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Hanz: hanz was walking out of camp wearing his usual as he went to the coffee shop he got his regular cup and started to walk back to camp not really caring about his surrounding

Megan: She walked about, thinking about the tips Analeese had given her. This is why she didnt notice a guy standing in front of her

Hanz: hanz continued to walk but he paused for a bit looking at his phone hmm thats wierd no messages...

Megan: Naturally, she runs into him. "Oh I'm so sorry!" she says apologetically.

hanz: when the girl ran into him his coffee slip and his phone went flying ow...he said slowly as he turn to the girl he saw how hshe was as lost as he was dont worry...he blinks as he looks at her careflly trying to guess whether is she a mortal or a demigod

Megan:She smiles apologetically. "No really, this is my fault. Cellphones dont come cheap. I would give you money to buy a new one, but I'm broke. However-" she smiles happily"- I can play a good concert? it is worth the time and value."

Hanz:he blinks a few times before he went over to take his cellphone he checks it for a couple of minutes and saw how it was still functioningits ok its alive anyhow I'm hanz and you are??

Megan: She smiles amiably. "I'm Megan. Megan Chambers." She outstretches her hand.

hanz: he nods slowly soo are you a demigod?he asked directly not wanting to beat around the bush

Megan: She looked at him, confused. "What the hell is that?" She then brakes into a smile. "Yeah, I'm a demigod."

Hanz: he nods slowly soo which cabin kiddo?he asked simply looking around wait...lets go somewhere else....we shouldnt talk about this on the streets

Megan: "I know a place, come on." She attempts to lead him to a small, secluded bar.

Hanz: as soon as they reached the bar he was more than surprise how old re you??

Megan: "sixteen," she says, nonchalantly. "I sometimes come here to perform. They're good people." She nods to the bar tender, and takes Hanz to a backroom

Hanz: follows her to the backroom there's a law about underage kids being in a bar right? or is that old news?? he asked still a bit surprise with all of this

Megan: She shrugs. "Maybe. But I can pass for an older person." She sits down at an empty table. 'Don't worry, sound proof. There is an escape door behind, just in case." She looks directly at Hanz. "So?" She prompted

Hanz: he looked around and started pounding on the wall is it bullet proof too?? he asked more than shock on how such equipment was being used by a small bar

Megan: She gives him an incredulous look. "Hell no. If guns shoot, its all on you for defense."

hanz: he blinked a few times looking pale you didnt say there's no gun here...which means there's a chance that we'll be killed....

Megan:She shrugged. "It's a possibility. Neighborhood isn't all that great. I guess we'll just have to be careful."

Hanz: he sigh can we go somewhere else then??

Megan: She shrugs. "Sure. Where did you have in mind?"

Hanz: somewhere that is safe and far from guns...he said slowly

Megan: She smiled and laughed. "You pick this time."

hanz: camp? he asked simply

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