Jason Clove -Son of Boreas
Age= 16 Weight= 135 lb Height= 5'11"
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Main Weapon= Two-handed sword Species= Demigod

  "Cold is fun, the North is ours,
so watcha say about icy showers!"

He was playing poker with some of his friends on the grass just outside the Aphrodite cabin. They were having a really good time and he suddenly became thirsty. As he hadn't brought some along and he was too lazy to go back to his cabin, he decided to go to the nearest one to ask for water. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to open.


Jamie Dylan Smith -Son of Aphrodite
Age= 15 Weight= 130 lb Height= 5'11"
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status= Dating Jemma Martin
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Main Weapon= Celestial Bronze Sword Species= Demigod

 – "'If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."
"Except who you are, unless you're a serial killer."

Jamie, who was sitting on a chair close to the door, was writing some new song lyrics with his guitar by his side when he heard the knock. He stood up and opened the door, glad for some company.

Jason: He wore a sleeveless tank top with icy blue and beige horizontal stripes over it and some dark skinny jeans. He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck while smiling at the stranger. "Hey. Man, do you think you've got water you could spare?" he asks.

Jamie: Jamie smiled crookedly and strummed some random chords on his guitar. "Yeah, come on in."

Jason: "Thanks, dude. The name's Jason by the way."

Jamie: Jamie tossed him a bottle of water and played a quick prelude on his guitar.

Jason: "Nice guitar." he admits and smiles at Jamie.

Jamie: Jamie smiles back and says, "Thanks. I got it two years ago."

Jason: "Sounds cool."

Jamie: "How old are you?" Jamie asks, strumming some more chords.

Jason: "Sixteen. Why ask? How old are you?" he wonders.

Jamie:  "Because I'm going to use your age to secretly plot against you." Jamie said seriously. 

Jason: He laughs. "Good enough."

Jamie: "I'm fifteen, by the way."

Jason: He smiles friendly "Nice. We don't have much of an age gap... By the way, what do you normally like to do here at camp?"

Jamie: Jamie shrugs. "Dunno. Play guitar and write songs and sing I guess. Work on my sword fighting, that kind of thing."

Jason: "Nice, I suppose" He smiles genuinely and warmly.

Jamie: "Well what do you do in your free time?"

Jason: "Either work-out, train, or swimming."

Jamie: "Work out? Where do you do that around here?"

Jason: "Well, there's a gym if you haven't noticed yet."

Jamie: "I actually haven't noticed..."

Jason: He laughs. "Oh. You're not as smart as I believed you were." he jokes while smirking.

Jamie: "Ha."

Jason: "You know what they say. Bright face, dull brain."

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