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Ichiro: he was in his room lying on one of the couches reading one of the Chinese classics with his little kitten playing by his lap trying hard to gain his attention Azurian..he said in his stern voice as he put down his staring at the kitten a bit disappointed with it, yet the kitten replied to his anger with cuteness as it meowed calmly. The asian sigh as he placed the kitten on the floor as he got up to change his cloths all the while the impatient little kitten meowed impatiently come on...he said slowly to the kitten as he opened the door letting it out. As soon as the kitten went out he took his book and followed the suit azurian your just like your mother...he said slowly as he sigh once more

Benny: As he walked into the cabin, Benny felt nervous. He headed into the kitchen where he found a jar of red vines, and began to nom them. Soon after, his mouth was stained red. Dammit. He looked into a nearby mirror and opened his mouth to see if his tongue was red too. Stifling a giggle, he noticed one of his half-siblings and blushed. "S...sorry. I wasn't doing anything wrong, was I?" Benny said, glancing down to the furry kitten. "Awwww can I stroke him?"

Ichiro: he just came into the common room when he heard a a voice he turned to see benny huh? he looks down and saw azurian going up to the new demigod and stroking her little body against his legs uhhh sure? he said quickly I think azurian wants to be stroke anyway....he shrugs

Benny: Picking up the cat, he gives it a gentle squeeze. "It's pretty cool around here..." He says, cuddling the kitten. "I guess you're one of my older brothers?" His blue eyes look away from Ichiro's. "I don't really know anyone round here, 'cept Laz."

Ichiro: he was a bit lost yet when he heard benny's words he nodded his head ahhh your new..he said slowly at the obvious anyhow welcome to camp..he gave a simple yet welcoming smile to his half brother I'm ichiro but you can call me hiro for short if you want and the little kitten your holding there is azurian...if you want you can take it...he said simply seeing how happy benny was with the kitten

Benny: "Hi Hiro..." As he held his hand out to shake, Azurian scampered back to Ichiro. "Thanks. I'm Benny, well Benjamin, but everyone calls me Benny back home." Flushing, he glanced to the side. "Is it a boy kitty or a girl? I've always wanted one but dad wouldn't let me. He said it could be a way for monsters to sneak in..."

Ichiro: he almost choked when he heard benny's word Your father's worry was correct...he said slowly under his breath anyhow azurian is a female I think I never could tell those stuff cause its invading their privacy but hey thats just me...he shrugs as he approach the counter looking for some sort of snack anyhow how are you liking camp Benny?

Benny: He shrugs his shoulders. "I guess I like it here. Dad ran something similar back home, but I've never seen so many demigods in the same place." He smiles, taking a couple of red vines from a glass jar on the counter. "I've only unpacked and gone to the lake a couple times. What can I do around here?"

Ichiro: he shrugs once more Depends on what type of demigod you are benny if your the adventure type you could go rock climbing or maybe surfing there's a facility for that here he said explain slowly as he found some apples on the counter if your the relaxing type you could stay by the lake and watch the world pass you by he continued as he took a bite from an one of the granny smith apple yet if your the one that just like talking you could meet up with a few other demigods he spoke once more you could go to the mall or other interesting places in town if your up for a challenge

Benny: "Erm." Feeling a little overwhelmed, the young demigod sticks the red vines into his jeans pocket. He listens to Ichiro, scratching his head, and looking at him with a glazed expression. "I lake sounds quite nice. I've never done surfing or anything like that before." He shrugs his slim shoulders.

Ichiro: he shurgs you could try it ... someone could teach you he offered to his younger half borther

Benny: "That would be super cool! He grins, practically bouncing on the back of his heels with excitement. "Um....I don't really have any shorts or anything, but I'm happy to give it a try."

Ichiro: he shrugs I have a few and I'll call my pa...I mean I'll call my friend he's an expert swimmer and diver he can teach you a few tricks

Benny: "Um....that's cool. Is he nice?" Benny asks, biting the bottom of his lip. He sometimes paddled in the pond round the back of his house, but he wasn't as good a swimmer as he wanted to be. "I'm a little rusty."

