, NO one has seen this, so you must keep this as a secret. I tried to show my mom, but when I was still home, I couldn't transport other people into my dreams. And now I can. So deel very welcome and proud of being the first one!" In an impulse she hugged him and then after noticing what she'd done, she pulled back and rubbed her forearm with her other hand nervously. "Uhmmm, sorry about that."

Max: Max took in his surroundings, the distant city, the oddly but beutifully colored grass... He "It's... so peaceful here." 

Diana: "No people. Unless I want to." She lifted herself from the ground and flied (literally) toward the far away city.

Max: Max wasn't sure if he was able to fly too, so he just stood there. "Where are you going?"

Diana: "To the city. Come on! You can fly too. I designed this world, remember? Just think you can fly and you will."

Max: "Uh, oh yeah. Right." Max thought up and floated towards Diana.

Diana: "See? It's easy! You can make anything happen here." She suddenly dissappeared and when she re-appeared, her hair was now straight, really long and blond. She now wore some jeans and a cotton blue blouse.

Max: "I liked your hair just the way it was before."

Diana: She smiled at that but then a blush made its way to her face, to hide it, he disappeared and re-appeared with her normal hair wrapped in a beautiful best simple and a bit messy bun behind her head. She now wore a silk silver dress that was real plain but pretty, the straps of it were thin and sturdy enough to hold it. She was shoeless, but her feet looked fine and clean, as always. "Better now?"

Max: Max smiled. "Much. Sorry I got upset before. It sort of just happens. When I don't win, I sorta lose it." Max sighed I know I have to work on it, but I don't really know how."

Diana: She blushed a bit darker "That' why friends are there for you. That's what I do. Help you and be a shoulder for you to cry on." she smiled warmly. "I could help you if you only let me..."

Max: Max stopped 'flying' and landed. He put his head in his hands "I'm trying, it just... I... I just don't know how." Max was getting emotional, far more than he planned, and didn't want to seem vulnerable, but really wanted Diana's help and friendship.

Diana: She landed next to the taller boy and wrapped her arms around his bare torso. “We’ll think about that later. For now, enjoy the moment. Would you like me to make a sweater or shirt for you, or would you rather do it by yourself?"

Max: Max smiled, but only for a second. He was actually struggling to enjoy to moment. "I'm fine with without a shirt. Thanks anyway though. As nice as it is here, do you think I'd be possible for you to take me back to like regular people land? An Apollo kid gave me some stuff that I'm supposed to put on my burn and I don't know how to do it from this place."

Diana: Diana actually felt a bit offended for him wanting to go. She wanted to show him what she hadn’t to any one else, and he was declining it. But he was her friend after all. “Oh, yeah sure. Just lay back and I’ll take you back  to the normal place. If it because of time then don’t worry… we could stay… 5 minutes in real life is equivalent to an hour or so here..."

Max: Max thought about it for a minute, and decided not to leave. "Oh ok. I just... I feel like I'm bring all of my problems into your perfect world. I don't want to ruin it."

DIana: "It isn't pefect... And... you aren't bringing any problems here. You- you make it better, because..." she sighed "I like you Max, and I don't know if your feelings reciprocate, but I can't keep on lying to myself. I like you. I really, really like you, and- you make my world better. In both ways." she laughed lightly.

Max: "I like you too." Max leaned in to kiss her.

Diana: As she felt Max's soft lips brush against hers, she kissed back and she wrapped her left arm around his neck as her right touched and caressed his chest, moving her hand up and down slowly.

Max: Max's right hand reached behind her neck, as he ran it through her soft, silky red hair as they continued to kiss. 

Diana: She smiled at the kiss. Soft and simple. Just as she liked everything. She brushed her lips against his and pulled herself and her body closer to his, continuing to run her hands to his chest and eventually lowering it a bit to his abs.

Max: Max was enjoying the kiss, but curious about what he was in this mysterious world to see in the first place. He pulled back. "You said you wanted to show me something?"

Diana: "Oh, yes!" She flied to ward the center of the city, where a gigantic diamond palace towered over all of the crystal white buildings. "Now, I want you to remember, that I started this since I was a child, so if you feel that this is a childish place, you now know why." She grinned lopsidedly as she entered the palace by completely walking through an actual diamond wall "C'mon!"

Max: Max wasn't really sure where he was taking him, or what could be on the other side of the wall, but follwed Diana curiously.

Diana: As they entered, there was a big room. EVerything was made  out of silk, gold or crystal. The tiles on the floor were intricate patterns of white marble with lilac streaks. A bed was in the center, the matress had rose petals inside it, as well as all the pillows and the texture was soft. Silk again. "So... this is my humble room..."

Max: Max just looked around, nodding his head. He didn't reaally know what to say. Personally, he saw the whole thing as a bit meterialistic. In his dream world, all he would want were him and his parents just sitting together, talking. But he smiled.

Diana: "But there is more to it." she sounded excited as she exited the building. "That room was made by me when I wanted to be a princess at a young age." she flew onward for minutes until the city was left behind. And now they were flying through another vast field of blue grass. She then landed and walked towards a small cottage in the middle of it. "Now Max, I don't know if you'll like this part of my world, but- This is really where I spend most of my time. I- I really like it here..." She entered the cottage and in the left, Diana's mother was cooking, next to a table, a man in his late forties sat and next to him, a 12 year old boy waited anxiously for the food. "Hey mom! Hey dad! Hi Luca!"

Max: Now, Max officially had no idea what was going on. Max assumed that the adults were supposed to be her parents, but he had no idea who the boy was. It could be her brother, but he was pretty sure she didn't have a full brother. "Who are these people?"

Diana: She looked at Max, a bit confused, but then remembered "Oh I didn't explain it to you did I?" she remained silent for a bit. "This- this is my family. I created a father with my own imagination. Same for my brother. My mom is the same though, I couldn't bare having another family without her... I stay here with them for as long as I want. We talk, we laugh and we enjoy life -or dream- as... Well, as a normal family would." she shrugged and blushed. "I told you it was childish, but I like it that way, I guess." She looked at her feet, a hundred percent embarrassed. What will Max think about this?

Max: Max had NO IDEA what to say. Max couldn't understand why she would want to be normal, like everybody else. Was this REALLY the same girl who just twenty four hours ago was shooting arrows lit with greek fire at him? Max realized that Diana may not have been as victorious as she seemed. Max wouldn't trade his parents in for anythng, even if one was a goddess and the other a demigod, and he couldn't see them as much as he liked. Max just stood there, sort of staring at Diana and her dream family, not saying anything.

Diana: She looked at Max who seemed to be stunned. She sort of had an idea of what he was thinking. "I mean, I do love my real family. Even though it may be broken and small. I apreciate my father for the things he's done and I want to make him as proud as I can. I love him because he's real. My brother and father here don't love me and I don't love them because they aren't real... "she sighed. "But sometimes I want to see how people live. Normal people. That's when I come here. But for the most time, when I'm awake, I try to accept who I am, and I try to make the best out of it. Embrace myself."

Max: Max was almost took a personal offense to the fact that she struggled to accept herself and her family, despite how talented she was in combat, and with manipiulating dreams.  "So right now, when I'm here as a demigod but we are in you're dream world, are you seeing how normal people live or trying to accept yourself?" he asked this as if she hurt him by saying she wondered about normal life.

Diana: She puffed and pondered about it. She went outside the cottage and made a gesture for Max to get out as well. She did feel his resentment and a bit offended by her last comment, but that was the least she wanted. She wanted to be with Max, no matter if they were here in her dream world or fighting against him. As long as they were together. "I don't know. I- I think you help bring the best out of me. You make me want to compete more and be myself, a daughter of Morpheus and I like it that way." she started playing with her left earring for a bit. She then was surprised by what she'd just said. "I like being a daughter of Morpheus!"

Max: Max smiled and blushed slightly at the comment. "So, can we get out of this place and like, live as the abnormal demigods we are?"

Diana: "Yes. Just hug me and then we'll be able to go." she smiled. She was starting to accept herself thanks to Max and she didn't know how to repay it for him. She would always be thankful.

Max: Max gave her a small hug, at this point, really just wanting to leave.

Diana: As soon as he touched her, they made contact and that made the world turn black again. After five seconds or so, they were back in the beach, laying in the sand and she was also back in her loose hair, no longer in a bun. Her face was warm from the sun, same for her body which was again in her blue and white striped bikini.

Max: Max sat up. "Lets go again. Air Arena. No bows. Melee weapons only." His voice was forceful, almost too forceful.

Diana: "Max, is all of this really just because we had a tie yesterday?" she raised an eyebrow. "Because if it so, then I think I've already explained you several times that you were victorious, regardless of you not winning the fight."

Max: "No, I wasn't. You want me to be because its easier to deal with me that way. I'm not an idiot."

Diana:  She facepalmed. She really knew he had been victorious. It also was easier to deal with him that way, but that wasn't her reason for her to explain this to him. She wanted him to be happy when he lost. Not to be a sore loser as he was currently. "I know you aren't an idiot. You just need to-" Agh, never mind." she stood up and started to walk towards the water as she crossed her arms. She stood still just on the shore, giving her back to Max. "You don't want to understand. You say you do. You say that you need me to help you, but when I do so, you reject me. That means you don't want to understand and learn. Your actions are speaking so loud that they don't let me hear what you are saying."

Max: Max was upset at himself, and deflecting his anger on DIana. "I do, its just, I don't also. I know that you sometimes question if your family is perfect, or if you could have had a better childhood without any of this demigod stuff, but I don't. Without any of it, I'd probably just be another kid on the bench during a high school basketball game. I also grew up being told that the definition of winning is still standing while your opponent isn't, so I'm sorry if a few kisses didn't change my entire outlook on life."

