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GM: It starts out the year is 2015, Spoiled milk was served at camp for dinner one night, that spoiled milk had a virus in it, which turned people into zombies. Since not everyone drank that milk, not everyone was a zombie. For some reason camp seemed much emptier that night as people filed off one by one to go to bed. The creation of zombies was short lived, with them spreading out of camp as well as searching through the camp, in crawling, or slow musing walks to find people or demigods.

Zombies have overrun camp, you awake in your cabin one night to hear howling and beating on the doors and wood of other cabins, find other people whom are alive and make sure that you save as many demigods as you possibly can.

Chapter 1: The End of Camp

Analeese: Analeese wakes up to the sound of screaming. She assumes that the campers are having yet another bonfire and groans, when something walks slowly up her stairs, moaning. Assuming that it’s a drunk camper, she yells. “Hey deadbeat! Get out of here before I kick your ass.” She says, and throws a can at the creature. The zombie continues up the stairs. She realizes what it is and runs back to her bed, collecting her weapons. She kicks a table at the damned thing, as it falls on the floor and keeps going. She slams a nearby axe into the creatures’ brain, and dropped a V8 engine on the fucker to ensure it stayed dead. Shitting hell. Can camp get anymore cliche? The counselor runs out of her loft, grabbing her weapons., as it slams to the floor. Apollo must hate us. She grumbled, looking to see if anyone else was alive. Sadly the camp was her home, and she would rather not see it destroyed. She pulls her armor over her leggings and shirt, strapping on her weapons and necessities. She was always ready to leave at a moment’s notice. But this time, she would try and save the rest of the campers. It wouldn’t be said that Nemesis’ cabin didn’t play its’ part. But goddamn she hated the gods right now. Her mouth is covered by a black bandana, if the zombies could feel fear, she was determined to provoke it.

Romulus: Romulus is sleeping with his beats on listening to some calm music when he hears a harsh scratching sound outside. He looks out the window facing the camp common grounds and sees that it is late at night and very dark as everybody is fast asleep. His mind starts thinking that some intruder might have arrived and he grabs his weapons cautiously tip toeing to the door every so careful not to make a sound. As he nears the door he hears a howl and something or someone beating on it he stands in the corner to the right of the door and aims his bow at it arrow ready so that if said intruder say broke the door he would be met with an arrow. As he stands there he thinks to himself what could be going on at this hour that could get passed the camp’s defenses maybe it is wise to wake up the others he then whistles a tune that all of his siblings knew in order to try to get them to awaken to the imminent danger that would soon face them. Just as everyone awakens, the zombie bursts down the door, immediately he lets an arrow fly attempting to hit it in the side of the head. He then immediately puts this bow and arrow away and conjures a fiery battle axe and charges in jumping up into the air and slamming down on top of the zombie chopping it in half. He makes the axe disappear and after telling his siblings gets his bow and arrow and a pair of binoculars and goes outside to scout always careful to scan the surrounding territory as he goes from tree to tree

Grahm: When Grahm hears the beating on his room’s door, he sleepily gets up, “What? I miss some kind of camp event?” As his senses come to him, the sounds of yelling and screaming reach his ears. What in Hades is going on? Stumbling to his window overlooking the ground, he sees what looks like a camper due to orange shirt, but the skin was an unhealthy shade of green and he was more shambling. Are those...shit...they are...fuck you Romero, fuck you. Tossing on a pair of jeans and jacket, Grahm snatches up his polearm and points the celestial bronze tip towards the door as he reaches a hand for the door. Sorry whoever is on the other side....but you’re technically already dead. Pulling it open, Grahm tries not to look the undead camper in the eyes as he swings the blade at the head, causing it to slice into the skull and bash it against the door frame, all but wrecking the head. Using his foot to push the body off, Gram quickly grabs a duffel bag and tosses some clothes in it, stopping to tear up a shirt and placing it over his mouth and nose. No idea how this thing spreads, I’m not risking it. As he runs out of the cabin, his primary goal is to see if anyone else is actually alive.

Jake: Jake was sleeping shirtless in tranquility when he heard the howling. As he jumps out of his bed in just one motion, he groaned loudly and rubbed his eyes with both of his closed fists, he then yawned, shortly followed after his lingering groan. “What the hell is going on guys? I need my beauty sleep you douchebags!” he said, his voice raspy and groggy. He walked towards the door, his necklace in hand, in case that any of the demigods outside had stupider ideas than beating on the cabin doors. He smirked and rubbed his left eye again as he put on a tank top and a GAP sweater on. He then walked toward the windows, looking how bedlam outside continued, Jake saw some...some zombies? “Holy Eros...” he mumbled and transformed his necklace into his bow. He smashed his window and nocked an arrow, aiming it straight at a sickening-looking demigoddess, whose flesh was somewhat grey and green, her hair sticky with almost dried blood and some gashes over her face. As he let go of the arrow, he winced, as he remembered. He had actually known her...

Sapphire: Still asleep in her room Sapphire suddenly wakes up to the sound of screaming outside the door. Being in the Melinoe cabin Sapphire heard a lot of screaming and moaning from the ghost who floated around so she didn’t think anything of it until she heard a loud bang on her door. She grabbed her sword just for safety and opened her door to be faced with a zombie. At first she didn’t notice it until the thing tried to attack her. It was then Sapphire pushed the thing off of her and attempted to push the undead demigod out of her room. Finally she managed to do that and locked her door behind her and lean on it while taking deep breaths. She wasn’t sure what was going on but she sure as hell wasn’t going to stay in here so, she went to her closet grabbed a set of clothes, quickly put them on and went to her window planning to jump out it since there was already zombies in her cabin. Her weapons were in their Jewelry form so they would be easily obtainable. With one more look around her room Sapphire jumped out her window to land safely on the ground just outside her cabin.

Grahm: Heading west, Grahm’s first instinct is to make a move for the Apollo Cabin, Healing and ranged attacks...a combo that will be useful in keeping me alive....

Romulus: Hopping from tree to tree, Romulus makes his way towards the gazebo at the center of camp but before he leaves he sees a boy approaching and hops down from the tree “Who are you he asks in a hushed way” ready to respond if he turned out to be a zombie but then he thought to himself he looks like a human I could use some aid and then he approaches him.