Ichiro: he paused thinking of the proper words to tell the child uhhh he is...he stops once more a person ....he said finally that wont eat you whole...he nodded once more settling down with his answer

Benny: His half-brother's choice of words make him giggle. "That doesn't really make me feel any better." He grins, prodding him lightly in the shoulder. "But, I think I should be able to keep up. We have a pond near my house in Georgia."

Ichiro: he shrugs well now on camp you have an ocean which is more fun...depending on who your withhe added quickly for young benny cause some may kill you... he shrugs unless you meet a ....he paused forget it I'm with you and you dont need to be scared I can fight.

Benny: "Um....there isn't anything I should know about, is there?" He asks, folding his arms over his chest. "Camp is safe from monsters, right?" Benny seems a little bit nervous, but he tries to shrug it off. Nothing could hurt him here. 

Ichiro: he nods entusiastically yes i swear to you no monsters here on camp....he paused trying hard not to tell benny about the BC

Benny: "Awesome. I'm gonna go and get some shorts on. I'll meet you back here." Benny says, walking back to his room, finding some swimming shorts and a simplecamp t-shirt which he can get mucky, then making his way back to the foyer of the Hebe cabin. He could hear the fountain outside gushing. 

Ichiro: he was waiting outside with azurian oh there you are he said slowly turning to benny when he came to the foyer

Benny: "Yeah, are you ready to go?" Benny grins, looking outside. It's still a bright, sunny day, and the kid is eager to see the rest of the Camp.

Ichiro: he shrugs sure...he sigh as he walked ahead of the two to open the door come on benny there's a lot of things you have to see at camp

Benny: "Sure, I bet we can see it all!" He smiles and walks out through the door. " know the way, right?"

Ichiro: his enthusiastic attitude scared him making him stuck in a daze for a few minutes before nodding yeah..he said quickly as he went out heading to thebeach as his hand slip into his pocket taking out his phone and messaging rykal to meet him on the beach

Benny: Oblivious to Ichiro's reaction, Benny follows him, chatting along the way. The sun shines down on him, and a cool sea breeze blows against the folds of his hair. He feels relaxed and calm, as the warm sands coated the bottoms of his bare feet. 

Ichiro: he looks around waiting for rykal whom soon came out a bit in a daze

Rykal: he blinked looking at benny then to ichiro babysitting? he asked a bit rude making ichoro shake his head

Ichiro: dude...I thought you etiquette right? anyhow no benny here is a newb and he needs you to teach him swimming ichiro saw rykal's pale face I'm here and I just called walter you'll be fine rykal he said putting his hand onto rykal's shoulder

Benny: He raises an eyebrow at the argument between the two. "Hey! I don't need to be babysat; I can swim. I just haven't swum in a giant sea before, so I'm not very good." Benny blushes after his childish outburst. "Um....I'm Benny by the way. I'm Ichiro's younger brother."

Rykal: he look very surprise i thought your Japanese...he said slowly making ichiro faceplam

Ichiro: half brother rykal anyhow he's a child of my mom hebe anyhow dont worry you wont hurt anyone ...he said trying to reassure rykal of his fear...

Benny: "It's nice to meet you Rykal." Benny shrugs his shoulders, curling his toes up in the warm sands of the beach. He lets the two friends argue, while he sits down and starts to build some form of primitive sand-castle. The sand is quite wet, so he decides to make a little moat and some windows in his little mound.

Rykal: He continues to bicker with ichiro until he saw benny making his sandcastle. he stayed quite as he began to remember his past when 'she' was with him and their times together as the memories overflow him he bend over to benny with a smile soo what are you building kiddo? he said the same thing 'she' said to him all those years ago maybe his voice and personality wasnt similar to hers but the 'attempt' was maybe enough to change...maybe?

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