Diana: She felt a pang in her gut. Did he really have to mention the kisses in such a despective way? Diana looked back at him. "The kisses were not meant to change your entire outlook on life. They were meant to show my affection towards you. I'm not a puppetmaster. And now that I think of it, you actually are an idiot by thinking that I want to manipulate you. Why can't you trust anyone? Was your father that horrible to teach you that nobody can win unless the other person is close to dying? Or did he also teach you that everyone wanted to manipulate you? Or that if someone kissed you it meant that that person was trying to change your outlook on life? Although I do not really think so, you are independent, so you must also teach things to yourself by experience. Freaking grow up, Max."

Max: Max suprisingly didn't lash out back. Max had an unconditional, unquestioning respect for his dad, and never once did he ever ask himself if he truely believed any of what his dad said, he just took it as true. He responded more calmly than Diana would probably expect. "I never really thought my dad could be wrong before. I guess at the time a just assumed, considering he met my mom, that he knew what he was talking about."

Diana: "And he most probably is a great man. Enough to raise a guy like you. But you probably misinterpreted stuff he said. Took it to the extent. And besides, he is a son of Ares, if I remember correctly? He is hardwired to be a warrior. Ruthless. And if you are hardwired to be victorious everytime, everyday, and if he raised you as to how he is, then that's a recipe for disaster. And you are a nice boy. But when you lose, you become a nightmare." she replied calmly as well. She still had her back facing him.

Max: Max wasn't sure why she forgave him so quickly, but didn't question it. "Sorry for lashing out before. I..." He trailed off.

Diana: "I don't really want to know about it." she sat on the shore, getting a bit wet from the moist sand.

Max: Max was still upset, but not because he lost. He was mad at himself for lashing out at Diana, and for hurting her feelings. He wanted to go over to her and kiss her, but felt that would upset her more. He just sat where he was, twiddling his thumbs and looking down at the sand.

Diana: She looked at the horizon, were the blue deep water lay still. "I'm not mad at you. You do know that, right?" she said nonchalantly as her red hair moved gracefully with the wind.

Max: Max sighed. "Yeah, I know. But I'm mad at me."

Diana: "Good." she smirked as she turned back to look at him. "You are learning."

Max: Max had no idea what she meant by that, but thought that she would get upset if he told her this. He didn't say anything. He just continued to twiddle his thumbs.

Diana: "Why are you so serious?" she made the illusion of a knife in her hand and also made the illusion of herself cutting the sides of her lips so she could look like the joker, trying to bring humor to the conversation.

Max: Max knew why. He still wanted a rematch, but would never say that. "I don't know. I just feel like I failed."

Diana: "At what?" she scooted over closer to him until they were only a feet apart.

Max: "I don't know. I just do. It's not really explainable."

Diana: "You feel like you failed, but you don't know at what you failed? That makes sense. I'll let you discover what it is." She then stood up and went to swim into the water as she continued going deeper and deeper, her head would go out of the water to breathe. Then something caught her leg inside the water and she didn't come out to surface, because she couldn't. 45 seconds since being caught.

Max: Max wasn't really in the mood for a swim. He sat on the beach, watching. When she didn't come up, he assumed it was either some sort of joke. It was only a minute later that he started to panic. He ran into the water, and swam to where she went under.

Diana: She was tugging and trying to cut a thick group of algae that had caught both her legs all the way to her knees. She couldn't breathe and was about to faint. 1:30 since being caught.

Max: Max saw bubbles rising from the water a few feet from where he was. He swam over, took a deep breath, and dove down under the water.

Diana: When she noticed Max she smiled inside her head. She pointed towards the algae desperately begging for help just before her eyes closed and didn't open.

Max: Max took off his ring in the water, and when it transformed into a sword, he cut her free, but he saw her eyes were already closed. He pulled her to the surface, hoping that when her head was once again above water, she would regain consiousness.

Diana: Her breathing and heart pulse were both even, but her eyes were still closed as she was fainted.

Max: Max had stopped panicking, now that she was breathing, but felt he need to get her to land as quick as possible. He swam her body to shore, hoping she would open her eyes in a few minutes, and he wouldn't have to take her to the infirmary.

Diana: As soon as Max touched the shore, her eyes fluttered open. "Max?" she had a questioning look on her face.

Max: Max was so happy she woke up. He kissed her, not really thinking about it. It sort of just came over him.

Diana: She was shocked at this. 5 minutes ago he was lashing at her and now he was kissing her. She didn't kiss back due to the shock, but she definitely didn't pull back either.

Max: When Max noticed she wasn't really kissing back, he pulled away. "Sorry, I should have thought about what I was doing before I kissed you. I'm just glad you're, well... alive. I... uh... I kinda care about you. I can back off." Max started to stand up to leave, sort of embarrassed.

Diana: "No! It's fine. I was just shocked. I can kiss you if you'd like to..." she bit her lower lip.

Max: Max smiled, and sat back down next to her. "Yeah, I'd like that a lot."

Diana: "But there's a problem, you'd need to start it..." she wiggled her eyebrows giddily.

Max: "Last time I tried that I didn't really get a response." Max wrapped his arm around her and brushed his lips against hers.

Diana: The daughter of Morpheus kissed back at the taller boy, his strong and athletic arm around her as she wrapped her own legs around his so she could pull against him.

Max: Max coninues to passionately kiss Diana. He still feels bad for lashing out at her, and still wants to talk to her about it, but doesn't want to ruin the moment.

Diana: She continued kissing as her soft and delicate hands slowly traced his chest and abs.

Max: He slides his hand up her back, as they continue to kiss.

Diana: "Do you just like me for my looks?" she wondered after pulling back for nothing more than air.

Max: Max was kind of suprised she pulled away this time, and even more suprised she asked him this. "No, why do think that?"

Diana: She shrugged "Just wondering!" she then resumed to kiss the son of Nike as she did before.

Max: Max pulled back from the kiss. "No, tell me. Why would you ask that?"

Diana: "I was just asking. I started thinking about why you had... mood swings when around me. You try to cheer me up, then lash out at me, then ignore me, then save me and then kiss me. I'm seriously thinking, what the heck?"

Max: "I never really told anyone how my dad really treated me before. So that, plus the battle yesterday, I'm just feeling kind of vulnerable. So that's kind of why I lashed out and ignored you. But I care about you, so I guess I'm kind of taking a risk. And that's why I tried to cheer you up, save you, and kiss you. If that makes any sense."

Diana: "I hope it does?" she shrugged and then hugged Max.

Max: "So, what now?"

Diana: He looked at him straight in the eyes. "What would you like to do?"

Max: "Well..." Max smiled slyly. "I still want a rematch."

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Diana: She sighed. "Okay. Whatever. Is there a catch?" she shrugged. She probably would let herself lose just so Max could shut the heck up. She also knew that he probably wouldn't be able to sleep until he won something.

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Max: Yeah. Air Arena, no ranged weapons. And I want you to try. I'll know if your not.

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Diana: He won't... she thought. "Okay!"

Max: "Look, I know you don't think I'll notice, but I will," max said, as if he could read her mind.

Diana: "I don't think you'll notice what?" a smirk crept of to her face, even unbeknownst to her.

Max: "Whatever, if you don't want to try, there is no point in even fighting. I can go find another person to train with, who will try to win and isn't so worried about my feelings while we are fighting, if you'd rather that." In reality though, Max was hoping she would just agree to the rematch and would actually try.

Diana: “It is not like I don’t want to fight with you. The thing is that there options. First: I win. You’ll be upset at yourself and lash out at me once more. Two: You win. You’ll suck the sugar out of me, leaving me sour all though, I won’t lash out of you, but you will probably think I’m weak. Three, and probably the worst: a tie. You’ll be upset, you’ll try to make once more another rematch and then the vicious cycle will continue…”

Max: "I already know you aren't weak. If I did, I probably wouldn't be here right now, and I'd be at the gym playing basketball."

Diana: “That’s no the point! Actually the best case scenario is if I lose. If I don’t, then you’ll be all upset at yourself. I don’t like watching you being upset. It makes ‘’me’’ upset.” She pondered for a moment. “Okay, let’s make a deal. We’ll have a rematch, but If I win, or if we have a tie, you will ‘’promise’’ not to lash at me and/or feel upset… Deal? If any of those two happen, then I promise I’ll whip your butt. Literally. I’ve got a friend who can make moonlight whips. And from what I’ve heard, they ‘’sting and burn’’.”

Max: Max knew he has never had any control over himself when he lost, and probably never will, including this time. He thought about whether it was worth the risk: if he won, he would be able to regain a little confindence and fight Diana again, but if he didn't, she would see that his personality is almost unchangable, and that he is still a sore loser. And he really didn't want that. He couldn't risk it. "Whatever, I guess we can do something else. It's probably better that way, for both our sakes."

Diana: She laughed slightly "I knew it. What else should we do, then?"

Max: "I don't know. I kind of want to head over to the gym. I don't think you're into that though."

Diana: "Who said so? I can Irish-step over you as you play basketball, or something..."

Max: Max smiled, and shook his head. "That's not really how it works. Maybe the pool is a better option." He didn't really want to play basketball with her. He didn't think it would be fun, due to his competetive nature, and he thought they would come to restent each other if they played one more competetive game.

Diana: "Wait. We're in the beach and you wanna go to the pool?" she then shurgged. "Guess it's warmer. And less crowded."