Grahm: Hearing the voice, Grahm whips his head in the direction of the sound, seeing a camper in the trees, No zombie is that agile. “I think what matters most is that I’m alive.” Grahm calls to him, trying not to be too loud and attract attention, “Grahm Chloris, Son of Cybele.”

Romulus: He walks over to him and says “Romulus Osborne Son of Apollo its good that you are alive I sure wonder who else is, we should head for the center of camp so that we can easily look out over camp and spot people” He says as he motions towards the gazebo and lake at the center of camp

Grahm: Grahm nodded and readies his polearm, “Agreed. I was heading for you cabin actually. Archery and healing are going to be vital skills if we want to survive this mess.” He starts to head towards the gazebo, “Let’s keep moving. I don’t know what get’s their attention.”

Jake: As he opened his eyes, Jake ran out of his cabin and ran towards the busiest cabin he could find, looking for help which seemed to be Apollo’s cabin. He ran and knocked on the door hard.

Romulus: As they get ready to start moving he sees another boy in the distance and tells to Grahm “I think he is alive too lets wait for him”

Grahm: Nodding, Grahm slowly walks back, looking for any approaching zombies.

Romulus: He yells as softly as possible to the boy at his cabin door “Hey over here”

Jake: “What the heck are these… things-demigods-zombies….whatever?” he replied screaming.

Romulus: He yells to him “We are over here be quiet and come over here we are heading towards the center of camp to scout the situation”

Annaleese: Drawing and loading her crossbow, Analeese observes as her fellow campers run mad, either chased by their ex-friends or decaying. She slowly moves towards the Melinoe cabin; as there seems to be a survivor. A couple of zombies surround the place, as well as ghostly apparitions. She loads her crossbow and starts to fire her bolts into the back of the monsters, taking care to keep moving and gather her bolts. She spots a girl. “You may want to hurry up. You’ll join your brothers and sisters otherwise.” She says to Sapphire, hitting a zombie with the butt of her crossbow before firing at point-blank range. Its’ skull explodes and it lands in a heap at her feet

Sapphire: Hearing a voice speak out to her sapphire looks in the direction of Analeese. “Umm hey?” was all Sapphire said before running to the girls side while summoning her sword and slashing at near by zombies. “Do you know what’s going on?” Sapphire asked as she stabbed her sword into a zombies head.

Annaleese: “See for yourself.” Analeese shrugged, and pointed her crossbow ahead of her. “It’s not rocket-science. The undead are trying to kill us.” She started to move away from the crowded cabin. “We need to move, and figure out who’s left. Then we can make a plan, and run. “I thought your cabin was gifted in this area.”

Annaleese: “Doesn’t matter. We need to find survivors. The fuckers die. That’s all I care about right now.” She said, practically dragging Sapphire with her, as they make their way toward the center of camp. The campers were trained to go there in case of emergency. It was likely a trap, but it was all she had.

Sapphire: Sapphire nodded her head as she heard Analeese speak. She still wanted to know how all this happened but the girl was right. Sapphire definitely didn’t want to end up like her sibling so, she began to run alongside the daughter of Nemesis to the center of camp.

GM: GUESS WHAT, CRAP HAPPENS, THE BARRIER IS SLOWLY BEING BROKEN DOWN BY THE UNDEAD THAT HAVE ENTERED. SMALL HELLHOUNDS ARE GETTING INTO CAMP (Currently hellhounds are the only thing able to get through the barrier, they are the size of full grown german shepherds/golden retrievers, aka the size of natural zombie dogs.)

Romulus: Romulus arrives at the gazebo at the center of camp with Grahm and Jake as they arrive he tells the other two to draw their weapons and guard the gazebo as he begins to scale it and climb to to the top. The gazebo is fairly large possibly 50 - 100 ft off the ground and offers a very clear view of camp. Once he reaches the top he uses the binoculars and starts scanning the territory taking note of the other campers coming in the same direction and the spread out group of hellhounds just getting through the camp’s defenses. As they start to get within range, Romulus starts firing off short columns of light incinerating them upon contact.

Grahm: Nodding, Grahm tosses up a few earthen barriers in hopes of forcing the undead to go around them and buy them some time, “What you see up there?”

Jake: Jake started shooting arrows at the zombies, guarding the gazebo.

Romulus: As the monsters and other creatures started closing in, Romulus felt it was time to act he conjured two double bladed battle axes and jumped to the ground both axes letting out a lot of fire on contact. He then charges at the monsters slashing at them as he has practiced in training for many years cutting them down and the ones he didn’t get to he incinerated using beams of light he blew out of his mouth

Sapphire: As Sapphire reached the center of camp with Analeese she looked around with the hope of finding Romulus, her boyfriend, however since he was currently at the top of the gazebo where Sapphire couldn’t see him she thought maybe he ended up like the other campers. seeing as there were undead camper coming their way Sapphire decided she couldn’t think about Romulus and had to help the others out. As some of the zombies entered Ana’s field they would fall and it give Sapphire the time to finish them off. she continued to do this for as long as Ana could hold up her field.

Annaleese: “Analeese. Daughter of Nemesis.” She introduces herself, as the undead continue to fight against her barrier. She was getting tired. “What’s the plan? I vote we escape and keep moving till we find somewhere safe. I can’t hold on much longer, so you’ll have to cover me. Conserve your powers. We’ll need them.”

Grahm: Slicing any campers that got too close, he looked to Romulus, “What are-” Grahm then sees the hellhounds joining the battle, “Shit...shit....shit...” Looking the other direction, he sees more people nearing the gazebo, “If you’re alive, come on! We got hellhounds!”

Sapphire: As Sapphire continued to finish off the undead campers that came into Ana’s field, she looked around to notice the hellhounds approaching the group. “dammit just what we need….. Hellhounds.” She said to herself.

Annaleese: Her barrier flickered away, as the hellhounds threw themselves against it. The hellhounds were sent flying, tripping over their own legs. She barely had time to switch from her crossbow to her double short-swords. “We need to keep moving.” She stabs a fallen hellhound, before glancing over to the labyrinth entrance. “Shit.” The labyrinth was a risk. But it was certainly better than certain death. “Anyone fresh enough to help him? We don’t want to lose our healer.” She said, taking out anything that got too close to Romulus.

