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The Dorks

Alena: Alena skips at a fast gait, with her fringe swept across her face by the wind and a grin lighting up her features. A German flag is painted with her fingers, one on each cheek, and her German flag "cape" streams back behind her as she runs. Whilst she runs, she sings, too. Oh, oh, my feet are really hurting and my back is aching, my body’s certainly weary and my legs are shaking...I’ve been searching for so long to get to destiny, but I can’t find the arrow key!

Vicki: She walked around camp bouncing a ball to keep her occupied. The ball would be adorned with the Canadian Maple Leaf and she'd be looking around for people she knew from time to time.

Miller:He's hidden in a tree, binoculars on. Who shall I pick pocket today? He searches the crowd of faces, whistling The Star Spangled Banner.

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