Max: Max really wanted to go to the pool simply because it was closer to everything that made him content: bastekball, the weight room, the gym. "Yeah. I just wanna be inside."

Diana: She nodded in understandment. "Okay. Let's got then." She stood up and started walking there, swaying her hips from side to side.

Max: Ugh. Max really didnt want to walk to the other side of camp, and needed some alone time for a minute, but didn't want to offend Diana or make it seem like he wasn't into her anymore. "I have to get a suit from my cabin. I'll meet you there."

Diana: She agreed. "Yeah, it's not like you're going to get in the pool with that..." she giggled as she continued walking. "Meet you there".



Kyle Jäger - ♔ Son of Limos ♔
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Message Me – {{{2}}}

Max: Max arrived at the pool in a swimsuit to find Diana already there, but it looked like she was with someone. He just stood at the doorway, trying to see if he knew the person.

Diana: She was with Kyle and leaning into his shoulder. They were both laughing and talking in a friendly way, but it could have been misunderstood.

Max: Max didn't recognize the face, but when Diana leaned in a little too far for Max's comfort, he just started to leave and head towards the basketball court.

Diana: She noticed Max start to leave and so she excused herself while drinking a piña colada and walked towards Max. "What's wrong?"

Max: Max for some reason felt hurt by her action toward the boy. Max didn't acknowledge her and just kept walking away.

Diana: She suddenly knew what was wrong. "Max, this is a serious misunderstanding! Kyle, the one I was with is my Ex!"

Max: Max turned around suddenly. "Really? because it definetly didn't look that way. I sure as hell don't lean on and cuddle with my ex!" He said harshly. He continued to walk away from her.

Diana: It was actually hardwired into her brain. Being Italian, Diana was really touchy. "You know I like to touch people! It's not like I can control it! What, if I leaned into one of my girlfriends, would you think I'm a lesbian?" she shouted, trying to make sure, he'd listen.

Kyle: The son of Limos suddenly heard screamin and got out of the pool too, walkin towards the noise.

Max: "No, but if you told me you were and then leaned into a girl, I'd assume you were together!"

Diana: "You are such a jealous guy. Besides, why are you jealous if we haven't defined if we're even a thing yet?"

Max: "Me? Jealous?! I'm not jealous of anyone! I just don't like being led on!"

Diana: "Being let on to what?"

Kyle: He noticed they were both two screaming. "Hey if you kid got a problem, then fix it yourself. Don't speak to my friend like that!"

MaxUnbelievable. Of course he defends her, classic sign of a couple. "Get out of here!" He yelled at Kyle. "Mind your own business." He turned to Diana. "Whatever, you two have fun. I'm outta here." He turned to leave once again.

Kyle: He walked rapidly toward the stranger, Kyle's chest lifted, showing a bit of him trying to be the alpha male. He then yanked at Max's shirt to turn the younger boy over. "You won't treat her like that. She deserves your respect, or then, you don't deserve her. Treat her like a lady. Got it, punk?" Kyle then made a motion with his arms to push Max over. If he did hit, Max would most probably fall to the ground.

Max: Max stumbles backwards, but quickly regains his balence. He walks back towards Kyle. "Make me."

Kyle: Angrily, Kyle was about to punch Max, but just before the punch connected Diana screamed. "Kyle, stop!" so he did.

Max: "Coward." Max muttered under his breath.

Kyle: Without previous notice, Kyle quickly forced an extremely surge of hunger onto Max. Oh, yeah?"

Max: "Yeah." Using his enhanced strength, Max slammed his hands together creating a shockwave that would easily force an above adveradge sized adult man to fall backwards.

Kyle: HE used all his strengths just to stumble backwards, but then after some time, he regained his position. He then intensified greatly the hunger to the point were it would almost be unbearable to stand.

Diana: "Guys, stop!" she got in between them and made illusions to each other that they were Diana. That way, Max would see Diana and Kyle transformed into Diana, and viceversa.

Max: At this point, Max was only standing thanks to the fack that he refused to fall. It took all of his strength to make sure his knees didn't buckle, but when Kyle turned into Diana, he broke, and fell to the ground, dringing with hunger.

Diana: She gasped as she saw Max fall to the ground. She ran toward him and helped him up. "Are you okay? Kyle, did you made that hungry move of yours? You know how I hate it when you do that. I still remember when you did that to me so we could go for lunch. So stressing. I got fatter by the month, you do know that?" Kyle looked to the ground, almost ashamed, not speaking. "Yeah, that's what I thought. I had to train my butt off here to shed those... those 7 pounds that I gained..." she looked back to hide her blush. "That's how horrible it was."

Max: As soon as Kyle stopped activly making Max hungry, he wasable to quickly regain his strength and felt full(er) again. If he wants to fight, we'll fight, even if Diana doesn't want to see it. Max decided to manipulate the situation to his advantage. He would make Kyle feel and intense lust for victory, and would make Kyle believe that the victory could only be achieved by lashing out for Diana.

Kyle: He wanted to win and he thought he  had but he wanted more. "You, little snowflake. You're the guy Diana talked about yesterday right? The Nike kid? Guess what, I call this a fight. Let's take it to the arena. It will be fair. I'm older and taller than you, but you're a son of victory after all. Just to keep tension down. The one who wins, wins nothing but a training and bragging rights, besides the satisfaction. What do you say?"

Max: Max saw that his mind trick was working. "No," Max said. "I have no reason to fight you. I've already won, not that you know anything about winning."  He pushed Kyle even farther, making him crave victory even more than before, knowing that if he kept pushing Kyle, eventually his frustration at a lack of a fight would take over and he would attack Max for no reason. Max wanted to makeit seem like Kyle was overreactting to a situation that didn't involve him, so he could go back to talking with Diana, and Kyle would be out of the Picture.

Kyle: "You haven't won.  I didn't win either. That's why I'm challenging you." he made a duh face. "Well, you know, nevermind. Diana did mention that you are a sore loser. So I don't really think that I'm the one who doesn't know abou winning. That's ironic isn't it? A son of victory not understanding victory itself. Ha, pathetic." he snickered as he wanted Max to get angry at him.

Diana: "Guys, seriously. Stop, or l swear I will-"

Max: "You're on."

Diana: "I won't allow this, I won't-" she then fell asleep. Crap. Being a daughter of Morpheus sucks.

Kyle: "She fell asleep. Let's just carry her to her room and then we'll fight. Any conditions?" Diana always had conditions, and being used to training with her, he asked the question absentmindedly.

Max: "Yeah. Two. First, no ranged weapons. Diana may be a fan, but they are as cheap as hell, and a coward's weapon. And we fight in the air arena. Other than that i dont really care."

Kyle: "Deal." he smirked. "Is armory allowed, or would you rather not use? Diana hates armor unless it's really needed. Since you talk about her a lot, you might as well like something about her to be jealous as you are, kid."

Max: "If you feel you need it, use it. I'm not gonna stop you from looking like a coward."

Kyle: He fakely smiled as he aimed a punch toward's Max's gut. "I'm asking if you'll use or not. Now let's get going before I kill you before getting there."

Max: "If you think you can kill me, I'm guessing you've never faced a Nike kid before. Our genes sorta makes sure that doesn't happen."

Kyle: "I won't use armor. Whatever." without further notice, he walked off teh place and into the arena.

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Deep Forest

As the sun started to set and the moon rised slowly aboved the horizon, two demigoddesses sat down in the depths of the forest, leaning on to a tree as they both stared at something Diana had made the illusion of. It was a serpent-like scorpion with three penguin heads. While Diana was trying to replicate it and enhance it, Aria was also recreating it. Sculping it from pure moonlight. SO far, hers was looking better as it somehow looked even more realistic, even though hers was all white and shiny.

Max: Max was going for a run through forest, when he ran by the two demigoddesses, not even seeing them.

Diana: When she saw Max, she got excited and waved at him. "HEY MAX!!!" She distracted herself and Aria from their work and all of the living constructs/illusions were now gone. "Diana!" the British girl whined.

Max: Max turned and saw the two girls. He turned around and jogged over to them, drenched in sweat.

Diana: She stood up and hugged Max, who was all sweaty, but she didn't care. She sniffed at his chest as her head was laying in it, taking his funky aroma in. Men are gross at times... She shrugged it off, she just wanted to be with him.

Max: Max smiled. You don't care that I'm like sweating? A lot? Good to see you.

Aria: "We can fix that. Besides she's so into you, I really don't think she is thinking. Besides she isn't even talking to you about what happened yesterday... I take it that you are Max. She's been talking about you."

Diana: "Oh, yeah! Why did you just leave me in my cabin? Why didn't you wait!" she angrily slapped Max.

Max: Max's smile dissipated. He gave Aria a "what the hell?" kind of look. Kyle wanted to fight me and knew you'd never agree. But a few minutes in, I realized I didn't want to fight him. So I told him his balance was off and his stance was bad, and that I would help him if he wanted but didn't want to fight. Then, knowing if he kept fighting I could didge all of his attacks, got pissed and stormed off.

Diana: "Oh. And why did you agree to fight in the first place? I remember that I was gonna tell you guys not to do so, but then I fainted. You should never have accepted."

Aria: "How convenient, Max. And although you are a son of Nike I do not buy it that you would dodge all of Kyle's attacks. Besides, what was he supposed to do after you then denied the fight? Prepare you a cup of tea and chat?" She arched a waty eyebrow.

Max: We originally fought because he didn't like something I said and made a scene about it, and basically straved me. I responded because I didn't want to seem weak. And trust me, if you see this guy, you'll see that he's like super thin, lacking muscle in some parts of his body, and his balence and coordination were slightly off. So, yes, I think I could have beaten him quite easily.