Romulus: He yells back to her “Best thing you guys can do right now is run towards that so that I can back up as fast as possible I am covering you guys go now hurry make haste” He flashes a fateful smile and turns back “I will make it”

Grahm: Nodding, Grahm slowly backed up, following the others, making sure that no zombies were climbing into the gazebo, “Someone should stay with you,” he calls to Romulus, “Don’t travel alone!”

Annaleese: As Grahm yells, Analeese keeps killing anything which gets too close to Romulus. “You’re an archer and the only medic we got. You’re too valuable to lose.” She grunts in approval, and takes up the mid-guard with Grahm as they retreat to the labyrinth, letting Jake keep distance and pick off anything which gets too close. “Don’t get bitten. We don’t know how the disease spreads, and mercy-killings are so cliche. We’ll take anything out from a distance.” She says, making sure that the group aren’t cornering themselves.

Romulus: Realizing that the group is rallying around him which could end badly for all of them Romulus makes up his mind and tells Sapphire “No I am going to clear them out then we are going to safety I don’t want them to hurt you” he then stands in front of her protectively and ejects a huge load of fire from his mouth incinerating all of the hellhounds within 50 yards “Okay, fall back now!” He yells as he starts to run for the entrance

Grahm: Falling back, he stays with anyone he sees who has a sword, trying to use his polearm to keep them from getting any closer. As they near their destination, it sinks in that are going to risk the Labyrinth. “Are you nuts? Going down there is a death trap without the proper demigods!”

Annaleese: “It’s the best we got. The Melinoe girl can use ghosts to scout ahead. We can rest up and find a way out. It’s a shitty plan, but it’s the best we’ve got.” Analeese stands at the entrance, covering Sapphire and Romulus as they run into the caverns.

Chapter 2: Six Feet Under

Sapphire: As Sapphire finally reached the cavern with Romulus and the others she looked to Romulus who was looking a bit tired and worn out. “Hey are you ok?” She asks while looking at him with a worried look.

Romulus: He looks at her “Yeah” He says trying to look fine and stay strong for her but the sheer exhaustion overtakes him and he collapses onto the ground not passed out but in a very tired state requiring some ambrosia and nectar and someone to take care of him for a while.

Analeese: The daughter of Nemesis shuts the doors to the labyrinth. The zombies clamour against the stone but cannot get in. “Shit.” She murmured to herself and sat down, exhausted from the extensive use of her powers. Still, they got out alive. “Take five to rest. We don’t know what’s down here. “You take care of him.” She tossed Sapphire a chunk of ambrosia, nibbling on a small square herself.

Grahm: Leaning on his glaive, Grahm looked at the others, “Okay...what did Hades’ Cabin do to incur the wrath of George Romero? Seriously?”

Sapphire: Sapphire catches the piece of ambrosia that Analeese had tossed to her. She then proceeded to give the ambrosia to Romulus. “Here eat this it will make you feel better.” Sapphire then sat down next to him and intertwined their hands in a friendly manner. “I’m glad you’re ok…..” she said giving him a quick hug.

Romulus: He is very exhausted and weakly grasps her hand as he eats the ambrosia slowly regaining his strength he looks up at her “Thanks Saph” He rests his head in her lap and rests for a while.

Analeese: Checking on the rest of the campers, it seems like the five of them made it away from camp with minor injuries. Their main enemy was the labyrinth itself, they would need to find a way out or at least supplies to hold out. She pushed the thoughts out of her head. “So….what’s your name kid? You were pretty handy with the glaive back there.” Analeese says to Grahm, kneeling beside him.

Grahm: “Grahm, son of Cybele...” says, standing up and catching his breath, “My dad went a little nuts after my first monster attack when I was younger, and he became one of those ‘doomsday preppers. Probably on his HAM radio laughing his ass off to his buddies about him being right....” He then looked around, “ who else is here, and what can you do?”

Sapphire: “Your welcome” Sapphire said to Romulus before looking to Analeese and Grahm. “I’m Sapphire, daughter of Melinoe and basically i can talk to and control ghosts.” She then motioned to Romulus. “This is Romulus, son of Apollo, he’s good with light and healing.”

Romulus: He looks up at her from her lap and smiles and then he looks out at the other assembled soldiers and waves his hand quietly and weakly saying “it is a pleasure to meet you all we had a well fought battle together” He then looks up at Sapphire smiles faithfully and closes his eyes

Analeese: “Analeese, daughter of Nemesis.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I can handle myself in a fight, and keep crowd-control. Anything hits me, I hit harder.” She leans back against the ruined wall which vibrates. “You’ll be our archer and medic. No hero stuff like last time.” She says to Rom, before turning to Grahm. “You don’t have a convenient hideout do you? I want to get out of here quick as possible, and we need the supplies.”

Jake: Jake puffed, still tired and a bit groggy, but ready for anything that could be coming. Confident. “Jake… Son of Eros. Guess I can also help with crowd control…” he shrugged “We’re not just pretty faces. I mean, we do have pretty faces, but we’ve got more included in our package...” he winked at nobody in particular, more because of routine than to actual feeling of it.

Grahm: Grahm shrugged, “Less ‘convenient hideout’, more ‘modified military bunker’.” He explained, “But yeah, get us to Arizona around Biosphere 2, get me a HAM radio, and I can set us up with a temporary safe haven.”

GM: As it has been drawn to the attention of the Myrmekes, someone, something is in their cavern. So instead of playing nice, the Myrmeke queen sends two abnormally large Myrmeke soldier ants to be rid of the “things” in the cavern.

(These ants are about as tall as a minivan, but their body size is more like a large chopper; ants have a specific body style, and these follow that body style as well)

The two Myrmekes come running up the cavern pathways until they reach just behind the demigods that are seemingly encamped in their crawl space. The ants let out two tremendous roars and attack…

Romulus: Romulus’s eyes widen and he thinks to himself Uh oh this isn’t good we need to move out now seeing that he doesn’t have much energy to move and that ants have a very high fear of fire, he lets out a short burst of light in an attempt to deter them until the others can get their weapons together. He then gets off of Sapphire’s lap and brings out his bow and arrow and starts firing at the ants hitting them square in the center of the eye. He then starts to scan the territory with his scope to look for exits or other possible escape options he considers going back out through the hatch but then hears the creatures banging on the stone and quickly rules out the option. He is standing in front of Sapphire protectively when he gets an idea. He then takes his quiver off his back and lights up the tips of his arrows giving him a quiver of flaming arrows which he then continues to fire at the ants.

