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Analeese: Walking down the stairs from her loft, the daughter of Nemesis headed to the kitchen to make herself breakfast, before a hard day of training. Dawn had barely broken, and the cabin was still dark. She turned the lights on and began to cook herself some bacon.

Terrence: He was passed out on the kitchen table with lying next to him looked like a half eaten sandwich with mayo and ham he has large bags under his eyes and his hair is in a mess 

Analeese: The bacon started to sizzle in the pan. "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty." Smirking, she tossed one of the black and white pillows at her half-sibling. "Training starts in a couple of hours. I won't have slacking. Got it?"

Terrence: He snapped back into reality pulling his head up knocking down the plate next to him on the floor and groaning and clenching his head and saying What?...

Analeese: She laughed. "Kid, you've got a lot to learn. If yesterday wore you out." The daughter of Nemesis turned over the bacon and started to butter some bread. She was hard but fair with her half-siblings. "We'll do some powers work today. But you need to eat and shower first."

Terrence: He stretched and yawned before bending down and picking up the plate and setting it back on the table and saying Yeah your right I need to stop going to bed so late and rubbing his face

Analeese: "Mind chopping some tomatoes for me? The bacon's nearly done." She asked, getting out two plates. "Cooking's as important a skill as any."  

Terrence: Terrence stetches again before saying Sure and getting up and walking to the counter and trying to find the tomatoes. 

Analeese: She slides him the knife, and takes the pan off the hob. The bacon looks crisp and ready to eat, wafting heady aromas across the room. 

Terrence: He finds the tomatos and sets them on the plate and starts cutting but slices his finger

Analeese: As he slices his finger, she glances towards him. "Careful. You use your hands like this." She readjusts his fingers. "Try channelling that should be able to slice right through the tomato. If you struggle, then steel yourself to the pain and try again."

Terrence: Following her instruction he tries but gets a headache and trickle of blood down his nose and stumbling back and dropping the knife on the plate

Analeese: "Sheesh kid. You're trying to cut a tomato, not skewer someone." As he stumbled, her innate reflexes allowed her to catch him and sit him on a nearby couch. "Hold this over your nose. I'll give you a little ambrosia. A little blood never hurt anyone." She grabbed a towel and pinched it over his nose to staunch the bleeding.

Terrence: ow I dont know what it is with this power thing It seems like I cant control the energy I put into something when I try and often end up doing crap like this draining myself

Analeese: She waits a while. "That's because you've never used it before..." As she speaks, she goes over and finishes the sandwich, putting it in front of him. "It's important to sleep and eat properly. They aren't going to come all at once." She says, raising an eyebrow. "It took me a month to master them all, and even I can't hold the fields for long."

Terrence:Yeah your right but its just you see so many people being able to use their powers effortsly I feel like im a toddler compared to everyone before rubbing back his hair

Analeese: "Eat..." Analeese pushes the sandwich under his nose once again. "You're putting the powers on a pedestal. It should come fairly naturally..." She said, forming a small field to suppress his demigod powers while he recovered. "I've suppressed your powers. They'll kick in whenever you feel ready."

Terrence:Getting a sandwich stuffed into his face the only way he could respond is unwillingly taking a bite while trying to talk back to what she said which roughly came out as I undswan awa jus aht I eel wike a toddwer in a highswool

Analeese: As he eats, she takes a bite of her own sandwich. "We'll keep working. Start with the basics and all." Sighing, she tosses her plate into the sink. "What do you know of our mother?"

Terrence:He swallowed the food in his mouth before saying Well not much I know she dosent have alot of children compared to the other cabins and she is like the goddess of luck

Analeese: She gives him a what the actual f*ck face. "Tyche is the goddess of luck." Ana replies, and sits on a monochrome couch, facing him. "Our mother is the goddess of revenge and balance. Think of it, this way. The universe is basically like a big pond. Some fish are bigger than others. However, sometimes one fish eats the little ones and takes over the pond. If that happens, our mother, a bigger fish, takes out the mean fish in order to restore balance. Otherwise, the fish would die out." She tries to explain, clearly this isn't her strong suit. "Basically Tyche gives luck. Nemesis takes it away."