Aria: She smirked. "You do seem somewhat cute... in the worst way possible, of course. And look who's talking. You don't seem as muscular yourself. Yeah, he isn't a big deal either, but what do you expect from a son of starvation? He almost doesn't eat so it is pretty hard for him to build muscle. And yeah, you are young so I see why it isn't as easy to build muscle. You are athletic but it stops there. I really don't see the point of judging people when you are screwed up yourself, but whatever, Nike kids are all just as cocky and arrogant. C'est la vie..."

Max: Max smiled, entertained by the girls attitude. "Fine, I'll admit it, I'm a bit screwed up in the head. I've heard it all before, I have no sympagthy, no mercy, I'm too competetive, too cocky... but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. His stance was still off, his form still lacking, starving or nurished. Just because im screwed up doesnt mean other people aren't."

Aria: Se laughed as she put a strand of her long and wavy black hair behind her ear. She had a black and a bit loose long sleeved, translucent-material shirt, with a solid navy blue silk undershirt with thin straps. Her favorite necklace hung over her neck and the crescent moon shaped silver pendant seemed to glow as the day got darker. Her legs were covered by a contoured cotton dark grey skirt and navy blue panty hoes with her black high heel ankle boots as she stood up. "A bit screwed up? Seriously? Then why didn't you notice Diana's so called 'off stance'? Was she really flawless when she fought or were you just distracted?" she let the word roll off her tongue smoothly. Daringly. "And yes, I believe other persons do have their own flaws. Like myself. Like you. Like Diana. Like everybody in this -believe it or not- small world. And don't give me that sucky smile of yours. You looked better without it. Oh, sorry, you didn't look good that way either. Diana, can you please remind me what on Earth do you like about this guy? Wasn't Kyle better?"

Diana: "Well yeah but... I mean, no. I mean, uhmm... he fights nicely? And... he is cute at times." she continued pondering.

Max: "First of all, I never said her stance was flawless. I just didn't mention it. Normally, when you fight someone, you don't try to help them win. Unless, them winning is actually them losing, like in Kyle's case. No offense Diana, but you do place your feet a little far apart when you draw your bow. And what do you mean I'm cute? What's that supposed to mean?

Aria: "Hey, hey, hey. I said in the worst way possible. It is supposed to mean that you are annoying, but almost cute. Almost good. But still not there. Just annoying. Arrogant, yes, and judgemental. Nice, but not quite." She shrugged. "Saying cute is better than saying haughty idiot, isn't it?"

Max: Max didn't know anything about this girl, only that she had just called him an arrogant idiot. He tried to remain calm, but was struggling to keep his temper under control. He forced a slight laugh. "Yeah, I guess it's not as bad as that." Max paused for a minute. "Who are you exactly?"

Aria: "I am no other than myself." She replied haughtily in her thick Brotosh accent. She held her stand for some seconds before cracking in laughter "Which is of course, Aria." She offered her delicate hand for Max to take.

Max: Max took Aria's hand slowly, as if he was anticipating an insult as he did so. He shook her hand firmly. "I'm Max. But you seem to already have known that."

Aria: She shook his hand firmly back. She wasn't surprised at his firm hands, everybody did so. Well, at least all men. "I do. Diana's been talking a bit about you lately. She says she thinks you are too competitive at times, but she wants to help you. So if you wanted to know what she thought, now you know!" She mad a surprise face.

Max: Max forced a smile. "I already knew that. I tried to tell her I can't really be helped. I was sort of born this way, being the son of Nike and grandson of Ares. her insistance on helping me sort of makes our relationship, well... complicated."

Aria: "Good for you two." She faked a smile and a nod. "Although, are you really a thing?"

Max: "I mean I guess we are in that she seems to like my body and we make out sometimes, but like, the whole emotional thing I'm totally cluless about. I mean, I guess I like her, but like... I just don't really know. But then again, if I knew whether we were a thing or not our relationship wouldn't be so complicated now, would it?"

Aria: "True..." She shrugged. "Why don't you ask her if you are a thing for her? If she would like to be a thing?"

DIana: "Uhmm... Max, Aria, I am still here, you know?"

MaxShit. Ok, whatever. "Diana, what exactly are we? Like I said, I don't fully know what this is."

Diana: "Well, now I don't either, since, according to you, now I just like your body. Nothing else right? Now, you think that I don't like your personality? And now. Just now, you guess you like me, but you don't know. So I am confused too. You tell me what this is."

Max: "I only think you like my body because that's what you told Aria two minutes ago. You said I fight nicely and I can be cute. That's why you said you liked me. So, I'm not sure what that makes us, but I thought it was more than whatever this is till about five minutes ago."

Diana: She laughed "Who ever said I even liked your body? I mean, yeah I like it, but I never mentioned a thing. I do like your personality, but I hate it when you take it over the top. When you lash out at me just because you didn't win. Then you want to win. I don't want to fight again, but you still want, just so you can feel the satisfaction of it. That, I hate. But I really do like how you are when victory and winning is set apart. You are just a notch above competitive, which is great. You are sweet. And caring. And curious. AND I LIKE THAT. I like you. But after wat you are saying, I guess that you don't even like me. You don't know at least."

Max: "I like you, but I like, you sometimes wish you were normal. That's like the one thing that REALLY matters to me, even more than winning, is if im gonna date someone,  they have to value thier godly ancestry. I mean, my mom is a goddess and my dad is a demigod. That makes me three fourths god. Well, technically, my grandfather is a titan, but that's besides the point... Anyway, like, normal isn't who I am. It isn't genetically possible for me to be normal, act normal, or compete normally. I do like you, and you like me, but by rejecting your father in like the slightest way, I feel like your'e also rejecting three fourths of me. I know I like you, I just don't know if I can give you the realistic down to earth me without the apathic competetive demigod me."

Diana: "I don't reject my father! ou took it the wrong way. If I rejected him, I promise you I'd rather be in Italy than here. I want to learn more from him. I love him. After all, he gave me my life. I just wonder sometimes what it would be like to be normal. I never said I would like to be normal! I wonder. Curiosity is my fatal flaw. And I know it. But victory is yours. And if we get together- work together, we can make them our strengths."

MaxShe wants this more than I thought. "Ok, then I guess it can't hurt to try."

Aria: "Try? Who said she would accept to be with you? Or even want to?" she laughed.

Max: max looked a bit hurt. He turned to Diana. "Diana?" He asked, asking for what she thought.

Diana: "I guess it wouldn't hurt either? But you'd need to ask me first..." She smirked and giddled lightheartedly.

Max: Max shook his head, but smiled. "You know I hate it when you make me be direct like this." He paused, and took a breath. "Diana, do you want to, well... try going out with me without me like flipping out or anything?"

Diana: "I would. And I didn't know you hated it, but now I know." She neared him and whispered a small okay in his ear.

Max: "So, like should we go somewhere? I'm kinda sweaty and I don't wanna just leave Aria alone..."

Diana: "Well, you can go take a shower. We'll continue a business here and then you take us somewhere. That ok?"

Max: "You sure you don't wanna go on a romantic run with me for a few more miles?" he joked.

Aria: The daughter of the full moon smiled. "What if we do, Diana? Wanna jog for a bit with your newly acquired boy toy? I can wait. You can then take a shower. Then you can go on your dinner. And I'll spy from the table next to yours."

Max: Max smiled at the both of them. "Really? I was joking but I'm totally down."

Aria: Since the beginning she knew it had been a joke. "Yeah. Diana. Go with him. Have some time together. Have fun." She was already planning what to do while they did that. Pranking. She wasn't into it much, but the doctor had told her that it was better to scheme out a prank than a murder. "But the date must be formal. You'll go in a tux and Diana will need a skirt or dress. That ok?"

Diana: She nodded excitedly and mouthed a thank-you to Aria. "Shall we get going, Maxy?"

Max: Max's face lit up. "For a run? Always. He took started to jog away, but not fast enough where Diana wouldn't be able to catch up in a few seconds.

Diana: She caught up to him and jogged alongside him. "You happy?" and eyebrow arched in her face.

Aria: She immediately walked to her Cabin and started planning every detail of her idea, not being able to erase a smirk from her face.

Max: Max smiled at her, his grin from ear to ear. "Yes. I'm very happy. So, whats new?"

Diana: "Not much! Just running with my newly acquired boy toy as Aria would say. Please forgive her. She's very blunt at times. Actually, now that I think in retrospect, she was fairly nice and sweet to you..."

Max: "If that qualifies as nice, do I even want to know what insulting is?"

Diana: "Probably not. When you get to know Aria. Like, full Aria, then you will know. But you don't want to. Believe me."

Max: "Is it bad? Like does she get worse than me when I lose? Like actually lose, which you haven't even seen. God, I hope you never see me lose at anything."

Diana: "I think so. Well, don't tell her I told you this but she is bipolar. She gets pretty bad when she has a depression. She becomes a total hothead."

Max: "I grew up with a son of Ares for a dad. It's hard for anyone to become hotheadded enough for me to even notice. I kind of just wasn't a fan of all of the judgement of a situation I didn't really feel like she was a part of."

Diana: "Meh. She doesn't get into other people's businesses, but since I'm her friend, she considers me as pasrt of her own business. So don't take it personally. She is a part of the situation if it involves any of her friends. I'm ok with it."

Max: Max slowed down his jog until he came to a stop. He didn't look like he was tired in any way, but he sat down against a tree.

Diana: "What's wrong?" she sat down next to him, wrapping her arm around his sweaty neck and shoulders.

