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Continuation of Maddy (Mary & Eddy XD)

  • Mary: she nods "Caffeine is too much so, i think we all do prefer tea" she smiles gazing at the sky
  • eddy: he grins why not just go for plain old water and then you can save your money...he joked welll a bad joke
  • Mary: she tilts her head and shifted her look to Ed "Excuse me?, i didn't quite understand." she scratches her chin
  • eddy: he shakes his head bad joke sorry soo coffee I mean tea right? he winked in town or just nearby??
  • Mary: she giggles "Anywhere you want i guess?"
  • eddy: he laughed if it was up to me we would be going to japan to have the perfect tea he winked and kissed her hand
  • Mary: she blushes madly before taking her hand back "A-ah, i f-forgot something, i- i still have to water my plants" she stood up quickly hesitating to leave but she does soon enough for she doesn't know how to react to this kind of situation
  • Eddy: awwwhe said sadly to mary but you promised me a date he winked to her once again trying to wow her off her feet
  • Mary: "I didn't!' she whips her head at Ichiro before running away
  • Eddy: he blinks a few times as he saw mary ran away after a while he laughed so much for using walter's method to make a girl happyhe said to himself before placing his hands into his pocket looking around she said she was in the persephone cabinhe said slowly before and he gave an evil grin hmmmmm

Next Day

  • Mary: She's felt weird and guilty and all since yesterday afternoon because of what Edmund did to her. Remembering how eddy's lip touch Mary's precious hands made her flush madly thus the girl covered her face with both of her hands while her heart is thumping like there's someone who's knocking at the door wildly "What on earth?, i think i have a fever." she whispers to herself
  • OOC:can i control who ever knocking or??? soo??
  • Joy: she was kncoking at the door looking around just as confused as ever
  • Mary: she opens the door with an oven gloves a knitted one on her hands which means she's baking :3 "U-uhm w-what can i do for y-you?"
  • Joy: she looks at mary from top to bottom uhh I was worried cause you were making soo much sound...she said slowly looking down as she was rubbing her hand uncomfortably showing how she was a bit scared to talk to mary after a while she took a deep breath and looked back up Are you ok? she asked once more is there someone bothering you mary? she said a bit direct I know I cant do much but maybe I can give you some help you she said giving a light smile
  • Mary: the little girl took a step back and curled her fist into her chest "I-i'm sorry to m-make you worry, b-but i don't a-actually know who you are." she blinked her eyes a couple of times as she is wondering how on hydrangea flowers did this girl knew her name
  • Joys: she looks down sorry I know your name cause your kinda famous ehre with you being the new counselor and all anyhow I'm joy she said simply trying her hardest to smile
  • Mary: she throws her head backward "Ah. w-well it's nothing big" she chuckles sheepishly "I-i was just picked so.. n-no big deal. I-I didn't need any help anyway? where did that come from?" she blinks her eyes a couple of times once again
  • Joy: she tilts her head what came mary?? she asked a bit worried now you sure your ok??
  • OOC:what??
  • Mary: she shook her head "No, i mean where did the 'Mary the counselor needs help' came from? i don't quite really need help." she's actually feeling creeped out by the stranger outside of her room but she's trying her best not to seem harsh on her
  • Joy: huh? oh because eddy said so....she said simply before realizing what she saidoh ops no not eddy someone else...she said quickly hoping mary wont get worried
  • OOC:eddy is a white hat hacker soo yeah ><<
  • Mary: "Eddie? Edmund? Stephanie's ex-boyfriend?" she blinks her eyes a couple of times before the kiss of hand comes flashing through her mind making her blush "Does he need something from me?"
  • Joy: she looks around depends on whether you want to see eddy again or not

Continuation of Airo <3

  • Ritz: she nods at him before taking his hand to pull herself up "Thanks." she half frowns as she hisses once again
  • ichiro: he looks at her soo what do we do now? play look at the door and hope it open or do something about it??
  • Ritz: she sighs in defeat "Can you check it?" she knows she'd hurt herself more if she walks with her bottom is still aching
  • Ichiro: he nodded his head sure...before going to the door he once again tried to knock it down but to no avail which made him look around hmmm he said spotting a air vent this maybe the stupidest thing I'll do....he said slowly before jumping up but guess what he failed and I was right he said looking around trying to find stuff to help him get up
  • Ritz: Airitz watching ichiro making trials and errors made her laugh hard and walked towards him offering a hand "Sorry, maybe we should still stay" she smiles
  • ichiro: he laughed wekaly that was my plan until I saw how much it meant to you to get out of my room...he confessed slowly and as a gentleman I will try my hardest to do something...he bows weakly before trying once again
  • Ritz: she shakes her head "Just rest. I don't think they're still outside." she shifts er head to different direction before IM'ing someone for help "Just rest for a while." she bites her lower lip
  • Ichiro: he sits down and looks at ritz i'll pay you back for this I promise...
  • theres a thud on the door out of the blue which means Ritz's help already came.
  • Airitz: "I think were finally free." she smiles "Can we get an ice cream?" she giggles out of the blue >_<
  • Ichiro: upon hearing the thud he turns to the door what...then he heard her words ice cream? he said still a bit surprised but he shakes his head how about lunch? he said offering it to her or dinner...i dont know what time it is now...
  • Airitz: she facepalms at Ichiro i think i have said it too straight she flicks Ichiro's forehead "Tomorrow, nearby town 10 AM" she turns her back on Ichiro before walking out of his room
  • Ichiro: he laughed I was saying that why should we wait tomorrow today is another day? he winked well that was what walter would say but honestly I'm just hungry..
  • Airitz: ritz' eyes widened at ichiro's shifting of personality "Omg, are you bipolar? The ichiro i knew is a gentleman not this" O.O "Like, Kou Tanaka from a shoujo manga!" XD lol "Anyway, that's walter come on let's eat somewhere."
  • Ichiro: he looks at airitz z bit blurred I've been called a lot of things but bipolar...he chucked thats a first...anyhow I was just quoting my friend walter he was good with girls...I'm however..have little luck
  • Airitz: "Well, if that's how he talk it'll intimidate me" she laughs slightly "Come on aren't you hungry?
  • ichiro: he laughed noted thanks anyhow yes i am soo lets go...
  • Airitz: She nods "Do you know a place though?"
  • Ichiro: he looks up thinking for a few minutes Mcd or subway? he asked simply cause i think thats the only place thats open at ...he paused a bit trying to look for a way to tell the time remind me to buy a watch...he said slowly noting that to himself
  • Ritz: oh, she folds the collar of her sleeves therefore revealing her wrist watch "It's actually time for dinner, but i'd rather choose Mcd, than Subway" she laughs slightly
  • Ichiro: He chucked to himself ok if the lady request that I guess we'll go to Mc'd then lets go
  • Ritz: she raises her eyebrows before giggling slightly "What's up with that?" then she shakes her head before finally stepping out of Ichiro's room "FINAAAALY" she screams to herself.
  • Ichiro: he laughed a bit you should say it louder I think canada didnt hear you...he tease a bit anyhow do you want to go to a drive through or just sit there and eat??
  • Ritz: "Sit and eat" she smiles before continuing to walk
  • Ichiro: he stares at Ritz not knowing what to say to her but he sigh, Before going out the door he took his wallet and phone before running to catch up to her hey come on we were just stuck in a room together pity me a bit can you?
  • Ritz: she laughs softly "Pity? why would i?" she tilts her head walkking backwards
  • Ichiro: he runs forward trying to catch up come on
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