Analeese: “Play time is over kiddies.” Analeese takes the front of the attack. “Aim for the eyes and between the mandibles.” She says, as Jake and Romulus take the rear-guard. The ants continue to crawl down the tunnels. The daughter of Nemesis breathes, and narrowly avoids a swipe to the face. A sharp clicking noise ensues, as she stabs forwards with her dual short-swords, trying to get the beast on the left in the eye.

Grahm: Hearing the clicking of mandibles, he turns arounds seeing the insects, “Shit...but I’d rather take these over the zombies.” Readying his glaive, he tosses a few thrusts at it to keep it at bay trying to remember if these things spit anything. “I’m waiting for orders....”

Jake: Jake was not able to see very clearly, so when he caught a glimpse of the left eye of one, he shot a beam of emotional energy made out of love.

Analeese: “Can’t you slow them down? We’re surrounded by earth.” Taking slight bruises as she hits the wall, avoiding a spray of ant juice, she empowers her blades and stabs upwards to kill the other ant, which is distracted by the volley of fire arrows and love beams. Her blades lift upwards, going for the thorax. As the beast weighs as much as a minivan, she has to roll over to avoid being flattened and lets its’ body collapse to the side, the beast’s weight working against it. Her bruises heal somewhat, as the damage is done.

Grahm: Taking a step back, Grahm focuses on the soil on the ground beneath the closest ant, commanding it to his will, he causes it to solidify and form a spire, jutting up into the thorax in hopes of skewering it. “I don’t want to bring the place down on our heads, but I can do my best.” While the stone spire doesn’t go all the way through the ant, it does lodge itself in.

Analeese: “There’s got to be a hive nearby.” Analeese says, stabbing between the Myrmeke’s eyes to make sure its’ dead. Her blade fizzles somewhat, as it comes into contact with the acid. CB is resistant to this type of damage, but it still sucked. “Saph, work on getting us out. Rom, tend to anyone hurt by the acid. This stuff is nasty.” Grinning wickedly, she siphons off the excess acid with a rag, which corrodes on contact. Anything which touched her weapon would get a nasty surprise.

Grahm: Trying to build up momentum with his glaive in the confines of the tunnel, Grahm whirled around to build up speed as he slammed the blade down on the middle eye of the giant ant’s head. “I don’t want to stick around to find that hive.” Grahm says, pulling the blade out and stabbing it again, directly into the eye socket, finishing it off, “We just need to get out of here and back to the surface. I think at this point, five demigods traveling together is the least of our worries.”

Jake: “Then what should we do?”

Romulus: He puts his weapons away walks up beside Sapphire and snakes his arm around her neck pulling her close to him and motions to the beating on the hatch in which they entered. “Getting out here is no longer an option we have to press onward in here and try to get out at some other point in the country remember that the labyrinth allows us to move many miles away in a few steps so I would suggest we go across the country, restock on supplies, see if we can contact anybody who might be still alive, and then regroup and proceed. I know where my siblings have gone so they won’t be much of an issue but we need to try to save as many as possible because just the few of us will not last long”

Sapphire: Feeling Romulus’ arm around her neck made Sapphire smile. she then looked up to the hatch. “Ya i guess you right.” she said a bit quietly so only Romulus could hear her

Analeese: “Already one step ahead.” As Rom spoke, Analeese shrugs. It was fairly obvious what the plan was.“Even if we could contact other demigods, we have no way of knowing how the disease spreads or if we’d be any safer. Short-term goals first. We need food, we need protection and a way out of here.” She said, ending the matter there, as they continued to walk down the one-way tunnel, deeper into the labyrinth. “I think Arizona sounds like the best port of call…but you’re both right. The sooner we get out, the better. Afterwards, we can make our long-term plans.”

Grahm: Grahm has his eyes shut, muttering something to himself, “You do realize that demigods aren’t going to be the only survivors. There will be mortals too, and they’ll have guns.” He then looked around taking stock of their weapons, “We’ll be silent, but if we get into a head-on fight with a guy and a shotgun, we’re screwed. What are we going to do about that?”

Romulus: “It seems like they are only after demigods, notice how they don’t seem to leave camp. Also we have the mist on our side so that should render mortals not a problem.” He says holding Sapphire close to him.

Analeese: “He’s got a point.” Analeese says to both of them. “But mortals are always a risk. We can be killed by both mortal and immortal weapons. It would be wise to remember that.” She points out and continues down the tunnel, as it begins to shift and diverge. This part of the labyrinth seems quite bland, a tunnel which leads to a crossroads.

Jake: “So then, how are we going to know where Arizona is exactly? As far as I know, there is not a map for the labyrinth… The closest we’ve got as help is Sapphire. Could you summon or ask ghosts about how we could get there?” he wondered as he looked towards the daughter of Melinoe.

Sapphire: Sapphire looked to Jake and nodded her head. “I could probably summon a few ghosts to scout the paths ahead.” She said still looking in Jake’s direction.

Romulus: Romulus still has his arm Sapphire’s neck before he whispers to her “go ahead and conjure up some ghosts and then stay behind me so I can defend you” He then conjures up his fiery twin bladed battleaxe and waits for the party to move out addressing them “I agree lets do that we might want to leave here soon though before any other surprises show up”

Analeese: Analeese nods. She grips her two swords tightly, prepared to defend herself if the need arises. “Sounds like a plan. I can help cover you Sapphire, since you’ll be leading the ghosts. The rest of you can follow on.” She nods. “As much as I love standing around, I don’t plan on becoming ant chow today.”

Sapphire: Sapphire releases herself from Romulus’ grip and turns around to face him. “I’m glad you wanna protect me but i can’t stay behind you all the time.” She smiles and gives him a quick friendly hug. She then turns to Analeese and nods her head. “Well i guess i should get to work.” Sapphire begins to concentrate and soon three ghostly figures appear in front of her. “I need each of you to go down one of those paths.” She motions to the three paths. “And scout them out. We don’t wanna run into any trouble.” With that the ghost nodded and went into the three paths to scout ahead.

Romulus: He hugs her back and stands next to her “I understand Sapphire lead on I always have your back” He then holds up the axe to give light to the dark tunnels before them as they wait for the ghosts to return with their report.