Max: "Nothing's wrong. I just wanted to sit. You looked like you were getting tired. It's been a mile and a half. I thought we could just sit for a while, take, you know, before Aria makes us act all formal or whatever."

Diana: "I'm not tired... Anyway, what do you actually want to do while sitting?"

Max: "I don't know, just talk i guess. We could kiss too if you want."

Diana: She shrugged "That depends if you'd want to. I have no problem with it."

Max: Max leaned in and brushed his lips up against Diana's.

DIana: Her lips puckered slightly as soon as both of their lips touched. She kissed back, and cupped her hands on Max's face. Sweaty. Yuck. She didn't mind it though, she just focused on the kiss and ignored Max's sweat and heavy body odor.

Max: Max put his arms around Diana's neck. He closed his eyes as he continued to kiss her passionately.

Diana: She pulled herself closer to him, kissing back. She placed one hand on his chest and tugged at his shirt, while the other ran her fingers through his damp hair.

Max: Max couldn't believe she would even think of kissing him when he was sweaty. If it were him, he would have rejected himself till he showered. He pulled back. "You really shouldn't have to kiss me when I'm sweaty. There's a small lake over there I found on my last run where we can cool off."

Diana: "Good idea. Let's go there." she sighed. Thank you!

Max: Max got up and started walking toawrds where the pond he was talking about was.

Diana: She ran after him, and wrapping her elbow around his. "So..."

Max: "So now, we go swimming." Max said, taking off his sweat soaked shirt. "And this time, you dont drown and I dont have to save you."

Diana: "Sounds like a plan." She took off her outer clothing, leaving her in an undershirt and her panties. She then cannon-balled into the water, splashing almost everywhere. "Ahh! So refreshing!"

Max: Max waded into the water slowly, nowhere near as enthusiastically as Diana.

Diana: "Come on Max! You wanted to do something! Here's our chance!!!"

Max: Max smiled at her. "Ok then. We can have some fun I guess. Wait here." Max got out of the water and a pair of large white wings grew out of his back. He flew around ten feet into the air, and hovered over the water.   His wings then disappeared as he cannonballed into the water, falling ten feet straight down.

Diana: "Wow!" she shouted and then dived deep into the water so she could meet Max once he fell into the water.

Max: Max landed in the water, and when he came up for air, splashed Diana in the face.

Diana: The daughter of Morpheus grinned. "That is what I was talking about!"

Max: Max laughed, as he kept splashing Diana. "Really? Then why aren't you splashing back?" Max said, in a flirty, playful voice, pulling Diana towards him.

Diana: She splashed back playfully "Oh, didn't know you wanted to!" she laughed.

Max: "Of course. I'm not that boring. I can have fun. As long as I get my run in first of course."

Diana: She suddenly realized something. He also had lots of conditions. Diana id not know if their relationship would work out. If we got to marry would he need to run against me to treat me well? To kiss me? Would he need to race someone to be happy and play with our kids? Don't take her wrong, she wasn't thinking that ahead, but, again, she wondered about everything. And she also was a forethinker. Sighing she genuinely smiled at Max. "I see. What is your favourite colour?"

Max: "Orange. No specific reason, I just happen to like the way it looks."

Diana: "Neat. Mine's a purplish shade of maroon. It's nice and pretty. That is the color of my dream world if you noticed."

Max: Max forced his smile. "Yeah, I remember." Boy, did Max hate that place though. It was full of all of these materialistic, unrealistic wants and fantasies. He didn't show it, but that place made him really uncomfortable. Even just talking about it.

Diana: She suddenly noticed his fake smile, so she changed the topic. "Uhmm... favourite foreign food?"

Max: "I don't know. I'm kind of more into homemade American stuff. I guess I like sushi though."

Diana: "Don't like sushi. Too fishy for me. I do like libanese though."

Max: "That's cool. I've never really had that before. Is it good? My dad used to take me to Chinese restaurants all the time because my day with all my sports and training was way too hectic for a sitdown meal, but he would always tell me fast food was unhealthy. So like, I always just assumed Chinese doesn't count. I'm kinda a health buff too, if you haven't noticed."

Diana: "Are you really? No dibs, Sherlock!" she laughed sarcastically. "It is delicious. A bit spicy but really good. I also love Italian food, but it doesn't really count as foreign to me."

Max: Max shook his head at the mention of Italian food. "Italian food. Lots of carbs in those meals to work off. I mean, I could easily do it no problem. But you know, for some people..."

DIana: "At least pasta is a complex carbohydrate. Same for the bread. The cheese and meat make up for the protein and the olive oil for the lipids. In any way, it is much more healthy than a half-pounder cheeseburger with fries."

Max: "I know. That's why I don't eat cheeseburgers and fries."

Diana: "Oh, and I know that you are crazy for health stuff, but you should really try Italian food as it is. No worries. You aren't going to get fat from a day to the next, you know?"

Max: "Yeah, and I do once in a while. I have Italian and cake and other high carb and sugary stuff sometimes on like special occasions like birthdays and stuff to celebrate. But other than that, I stick to only whole wheat bread, white meat, nuts, celery... those kinds of things." Its boring compared to all the other foods out there, but its super good for you. Am I boring you?"

Diana: "Not that you'd care, but no, you are good. Go on." Diana smirked and shrugged.

Max: Max looked Diana right in the eyes. "Of course I care."

Diana: She smiled charmingly and warmly at Max. "Then go on." She incited.

Max: "I don't know, I just like healthy food. I'm such a health nerd. Like, check how many colories everything has before I eat it kind of health nerd."

Diana: "If you weren't that athletic or a son of a Greek God or Goddess, I bet you'd be anorexic..."

Max: "No, just a super healthy normal person. I get my fair share of calories. I'm no Limos kid."

Diana: Her face suddenly became a slight shade gloom. Giving him a did-you-really-have-to-say-that look. "Seriously?

Max: "Oh, sorry. My diet is boring. Tell me about your family."

Diana: She faked to ponder. "Hmm... let me see. I've got a mother. She's alive. I've got a father. He's the God of dreams. Any other questions?"

Max: "What's she like?"

Diana: "She's surprisingly a brunette. She's nice, a bit flirty with men her age, a hardworker and she loves me. She's taken care of me for a long time without whining or marrying another man. She's been honest with me."

Max: "Anything specific she told you?"

Diana: "That it was good to be a daydreamer, but I should never doubt my heritage. Not to doubt it or reject it. In that way, she was like you."

Max: "She sounds pretty smart. Sometimes, I wished I could of just taken a break from all the training. But like, my dad wouldn't let me. I... I don't know. I love it more than anything, but like, my dad can be pretty harsh..."

Diana: "Well, not harsher than Aria, I bet." At this point, the full moon shined over them, lighting the both of them in the fresh, yet not icy water. Diana laughed a bit as she locked her green eyes with Max's.

Max: "I'm pretty immune to harsh insults and stuff because of it. You know, tough love. But still love."

Diana: "I think that's the reason why you are 'immune' to it. Aria doesn't love you, so beware. Just saying."

Aria: The psycho suddenly appeared in the sky and dived into the water next to them. "Diana is smart. You should pay attention to her more often..." Of course, Aria had done this by transporting from moonlight to moonlight. She'd gone outside her cabin and saw the moon. Using her empathy link with Diana, she knew where she was, and she knew that there was moonlight there as well, so she figured that she might as well visit the couple before the fancy dinner.

Max: Max let out a sigh. "Hi Aria."

Aria: She faked a pouty face "Hey! That's certainly not how you greet your newly made friend."

Max: "Aria, if you don't mind me asking, why exactly are you here? The silly dinner we told you we would do isn't for like another hour, at least."

Aria: "Oh, would you like me to go?" Her hand impuslively went to grab Max's neck gently, but her navy blue nails started to sink in a bit, not enough to cut or draw blood, but it would hurt a bit. Violet. Oh no. "Well, I figured that being here with you guys would be better than scheming your murder. Now don't move. I'll take my hands back. If you do, it'll hurt you." After half a minute or so, the daughter of the full moon pulled her hand away. "Good dog..."

Max: Max gave Diana a "so this is Violet" look. He turned to Aria. "I never asked you to leave, I was simply wondering why you came an hour early."

Aria: "Aha. Yeah, right." she snickered.

Diana: Diana just nodded.

Max: Max had spent the past years of his life talking himself out of fights in the locker room. He hoped talking hmself out of a fight with a psychopath wouldn't be too much harder. "Yes. Truly. I'll prove it to you. Why don't you join our conversation?"

Aria: "Why should I? I rather not, thank you. Just came here to check on you guys. Wanted to see if you hadn't gotten too kinky..."

Max: Max laughed. "No Aria, we're just talking."

Aria: "Did notice. No bubbles coming from the surface is a good sign. Although, were you really talking?"

Max: "What do you mean? Of course we were really talking."

Aria: "I mean, I saw you were talking. But was that like a real talk or was it just 'fav things'?"

Max: "Both."

Aria: "Please explain yourself?"

Max: "Diana once told me, not everything is black or white. We can be talking about our favorite things casually, and talking about something deeper at the same time. We were also talking about our families, you know, that type of stuff."

Aria: "I see. Well, my family is dead, so there isn't much to talk about." She shrugged.

Max: "I don't believe you. There has to be stuff to talk about, no matter what happened to your family or no matter where they are. Talking about them is important, and if there was nothing to talk about, they wouldn't be your family. If you felt anything towards them, there is something to talk about."

