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Ryder and Ashley

  • Ryder: Ryder lounged near the Ares Cabin, a single knife in his hands. He seemed to just be fiddling with it, stabbing it into the ground a few times before picking it up and brushing the dirt off the blade - it appeared to be some sort of relaxing gesture.
  • Ashley: Ashley is humming along camp with a sketch book in hand, she usually sits and draws nature mostly and sometimes even the cabins. She is trying to find what to draw next as she glances at the Ares cabin Ashley sees a male around her age sitting in front she thinks it is a great moment to draw to she sits down a few feet back and glances at the boy. "If you move, that may ruin the entire moment." she says in a smirk. Ashley doesn't mean to be rude, she just comes off as arrogant.
  • Ryder: At first, Ryder paid no attention to the girl sitting near him but, upon hearing her voice, his head turns to her direction and he arched a single eyebrow, "What do you mean?"
  • Ashley: When the boy finally acknowledges her she puts down her pencil and looks at him. "I'm going to sketch you and your cabin, it's a cute moment actually." she says picking up her pencil again. "Oh, I'm Ashley by the way." she gives him a small smile.
  • Ryder: The eyebrow continued to be arched, however his face seemed to now mimic this, "Alright? And I'm Ryder."
  • Ashley: Her eyes roll at him "You don't have to be a typical Ares kid you know?" she continues to scribble on her sketch pad occasionally looking up but she has what the cabin looks like as a picture in her head. She tosses back a blonde hair the escaped from around her ear.
  • Ryder: He watched her for a few minutes before sighing and rolling his eyes a little, "If you must know, I'm trying to not be like the stereotype of Ares kids."
  • Ashley: She continues to sketch when she has realized it's mostly his face in great detail. As she looks at it, she doesn't understand what emotion he is showing. When he begins to talk again, she looks up at him. "Doesn't seem like it's working so well." her shoulders shrug. "I am a stereotype Eros kid, sex, sex, and more sex is what out cabin is about. But unlike them I have more to life than sex."
  • Ryder: He smirked a little, "The reputation some of your siblings give out doesn't really help, I assume." He then yawned a little, "And I'm trying - not succeeding to you, evidently."
  • Ashley: She closes her sketch book and stands. "All anyone ever hears about is my slutty siblings, not all are like that, some actually have healthy relationships." She walks closer to him and sit next to him a bit too close, her natural way of life is to always be in close contact. "Must be hard, Ares kind of brings his asshole quality to his children which is unfortunate." she smirks trying to seem tough and rude.
  • Ryder: Ryder shrugged a little, "Kind of, but it's easy to comeback from an asshole quality, it's harder to recover from the slut reputation - don't you think?"
  • Ashley: She narrows her eyes at him clearly pissed. "Must be nice to not have to own up to the fact you're a person who is a loner, not many people would want to be your friend because of the way you act." She looks at him trying to figure out his love like story which being an Eros child is a perk for that
  • Ryder: Again, he merely shrugged. Truthfully, Ashley's words had no effect on him, in fact, if he was feeling cynical he'd laugh, "I'm a loner, what can I say? I've always been one - waaaaay before I found out Ares was my dad. But hey, being the lieutenant of arguably the most arrogant cabin in Camp has it's perks."
  • Ashley: "Oh and what would these perks be?" she looks at him with an eyebrow raised.
  • Ryder: "For one, people tend to not talk to you and, as I've said, I'm a loner anyway so that's a perk. Another perk is that the title tends to hold power over people, unlike a regular camper - such as yourself."
  • Ashley: "Well your strategy is failing, I am talking to you. Also I'm not intimidated by you. Why would you want to be a loner anyway, or is this your way of coping since Jagger left you." She smirks and her eyes narrow again
  • Ryder: His eyes narrowed a little at the mention of his ex-boyfriend, "I was a loner before I met, dating and broke-up with Jagger." He laughed a little, "Who said I was trying to intimidate you? You asked for the perks and I told you them."
  • Ashley: She grins when his eye narrow at her. "Now why would someone like him want to date an angry little loner like you? Must suck when the guy you love leaves you."
  • Ryder: He smirked a little, "First of all, I'm pretty much six foot, that's hardly small, don't you think?" He paused for a moment, "And there's a reason he stayed, something your siblings are probably familiar with."
  • Ashley: "Oh so your height is a way to get people attracted to you?" she roles her eyes "He probably was only with you because going off your word, you're good in bed. That would be the reason most likely, no one would want to stay for your shitty personality."
  • Ryder: At this point he seemed to just roll his eyes, "Maybe he did, but I'm also hot so that helps. What about you? Your personality isn't exactly the greatest - is that why you hate the stereotype? Because you can't live up to it?"
  • Ashley: "Way to be a cocky ass now." Her mouth just kind of opens at the comment. "You try being an Eros child, see how it works for you, I am not a fan of being names a slut. People do say I'm pretty great in bed if you are so curious."
  • Ryder: He shrugged with ambience, "Talk shit get hit. That's one of my mottos - metaphorically of course. And if I was an Eros child I'd be bedded quicker than Eros could claim me."
  • Ashley: She smirks "You don't think I was? That's actually kind of offensive, guy's knees go weak for a gorgeous blonde like me." She also motions other her chest area "These help too." Her hand brushes his leg
  • Ryder: He shrugged, "So you have a chest, and?" He moved his leg away and smiled so fake you could call him Barbie, "But thankfully I'm not into that."
  • Ashley: She roles her eyes "I was just checking if you were actually bisexual,I would say you are homosexual, but whatever you want to believe you are." she crosses her arms.
  • Ryder: He laughed a little, "I'm committed to the dick, what can I say?"
  • Ashley: She smiles at his laugh and look down not wanting to show the smile. "Me too, I understand why."
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