Grahm: Keeping his glaive close, Grahm looks down each of the directions as the ghost fade into the darkness, “Um...what stops more zombies from wandering down here? I mean the camp entrance is sealed, but there are thousands of Labyrinth entrances. What’s to stop them from wandering down here?”

Romulus: He looks at Grahm “Honestly nothing will stop them but it is a matter of if they get in here they also are going to have to find us so we aren’t going to meet a huge army of them but more than likely two or three at a time at most”

Jake: He nodded “Also, since they don’t seem to get out of camp, I bet there won’t be many zombie encounters.”

Analeese: “If we struggle to find our way, I doubt rotting corpses will be able to figure it out.” She says, “However they can run a lot longer than us I bet, without proper food or water too.” Analeese starts to pace about for some reason, looking uncomfortable. “Sapphire, have the ghosts reported yet?”

Sapphire: Just as Analeese ask the three ghost emerged form the three paths and floated up to Sapphire. After a minute or two the ghost disappeared and Sapphire turned to the rest of the group. “According to those ghost the left path should lead us around the hive.”

GM: Cool air can now be felt inside of the caverns, it’s raining above ground, the light pitter patter can be heard against the ceiling. This pitter patter almost negates the sound of slithering, A rather large Gorgon slides its way around in the bowels of the cavern. Its four of its six arms armed with scimitars. The beast stops just short of the far side of an inner sanctum like room in the caverns labyrinth. This room is filled with many relics and an almost frozen in time feast of stone solid giants frozen by Medusa eons ago. This gorgon however slowly slithers through the columns in the sanctum and in between the tables and giants that spot the large open room. This gorgon, is upon the path beseeched by the young demigods, and can hear their talking, their footfalls, and their cumbersome movements towards its lair.

Romulus: He looks at Sapphire “So I guess we will go to the left did they indicate any traps or other surprises we might need to be aware of and do they know where we will be at the end of that tunnel?”

Sapphire: Sapphire shakes her head at Romulus. “No they just told me that the left path leads around the hive. Sorry.” Sapphire felt a bit bad she couldn’t get anymore information from those ghost especially because her mother was the goddess of ghost. She shook the feeling of and look around at the group. “Well i guess we should get moving?”

Analeese: “We should have kept moving ages ago.” Analeese looks to the left. “I trust your ghosts know what they’re doing, but they should keep a few feet ahead as lookouts. It’ll give us fair warning of anything approaching.” She said, as the cold water starts to drip down the slender curves of her back. She takes the lead, as the group begins to move onto the left path. She takes the front flank with Sapphire. Jake and Romulus take up the middle, while Grahm takes the rear-guard, in case anything sought to sneak up on them.

Romulus: I agree we need a recon element in place so have the ghosts go ahead of us but close enough to communicate we got to keep moving before more surprises arrive he falls back to the right flank with Sapphire having his bow drawn and aimed over her shoulder so that it can fire from between their shoulders.

GM: As the demigods shuffle in their underground cavern, water begins to come from the entrance of the cavern, rushing past them in small rivulets as the water turns from rivulets to small streams, to a current that makes the entire bottom of the cave somewhat slick. Sloshing can be heard from the entrance of the cave as four hellhounds come charging down, having smelled the scent of the demigods headed this way.

Grahm: Using his glaive for balance, a sound from behind him reaches Grahm, “Guys...I think we have more company.”

Romulus: He looks back at him “Aww man are you serious already we just got moving too” He looks through his scope waiting for company to appear.

Analeese: As the water runs down the cavern floor, the demigods hurry on. Analeese’s claustrophobia gets steadily worse and the daughter of Nemesis has to compose herself. “Grahm, can you get me some spikes on that wall there?” She points to the nearby wall where the two paths meet, as the hellhounds charge down the cavern tunnels.

Grahm: Grahm, nodding he touches the wall with one hand and commands the earth beneath them and to their sides burst through in spikes. Chunks of small rock and dust fill the area around the intersection. As it dies down stone spikes from the walls and floor block off their path. Leaning on his glaive, he takes a deep breath, “No going back now...”

GM: The water, having disrupted the flow of the tunnel system, has caused the Myrmekes to be agitated, causing several of them to charge from the hive towards the source of the water, which will ultimately bring them into a three way collision with the slowly moving demigods and charging hellhounds.

Analeese: As the Myrmekes and the hellhounds charge towards the demigods, a static charge forms in both of her hands. She waits for the crucial moment, when the two camps of monsters are set to collide and sends a rippling wave of energy which should cause some to crash into the deadly spikes, as the running water and algae has made the cavern surface especially slippery. If anything, it should agitate them enough to fight each other and buy the demigods some time. “Haul your asses out now. Jake, I want some love arrows on those monsters ASAP.”

Jake: Jake nodded firmly. He got into position and quickly got an arrow from his quiver. While he nocked it, he gave it a swift whip, making it love-induced. He finished nocking it and aimed straight into a dent between one the myrmekes armored body. He let the string go and the arrow went flying straight towards where he wanted it to.

Sapphire: Sapphire pressed forward. She felt a slight tug, as a ghost informed her that there seemed to be an exit close-by. She grabbed Romulus’ hand and pointed towards a Y turn. “We can escape out here. The ghost said it leads into a dusty room, filled with statues. He says there’s an escape at the back!”

GM: The Myrmekes and Hellhounds come to a screeching halt as both groups find the disturbance is the demigods that have placed earthen spikes in the way, one of the Myrmekes is hit with an arrow, and immediately attacks two of the seven hellhounds, the remaining five hellhounds begin to claw at the barrier, while the remaining Myrmekes (which is five, there are six Myrmekes in total) begin to try and chew down the barrier with their strong mandibles.

Sapphire: As Sapphire noticed the group of hellhounds and Myrmekes trying to break through the barrier she got a idea. Without turning back to the group she said “You guys should probably cover your ears.” with that she began to concentrate and soon a banshee was in front of Sapphire wailing.

Grahm: Not taking any chances, Grahm clamps his hands over his ears and watches as a new ghost appears.

GM: The Hellhounds and Myrmekes stop, and begin to scream in pain, the screaming from the Banshee is enough to kill the Myrmekes. The Hellhounds however run back up the cavern the way they came, in attempts to escape the noise. The Gorgon however, is alerted to the noise, her acutely sensitive ears picking up the shrill noise, causing her to be more alert to the presence of something in her cavern.