Aria: "Well, my mother is the moon goddess. Kind of obvious. My father was a model. He died when I was seven, because my stepmother killed him. She then took pity on me, and since she was also a demigoddess, we attracted several monsters. Like, several. Eventually she died in one. "

Max: "That's not all of it though. It's like playing favorites. The facts mean nothing. It's what's behind them. What you have to say about what happened. How you feel about it. That's what matters."

Aria: "SInce when are you this sentimental? And yeah, I loved both of them, but now it does not matter because they are dead. Now my technical 'father' is the man who my stepmom married. I loved him and now he has lung cancer. SO what's the point in loving someone if that person will die? I have some rotten luck, Max. SO don't mess with me or it. You'll turn out losing. Want it or not. Even if I don't want it."

Diana: She sighed. Aria was starting to become edgy. "Just don't talk about it Max. Her past is delicate and fragile. Something that can make her break in the slightest wrong move. Like thin glass."

Max: "Ok. So... What now?"

Aria: "You two take a shower. Same for me. Meet up at the nearest Oriental restaurant in the nearby town in an hour."

Max: "Ok."

Aria: "Chop, chop! Get it going!" she rushed them. "We'll meet in my cabin in 50 minutes. Then I can moonlight travel ourselves all the way to the restaurant. No need to get sweaty again in our formal attire."


First Date

Max: Max knocked on the door to Pandia's cabin, dressed in a button down shirt and tie. It was less formal than what Aria told him to wear, but for him it was as dressed up as he would ever get.

Aria: She opened the door, her pale yet beautiful face had almost no make up, just some eyeliner and her classic red lipstick. Her black wavy hair fell loosely behind her back. She had on a simple one-strapped leopard-print satin dress that fell all the way to her knees and it had almost no cleavage. Just enough to be elegant. Aria wore black high heels and an elegant red watch. She looked at it. 56 minutes since the pond. She looked beautiful. She grabbed Max by his arm and pulled him into her cabin. “Took you long enough!” she whispered. She eyed him from top to bottom. “What the hell is ‘’this’’ that you are wearing?” she spoke in her thick British accent, emphasizing on the word “this” and lifted and lowered her hand to point at his clothing in a demonstrative way. “Huh?“

Max: "Sorry. These were the most formal clothes I brought to camp. I wasn't exactly expecting going to banquets or anything while I was here, and I haven't had a chance to leave and go shopping yet."

Aria: Aria shook her head, not mad, just a bit hopeless. "Okay, never mind. Just come in. You are late. We wait for Diana now." She looked at her watch: 57 minutes since they had talked about meeting in an hour.

Max: Max walked inside her cabin. No, Aria, I'm three minutes early, He thought.

Aria: She somehow knew what he thought "And I know what you are thinking Max. I'm early! Why am I late? Well, a gentleman must be at least arrive 5 minutes before the meeting time. Therefore, if the lady likes punctual, you have 5 minutes to spare. If the lady likes early, you are punctual. Am I making my point here?" Aria spoke earnestly. Very amiable for her style, but she really wanted this date to go nice. At least until my real plan comes in... Good that he didn't bring expensive clothing. She thought.

Max: Max nodded. "I see." Jeez, I'm glad I'm not her boyfriend.

Diana: The daughter of Morpheus walked into the cabin without asking. She was that close to Aria. And it was OK with both of them. Her feet were covered with some silver colored 2-inch high heels. Her hair was pulled back with a silver ribbon and she wore a simple lilac colored, two-strapped, cotton dress that went down all the way to her ankles. She had a silver bracelet on her right hand, and as always, just her dreamcatcher earring on her left ear. She had no make up except for a subtle and faint shade of pink on her lips. She waved at Max and Aria. "Hello!"

Max: Max awkwardly waved back at Diana making it blatantly obvious how uncomfortable he was in his "formal attire" and with the whole situation.

Diana: "You look... Good. Nice. Very formal" she nodded firmly. "Very handsome. How do I look?"

Max: "Great. You seem to look good no matter what you wear. You don't need to dress up to impress me."

Diana: She couldn't help but blush at his comment, mouthing a tgank you to him. She sweetly kissed him on the cheek. "You are really cute..."

Aria: "Guys, I think we should get going..."

Max: "I guess so. Wouldn't want to be late for something we all invested so much effort into," Max said sarcastically.

Aria: Impulsively, Aria drew a throwing knofe from her thigh and pointed it at Max "Don't mock me. I really don't want to stain that cheap tie of yours with blood. Do you?"

Max: Max put his hands out in front of him, making a "calm down" gesture. "Chill Aria. I wasn't mocking anyone. My clothes are just itchy. And I hate getting dressed up."

Aria: "Noted." She sheathed the arrow away, back to the strap in her thigh. She then got out of the cabin and offered her hands for both of them to take a hand each. "Now, stay calm, you'll get a bit dizzy after we travel there."

Max: Max caustiously took her hand. He was suspicious she might flip on him if he grabbed it in her definition of a "non-genteleman-like" way.

Aria: She closed her eyes as both demigods took her hand. Concentrated, she focused on both places and on the moonlight. After five seconds or so, she opened her eyes and they were in front of the restaurant. "That's it. Now try not to puke." She smirked as she started walking towards the entrance.

Max: "Aria, on second thought, we can just walk..."

Aria: "But we're already here!"

Max: "Really?" Max didn't feel anything. Was he supposed to? "That was much easier than I was expecting."

Aria: "Yeah, you stupid children of speed don't tend to feel dizzy easily."

DIana: Meanwhile, Diana was on the verge of throwing up. "Ugh... Ca we get inside the restaurant now?"

Max: Max looked concerned for Diana. "Yeah sure. Diana, you don't look too good..."

Aria: She slapped Diana hard in the face, a trick she'd learn from Pat.

Diana: As soon as she felt her cheek sting, Diana's nausea clearly faded away in less than a second. The pain of the slap only lingered for some seconds before fading away too. "Wow. What was that?"

Max: "What the hell Aria!" Max yelled at her. Si

Aria: The daughter of Pandia smiled at Max. "I just made her feel less dizzy. Ask her." Aria shrugged.

Max: He looked at Diana, awaiting an answer.

Diana: "Sh-she did..." Diana admitted genuinely. Aria was crazy. But she knew her stuff. And Diana knew that.

Max: max suddenly became very protective of Diana. "Diana. Are you sure... We can do this another time..."

Diana: "I'm fine, really. SHe knows some weird remedies. I trust her. Same for you. Nowlet's get going!" she entered the restaurant and asked for a table for three people. A lady guided them through the restaurant until she showed them their table. "You'll be sitting here. Is this place fine for you, young man?"

MaxWow this place was fancy. "Yeah. This is great, thanks."

Aria: She gestured Max to sit down. She did too. "Now look at your menus. I already know what I'm going to have. I recommend either the Mandarin Duck or the Mongolian Beef. Both taste great. Obviously, you guys can still choose whatever you'd like. Just giving you ideas."

Max: "I think I'll go with the salmon. Thanks anyway for the suggestion Aria."

Diana: She looked at the menu. "I think I'll actually have the Mongolian Beef."

Aria: "I'm going with the Crispy Honey Chicken. What do you want to drink? I'll have this Ginger Lemonade... It's heaven."

Max: "Water's fine with me."

Diana: "Just water? I guess I'll have an orangeade..."

Max: "Gotta stay hydrated, you know? Sugary drinks don't help there."

Aria: "You've seriously got no life." Diana and Aria spoke at the same time. After this, they both looked at their eyes and about a split-second later, they cracked up, just to be followed by a long string of synchronized jinxes and laughter.

Max: Max just stared at the two of them, as if they were crazy. "Am I missing something?"

Aria And Diana: They just continued laughing until they finally calmed down, looking seriously at Max and saying at the same time once more. "Huh?" After this they started laughing once again.

Max: Max just shook his head. "Whatever."

Aria: After some time, she finally regained her composture, only to find half of the restaurant's population, including Max, giving the stink eye to both her And Diana. She blushed. "Sorry about that." Aria left her fork on the napkin in a sheepish fashion. The waitress walked toward the three demigods with a notepad on her hand. "Are you ready to take your order?"

Max: Wow, it's like I'm not even here. It's like they have like some telepathic connection or something. Diana and I can go on our own not formal date some other time. "It's ok. I was just leaving."

Diana: She looked concerned at Max and put her hand over his. "Why? What? Are you ok?" Aria too looked concerned. "Dude, sorry about that. I didn't mean to interrupt..." she spoke.

Max: "No, I'm sorry to interrupt." Max got up and started walking towards the door.

Diana: DO I really have to do this? Diana followed Max. "Don't go." She then placed her lips on his, softly. "I want you to stay..."

Max: "Ok. Well then I want Aria to leave." Max sighed, before continuing. "Whenever we are alone, we seem to get along just fine. Better than fine, sometimes. but as soon as someone else bothers to show up, things start to go downhill from there. I don't want to have our first date with someone else. And I hate these clothes."

Aria: "Fine. I'll go." Aria smirked as she stormed off the restaurant. All was going according to plan.

Diana: "Was that really necessary?"

Max: "Yes. I don't want to be here, but if I have to do this stupid formal date thing to gain your friend's approval, I'll do it. But I want it to actually be a date then. And that can't really happen if Aria stays. On second thought, why don't you to just have dinner tonight, and we can do something tomorrow the two of us. Things seem to go better when we are alone."

Diana: "Okay. We have dinner now. Tomorrow we go on an actual date"

Max: Max smiled at her, and then kissed her on the lips, as a thank you gesture. "I know just the place." He went back to the table and sat back down.

