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  • Aisha:She was sitting at the edge of the forest and practicing using her powers.
  • Terrence:He was walking in the forest with his smooth rock gripped tightly in his hands as he knew it was important to know the woods as many events occur there but he also knew it was dangerus he conuntinued walking with his smooth rock until he came to the edge and saw Aisha practicing her powers and he said Hey you know you shouldnt be out here near the forest without a weapon
  • Aisha:She turned and said,"Dude, I've got powers. if i'm attacked i blast the moster into rainbow dust.'
  • Terrence:He replies Well still a good chance you could get drained im new at camp and even I know this
  • Aisha; She shrugs,"it's bright daylight. I regenerate fast.'
  • Terrence:Terrence replies Anyways Terrence son of Nemesis and im guessing your a daughter of Iris
  • Aisha: She smiles,' Yeah, the rainbaows gave me away. I'm Aisha Dent.' she stuck out her hand for a handshake.
  • Terrence:He shakes her hand and says Nice to meet you
  • Aisha:  She takes out a dagger and says,'And I do have a few weapons.'
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