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Mae-Ri et Rykal: A saga's birth

Mae-Ri: She'd been upset recently; her blonde hair was fading and she didn't want it to go. Of course, a normal person would go to get it redyed or have someone change it with her, but, Mae-Ri didn't think of that. Instead, she sat on a bench, crying softly to herself.

Rykal: for rykal it was llike any other day where he wore his t shirt and jeans matching with sneakers. He was walking out of the paleamon cabin with his yo yo when she pass by Mae-ri she didnt bother me I shouldnt bother her... he said to himself slowly before he heard her cries and that reminded him of his mother ...he stop dead in his tracks and turn to go toward mae ri whats the matter? he asked a bit concern but careful to not get close afraid to hurt the girl for he is 'dangerous' maybe

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