Sapphire: Once the monster were all gone Sapphire made the banshee disappear. From summoning a few ghost to making the banshee appear Sapphire was feeling a bit tired and had to slightly lean on Ana for a bit of support. After a minute of taking deep breaths she stood on her own and looked around to the rest of the group. “well now that those monsters are gone we she head into the room that ghost told me about.” She said looking to Ana and Romulus for maybe a little bit of support on the matter.

Analeese: A wispy creature comes out of the bedrock. Her shapeless body is covered by a red dress, torn by what looks like sword slashes. As she appears, the banshee wails uncontrollably. Analeese hears nothing but static, crunching against the inside of her ear. “Let’s get the hell out of dodge.” They continue to move down the tunnels, as the daughter of Nemesis grips her dual short-swords.

Sapphire: While summoning her sword Sapphire walks up next to Ana. “Hey, So how you doing?” Before this Saphire had never met Ana so she wasn’t sure how the daughter of nemesis would answer. “I mean with all that’s happening?” Sapphire said while brushing her hair out of her face with her hand.

Analeese: As Sapphire spoke, she gritted her teeth. Only so long before I get out. Analeese chanted in her head, as they followed the trail of ectoplasm left by the ghosts, towards the exit to the cave. “I’m fine,” she sighed. “We can talk after we get out of here…there’s no use in crying over the dead.”

Sapphire: “Ya i guess you're right.” Sapphire says a little quietly. Sapphire wasn’t used to interacting with girls like Analeese so she wasn’t sure to do now so she just stayed quiet.

Analeese: She stays quiet for a moment. “If it counts, you saved our asses back there.” The daughter of Nemesis briefly rested a hand on her shoulder. As they spoke, something slithered in front of them. “Shit. What was that?”

Sapphire: Sapphire smiles. “It was no problem really.” Sapphire then stopped talking when she heard Analeese. “Agh haven’t we fought enough monsters” Sapphire says looking around to see what was lurking in the darkness but, since it was pretty dark she was able to see much.

Romulus: He holds up his flaming axe in order to light up the passage and starts scanning for monsters.

Grahm: Removing his hands, he looked at them, “Not going to ask.” Looking at Romulus and his blazing axe, “Please tell me the worse of it all is over...”

GM: Then, then came the blood curdling scream, not only did it rival that of the banshee, it was the Gorgon’s own mouth and hair that chorused in agony. It quickly slithered to the opening that the scream had come from, “Where are you? Why do you, hiiiiiide-uh from me?” the gorgon wails. Now she slithers back, away from the opening of the tunnel that leads into her lair, “Come, play with me,” She hisses venomously.

Grahm: “Me and my big mouth....”

Romulus: He immediately starts looking for the beast using the axe as a light source “come out come out wherever you are” he says with a smile.

Sapphire: Shivers were sent down Sapphire’s back as she heard the hissing of the beast lurking somewhere near by. She had her sword in her arm ready to use it if the beast decided to attack.

Analeese: As the banshee screamed, Analeese keeps a lookout as they continue down the large hallways, “Yeah….that’s not gonna happen.” She mutters to herself, as the beast echoes down the halls. They continue to follow the trail of ectoplasm left by the ghosts.

GM: “I promise I won’t turn you to stone,” the gorgon hisses, she slithers towards one of her contraptions, turning the knob on it, the pyres in the room immediately catch fire, and the little rivulets of oil in the room catch fire; the fire lapping at everything from the gutter/track-like grooves in the ground where it flows. “Let’s play a game… Demigods,” Devaleax hisses, “Come and play with meee-uh,” Devaleax slides over the fire easily, moving towards the pedestal-like throne in the center of the room.

Grahm: Taking his glaive back up, he looks to the others ahead of him and whispers, “What is it? Dracanae? Harpy? Some other twisted demon who finds demigods an exotic delectable?” He took a deep breath, “Just...don’t expect me to do any more fancy tricks for a bit. I can still swing this thing though.”

Romulus: “The closest of those choices would be the twisted demon one.” He says as he continues to search.

Sapphire: Finally after a bit of walking through the dark Sapphire reaches the fire lite room.

Analeese: “Whatever it is, we’ll be ready.” Analeese affirmed. As she entered the room, she felt a sense of dread and relief. I never would have guessed I’d be so happy to be in a church. She muses to herself, slipping in between the statues to try and remain unseen. “Gorgon, but this isn’t Medusa. Stheno and Euryale couldn’t turn people to stone either…”

GM: Upon reaching the pedestal, the Gorgon slides around the pedestal and up on top of it, with her weight, she pushes down and alerts the defense mechanism, four golem/automatons step out of the now open doors in the sides of the pedestal… (two look like this and two look like this so that you guys can differentiate between them more easily) the automatons immediately start to bum rush the deimgods while two of them hang back. “LETS PLAY,” Shrieks Devaleax as she slides off of the pedestal away from the demigods.

Jake: He sighed and did what he was best at: flirting “You wanna play hun? I’ve got some really good game ideas we could use… Are you a doggie or cat?” he asked first “Guess I’ll manage either way though...” he mumbled under his breath as he let out some pheromones at her, but anyone could get affected. “Try not to think too much about me guys!” he shouted so everyone could hear. “I know it’s hard, but you need to. Unless you want to get more attracted to me than you already are!”

Romulus: He laughs and starts climbing onto a ledge and shooting flaming arrows at automatons. “Very funny Jake” He says sarcastically as he continues to shoot unaffected by Jake.

Sapphire: Although Sapphire knew jake was joking she couldn’t help but feel attracted to him because of his Pheromones. Sapphire had to shake the feeling off and focus on the task at hand. she looked to the four Automatons and tried to think of some way they would be able to beat them. while jumping behind one of the status to dodge a rock that was thrown at her Sapphire got an idea but it was pretty risky. She had never used the power before but she could attempt to possess some of the automatons so they can fight each other but, Sapphire would surely faint after using so much energy. As she continued to dodge attacks Sapphire debates on whether it would be a good idea or if the idea would possibly kill them all.

