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Alaska: Alaska pauses. "Wait! We have one more thing to do. Hurry!" She begins running towards a clearing in the forest.

William: He sighed and ran after her.

Alaska: Alaska stops at the clearing and drops to her knees, ankle deep in thick clover. "Look for four leaf clovers." Her dark hair falls in front of her face as she looks, bracelets clanging.

William: He looked for them until he found one "Like this?"

Alaska: Alaska nods and takes it. "Now you're not a mutant freak anymore." She said to the clover, pulling of the leaf.

William: "Ouch. Why did you do that, Ms. Alaska?"

Alaska: "So it can fit in. It's not a mutant freak anymore. That's all. Let's go."

William: A puzzled look covered his face "Ok?"

Alaska: They walk on for a while and she says, "I did that so you could see that half of stuff from the 21st century is complete bullshit. Like luck. Luck is for suckers." Alaska's face and voice is laced with sadness and melancholy.

William: "So I take it that you are not even the tiniest bit superstitious?"

Alaska: "I'm a daughter of Athena. I work with logic and facts, not stupid guesses with no proof. Greek myth's I can take. Four leaf clovers and jumping leprechauns and the ends of rainbows I can't."

William: He nodded in understandment.

Alaska: "So, what're the perks of being a kid of Hecate?" She paused and smiled slyly. 'I can speak in your mind.' Alaska said, using telepathy.

William: He stumbled back slightly "What was that?" He shrug it off and then made a ball of fire the size of his chest, which was pretty big."I guess this?" He looked at Alaska, he didn't want to dissapoint her.

Alaska: Alaska laughed, and her eyes widened at the fire ball. "Cool!" She said, this time aloud. 'But the telepathy is only one way, so I can only talk to you like this.' Alaska used her telepathy.

William: "You are seriously scaring me." He laughed charmingly as he turned the fireball into a light ball, shining at William's face and white teeth. He locked his gaze eith Alaska "You are beautiful, Ms.Alaska." He blushed slightly.

Alaska: "Why thank you, my faithful servant Thor. Now that I think about it, you are not to bad looking yourself." She leaned in and kissed his cheek.

William: The faithful 'servant' blushed madly as he felt Alaska's lips. "Why... Thank you?"

Alaska: She smiled as his cheek became just a touch warming from the touch of her lips. Taking her chances, she leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, softly and gently, just sweet and simple.

William: Still having the mentality of a 12 year old, he got really shocked. But he did like it and he knew it. Since he was shocked, he really didn't kiss back, but he didn't pull back, hopefully giving a clue to Alaska that he had liked it.

Alaska: Alaska pulled away, not sure how to feel because William didn't kiss back.

William: He looked at his feet "Thank you."

Alaska: Alaska blushes, turning away. "For what?"

William: He looked back up, noticing her looking another way. He gently positioned her head so she would look at him. He softly placed his lips on hers for a lingering moment. After some time, he pulled back. "For that."

Alaska: "Thank you." She whispered, staring into his eyes.

William: "For what?" He smirked.


[[|Alaska Summer Wilde]] -Daughter of Athena

Alaska suddenly throws herself into his arms. "For everything."

William: He was perplexed and his chest stiffened, flexed it. "Hmm.. you are very welcome Ms. Alaska..."

Alaska: Alaska giggled, somethign she never did. "Sorry, I just love hugging people." She buried her face in his neck, a usual standard of how she hugged people.

William: "Oh. It is indeed fine, Ms. Alaska. I am certainly enjoying this. Although I believe we should go back to our respective cabind before we are caught in the dark." he reminded her. His Aussie accent seemed to thicken with this sentence.

Alaska: Alaska seemed surprised, forgetting it was dark. "Oh right. Well, I guess so...."

William: "MAy I have the honor to take your hand and take you safely to your cabin?"

Alaska: Alaska nodded wordlessly and gave him her hand.

William: The son of Hecate held on to Alaska's hand firmly. Protectively. He walked towards Athena's cabin with Alaska. He smiled at her.

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