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Sam harris

Samantha Harris -Child of Aeolus
-Wind Captor
Age= 17     Height= 5'7"     Weight= 121lbs     
Sexuality= Heterosexual     Health Status= Healthy     
Nationality= American     Accent= American
Species= Demigod     Main Weapon= Μαΐστρος CB Long Sword

 – "I'll take back what once was mine."


New Edmund Jones

Edmund -Child of Eros
-The Flirt

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Somewhere Outside Camp

Sam: She was walking, taking her time with every step as she kicked the snow beneath her boots. She kept her hands in the pockets of her coat, her face partially hidden under her light brown scarf. She let her hair down so they act like covers for the sides of her face keeping them somehow warm. Up ahead, she saw a playground covered in snow and no one was there. The place looked isolated and it was quiet. She approached the swing and brushed off the snow then she sat on it looking up as if wondering how the world was actually doing.

Edmund: He was hanging around the coffee shop, looking at all the freshly laid snow. He imagined that sooner or later the kids that live around here would come and have a little snowball fight. He props himself up against a wall minding to not mess up his dark red hoodie. He puts his hand on his head and feels through his hair dispelling any snow that may have gotten there. He just stares out at all the shops enjoying the quiet that is surrounding him, he looks toward the playground and notices Sam there. Feeling a bit bored and alone, he heads toward her.

Sam: She gently kicks herself up and so the swing slowly went up and down. The speed was enough to make someone feel like they want to doze off but with the weather like that, it's unlikely. Out of boredom, she draws different shapes in the snow with her feet. Later, she forms a family of stickmen--the father and the mother and between them are two children. Later, she hears footsteps in the snow so she whips her head up and sees someone approaching. She looks at the man for a few seconds but does not recognize him and so she assumes he's headed elsewhere. She goes back to drawing sticks and shapes.

Edmund: He stops for a second as she looked in his direction. After she looked away and began going back to her own business he continues his trek toward her. He tilts his head wondering what is that she is writing in the snow but decides he'll ask when he gets to her. As soon as he gets to her, he puts up the hood on his hoodie, being careful not to be heard he takes another step and just stares down at what she is writing. Primarily confused and overcome by curiosity he asks "What are you drawing?"

Sam: When she finished, she reaches down in an attempt to touch the created picture. It brings her a lot of bitter-sweet memories. Out of the blue, somebody asks her. She gasps, startled and snaps her head up and sees the same guy she saw earlier. She isn't quite a people person and has the tendency to shy away from others. She sits up and straight and clears her throat. "I-It's nothing..." she just says. "It's a mere scribble I did out of boredom." She immediately sweeps her feet scattering the snow and ruined the picture. It wasn't that much of a masterpiece anyway. She then stands up facing the guy and asks him directly, "I-I'm sorry but... do I know you?" She keeps her tone low so she won't sound blunt but polite instead.

Edmund: He frowns, wanting to see what she had written in the snow. He then replaces his frown with a smile, happy that sam is atleast friendly and willing to talk to him. He pulls down his hoodie and tilts down his sunglasses and before he answers her question, he closes his eyes and searches through his memories, not recognizing her in any way, he says, "No. Atleast i don't think so."

Sam: She nods at what he said. She doesn't know what else to say so she instead looks up at the sky and a random question pops into her head. "What made you come out today?" She looks back at him and waits for his answer. "It's cold... wouldn't anyone want to stay home and keep themselves warm?"

Edmund: "To be honest with you, i don't know. Most likely the peace and quiet."

Sam: She takes a look around once more and confirms what he just said. "I agree with that," she replies. The time is hard to tell because the sky has been either white or gray because of the snow but she assumes that she has been out of camp for hours now and so she must bid farewell to the stranger. Unbeknownst to her, he is also a demigod. "I hope you enjoy the holidays, good sir." She bows her head. "I must go."

Edmund: He pulls up his hoodie once again, feeling the cold get to him. He looks sam up and down deciding on the fact that he likes this girl. He assumes she must be going the same place he is going to later, so he asks. "Goin back to camp so soon?" He says this with a sad tone, wanting to befriend her more and the idea of just being bored out here alone.

Sam: She has already taken a few steps, walking away when she comes to a sudden stop after hearing the guy mention 'camp'. She slowly turns around with a look of suspicion written all over her face. She then asks, "How did... you know?" An idea comes to her mind. Either he is a demigod himself who resides in camp or... he is from BC and could possibly be stalking Sam for a while now acting like friends during the first meeting although she waves the second option off her head. She thinks she's just being paranoid. "Who are you...?"

Edmund: He looks at her with a smile, liking how she is looking at him with a sense of suspicion. The overwhelming feeling to scare her almost overtakes him but he decides against it since it might make a bad impression. "I'm Edmund. Eros' kid." He says with a maximum amount of pride and confidence.

Sam: After hearing his answer, she feels a bit at ease but then still cautious at the same time. "I see," she says with a slow nod almost seems hesitant. "I'm--" She stops herself for a moment thinking if it's safe to introduce herself. A part of her says he's not that bad but then the other says be careful since he's a stranger. While a debate runs in her mind, she introduces herself anyway, "Sam. Child of Aeolus." She adds, "I don't know how you knew I'm a camper but..." She quickly reached for her dagger underneath her jacket, tied to her waist, ready to pull it anytime. "Be warned that I will not take it easy on you if I find out who you truly are and your real intentions." She tried to sound threatening but then her soft features just do not match her tone although she attempts to show a rather fierce look.