Analeese: Analeese narrowly dodges one of the automatons, its chunky arm throwing stone statues to the side. She glances over to Jake. “Sheesh. I knew Eros kids had low standards but this is taking it a bit far…” She looked at him a little too long, before sending a shockwave of energy towards the nearest automaton to try and knock it over the surrounding statues. “How are you gonna play when all your toys are broken?”

GM: The automatons, being more robust than the campers thought, were knocked around, but stood back up and began to attempt to push them towards the massive pit of fire on one side of the room (the side to the left of the tunnel they exited from, the “throne” is inbetween the two tunnels and there’s a metal statue of a dragon on the far right). The two automatons that had been holding back, now try to flank the Demigods from the right in an attempt to push them towards the fire. Devaleax slithers through the statues towards the metal dragon statue at the far right side of the of the open area....

Grahm: Staying near Sapphire, he was thankful that he had the cloth over his mouth and nose, slightly muffling the pheromones. Breathing through his mouth, he looked over at the daughter of Melinoe, “You look like you have a plan. Whatever it is, I’ll cover you.”

Romulus: He continues to shoot arrows now beginning to aim for exposed gears and wires as well as the joints holding the automatons together.

Analeese: Analeese doesn’t say a word, rather she ducks underneath one of the automatons while the rest of the campers distract them. “Keep them busy for a moment!” She yells back, linking herself with Devaleax. The gorgon could try to move of her own free will, but there was no escape. “Not so fast.” The daughter of Nemesis walked over to the right side of the room, so logically the gorgon would make the same movements but walk past the metal dragon. Analeese stops and pries the hatch open with her sword. “Right let me see what we have here.” The mechanic glances inside the dragon to see various wires and contraptions. She took a look and started to sabotage the machine, with the gorgons unwilling help. As a mechanic, she knew how to rework the dragon’s basic hardware. The dragon should target the inorganic lifeforms, and not the demi-gods.

Romulus: Realizing that the moves she were doing were complex and would probably drain a lot of energy, Romulus leaped down and moved over to her “I am here to back you up don’t worry” He says with a smile as he points and shoots an arrow at anything that might come close.

Analeese: Shrugging, she finishes up the modifications. “Don’t worry about me. I know how to handle myself.” As the metal dragon springs to action, roaring at the charging automatons, her link starts to fade away, and the gorgon charges towards her. A shower of sparks rains over them. “F*ck you bitch!” Analeese channeled the last of her energy into a sucker punch, straight to the gorgon’s face, as the dragon and automatons headed towards each other. As she is wounded, it increases the damage of her attack.

Romulus: He realizes that she has injured herself and is in imminent danger. He scans the territory and finds a spot that the monsters seem to neglect. He then picks her up bridal style and takes her over there and sets her down gently “You used too much energy and injured yourself” he says in case she got concussed “Tell me where it hurts so I can help you”

Analeese: As Romulus picks her up, she beats against his shoulder out of principle. The daughter of Nemesis genuinely didn’t feel much pain, because of the adrenaline rush. Analeese stood up, though she felt naeseous and weakened. She wouldn’t give in. “Light burns on the neck.” She says. Her wounds are mostly minor, but she is weak. “Fucking bitch can take a punch. Broke my knuckles. Felt good though. Is everyone else alive?”

Romulus: “Everybody else is alive you are weakened we don’t want to lose you” He starts to apply treatments and speaks incantations to his father in order to heal all of her wounds. After a short while she is all better but her energy is still low “rest” he says with a warm smile.

Analeese: “Got it. Don’t fuck it up, and don’t bitch-slap a gorgon in the face.” Analeese shrugs it off. Warm waves radiate through her body, as her wounds slowly heal and close up over time. “Thanks for the assist. I’ll lay low. Check the others are still alive.”

Romulus: He touches her arm sending a wave of heat through her body in order to make her feel a lot better he then gets up and stands in front of her protectively and looks through his scope and identifies each of the other demigods. “Yeah alive and doing well."

Analeese: “Good. She was strong, so I didn’t have enough time to figure out the controls. All I could do was change its targeting sensors to regard organic matter as friendly, and attack inorganics.” Ana says, recuperating her breath. She sheathes her blade. “Could’ve killed her, but didn’t want to look near her face for too long…”

Sapphire: With the hope that her plan would work Sapphire began to concentrate, after a couple seconds Sapphire’s body began to fade and turn into a intangible ghostly apparition. As Sapphire took one glance to the automatons that were left over she smirked. “Ghost of the labyrinth come to me .” She said a bit loudly and at those words about 10 ghost appeared in the room with the demi-gods. she then commanded the ghost to possess the stray automaton and turn them against each other.

GM: “OH, sempiternal children, I pity you,” Devaleax hisses, as the pedestal in the center of the room slides down causing the ground in the area to crack and fill with burning oil. This stops the flow of energy that was feeding the dragon; Analeese’s rewiring of the dragon’s circuits caused a spark, causing all of the fuel inside of the dragon to explode, and Develeax, whom was not so wise, threw herself on top of the metal dragon before it exploded. The explosion shut down the other automatons, Develeax was severed in half by a dragon wing, and a new tunnel had opened up from behind the statue’s walling. A tunnel that led to a paved brick wall…

Romulus: He points to the new tunnel “That looks like our only way out” He looks at sapphire who is passed out “Someone carry Sapphire” he says as he picks up Ana in a way that will be comfortable for her. “Whoever isn’t carrying someone is going to guard us” He looks down at her “You defeated it great job” He says with a warm smile.

Grahm: Grahm had lept back when the flaming oil had lit up, but when he saw that the gorgon was dead, he looked to Romulus, “Take care of her, you want me to take the lead for a bit?” he gestured to the new hole, “That doesn’t look like the labyrinth...” Making his way over to it, avoiding the fire and pieced of machine, he peered into the hole. Looking in, he saw the tracks of a subway, “Guys, if we want, we might not have to keep up with the labyrinth, looks like Ana blew a way into the subway system.”

Romulus: “Sure but how are we going to take a very weak Ana and a passed out Sapphire onto a subway? And even if we get onto the subway unnoticed where do we go?” He says to Grahm as he looks down at Ana smiling and letting warmth from his hands flow through her in order to make her feel nice and cozy.

Grahm: That’s a good point, but my thinking is that once they rest up, we can then go up and try to gather more resources before we head even deeper before.” Honestly, even if they did manage to get resources, there was no promise that the maze would take them to Arizona. “I’ll take first watch...take care of the girls.”