Terrence:Terrence looks clearly embarrased for a moment before saying Coolio so our mom is basically the cap on the salt shaker keeping to much of it from getting on the food

Analeese: "Yes." She nods, happy that he's a quick learner. "So when you're using your powers, you're merely putting a cap on the salt. When you're wounded, you're balancing out the effects of that wound." Analeese explains. "Each action, has an opposite reaction."

Terrence:He nods before his head snaps up and he says Oh wait I forgot something in my room Before getting up and walking to his room a few seconds later odd noises come from the direction of his room

Analeese: As he heads to his room, she hears several strange noises. It sounded like he was strangling a cat, or perhaps something else. "I hope you're not wanking!" She yells down the hallway, as the sounds continue. "Okay. Seriously. What's going on out there?"

Terrence:He replies Ughh nothing being continued by a loud thud

Analeese: "It doesn't sound like nothing." The counsellor knocks twice on the black door. "If you do any damage, I'm gonna have to fill out forms. Alexander isn't going to take kindly to that..."

Terrence:Suddenly the door flys open coming towards Analeese with Terrence tripping out of it with what appears to be a small goat headbutting his stomach the faint sound of Terrence grunting is heard

Analeese: As the door slams open, her battle reflexes kick in. She sends a small bolt of energy, carefully knocking the goat and Terrence to the floor. "Why is there a damn goat in the cabin?" Analeese raises an eyebrow. 

Terrence:Terrence lays on the floor and groans but Ares the goat wobbly gets up and starts bleating at her before going on two legs and raming his head at her

Analeese: "Motherf*cker." She gets hit by the goat, which scampers off between her legs. The daughter of Nemesis chases after the animal, before it can wreck the rest of the cabin. Fortunately the corridor leading through the cabin is fairly empty, so Ares can't do too much damage. 

Terrence:Terrence groaned and sat up feeling like he just got hit with a rock in the head.Ares turned around facing Analeese and looked her in the eyes before sitting down and bleating at her

Analeese: As the goat sits down, Analeese approaches the beast and wraps her arms around it. "Gotcha." Smirking, she carried it back up the stairs and glanced at her half-brother. "Terrence. Why is he here? We do have stables."

Terrence:Terrence starts to get up and says weakly I put him in there for a night he started freaking out so I put him in my room he is usally calm except when people try interacting with him before cracking his jaw

Analeese: She gently puts the goat down, before facepalming. "Do I even want to ask where you got him?" She shakes her head, somewhat exasperated. "All pets have to go through the cabin counsellor. What if he was a risk to the cabin? Would you have told me then?"

Terrence:I mean he isnt like a snake he is just a baby goat worst case worst his horns give you a bruise and besides I found him half dead its not like I could leave him

Analeese: "Fine." Analeese sighs and places her hands on her hips. "But you're responsible for feeding him, cleaning up his sh*t, and anything that's broken." She shrugs her shoulders. "In return, you're on cleaning duty for a week."

Terrence:Fair enough He goes to grab Ares but out of fear Ares begins to piss himself and Terrence awkwardly to swears himself before quick running him into his room and running back out to try finding a paper towl 

Analeese: Smirking, she leans on the nearby wall, and waits for Terrence to return. Thankfully the flooring in this part of the cabin is black and white laminate, easy enough to clean. "This should be fun." Analeese grins, amused by Ares' antics.

Terrence:Terrence runs back in with some baby wipes and begins scrubbing the goat piss and says He dosent act this way alot he gets frightened around other people should see him at night alone with me he is like a baby cuddles up right next to me on my bed also dont ask why I sleep with a goat

Analeese: Ana laughs. "You're the one who said it," she retorts, watching as he mops up the rest of the goat's piss. "I have to admit, this is too fun to watch. You can keep the goat, if only for shits and giggles."

Terrence:Terrence made a gag face before opening the door to his room and promptly throwing the baby wipe into a trash can Well glad you find it funny before smiling a bit

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