Edmund: He throws up his hands in surrender, letting a little smile form on his lips. He takes a step closer to her with his hands still raised. Wanting her to just trust him, even for a moment. He just stares at her waiting for her to make a move but then decides that she is probably waiting to slice him if he makes a move, wanting to clear this all up He says, "Whoa, whoa. No need to try and shish kabob me with whatever weapon you got there, i'm assuming a knife. As for how i knew you go to camp, i took a guess and in case of any doubts...I am not a BC member."

Sam: Her expression softened a bit when Edmund assured her that he's not from the BC. She relaxes and then slowly puts her hand down. "I-I'm sorry... I'm just being cautious," she says in a serious manner. After a few moments of silence, she speaks once more, "I still do not trust you that much. But then that doesn't really matter... does it?"

Edmund: "Makes me sad a bit. But hey, as long as a cute girl like you isn't all suspicious of me and willing to cut my face, then who am i to complain?"

Sam: She raises an eyebrow. Cute... she repeated in her mind in doubt that she is what Edmund just mentioned. Then she remembers that he's a son of Eros. Probably common among them, she thinks. She just shrugs and says, "I am looking forward to um... this..." She stops for a second to think of the correct term. "Companionship, I guess."

Edmund: "You girl are very cute to me, i can see that you doubt my words but i'll not bother your thoughts but i may intrude upon your thoughts this time, wanna walk back to camp with me?"

Sam: She'd like to laugh but she just can't. Emotionally, she's not yet fine but meeting Edmund and perhaps new friends would fix the problem and so she tries to make a new start. "Sure," she says flatly and stands beside him waiting for him to lead.

Edmund: "You don't sound too excited to be around me, that's a shame. Well, come on." He starts trudging toward camp looking behind him to make sure she is following him and not going to slice him. "If you do not trust me, feel free to abandon me. Just do not slice me please."

Sam: She follows behind him and raises her hands to show they're empty. "I won't. No need to worry." She adds a few moments later, "I'll be deciding whether I can trust you or not later on. For now, I won't do you any harm so relax."

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Edmund: Appearing quite tired, Edmund walks into camp. Looking back to make sure sam stuck with him and did not abandon him. "Well, do you trust me now?"

Sam: They have finally arrived to camp and then she scans the surroundings as if checking if what she's seeing is real and not an illusion. Her eyes land on Edmund and then she shrugs. "Perhaps," she says. "But not entirely." She looks to her side and gets her dagger out, not to attempt to hurt anyone but she just looks at her reflection. A wistful expression appears on her face and later, her grip on its hilt tightens. She puts it back to its sheath afterwards. "So," she says looking over the horizon rather than directly at Edmund, "son of Eros. Have you eaten?"

Edmund: He looks at her with a sad worried look in his eyes but they seem to mildly light up when she asks, he lets out a sigh with the thought of how is he gonna make her trust him. He discards his thoughts for now and smiles at her. "Not yet. Don't worry about me, but if you are hungry feel free to go unless you need my company."

Sam: "Well, since you haven't eaten..." she says, "might as well go together." She adds, "Lunch in a few minutes. Let's wait for the conch horn." She trudges downhill but did not really look back assuming that Edmund will follow if he wants company.

Edmund: He silently trudges alongside her, conflicted with emotions for her but does not know how to act, since she can just slice him in a matter of seconds.

Sam: A few minutes later, they have already blown the conch horn. "Well, that's our signal," she says looking over at Edmund.

Edmund: He looks down, hardly hearing anything she said. He looks at her with a confused look in his eyes. "Come on, you gotta trust me by now....."

Sam: Not able to hear what he said, she proceeds to the Dining Pavilion.

Edmund: He runs by her side. "Chica, come on. you have got to trust me noooooow."

Sam: She stops after hearing what he just said, "What did you just call me?"

Edmund: "Chica.........., you are a girl aren't you not?

Sam: She knows the term but then nobody really uses it on her and it's the first time she heard someone call her 'chica' so she didn't quite know how to react. She just nods as a response to Edmund's question. "Okay let's just go and eat... aren't you hungry?"

Edmund: "Sure. So...........tell me about yourself Sam." He says this sooo awkward like.

Sam: "Have you heard of the group called the Hunters?" she asks and it sounds not so connected with what Edmund just said but she has something in mind which she can pretty much connect to his statement.

Edmund: "if you mean artemis' hunters then yes. If not, no." He says this also internally hoping she is not one of artemisia's hunters.

Sam: She nods. "Yes," she says, "them. Although I am not one of them, I'd like to be one. Seems pretty interesting." She then realizes that she's saying too much. "Sorry, I don't even know why I'm telling you that..."

Edmund: "Why wouldn't you? And don't become one of the hunters, you don't get to date or fall in love." He says this hoping that she would give in to his words and steer away from being a hunter.

Sam: She remained silent for a few seconds and stared at Edmund like she was about to slap her palm on her face. "Will death even come to me if I don't get a love life? Why does it seem like love is so--" She stopped herself as soon as she realized it. "Right... son of Eros..." she said in a low tone, almost a mutter.

Edmund: "I'm not all that insane about love like you give me credit for. So, do you have a problem with me being eros' kid?" He looks at her with a confused and hurt look.

Sam: She shook her head. "No," she said flatly. "Anyway, I'm gonna eat. I don't know with you but I'm hungry." She went ahead without looking back to check whether Edmund followed or not.

Edmund: He sighs and continues walking beside her, wondering if he should try anything with her or not considering her thinking about joining artemisia's kin.
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