Romulus: He points to all the entrances to the cavern “We seem to be in a centralized location and there are six of us we are going to attract the scent of monsters really quickly I think our best bet is to try to manipulate the mist in order to fool the mortals on the subway and try to get above ground. Even if we get all rested up we aren’t going to be able to survive down here much longer at least above ground we can easily access food and other supplies that might be needed. As long as one of you guys can carry Sapphire she should be fine no significant injuries. As far as Ana she will be under my care for a while.”

Analeese: As the dragon exploded, she couldn’t help but smirk out of satisfaction. She quietly stumbles along the pathway, towards the exit. Analeese could feel the cold air on her face. “I’m right here, you don’t have to talk about me in third person…” She muses. “If this follows into the city, we can look for supplies and come up with a plan…” She says, as they hole up in a small alcove.

Grahm: Grahm considers what they’ll need, “Well...I think I could grow the needed food for us, but canned foods will take some of the strain off me. Also we’ll need medicine, don’t know how long we can just rely on ambrosia alone, so we should save it for real emergencies. After that, there’s shelter...” He looked at the others, “I’m not knowledgable on urban sprawls, but I should be able to assess wherever we go.”

Romulus: “All we got to do is act normal easiest way to Arizona is by flight so I suggest we pursue that route” he says. He looks down at Ana “You rest we will take charge for now” he sends warmth through her body to help her and smiles.

Grahm: “That is if whatever happened at camp hasn’t also hit the mortals.” Grahm points out, “If that happened, then airlines will be out of the question.” He looks to Annaleese, “Unless you can pilot a jet, flight will be out of the question.”

Romulus: “Well the lack of screams should be vindication for now and all we need to do is blend in with the mortals and slightly bend the mist some then we can just take a commercial plane out to Phoenix and make our next move from there. Another option is somehow sneak back to long island sound and take one of our battleships which I can pilot”

Grahm: Grahm raised an eyebrow, “I suggested that as an option if all hades had broken loose up there.” He tried to explain, “If all is normal up there, shouldn’t we, you know, contact your dad or Hades or one of the gods?”

Analeese: As they spoke, Analeese smirked a little. She didn’t respond. It wouldn’t be pragmatic to insult the guy who was carrying her. “I’m good. But I’m not that good.” The daughter of Nemesis replied to Grahm’s question. “Who knows? Perhaps the gods by their sense of humour, decide to give us a van, laden with a bunch of supplies, so we can provide entertainment…”

Romulus: He shrugs “Perhaps but I suggest we like get out of here before we consider our next move” He then looks down and sees Ana smirking “What?”

Sapphire: As Sapphire began to wake up she held her head. with a ground she sat up and leaned onto one of the status near her. “So what happened?” sapphire spoke out loud to the other demigods not sure if they would be able to hear her.

Romulus: He walks over to her still carrying Ana and looks down at her “You used a lot of power and that drained all of your energy just lie there and rest one of the boys will pick you up when we are ready to move right now we are deciding how we are going to get to Arizona”

Sapphire: Sapphire nods her head. “wasn’t planning on standing up myself, My head is killing me.” She said with a small smile

Analeese: Analeese pushes herself out of Romulus’ arms. The warm tingling sensation slows down, and she begins to gain her energy. “Help her out. She needs it more than me.” She says, and stood up. It takes a few seconds to regain her balance. “I sucker punched a gorgon in the face, before she blew up…”

Romulus: He helps her regain her balance and then says “I doubt she appreciated that” he says with a chuckle before he reaches down and scoops up Sapphire putting a finger on her head and saying an incantation to help her with her headache and other pains.

Sapphire: “You punched a gorgon in the face?” Sapphire began to laugh. “That’s so freakin awesome” Sapphire’s laugh died down as she looked to Rom. “Thanks…..”

Romulus: He smiles and lets his heat go into her through his hands to make her feel better “No problem it is my pleasure” he says with a smile.

Analeese: “B*tch can take a punch. That’s for sure.” She shrugs her shoulders like it was nothing. “I used a lot of energy, but at least we got out of that deathtrap. It was an accident waiting to happen I suppose…”

Romulus: He smiles “I must agree it was a trap waiting to happen now we need to leave here before we are surrounding” he gestures to the many entrances to the cavern. “Also we need to find out how the zombies are affecting the mortal population because if they have started interfering then we may have a really big problem in which case it might be time to rally what remains of our forces. I suggest we go to camp and take out one of our Nimitz class destroyers so that we can be well armed and also I can pilot it”

Analeese: “The solution seems rather obvious….” Her light eyes glanced over to the train-tracks. “In the old days, they said you could find civilisation by following water. Now, just take the subway. I think finding somewhere to hole up for the night is wise. As fun as recklessly storming into the camp would be, I quite like my flesh as it is. Besides, we’re in no state to attack right now...”

Romulus: He smiles “We got ways into the harbor undetected it is set up as a military installation as far as where we can stay for the night...I can manipulate the mist so we can stay at one of the really nice hotels” He says “We could use a great night after all the hardship we have been through”

Analeese: “Let’s just go…” She picks herself up off the floor and checks that her weapons are sheathed in their holsters. “If we’re lucky, the mortals won’t even notice anything.” There is a path which leads towards the surface.

Romulus: He starts to walk towards the path leading to the surface.

Jake: “Guys I think I may have an idea. Maybe we don’t necessarily need to go unnoticed by mortals...”

GM: The subway entrance/exit with was so near to the demigods wasn’t very promising, the outside world only held confusion, death and pain, the zombie virus had spread, it was contained in just the state of New York, as citizens had taken a stand, protecting themselves alongside the government aid that had been sent in to control the zombies. Everyone that was still human had moved out of New York, the evacuation had taken sixteen hours, just the amount of time the demigods were in the tunnel. Upon their exit of the subway, they would find themselves in the center of a car dealership district and many restaurants….

Zaken: Zaken leans upon the railing that leads down into the subway, he has on his normal robe like garments, black leather boots, leather pants and black gloves, ( basically like this (link) ). Sheathed at his side is his sword, and he has a bag full of subway sandwiches in one hand, “Best, damn hit, in like months, Tyler would be proud of this,” He says complacently as he takes another bite of of the sandwich, constantly on the look out for zombies or other demigod survivors.

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