Waitress: "So... will you order?"

Max: "I'll take the salmon, thanks."

Waitress: "For you young lady? Any drinks?"

Diana: "I'll have the Mongolian Beef and we'll both have a glass of water each. Thank you." The witress left with the order and left the couple on the table alone.

Max: "So, what were we talking about?"

Diana: "About how Aria is a bump in our relationship. Which I somehow disagree on. But whatever."

Max: "She isn't. I never said she was. I just don't fair well with other people who I'm not trying to win against. Well, one second thought, I don't fair well with them either."

Diana: "That is the exact thing I've been talking about this whole time. You don't like anyone. I think you just like me because we had a tie. If I'd lost, you'd probably lose all respect you had toward me. If I'd won, you'd try to have revenge on me somehow. What can I do to help you like people? You met Kyle, you did not like him. You met Aria and the result was the exact same thing. What's wrong with you?"

Max: "I... I don't know. I sort of see everyone and everything as a challenge, a competition. I could ask you the same thing about your curiousity though. Why can't you just be satisfied the way things turn out, without an explaination or any what-ifs?" He didn't say this in an defensive way, it was much more polite, more of a question than an accusation.

DIana: "I know it is a problem I have. I am fully aware of it. And I want to change it. I want to improve as a person. Grow up. Get wiser.  But you Max, you don't! You say you want to, but you really don't. If you really would, then you'd be doing something about it. For the third time: What are you doing to change it? Do you really believe that by just 'hoping' you'll change this, you will actually change it? No, Max. It doesn't work that way. You need to work on it if you really want to change that crappy way to treat people of yours."

Max: "I've tried in the past. Like actually tried. Nothing ever changed. I guess I just gave up. I sort of just never saw I reason to try again..."

Diana: "Max I'm sorry. I really don't like using this word, but you are a hypocrite. When we were battling, you tried and tried and tried to beat me. You got up time after time. Several times. So why give up on something that is more important than a stupid training session? WHy give up on life? Do you really want to grow old and become that grumpy man that hates everyone and everything?"

Max: "No. But I'd rather die bitter, having won, than happy that I lost."

Diana: "That dissapoints me, you know? If we ever get married -which is really not probable, just giving an example- I'd like to die next to you, a smile on both of our faces. Would you really rather die bitter? Even if you were with me? That's really low Max..."

Max: "That's not what I meant. I want to be happy. But I'm afraid that I'll have to sacrifice everything I've worked for up to this point in order to be happy with others. Like, how can I want to win, and like the person I'm competing against at the same time?"

Diana: "Max. You don't need to win to be victorious. We've gone over this already several times. You can be happy without winning. YOu don't need to win to survive. Does happiness really just means winning to you? Is that what happiness is worth?"

Max: "It's just the only way I know how to be happy. Well, till today. I was happy when we were running together, not competetivly, just running. And when we were talking in the lake... But, like, that had never happened to me before. I've never been happy without winning before. I guess I'm kind of just starting to learn how to be happier. I'm sorta new at this."

DIana: Absentmindedly, the daughter of Morpheus couldn't help but smile. She had been happy at those moments too. "Ok. I want you to keep that in mind. You can and will be happy without competing. YOu can be happy by just spending time with the ones you like being with. Believe me, when you get to know Aria better, you might as well be happy spending time with her. Sh'es funny isn't she?" Diana encouraged Max. "You don't have to tell me what I want to hear. I wan't to know the truth..."

Max: Diana wanted the truth, and she would get it. "I hate her." Max said this quickly, bluntly, and in a monotone.

DIana: "Okay." She nodded. "May I know why?"

Max: "She's like way too pushy, for starters. I mean, we were doing fine by ourselves in the forest and in the lake. We didn't need her to arrange this dinner, and something tells me she didn't do it out of the goodness of her heart. Also, she sort of, well, interupted our moment in the lake earlier. And she started to judge and insult me as soon as she laid eyes on me. So yeah, I'm not much of a fan."

Diana: "That's her way to show love, believe me. She most probably hasn't planned to kill you. If she had, I'd probably have a hunch. I already told you she is starting to like you." DIana shrugged.

Aria: After dissappearing and then reappearing via moonlight travel on top of the building, she localized where Diana was with the link and then moved toward where she remembered Max had been. Carefully, she used her moonlight beam powers to open a hole the size of a big cup in the ceiling on top of Max. She peeked an eye on the hole. "Perfect position..." Aria muttered to herself. Gingerly, she got a small and extremely sensible balloon full of white itching powder. Smirking, the daughter of the full moon dropped the baseball-sized balloon through the hole. Most probably, on contact, it would make a small 'explosion' of the itching powder. It was harmless though, there wouldn't be any rash or secondary effects, just whole lot of itching. The thing was aimed to hit Max.

Max: Max had not noticed the balloon or the fact that Aria was right above him. He was too busy doubting Diana. "Really? I don't think she likes me. Even if she does, I'm still not a fan."

DIana: "I respect your ideas." She too hadn't noticedthe balloon yet, but it was now about a feet to touch Max.

Max: "Thanks," Max said. He still had yet to notice what was going on above him.

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As the balloon touched Max, it suddely burst, making all the itching powder explode on Max. Meanwhile, Aria remade the burnt piece of the ceiling with pure moonlight before transporting herself back to outside her cabin, laughing to herself and kneeling to the ground, not being able to stop laughing. 'Crap'. She thought. 'What have I done?' Her laugh faded and a concerned look took over her face. 

Diana: She blinked and right after she opened her eyes, Max was covered with a white dust. Or what was it? "Max, what was that?"

Max: The powder was all over Max's clothes, but little he touched his skin. Good thing he was wearing long pants and long sleeves.  He scratched his hand. "I have no idea, but it's making my hand itch, like a lot."

Diana: "Jeez. It is all over your face! Get it off of you!" She walked towards him and stupidly wiped it off his face with her left hand.

Max: Max sighed. " It's itching powder. Whatever. It just itches. A lot. But the more I scratch it, the more it itches," he said, now scratching his cheek and the back of his neck." He gave Diana a look. "Hmmm... I wonder who knew we were here, doesn't like me, and could have done this, given the full moon..." he said sarcastically.

Diana: "I really don't think Aria would've done this. I mean, how could she even throw you itching powder if she'd gone back to her cabin? I am still going to talk to her. Maybe she did and will tell me so. Even if she did, you should be glad she didn't kill you, but then again, she liked you as a friend so..." she shrugged in an exaggerated way with a what-can-I-do-about-it face.

Max: "Look, I've always been a popular jock in the real world, but never had like any real friends. I kind of don't want one of my first to be an insane psychopath where I have to be grateful if I just survive a single day with them. I know she did this. It had to be her."

Diana: "Aria is definitely NOT a psychopath. She just has some issues, that's all. Not a biggie."

Max: "Ok, whatever you say. If you don't mind, I'm going to leave a bit early and go shower ino order to get this stuff off me before I scratch my skin off." Max got up from the table. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Diana: "Where? When?"

Max: "Just stop by my cabin at some point. I'll probably be there all day."

Diana: "But they haven't brought us the food!"

Max: Max handed Diana a one hundred dollar bill. "This should cover it for the both of us, plus anything else you get it you decide to finish the meal. I'm way too uncomfortable right now."

Diana: She didn't accept the dollar bill. "I'll pay it. You go take another shower. I'll take the food to your cabin tomorrow."

Max: "No you won't. I'm being rude enough, I'll pay. I insist." He left the dollar bill and the table, turned, and left the restaurant.

Diana: She sighed heavily as she saw Max leave. "Great..." she puffed.

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Max: A day later,  Max had decided to stay in his cabin all day. He knew if he saw Aria he would want to kill her, and jsut wanted to be alone. He tends to hold a grudge.

Diana: SHe knocked on the door of Nike's cabin, with everything ready for a picnic. She had the carpet and the food they were supposed to eat the day before inside a basket. Diana wore a simpe spring dress that was white with red polka dots all over it. It fell all the way to her knees and a black belt was around her waist, defining it a bit more. The daughter of Morpheus had her hair tied in a tight bun and she wore black flats. Her hands still itched a bit from yesterday, when she had tried to wipe off Max's face, but she commanded herself not to scratch herself.

Max: Max opened the door to the cabin, only wearing shorts and no shirt, his hair a wet and a mess, as if he had just taken a shower. "Hey," he said to Diana. "Sorry, I wasn't sure at exactly what time you would stop by." Max threw on a grey T-shirt. "So, what do you have planned? Anything? Or should we just go for a walk?"

Diana: She raised the basket in a demonstrative fashion. "I was planning on a picnic to eat the food we ordered, tyet we never actually ate yesterday. Sounds good?"

Max: Max gave her a genuine smile. "That sounds great."

Diana: FInally something we both agree on..."I knew you would like it!" she started running toward a clearing in the forest that she loved. It was peaceful, quiet and had just about enough privacy for them.

Max: Max ran after her. "Hey, wait up!" he said, laughing. "Sorry about last night. I know how I must have seemed," he said, as he caught up to Diana.

Diana: "DOn't worry." She sighed, trying to seem like a shrug-it-off girl, but in reality, she was actually a bit mad with Max.

Max: As they reached the sport where they would sit and have thier picnic, Max sat down, his back against a tree. "There's something I want to do. I know you think I'm campable of changing, and I know that you know that I have tried in the past, and sort of failed. And you think I'm not really trying. There's something I want to show you."

Diana: "Then go ahead and show it to me!" she encouraged as she gently giggled.

