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Mina ~ Child Of Morpheus

Sometimes only in silence we learn...
she looks around a bit timidly uhh are you talking to me? looks down
Character's Bio

 Age: 16  Height: unknown  Weight: unknown
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Unknown 
 Accent: none
 – Only through words we learn....and only through thoughts we see...

Character's Powers

 the basic morpheus powers

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Brett: Brett had a slight grin on his face as he stepped out of the Nyx cabin and headed towards the center area of the cabins. In the center there was a tiny flower bed mostly maintained by the Persephone kids, but from time to time you could catch a Demeter kid there. He sat down beside the flowers and looked up at the sky. It was an orangish blue color as the sun was about to set. If you looked close enough you could see the twinkling of the stars in the still dusk sky.

Ooc: He likes flowers. >,<

Pamina: she was sitting under a tree near her cabin she was sketching figures as they move passed her. She was wearing her regular grey shirt matched with her loose jeans making her less noticeable. After some time she finished her sketch and as if by chance a strong gust of wind blew pass her making the sketch she made escape her grasp Oh no...she said trying hard to just catch the sketch before it reaches someone

OOC:yes he can catch the sketch I give permission

Brett: Brett felt a slight gust of wind and a shuffle of feet. He turned slightly to the side to see something float past him. He grabbed it and then stood up as he saw a girl chasing after it. He looked at it, and chuckled. "You're really good at sketching people." He said this as he took a few steps toward her.

Mina: she was gasping for air cause she wasnt that athletic.I'm...she took a few minutes to just find the words not......that...she paused once more to catch a bit more I'm not that good she said suddenly as loud as she could after a while she noticed what she did and turn BRIGHT red I'm sorry...she said turning away her hand was shaking sorry...she said once again stuttering a bit

Brett: Brett chuckled once more and then handed her the sketch. "Don't apologize. I'm happy it happened, because it allowed me to meet someone new." He said this with a slight wink. "I'm Brett, and you are?" He asked this politely.

Pamina: she actually looked around ummm me? she asked pointing to herself a bit surprise she was getting attention she took the sketch and folded it a few times keeping it in her pocket not noticing his wink

Brett: Brett grinned and then turned to look up at the sky one last time. "Yes you." He turned back to her as his grin softened to a slight smile. "So, am I allowed to have your name?" He said this a little teasingly. "But if you don't want to you don't have to. I do like a little bit of a mystery."

Pamina: she blinks a few times a bit shocked with his words mystery? she said slowly repeating his words like Sherlock holmes mystery or other detective ones?? she said opening up a bit to him

OOC:she doesnt like talking about herself but once you get her talking about her 'world' she'll be a bit more cooperative

Brett: Brett chuckled lightly and then nodded. "Yea like Sherlock Holmes." He said this with a little of sincerity to it. "Or Nancy Drew. Do you look Sherlock Holmes? Or Nancy Drew or both?" He asked this with curiosity.

Pamina: she giggled why not everything? she said simply cause doesnt it interest you to see what the great writers think about the world we live in? she asked him like how sherlock see watson his dear friend? or how he sees life?? doesnt it interest you? she asked in a different tone from before this one was more energetic than the shy one she had before. Her eyes sparkle but soon she realized what she did thus she looked back down I'm sorry

Brett: Brett looked at her and chuckled. "why are you apologizing you did nothing wrong." He said this with a reassuring tone. "I've always wondered that too. How did the character, Sherlock, come a long? I've always wondered what was going threw the authors head to come up with such a great character." He said this encouraging the conversation.

Pamina: she looks up people say he was the brain child of his creator sir aurthur conan dyole but I doubt he expected what happen to his story being adapted soo many times with soo many variations dont you think??

Brett: Brett smiled lightly, and nodded. "I agree, but Sherlock Holmes is a pretty enticing character." He said this matter of factly. "I'm pretty sure that he knew what Sherlock was getting into, as a character I mean. After all he had to be an amazing writer." He pulled a paper out of his pocket. "Did you know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a Demi-god?"

Pamina: Her eyes looked bewildered EHHH really??? she said truly in shock I never knew that..she continued looking down maybe thats why he's such an amazing writer cause he thinks of stuff out of this world I wonder how many people have been inspired by him..she said looking up she had that dreamy face as she imagine the people that lived in the past

Brett: He chuckled at the bewildered expression the girl had on her face. "yea, I know it's surprising right? His father was Apollo." He pulled a watch out of his pocket and looked at the time. "Even though, Apollo's bad a Haku atleast he had a kid who's actually good at writing." (Ooc: Can Brett ask her out on a date? :D)

Pamina: she tilts her head Haku?? she said a bit lost in his words anyhow I thought apollo was the god of literature i think he's suppose to be good with stories right? she said a bit confuse tilting her head and also he have control over the muses right??

Brett: Brett chuckled. "Haku is a type of poetry, also he's the god of the sun, poetry, and medicine. In my opinion he's terrible with poetry." He looked his watch again and decided to go for it."Wanna go out sometime?" He asked this taking a chance.

Pamina: Haku...she said slowly as she thought back at the books she read hmm I havent read them maybe you can show me?? she said enthusiastically before she heard the second part of his words out? she said repeating his words before looking around but we're already out? is there another out than this out? she said not getting his 'reference' being an intorvert and all

Brett: He couldn't help but laugh at the last part. "I mean out on a date." He started to notice that maybe she had never been on a date before "You've been asked out before right?" He was a little curious as he thought she was a pretty cool person.

Pamina: a date? she blinks a few times not really getting his 'idea' of what it was thus she looked at her watch ummm today's date is 5/ that what you wanted??? she asked still a bit blured

Brett: He looked at her and couldn't help but laugh. "That's not what I meant either." He finally realized that she probably hadn't ever been asked out before. He decided to be blunt about it. "Do you want to go to the movies with me?" He asked this hoping she'd finally understand.

Pamina: movies? she blinked a few times taking in his words slowly in her mind she thought of a couple of reasons one of it was the obvious which was an outing. hmm....she said slowly as her brain wrapped around the reason behind this offer for her brain told her this guy was seeing a potential 'date' in her yet she dismissed the idea thinking that it wasnt possible sure? she said simply as she thought he was simply showing her around with her being new and all soo what sort of movie is there??

Brett: Brett smiled lightly as she had finally understood. He hoped she knew it was a date, but the chances of that where slim as he didn't think she liked him, but he took the chance. "Great, and they're playing Avengers age of ultron, Cinderella, king men, and a few others." He scratched his head in thought. "Uh, you can choose the movie"

Pamina: she felt the awkwardness between the two so she walked forward and smile toward brett how about you tell me about each one of them as we talk so that we can pick one when we get there? she said simply with her childish smile

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