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James: James was laying down on a bench asleep cause his siblings were starting to get boring on him.

Lilly: She was walking towards her cabin when she saw the sleeping boy.

James: James turned in his sleep and fell off the bench. "Ouch" he said.

Lilly: "Are you okay?" She asked.

James: Yeah I'm ok "James said to the girl.

Lilly: She smiled. "I'm Lilly. Lilly Anne Lancaster."

James: "I'm James Spall" James said while putting his hand out

Lilly: "Most people call me Anne though." She said, shaking hands with him.

James: "Are you new cause I've seen you around camp before" James said

Lilly: "Yeah, I'm new." She said.

James: "How long have you been here" James asked

Lilly: "A week." She said.

James: "I've been here a month maybe" James said.

Lilly: "Which cabin?" She asked.

James: "Poseidon" James said "What about you?"

Lilly:  She sighed. "Hades"

James: "What is wrong with Hades" James asked

Lilly: "Nothing. It's just that I never saw him." She said.

James: "Not many people here have meet there godly parent ever" James said

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