Max: Max reached in his pocket and took out a celestial bronze arrowhead, that looked as if it was recently polished, but not unused. "You shot this into my chest when we were fighting in the arena. My dad always told me that when you lost, it was because you could have made a better descision at one point or another. But what happened last night made me realize, that sometime you're just unlucky. My dad always told me to save something from every defeat, so that I could be reminded of what I did wrong. But now, I'm realizing, I did everything right. And so did you. So, I'm giving back my token of our battle." Max paused, allowing Diana a chance to say something. Before she could respond he spoke again. "Sorry, it was a stupid idea."

Diana: Somehow, tears managed to form into her eyes, but just one came out of her right eye. "no... no! C-Can I see it?"

Max: Max shrugged. "Sure, I guess." He handed her the arrowhead.

Diana: She looked at it very carefully. "It's neat."

Max: "Well, It's your arrowhead. You're supposed to think It's neat. You shot it at me, after all."

Diana: She giggled for a bit "I meant it was a neat thing for you to keep it. Not the arrowhead itself. Although it is pretty neat too..."

Max: Max shrugged. "Eh. It's no different than a trophy. Except It's from a fight I didn't win, so it's more humiliating than a trophy. That's why I'm getting rid of it."

Diana: Her face instantly turned to rock. "Wait- what?"

Max: "Like, it just reminds me of the battle. I want to learn to not dwell on every part of my life as a competition, so I remember it as less of a trining session, and more as how we met. And you remind me of that. And that makes me a lot happier and way more motivated than a silly arrowhead."

Diana: Her gesture became warmer once again. "Oh." She wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders, maniacally squeezing him and giving small pecks all over his face, fairly eager. "I'm glad you are understanding..."

Max: Max smiled at Diana. "I'm glad I'm understanding too."

Diana: Diana kissed Max on the lower left  corner of Max's lips. "I'm gladder." she admitted as she rested her head on his chest after pulling apart.

Max: Max relaxed, as he just smiled and stroked his hand through Diana's hair. He didn't say anything, simply enjoying the moment.

DIana: She cuddled closer to Max, a warm and faint smile on her lips as she closed her eyes.

Max: Max held Diana closely. He looked at her, smiled, and said, "Thanks for the help."

DIana: "Thanks for trying, Max."

Max: Max just cuddled Diana in his arms, not saying anything else.

Diana: She felt her cheeks redden, but she just continued snuggling into Max's chest as her breathing evened.

Max: "We should probably eat the food now," Max said, not really sure what to say at this point.

Diana: "Yeah, I think we should." She got up and gave the basket to Max. "can you set it up?"

Max: "Ok." Max opened the basket, and took out some paper plates and some of the food.

Diana: "You look sexy when you aren't whining." Diana winked "It's nice to watch you doing something without us discussing about something."

Max: Max didn't say anything. He didn't want to ruin the moment.

DIana: She felt a bit ignored. "I'm serious. I like spending time with you when we aren't fighting or arguing. I really like it." She smiled genuinely and warmly. Long Pause. No answer. Awkward silence. "Is everything fine Max?"

Max: He gave her a smile back. "Yeah, just didn't want to ruin the moment."

DIana: "How'd you ruin it?"

Max: "Well, I haven't ruined it yet, but I'm sure something will mess it up in the next hour or so."

Diana: "Darling! Don't be too negative. We're going to have fun. No interruptions. No ruining moments. Ok?" Diana gave Max a small hug. "Is it done?"

Max: "Just about."

Diana: She nodded. "Can I help with anything?

Max: "No, I'm doing fine thanks."

Diana: "Ok. If you say so..."

Max: Max started to eat his lunch, as if Diana's skepticism was nonexistent.

Diana: She started eating her own food right away. "Soooooo... how's the salmon?"

Max: "A little cold, but I'll manage."

Diana: "But as in the flavour?"

Max: "It tastes fishy. But I think that's a good thing, given that It's fish."

Diana: "Noted. Fishy is good in salmon. Mine tastes good if you wanted to know..."

Max: "Diana, have you ever been to New York?" Max asks her, sort of out of the blue.

Diana: "Only to the airport, why ask?"

Max: "I'm from there. So, just wondering. I kind of miss it, I guess."

Diana: "I bet you do." She sighed, remembering her home and family. "I am from Verona and I miss it too much..."

Max: "Italy. I'm pretty sure I have some Italian ancestry on my dad's side."

Diana: "Really? Maybe old ancestry because Morningstar doesn't sound really Italian to me!" She laughed a bit.

Max: "Yeah, that's because it's not. You know how my dad's father is Ares? Ever wonder why?"

Diana: "I don't think I am understanding. Ares is Greek..."

Max: "Yeah, the Greek god of War. I'm related to some old Italian facist leader. My dad never really told me the details. It wasn't something he liked to talk about. He moved to America and changed his name when he found out who he was related to. I still don't know who it is, just that I'm like an eigth Italian or something like that."

Diana: "Oh" was all Diana managed to say

Max: "There my dad is great, my mom gave me awesome powers, but my family sucks. Probably shouldn't have told you that. Now you probably think I'm like a freak or something."

Diana: "Then I guess we are different that way. My father has cool things. But my mom is simple and almost carefree. She is alive and simple. I love her for that. And I love my family. It is great. "

Max: "Diana, we are different in a lot more ways than that.'

Diana: "I know. I was just trying to point that out. Don't really think it is a problem..."

Max: "I'm still trying to wrap my mind around teh whole dreamworld thing."

Diana: "Though you'd like it. Noticed you didn't. That's the end of it. What is it that you don't understand?" She didn't say it in a mean way. She just knew that he didn't like to talk about it, so she tried to make this topic as short as possible.

Max: "I don't know. I kind of want one. But, like at the same time, I don't. They are wierd."

Diana: "Well, duh, of course it is weird. I made it..."

Max: Max put his hand on her shoulder, as if to comfort her. "Hey. You are not wierd. You are perfect." He kissed her gently on the lips, and then pulled back. "I mean it."

Diana: "If I were perfect, you'd liek every bit of me. Clearly, you don't. I'm ok with that. But please don't say something that isn't true."

Max: "I do like every part of you. What don't you think I like?"

Diana: "You don't like when I -and I am quoting you- reject my Godly heritage and powers. Which, I really don't. But you think so."

Max: "I don't care about that. But I'm three fourths god. Just don't reject me. I don't want to lose you. Your family is your family. We all have family issues."

Diana: "I don't reject you. I think I even may love you. How would I reject you?" Diana hugged Max tightly.

Max: "I don't know. Sometimes I reject myself. Think I'm not good enough."

Diana: "And that is my main problem."

Max: "What do you mean?"

Diana: "When you reject yourself, you don't feel confident. And when you don't feel confident, you have the need to win something. When that need is present, you become a jerk for some time. Then you go back to normal and then once again reject yourself. It is a vicious cycle that you are living day by day."

Max: "i know. So you've told me before. But how do I FIX it?"

Diana: "Do the same you told me to do. Accept yourself"

Max: Max smiled at her. "Ok."

Diana: "Now give your whatever-I-am-to-you a hug!"

Max: "I'll do you one better than a hug." Max put his arm around Diana and kissed her gently, his lips brushing up against hers. He pulled back for a second "Girlfriend. That's what you are to me. You're my girlfriend." He kissed her again.

Diana: The daughter of dreams sighed in satisfaction. Finally... Diana kissed back lovely. She was soft. Not rough, not aggressive, not even overly passionate. Just soft and quiet. Just like silk.

Max: As they kissed, Max became caught up in the moment, simply enjoying it, not thinking about anything else.

Diana: While still kissing, Diana pushed aside everything in the grass before climbing on to Max, both her legs at his side and her hands clinging to his shirt as if pulling him toward her.

Max: Max pulled Diana closer to him, as they continued to kiss. Some food got on the bottom of his leg, but he didn't care.

Diana: Her lips puckered significantly as she pressed her body against his. Her kiss' rhythm was the same soft one, but her hands snaked under the hem of Max's shirt to feel his sculpted abs and chest.

Max: Max was nowhere near as agressive, keeping his hands simply around Diana's neck, but did not give her any reason to stop either.

Diana: She smiled at Max while continuing the kiss. Aggressive in battle but tender while loving. Perfect. She thought. She continued kissing him for a while as a small gust of wind pushed their way.

Max: After a few more minutes, Max pulled back from the kiss. Not that he wasn't enjoying it, he just wanted to talk.

Diana: Her face was eager. She was really happy with Max right now. "What is it?"

Max: "Nothing. Just because I stop kissing you doesn't mean something is wrong. I just want to lay here next to you, enjoy the moment."

DIana: She nodded and cuddled with Max. "Me too."

Max: Max, not saying anything, simply layed next to Diana as they jusy laid there a while, smiling at her. He turned to her, and their noses touched slightly.

OOC: Trying to keep a romantic moment, but don't really want this to turn into a kiss.

Diana: "I really like you Max. Greatly."

Max: "I like me too. Most of the time."

Diana: "Except when you lose..." she repeated once more as she raised her eyebrows in defeat. "Already know 'bout that."

Max: "Shut up," he said, nudging her playfully.

Diana: "You're too girly at times, you know?" she joked

Max: "It's part of my charm." Max joked.

Diana: "Yeah, charm"

Max: "Yes Diana, charm. I happen to be very charming. And sexy." He gave her a wink, and laughed at his own joke.

Diana: She laughed and tumbled over, her skirt opening a bit, "Yeah Max. Soooooo sexy." seh grabbed his cheek with her fingers and wiggled it teasingly. "Sorry for doubting you, Prince Charming..."

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