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lina: she was walking around camp ramdomly not knowing where she's headedd

James: James was laying on the stairs of the Poseidon cabin

lina: continues her walk oblivious of james

James: James rolls off the stairs and says "crap" a little to loud

lina: she turns to the man you said a bad word!! she said out load as she pointed at the poor boy

James "I think people in Australia didn't hear you" James said rudely to the girl

lina: she blinkshmmm how can i make them hear me? she asked naively

James: "I was exaggerating" James said

lina: she looks like she almost want to cry but but but but...australia...she cried out load

James: "Why did you yell out Australia" James asked

lina: she actually yelled out australia do you think they heard me??

James: "Not at all" James said

lina: whyyyy i was being like super load and and and she looks down being sad

James: "Are you going to cry" James asks her

lina: she cried

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